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    Dec 30, 2008
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    what were your favorite episodes of animaniacs ,tiny toon adventures, freakazoid and pinky and the brain ( and any other cartoons i forgot )

    animaniacs taming of the screwy because of all the celebrity refrences, the 65th episode because the warner history seemed real and it was original, draculee draccula because they made draccula run away from them and he called them monsters and the warners thoght he was omish space probed has plenty of sight gags and elvis amila earnheart were i n the lost room of humans , temporary insanity was funny with yakko and his jerry lewis typewriter impresson and hms yakko becuase of all the music

    tiny toon adventures hollywood pluckywhan plucy was trying to get past ralph he did a michel jackson parody and rocky parody ( i dont know what that last reference was) , the wheel o comedybecause plucky tried to get himself a cartoon and eded up messing himself up , plede week toon tv because of cartoon parodys and babs rap song parodys and animaniacs it tuaght the techniquwes of animations

    freakazoid i liked the fist epidode when that guy got kicked out of the buliding and when he accualy turned to freakaziod how he kept bouncing around and the one with canlde jack if you say his name ...... your gone

    pinky and the brain ( most were on animaniacs) win big pinky was saying his favorite show name and brain was trying to study for a game show called gyp parody and his winning question was the question he ignored pinky on ,brains apprentince i couldnt start laughing at pinky and the one were brain trys to broadcast a poardy of loin king to make people all over the world cry because brain could hardly do it becuace he was crying and told pinky some scientific reson why he was crying
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    List threads generally don't end up well. Why do you like each of these episodes?
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    It was Johnny Carson, the host of NBC's The Tonight Show before Jay Leno took over. Thanks for making me feel old, kid. :sweat:
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    Man, it's been so long that I've forgotten. But here's what I'd say from my memory:

    Freakazoid: The episode with the Cave Guy and the prom. The scene with the "brown underwear" song had me in hysterics as a kid.

    Animaniacs: Pretty much anything having to do with Slappy Squirrel. She takes the meaning of revenge to a whole new level. I'll have to re-watch the series.

    Road Rovers: Every episode except the confusing time-travel one.

    Taz-Mania: Anything with Digeri Dingo or Wendell T Wolf in it. I'll have to re-watch the series to find more. I LOVE the Pledge Dredge one with the 555-TAZZ number.

    Tiny Toons: It's been so long but I found the bizarre "tears into drinking water" episode rather memorable. I'll have to re-watch the series.
  5. Baltofan

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    Nov 13, 2002
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    The Slappy Squirrel Woodstock.

    Funny to see Slappy play live at Woodstock for 40 years ago, and The Who! :D

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