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Lego Movie’s Unikitty Gets Her Own Cartoon Network TV Series

by on May 10, 2017

A few months ago, a list of all the animated TV shows in production was passed around the Web, and one of the odder unexplained items was something simply called “Unikitty.” You might remember Unikitty as the hyperactive, sweet-but-unhinged plastic pink brick-cat from WB’s The Lego Movie. Since the release of that list, the existence of a Unikitty series has had a question mark hovering over it. One month it was rumored to be real, the next month it wasn’t. There was no word from WB either way.

Until today. Warner Bros. Animation confirmed to the press that “Unikitty!” is now in production for Cartoon Network. Unikitty rules her kingdom in the Lego Universe with an iron fist — covered in fluffy pink felt. Her solitary mission is to cleanse her homeworld of any forms of negativity, paradoxically raging out if she finds traces of any. She’s joined by her friends Puppycorn (little brother), Dr. Fox (science whiz) and Hawkodile (personal bodyguard). Any resemblance to the Teen Titans Go! art style is likely very intentional.

Alison Brie played Unikitty in the feature film. There is no explanation given for why she won’t reprise the role for TV, but the ubiquitous Tara Strong will take her place. Other cast members include Grey Griffin, Kate Micucci, Roger Craig Smith, Eric Bauza and H. Michael Croner.

Cartoon Network and LEGO have been partners for many years, running a lot of the latter’s animated shows such as Ninjago, but this is the first time the two have collaborated directly on something. Unikitty! currently has no release date.


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