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Koei Releases Attack On Titan 2 Preorder Details

by on February 1, 2018

What is Koei offering preorder holders for their upcoming Attack on Titan sequel? What do you get when you reserve a copy of the game?

As we said previously, there will be two versions of Attack on Titan 2 sold: the Standard Edition and the Digital Deluxe Edition. Preordering either version on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will get you a bonus pack of plain clothes costumes for Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, Christa, Ymir, Reiner and Bertholdt. On PlayStation, you’ll get those costumes as well as six PlayStation avatars for Mikasa, Eren, Levi, Reiner, Christa and Erwin.

It also turns out that you don’t have to preorder the game to get bonus content — you just have to buy it within the fist month. Any purchase for any system within the first four weeks of release will get a code for the bonus pack of plain clothes costumes for Eren, Mikasa, Armin and Levi (just not the other four).

More than just eight characters will be playable in Attack On Titan 2….the game will boast a roster of 30, as well as the option to create your own through the Character Creation Studio. Koei released a fresh trailer for the game today showing off the battle system. Check it out below and keep waiting impatiently for Attack On Titan 2 on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC.

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