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    X-Men: Evolution was an animated series based on the X-Men comics that aired on [[Kids' WB]] from 2000 to 2003, lasting for 52 episodes across four seasons. The series is an original interpretation of the famous Marvel superhero team.

    ==Plot Synopsis==

    As usual, the X-Men are known as "mutants," as their powers are derived from unique mutations in their genetic codes. They take refuge in the mansion of Charles Xavier (aka [[Professor X]]), who teaches them to use their powers responsibly and to respect their identity. Before long they come into conflict with classic antagonists such as the Brotherhood, as well as [[Magneto]]: a powerful mutant capable of manipulating magnetism who believes that mutants cannot coexist with normal humans.

    In contrast to the 1990s series [[X-Men]], X-Men: Evolution is unique for portraying most of the X-Men characters in their younger years in an effort to target younger viewers. At the beginning, in fact, the majority of the cast is attending high school and the existence of mutants is hidden from the general public. At first the core cast is limited to [[Cyclops]], [[Wolverine]], [[Storm]] and [[Jean Grey]] in addition to Professor X, although the show soon introduces a significantly greater number of characters. Whereas the earlier X-Men series had adult characters dealing with bigotry and discrimination, X-Men: Evolution shows the X-Men as teenagers that have to come to terms with their powers and find their place in the world.

    In keeping with the concept, many of the X-Men have younger looking character designs that are generally very distinguishable from earlier animated interpretations. The series is also notable for giving the X-Men brand new costumes that are distinct from what they wear in the comics or in the prior animated series. Notably, the show also introduced original characters: Spyke and X-23.

    ==Series Release==

    All four seasons of X-Men: Evolution were recently put up for sale on iTunes. The series has also seen a DVD release for seasons one through three, although there has yet to be a release for season four. In addition, oddly enough season 3 is released as a boxed set whereas seasons 1-2 are still sold in single volumes.

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