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Discussion in 'The Marvel Animation Forum' started by Nikkolas, Nov 8, 2010.

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    I've been reading Magneto in comics for nearly thirty years now, and if all he had to do was become someone's vassal to make the world safe for mutants, he'd do it.

    In fact...

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  2. SKDarkDragon

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    Jun 24, 2010
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    But we're not talking about general, comic book Magneto. We're specifically talking about Magneto as how he was characterized in X-men: Evolution. You're talking about his fourth season actions not matching up. It matched up to what we were given about his characterization throughout the rest of the show, to me. Did you just not like the characterization in the show in general, then?
  3. JTMarsh

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    I think Evolution probably had the most fleshed out and arguably strongest use of Jean Grey & her powers of the 3 X-Men cartoons we've had so far. While I still enjoy the 90s show, flaws & all, the writers didn't seem to have a good handle on her powers, which resulted in her fainting a lot. W&TXM, well, there's the one flashback where she wrestled a bus from Magneto, but she was more of a plot device/MacGuffin than a character there.
  4. Aaron

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    Jun 30, 2010
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    What's going on in this page? Out of context, it's confusing.
    Also, is this from "Astonishing"? More specifically was this written by Whedon?
    And as far as movies, shows, games, and actual comics, I can't recall any time where :
    1) Magneto played second fiddle to someone else unless it was to later double-cross them.
    2) Let anyone steal his thunder.
    3) Let anyone harm Mutants, especially Charles.

    Which, BTW, were the 3 things he was acting upon in 'X-Men Evolution'.
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  5. Anwar

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    Those scans are from the recent "Nation X" storyline, where he willingly became a servant/ally of Cyclops who finally managed to unite the mutants of the world together on Asteroid M and form their own Nation separate from humanity (at the time, Norman Osborn was in control of SHIELD/HAMMER and was out to lock up all mutants).

    But that was a different scenario, Cyclops was trying to help mutants and in a way that wasn't hurting anyone, human or mutants. Apocalypse was a tyrant who was perfectly willing to kill anyone, human or mutant, to get what he wanted. Magneto probably realized this guy was just bad news for everyone.
  6. Nygma

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    I always got the vibe Xavier took an educated guess as to what it was Apocalypse wanted, Beast's recitation said he wanted to remake the world in his own image, which could mean a million things, not just changing the world in to mutants.

    He said he was planning to lead the evolution of the human race, which I think implies that he had plans that went beyond just changing everyone into mutants.

    I never really got the vibe that this version of Magneto was the kind of person who would ally himself with someone he knew very little about, and like W.C. Reaf said, especially someone named Apocalypse. Why should he suddenly align himself with someone based solely on someones recitation of ancient egyptian symbols and someones guess? He knew this guy was a mutant tyrant who eventually took over egypt. THAT is the only sure thing he knew about.
    Also to paraphrase, Peter Parker from the greatest Spider-Man take of ALL TIME. Apocalypse? Does that name inspire trust?
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  7. Barbossa

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    Jean vs Magneto in WATXM the greatest Jean moment in animation.
    Evolution Jean is the best,and the less said about 90s Jean the better.

    IMO Evolution gave us the best Cyclops and Rogue.I did't know how great Rogues powers were until I saw the show.It just shows how bad her powers were used in the 90s show

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