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    Welcome to the 17th installment of the largest Young Justice discussion thread online! Watch Young Justice Saturdays at 10:30am (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network, with encore presentations Sundays at 10:30am (ET/PT)!

    Series Description:
    Young Justice - In Young Justice, being a teenager means proving yourself over and over—to peers, parents, teachers, mentors and, ultimately, to yourself. But what if you’re not just a normal teenager? What if you’re a teenage super hero? Are you ready to join the ranks of the great heroes and prove you’re worthy of the Justice League? That’s exactly what the members of Young Justice — Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis—will find out, whether they have what it takes to be a proven hero. This all-new series is produced by Warner Bros. Animation and based upon characters from DC Comics. Sam Register (Teen Titans, Ben 10, Batman: The Brave and the Bold) is the executive producer. Brandon Vietti (Batman: Under the Red Hood, Superman Doomsday, The Batman) and Greg Weisman (Gargoyles, The Spectacular Spider-Man, W.I.T.C.H.) are the producers.

    This thread is for general discussion of the Young Justice animated series and related products (i.e., comics, toys, etc.). Keep it locked at The World's Finest and toonzone News for the latest updates!

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    Current Known News By Topic
    1. 1:16 trailer for season two DC Nation 4/20/12 + selected thumbnails
    1. Staff started working on it on 4th week of March 2011 Ask Greg 3/29/11
    2. Writers for episodes 11-20 Ask Greg 12/28/11
    Number of Episodes
    1. Initially 10 episodes WF 3/23/11 Article
    2. Episodes 11-20 approved into production Ask Greg 8/29/11
    New Characters
    1. More new characters will appear TV Guide 3/23/11 Article
    2. New characters never animated before will debut USA Today Video 3/2/12 (5:50 clip)
    3. One new character introduced brings Phil Bourassa's animation career full circle. WF 3/2/12
    4. At least nine alien races from DC Comics Newsarama Article 3/17/12
    5. A ton of new characters in Season 2, but fans will have to get to know them on the fly because staff is pushing through to get to the end of this big, big story IGN 4/27/12
    6. At least one of the characters first designed by Chris Jones for the comic will be appearing in the show. Ask Greg 5/8/12
    DC Characters
    1. 145 name characters in season two Ask Greg 2/7/12
    2. 62 new name characters Newsarama Article 3/17/12
    Authorized Guests
    1. A-01 is someone who already appeared in season one (by "Secrets") Ask Greg 1/25/12
    2. A-02 will be revealed in season two, though in a way fans have already met A02 also. Ask Greg 1/25/12
    1. Season two will span the course of six months Ask Greg 2/2/12
    2. Weisman's master timeline is at 191 pages KSite TV Interview 4/26/12
    Ongoing subplots
    1. Red Arrow searching for Speedy KSite TV Interview 4/26/12
    2. The missing 16 hours KSite TV Interview 4/26/12
    1. Some existing stories will be adapted along with new ones being made Ask Greg 11/10/10
    Types of Characters used
    1. Young Justice Ask Greg 8/16/10
    2. Teen Titans Ask Greg 8/16/10
    3. Justice League MTV Geeks! 8/10/11 Clip
    4. Milestone Comics MTV Geeks! 8/10/11 Clip
    1. Will expand on borders of the DC Universe (TV Guide Comic Con Edition)
    Sci-Fi Elements
    1. Will explore sci-fi elements/far out concepts stayed away from in season one (TV Guide Comic Con Edition) WF Interview 10/27/11
    Script Length
    1. Shortest: 30 pages long (episode 216) Ask Greg 2/7/12
    2. Longest: 36 pages long (201 & 220) Ask Greg 2/7/12
    1. Line counts ranged between 197 lines per script (203) and 255 (214) Ask Greg 2/7/12
    Actors Used
    1. Used per episode ranged between 6 (202) and 24 (220) Ask Greg 2/7/12
    New Voice Actors
    1. Jason Marsden Marsden tweet 8/19/11
    2. Geoff Pierson as Jay Garrick Peter David 8/22/11
    New Characters
    1. Virgil Hawkins Talkin Toons with Rob Paulsen #36 (53:14-53:32)
    2. Darla Dudley (speculation) Thumbnails
    New Looks KSite TV Interview 4/26/12
    New Codenames

    1. Garth as Tempest Playing Cards + Ask Greg 3/6/12
    Eventually Appearing - Show
    1. Carol Ferris Chris Jones 12/27/11
    Original Characters
    1. Besides Aqualad, more will appear before or after their comics debuts Ask Greg 9/30/10
    1. Will explore Green Arrow and Black Canary's relationship in series and comic Ask Greg 12/5/11
    Justice Society of America
    1. Will see more of the JSA (and All-Star Squadron) in the comics. Ask Greg 12/9/11
    2. Will be cameos of other members Youtube - DC Nation Panel 3/18/12
    The Team
    1. Some new characters will be added Newsarama Article 3/17/12
    2. Some new characters won't join Newsarama Article 3/17/12
    3. Some new characters will join but won't make the cut Newsarama Article 3/17/12
    4. Forced into a frontline position of defending Earth from invasion Youtube - DC Nation Panel 3/18/12
    5. Lot less them being given assignments, they're their own unit, have their own missions to solve IGN 4/27/12
    6. Will shift from a mentor-protege dynamic to a senior-freshman dynamic IGN 4/27/12
    Flash/Jay Garrick
    1. Jay is definitely going to play a significant role down the line. Ask Greg 12/9/11
    2. Will have a much larger role Newsarama Article 3/17/12
    Dr. Fate
    1. Dr. Fate is definitely going to play a significant role down the line. Ask Greg 12/9/11
    1. Does have a version of his classic fish-telepathy Ask Greg 5/16/11
    Black Canary (From Toy bio)
    1. Trained with many of her mother's friends and superhero peers
    2. Daughter of original Black Canary
    Captain Atom (From Toy bio)
    1. volunteered for top secret government experiment for a pardon
    Green Lanterns
    1. Show and comic will reveal more about them Ask Greg 12/28/11
    Blue Beetle
    1. Will have a pretty big role Newsarama Article 3/17/12
    2. Has mentor issues Newsarama Article 3/17/12
    Red Arrow
    1. Will be going through a personal journey of who he is KSite TV Interview 4/26/12
    2. Goal will be to find the original Roy Harper KSite TV Interview 4/26/12
    3. Arc will be a side story in season two KSite TV Interview 4/26/12
    Madame Xanadu
    1. More to her story than revealed so far Ask Greg 4/12/11
    Queen Mera
    1. Due to give birth in February Ask Greg 10/14/11
    Vandal Savage
    1. Cro-Magnon born 50,000 years ago exposed to unknown radiation from a meteorite (From Toy bio)
    2. Never ages, never gets sick, rapidly heals-a virtual immortal (From Toy bio)
    3. Got his scar from a Cave Bear Ask Greg 1/10/12

    Episode 2x06 (32 overall) "Bloodlines"
    1. Kelly Hu Peter David 8/21/11
    2. George Eads/The Flash Peter David 8/22/11
    3. Jason Spizak/Kid Flash Peter David 8/22/11
    4. Geoff Pierson/Jay Garrick Peter David 8/22/11
    5. Airdate: June 2, 2012 at 10:30 AM EDT WF 4/27/12
    6. Replay: June 3, 2012 at 10:30 EDT WF 4/27/12
    Episode 2x07 (33 overall) "Depths"

    Episode 2x20 (46 overall)
    1. 24 voice actors total Ask Greg 2/7/12
    2. 35 speaking roles Ask Greg 2/7/12
    3. 77 characters likely appearing Ask Greg 2/7/12
    Production Updates from Mr. Weisman

    As of April 27, 2012 Brandon Vietti Blogspot
    1. Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti reviewing the last storyboards and designs for Episode 20
    As of April 16, 2012 Ask Greg
    1. Episodes 1-6 are ready to air
    2. Episode 7 had music score previewed, mixing on Thursday, and should be done Tuesday at the latest
    3. Episode 8 had music spotted. Should be done the week after Episode 7
    4. Episode 9 comes back from overseas for retakes and editing
    5. Episodes 10-11 should be back from overseas, need to do ADR with an actor for both
    6. Episodes 12-16 are being animated overseas
    7. Episode 17 shipped to overseas
    8. Episode 18 is in storyboard revision
    9. Episode 19 is awaiting notes on storyboards
    10. Episode 20's board is being cleaned up for notes
    As of March 5, 2012 Ask Greg
    1. Episodes 1 and 2 are done.
    2. Episode 3 has mixed. The online will be done tomorrow and then that will be done
    3. Episode 4 is in post-production. Locked picture last Friday and spotted the music today.
    4. Episode 5 is in post-production. Called retakes for it last week.
    5. Episode 6 should come in for post, pretty much any minute.
    6. Episodes 7-9 have all been fully shipped overseas for animation.
    7. Episodes 10-14 have also shipped though some of the color work on BGs and models is still being completed at WBA.
    8. Episode 15 should ship this week.
    9. Episode 16 is in board revision and notes.
    10. Episode 17 is in slug.
    11. Episodes 18-19 boards are going to slug and notes ASAP.
    12. Episode 20 clean boards should come in early this week.
    As of February 7, 2012 Ask Greg
    1. Most of Episode 20 recorded, cast party held
    As of February 3, 2012 Ask Greg
    1. Episode 1 is in post-production and crew is locking the final cut in editorial today
    2. Episode 2 is in post-production awaiting retakes
    3. Episode 3 is in post-production and retakes called today
    4. Episode 4 is being animated overseas but should be shipped to WBA next week
    5. Episodes 5-7 are overseas being animated
    6. Episode 8 is overseas being animated while WBA finishes color models
    7. Episode 9 is overseas being animated while WBA works on color models
    8. Episodes 10-11 are both overseas being animated, WBA crew working on color models, will record one voice (who was out sick) in ADR during post-production (Weisman temped in the lines for the actor)
    9. Episode 12 is overseas being animated while WBA crew has color models to work on
    10. Episode 13 storyboard is in track and checking
    11. Episode 14 storyboard is in revision and track
    12. Episode 15 storyboard is in notes
    13. Episode 16 storyboard is in and going to slug
    14. Episode 17 storyboard is in
    15. Episode 18 is in storyboard and still have two actors to pick up
    16. Episode 19 is in storyboard and fully recorded
    17. Episode 20 is in storyboard, crew picked up a couple actors earlier today, and tentatively recording the rest of the cast Tuesday February 7th
    As of November 22, 2011 Ask Greg
    1. Episodes 1-7 are being animated in Korea
    2. Episodes 8-13 are in storyboard and design.
    3. Episodes 8-9 are fully recorded, Episodes 10-12 require a few more voice actors to record
    4. Episode 13 script is done, recording set for Tuesday after Thanksgiving
    5. Episode 14 script currently being edited by Greg Weisman
    6. Episode 15 by Jon Weisman is done, to be edited by Greg Weisman
    7. Episodes 16-18 outlines done by Kevin Hopps, Brandon Vietti and Peter David respectively and to be edited by Greg Weisman
    8. Episode 19 is to be written by Greg Weisman
    9. Episode 20 is in outline, being done by Kevin Hopps
    As of November 1, 2011 Ask Greg
    1. Episodes 1-6 are being animated in Korea
    2. Episodes 7-9 have been recorded and are in storyboard and design
    3. Episodes 10-11 are partially recorded and are in storyboard and design
    4. Episode 12 has a first draft script waiting for notes
    5. Episode 13 has an outline approved waiting for Greg Weisman to script
    6. Episode 14 has an outline that Weisman should finish editing tonight
    7. Episode 15 has an outline waiting for Weisman to read and edit
    8. Episodes 16-20 are all in outline based on approved beatsheets
    As of October 4, 2011 Ask Greg
    1. Episodes 1-3 shipped to Korea
    2. Episodes 4-8 in storyboard
    3. Episodes 9-10 in script
    4. Episodes 11-20 in outline
    As of September 14, 2011 Ask Greg
    1. Episodes 1-2 shipped to Korea
    2. Episode 3 ships this week
    3. Episode 4 in storyboard revisions and Greg Weismana and Brandon Vietti only need to do notes on last act
    4. Episode 5 is waiting on storyboard notes
    5. Episodes 6-7 in storyboarding
    6. Episode 8's script went final and recording will be next week
    7. Episode 9's script is being currently edited by Greg Weisman
    8. Episode 10 is in script
    9. Episode 11's outline is waiting to be edited by Greg Weisman
    10. Episodes 12-14 are in outline
    11. Episodes 15-17 have been handed to writers for outline today
    12. Episodes 18-20 will be handed to writers next week and beatsheets are done.
    As of August 29, 2011 Ask Greg
    1. Episode 1 shipping to Korea at end of the week
    2. Episode 2 in timing
    3. Episode 3 in storyboard clean-ups
    4. Episode 4 waiting for board notes
    5. Episodes 5-6 in storyboard
    6. Episode 7 records on August 30, 2011
    7. Episode 8-10 are all in scripting
    8. Episodes 11-20 approved into production, pitching arc to DC, CN, and WB on August 31, 2011
    9. Episodes 11-14 assigned at 1st writers meeting on September 1, 2011 if pitch approved
    10. Episodes 11-16: beatsheets are complete
    11. Episodes 17-20: beats on index cards
    As of August 19, 2011 Peter David Blog
    1. Episode 6: Recording session
    As of August 1, 2011 Ask Greg
    1. Episodes 1-4 in storyboard
    2. Episode 5: Recording on August 2, 2011
    3. Episode 6: Weisman editing script
    4. Episode 7: Waiting for notes
    5. Episode 8: Weisman to write outline
    6. Episode 9: Weisman to read writer's draft on the outline
    7. Episode 10 in outline
    8. Episode 11-12: beat outlines complete
    9. Episode 13 in middle of breaking story on index cards
    As of July 12, 2011 Ask Greg
    1. Episodes 1-2 fully recorded, in storyboard
    2. Episode 3 almost recorded, 1 actor left to record, in storyboard
    3. Episode 4 will record this week, in storyboard
    4. Episode 5: Vietti turned in draft, Weisman to edit
    5. Episode 6: outline edited, went out Monday for notes
    6. Episode 7: Hopps turned in outline, Weisman to edit
    7. Episode 8: Weisman to start outline
    8. Episode 9: Jon Weisman turned in outline, Weisman to edit
    9. Episode 10: Hopps working on outline
    10. Episode 11: story is broken
    11. Episode 12: need to finish breaking story
    As of July 1, 2011 s8 Tweet from CONvergence panel
    1. Episodes 1-3 are mostly recorded
    2. Episode 4 script is done, awaiting notes
    3. Episodes 5-10 in outline
    As of May 12, 2011 Ask Greg
    1. Episode 1 in script stage
    2. Episode 2: outline awaiting notes
    3. Episode 3: outline edited by Weisman
    4. Episodes 4-10 in outline
    1. If greenlit, season three would involve another time skip between the last episode of Season Two and the first of Season Three. Ask Greg 5/15/2012
    1. More mentoring with Green Arrow, Flash, and Batman WF Interview 12/19/11 Ask Greg 4/29/11
    2. Issues 16 and 17 deal with the teammates not seen in 14 and 15 WF Interview 12/19/11
    3. Weiman and Kevin Hopps co-wrote Issues 14-17 WF Interview 12/19/11
    4. Kobra WF Interview 12/19/11
    5. Issues #16-17 will address where the rest of the Team was during "Terrors" Ask Greg 1/13/12
    6. The #9-10 arc will be revisited eventually Ask Greg 2/13/12
    7. Will see more of Green Arrow and Black Canary's relationship explored in Issue #20 and 21. Ask Greg 4/16/12
    8. Eventually will be seeing more of Talia in the comics. Ask Greg 4/16/12
    9. Soon both the season one and two timelines will be in the comics. Chris Jones 5/7/12
    10. Earth-16 version of the DC Showcase short "Green Arrow" will eventually appear in the comic Ask Greg 5/8/12
    Issue 16
    1. Will find out how Mammoth ended up in Belle Reve. Ask Greg 11/22/11
    2. Artemis and Green Arrow will patrol together Ask Greg 1/4/12
    3. "Robin, Kid Flash and Artemis fight crime with their adult counterparts!" WF 2/13/12
    4. Release Date: May 30, 2012 WF 2/13/12
    5. There are a couple gorillas appearing Chris Jones 4/11/12
    6. Flash and Kid Flash round up escaped animals at a zoo C2E2 2012's DC Comics for Kids! Panel (5:09-5:13) 5/4/12
    7. "Robin, Kid Flash, and Artemis fight crime with their adult counterparts, Batman, The Flash, and Green Arrow!" Free Comic Book Day 2012 DC Nation Sampler page
    Issue 17
    1. How Mammoth and Shimmer ended up in Belle Reve Ask Greg 3/5/12
    2. Kobra is back - and he's scheming to become a god! WF 3/12/12
    3. Don't miss the action as Robin, Kid Flash, and Artemis tackle Mammoth and Shimmer! WF 3/12/12
    4. Guest-starring Batman, the Flash, and Green Arrow! WF 3/12/12
    5. Release Date: June 20, 2012 WF 3/12/12
    Issue 18
    1. The Team travels to Gorilla City! WF 4/9/12
    2. Someone is enhancing apes to create an army of warrior slaves! WF 4/9/12
    3. Don’t miss the origin of Gorilla City! WF 4/9/12
    4. Release Date: July 18, 2012 WF 4/9/12
    5. Also involves origin of Grodd and Solovar. Solovar will be a silverback. Chris Jones 4/11/12
    6. Takes place between "Alpha Male" and "Revelation" Ask Greg 5/18/12
    Issue 19
    1. Will learn more about Ultra Humanite Ask Greg 5/3/12
    2. The Brain, Monsieur Mallah and The Ultra-Humanite have captured the Team. WF 5/14/12
    3. What does Gorilla Grodd want with Miss Martian? WF 5/14/12
    4. Release Date: August 29, 2012 WF 5/14/12
    Production Updates

    As of April 16, 2012 Ask Greg
    1. Issue 16 is at the printers
    2. Issue 17 is being pencilled
    3. Issue 18 is scripted and waiting pencilling
    4. Issue 19 is plotted and being scripted
    5. Issues 20-22 is locked down story-wise
    6. Issues 23 and beyond is not locked in but a clear idea of what's going to happen
    As of March 5, 2012 Ask Greg
    1. Issue 15 is being inked
    2. Issue 16 is being pencilled
    3. Issue 17 is being scripted
    4. Issue 18-19 are being plotted
    As of February 3, 2012 Ask Greg
    1. Issue 13 is at the printer
    2. Issue 14 is being inked by Chris Jones
    3. Issue 15 script is done and ready for pencilling
    4. Issue 16 script will be finished by Greg Weisman this weekend
    5. Issue 17 plotted and Kevin Hopps working on first draft script
    As of January 18, 2012 Chris Jones
    1. Issue 14 is almost finished being inked
    2. Issue 15 is being pencilled
    As of November 22, 2011 Ask Greg
    1. Issue 11 is being colored
    2. Issue 12 is being inked
    3. Issue 13 is being pencilled
    4. Issue 14 - Greg Weiman is doing a pass on Kevin Hopp's script
    5. Issue 15 - Kevin is working on his first pass at the script. But the basic outline is done.
    As of November 1, 2011 Ask Greg
    1. Issue 10 has been shipped
    2. Issues 11-12 are being penciled
    3. Issue 13 is scripted
    4. Issue 14 is in script
    5. Issue 15 has been plotted
    As of October 4, 2011 Ask Greg
    1. Issue 9 has been shipped out for printing
    2. Issue 10 is being inked
    3. Issue 11 is being penciled
    4. Issue 12 is being scripted
    5. Issues 13-15 have been plotted
    As of October 2, 2011 "Comic book Christmas"
    1. Issue 10 is done
    2. Issue 11 is being pencilled
    3. Issue 12's cover is top secret
    As of September 14, 2011 Ask Greg
    1. Issue 8 is complete
    2. Issue 9 is being inked
    3. Issue 10 is being pencilled and cover is done
    4. Issue 11's script was just turned in by Greg Weisman and cover is done
    5. Issue 12's cover has been pencilled and inked and Greg Weisman is to break story page by page tonight
    6. Issues 13-14's story is being discussed by Greg Weisman and Kevin Hopps and then Hopps will break story page by page
    Release Date
    1. The game is set to release in February 2013 TZ post 4/2/12
    1. First trailer and playable build expected to debut at E3 convention in June 2012 WF Article 4/30/12
    Screenshot Previews
    1. Screenshot #1: Nightwing fights a Shadow on Santa Prisca. YJ:L 5/12/12
    2. Screenshot #2: Artemis fires at a robot on Santa Prisca. YJ:L 5/14/12
    3. Screenshot #3: Superboy, Aqualad, and Artemis fighting robots on Santa Prisca with Shadows closing in. YJ:L 5/20/12
    4. The last screenshot features a hero everyone seems to have been asking for. YJ:L 5/20/12
    1. A new video game, titled Young Justice: Legacy, will launch in early 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Wii.
    2. Game formats include online multiplayer and local multiplayer modes. WF Article 2/21/12
    3. There will be 12 playable heroes and 12 villains to defeat. WF Article 2/21/12
    4. Will be an Action RPG where players control multiple characters in a squad created from 12 possible team members to explore, fight, gather experience, and level up. It will feature both solo and multiplayer missions that follow an epic plotline spanning many locations all across the DC Comics world of Earth-16 YJ:L Facebook 4/2/12
    5. Will also be available for PC YJ:L Facebook 4/30/12
    1. It will revolve around an original storyline set between seasons one and two. WF Article 2/21/12
    2. The story will be written in collaboration with Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti. WF Article 2/21/12
    3. The tagline is "One will rise. One will fall. One will die." WF Article 2/21/12
    4. The game's staff has been working hard with the show's creators to polish up the storyline which takes place between Season 1 and Season 2 TZ post 4/2/12
    5. Takes place during the five year gap Ask Greg 4/30/12
    6. The final villain to be revealed will be a major part of the storyline. YJ:L Facebook 5/5/12
    1. There will be cameo appearances by Justice League heroes and villains. WF Article 2/21/12
    2. Aqualad, Superboy, Miss Martian, Robin, Kid Flash, and Artemis are first 6 of 12 playable characters YJ:L Tweet 3/7/12
    3. Six villains revealed: Black Manta, Cheshire, Icicle Jr., Killer Frost, Lex Luthor, and Sportmaster WF Article 4/2/12
    4. Each character will have signature moves and skills that make them unique to the player's squad. TZ post 4/2/12
    5. Villains are not playable, but they will be featured in their own showdown at the end of each mission during the game YJ:L Facebook 4/2/12
    6. Three playable heroes revealed: Zatanna, Tempest, and Beast Boy YJ:L Facebook 4/29/12
    7. Three villains revealed: Psimon, Riddler, and Blockbuster YJ:L Facebook 4/29/12
    8. Three playable heroes revealed: Robin (Tim Drake), Rocket, and Batgirl. YJ:L Facebook 5/5/12
    9. Two villains revealed: Bane and Klarion YJ:L Facebook 5/5/12
    10. Robin (Dick Grayson) changed to Nightwing. Miss Martian's design changed to Invasion version. YJ:L Facebook 5/5/12
    11. The final villain to be revealed was created just for the game with feedback from the series creators. YJ:L Facebook 5/5/12
    1. One of the locations visited will be Santa Prisca. Players assemble their own squad for a series of missions that explore a specific part of the island that hasn't been seen in the series. YJ:L Facebook 5/11/12
    Master Timeline
    1. Weisman's master timeline was at 139 pages Ask Greg 12/3/10
    2. Weisman's master timeline was at 149 pages Ask Greg 1/28/11
    3. Weisman's master timeline was at 185 pages Ask Greg 11/18/11
    DC Characters
    1. By Episode 16, 135 DC characters have appeared Ask Greg 8/23/10
    2. By Episode 17, 147 DC characters have appeared Ask Greg 9/3/10
    3. By Episode 24, 174 DC characters have appeared MTV 1/14/11 Article
    4. By season one finale, 179 total DC characters have appeared. But that includes omitted characters like Catherine Cobert. Ask Greg 2/24/11 + Ask Greg 2/7/12
    The Master List - Potential Teen Heroes to join the Team (50-60)
    1. Bombshell but won't be in season one Ask Greg 11/10/10
    2. Raven for various reasons - including but not limited to their prominence in Teen Titans - they didn't make the cut to be part our main six. Ask Greg 12/12/11
    3. Cyborg for various reasons - including but not limited to their prominence in Teen Titans - they didn't make the cut to be part our main six. Ask Greg 12/12/11
    4. Starfire for various reasons - including but not limited to their prominence in Teen Titans - they didn't make the cut to be part our main six. Ask Greg 12/12/11
    5. Beast Boy for various reasons - including but not limited to their prominence in Teen Titans - they didn't make the cut to be part our main six. Ask Greg 12/12/11
    6. Supergirl Ask Greg 2/22/12
    7. Wonder Twins Ask Greg 5/1/12
    The Master List - Potential Members of The Light (100+)
    1. Count Vertigo Ask Greg 1/16/12
    2. The Joker Ask Greg 1/16/12
    3. Ultra-Humanite Ask Greg 1/16/12
    4. Atomic Skull Ask Greg 1/16/12
    5. Poison Ivy Ask Greg 1/16/12
    6. Black Adam Ask Greg 1/16/12
    7. Wotan Ask Greg 1/16/12 + Ask Greg 4/12/12
    8. Felix Faust Ask Greg 4/12/12
    9. Blackbriar Thorn Ask Greg 4/12/12
    10. Wizard Ask Greg 4/12/12
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    I am not too excited about this weeks episode, maybe its because season 1 had its abundance of Superboy and Miss M episodes....I am aware they are now adults and broken up and probably have some different character traits, but still...the characters never really did it for me I guess. I am sure the writing will be great and enjoyable though.

    The episode "Salvage" catches my eye, due to the "fallen comrade" I am ssuming like everyone else its Aqualad, due to the famous "Manta armor theory". It could be someone else though, due to there being absent designations on the current "team"

    Does anyone think the episode "Beneath" could have to do with Jaimes friend that becomes the Blood Beetle??
  5. Gold Starz

    Gold Starz "Evil Resides In Crystal Cove"

    Apr 2, 2010
    Likes Received:
    The Blood Beetle is New 52 only, and honestly, from what I've heard and seen, the old Blue Beetle series was much better than the one where Brenda gets slapped in the the face by the main character.

    Anyway, I imagine that it might have something to do with Booster or Traci (Traci might make a good replacement for Zatanna in the magic department, since we haven't seen any Homo Magi, yet).
  6. RoryWilliams

    RoryWilliams Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2010
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    Jaime did have a friend who ended up becoming the Black Beetle, one of his foes, though. I'm guessing the kidnapped friend is either gonna be one of his civilian buddies or someone like Booster Gold. Particularly, one of his friends was a girl named Brenda whose aunt was a crime lord involved in all sorts of superhuman crime so that could be it.
  7. Yojimbo

    Yojimbo Yes, have some.
    Staff Member Moderator

    Jul 13, 2003
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    Neat trivia tidbit, but Lacey Chabert, Mae Whitman, and Alyson Stoner also tried out for Miss Martian.

    I was wondering when you'd post about this.:p

    Virgil Hawkins was confirmed. If he becomes Static on the show, which sounds extremely likely, as I've said before what I liked about Static was he figured out how be a super hero on his own essentially. Additionally, we don't know how long Black Lightning has been a superhero so we can't be sure he's interested in taking on protege in the first place.
  8. Gimpyhair

    Gimpyhair Member

    Nov 4, 2011
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    Episode 2x03 (29 overall) "Alienated"
    1. "The Team and the Justice League continue to hunt the Kroloteans that have invaded Earth—but the aliens have help from an extremely unexpected source."
    Episode 2x04 (30 overall) "Salvage"
    1. "While Superboy and Blue Beetle battle Intergang, Nightwing and company try to salvage the soul of a former comrade fallen from grace."
    Any ideas who they are refering to?

    I'm guessing the former comrade could be Red Arrow or Speedy, unless a big tragedy we don't know yet happens during the timeskip, it could be Artemis, Wally or Kaldur...
  9. RoryWilliams

    RoryWilliams Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2010
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    Salvage has certain nautical connotations, Black Manta was seen in one of the trailers and then of course there was the toy art of Kaldur in a Manta costume. So Salvage sounds like it'll be about him.
  10. Skaddix

    Skaddix Active Member

    Aug 6, 2011
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    Technically Speedy was never a comrade so if those episodes are connected then Aqualad, Artemis and Red Arrow are your options.
  11. mrD

    mrD Member

    Aug 19, 2011
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    well to me "fallen from grace" would me changed sides and for some reason when i hear the word salvage I think of water so I'm really leaning toward aqualad or kid flash if he does go into the speed force in the game his soul would be there as for episode 3 I cant think of a source thats unexpected
  12. FinalAvalanche

    Sep 3, 2011
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    Before the DC reboot Static looked up to Black Lightning. They teamed up at least once as well. Also the public often asked Black Lightning if he was Static's father.

    Of course Black Lightning's 2 daughters, Thunder and Lightning, may appear as well.
  13. Guy Gardner

    Guy Gardner Member

    Apr 25, 2012
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    An extremely unexpected source: I have doubts that this is one of the former team members, and I want to say that this is going to be one of the villains (since they aren't expecting the aliens to be working with anyone on Earth). Or it could be the lead-in to Salvage, in which it is...

    A former comrade fallen from grace: I'm almost certain this is Red Arrow (Now going by Arsenal), probably now working with Cheshire on the outskirts of the law to find the real Speedy by any means necessary. They've been teasing a relationship between the two for a while, and this seems like the perfect time to put them together. Also, what is it with the Crock girls and stubborn red-heads?
  14. Skaddix

    Skaddix Active Member

    Aug 6, 2011
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    I don't think the Light is unexpected maybe Darksied and his InterGang Minions.
  15. Yojimbo

    Yojimbo Yes, have some.
    Staff Member Moderator

    Jul 13, 2003
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    Virgil was basically part superhero fanboy before he got his powers wasn't he? Been awhile since I read the original run, but I had it in my head he looked up to a lot of superheroes. He just didn't study under them to learn about his powers.
  16. suss2it

    suss2it Active Member

    Apr 14, 2008
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    That's true, plus there's the fact that Static is far more powerful than Black Lightning. Black Lightning only really has his lightning powers, where as Static is pretty much Magneto plus lightning powers, so BL couldn't wouldn't even be of much help.
  17. RoryWilliams

    RoryWilliams Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2010
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    He was a pretty general superhero fanboy and actively disliked Black Lightning prior to meeting him, actually. I REALLY hope if introduced, they don't feel the need to make Virgil his sidekick.
  18. Frontier

    Frontier Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    May 28, 2010
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    I can see Static starting off on his own and later getting noticed by the League and offered a spot on the team. Black Lightning may not necessarily be his mentor, but I see him as someone Static could go to for advice. He has more experience with his powers after all.
  19. spartanx54

    spartanx54 Active Member

    Dec 23, 2011
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    Lacey Chabert would've made an awesome M'Gann.

    On "Alienated", I got a feeling the unexpected source is The Light, who are possibly the masterminds behind the Invasion. But their partner from "Bereft" will obviously turn the tables on them.

    And obviously Aqualad is the fallen comrade, who possibly reform him to being a good guy again, but that's just wishful thinking :/
  20. Guy Gardner

    Guy Gardner Member

    Apr 25, 2012
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    It would be unexpected in the sense that the Light seemingly started a war with these guys... but they are also helping them out in their invasion of Earth. From the perspective of the JL, it'd be unexpected.
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