Which artist / band should get a Sirius XM channel?

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Jan 23, 2007
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New York
Well who should be next to get a Sirius XM channel, who deserves it? i was thinking the other day when the Groove channel 50 announced Rhythm Nation radio of 24 / 7 of Janet Jackson music, scared me for a moment I loved the Groove and I thought it was changing formats, but nope it is a one week event, it will come back this Friday at Noon. When I thought it was a format change, really Janet Jackson, probably other artists should be next in line before her, no offense to Janet, like her brother Michael.

So what artist / bands do you think should get their own XM channel. I wouldn't mind having a Prince channel, when he died the Groove became a Prince channel for a few weeks, and I wouldn't mind if they found a place for that. (just don't take away the Groove channel) With Prince, it doesn't just have to be Prince, you can also play Prince associated acts like The Time, Vanity 6, Shelia E., the Family, and songs written by Prince for other artists like The Bangles "Manic Monday", Stevie Nicks "Standback", etc. So you would still have variety.

Also for personnel taste, I be cool with a Madonna channel, granted I would hope it mostly early stuff, but you have to take the good and bad. Also as previously mention, maybe Michael Jackson should be next in line.

They could also a Beatles channel, and also include their solo works, so more variety, but that could be a lot or legal hurdles that might not be worth it for them.

So what do you think?


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Sep 11, 2009
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The Beatles
The Rolling Stones
The Who
Bob Dylan
The Beach Boys
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin

And since they're my personal favorite band (and they have a huge discography) I'd like a They Might Be Giants channel.

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