What's Your Favorite Era of Cartoon Network?

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Feb 24, 2016
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We've seen and experienced Cartoon Network's various eras of branding:

Checkerboard Era: 1992-1997
Powerhouse Era: 1997-2004
CN City Era: 2004-2006
YES! Era: 2006-2007
Fall 2007 Era: 2007-2008
Nood Era: 2008-2010
CHECK IT 1.0 Era: 2010-2011
CHECK IT 2.0 Era: 2011-2013
CHECK IT 3.0 Era: 2013-2015
CHECK IT 4.0 & 4.5 Era: 2015- Present

What was your favorite Cartoon Network Era? And if you could come up with a new type of branding era for Cartoon Network, what would it be? Or if you could bring back an era, which would you bring back?
My favourite eras was Casillas (Europe only, the branding was creative use of original source material) and the City Era. If the City Era would of continued it would have been rather expensive and difficult to include new shows, which is why a generic cookie cutter branding with simple animations sometimes works best as its easier (as we've seen with Check It) . But it was the pinnacle of CN's branding, with exception to the logo of course which was a bad move.
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Jun 3, 2016
Powerhouse Era since that's the only one I really remember other than the City Era. I thought the City Era was pretty cool too. For some reason the only indent I remember from that time is when Professor Utonium thought he locked his keys in the car and Numbuh One offered to help him.
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May 25, 2010
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Checkerboard Era for the variety and creativity.
Powerhouse Era for the unified cohesiveness.
CN City Era for the ambitious effort.
YES! Era for the cheap and unexpected silliness.
Fall 2007 for the melancholic mood and feel.
Nood Era for the infantile cuteness.
CHECK IT 1.0 Era for trying to start anew and embracing the roots.
CHECK IT 2.0 Era for adding more elements and finding the right look.
CHECK IT 3.0 Era for being a decent transition .
CHECK IT 4.0 & 4.5 Era for improving what the previous versions lacked.

All of them... in their own way. But in my eyes, despite its chaotic nature, Checkerboard Era remains unbeaten. It just took the extra step and tried to find as many ways to engage the audience as possible. It had magic and charm. And the best announcers. Zany to the max. And the highest amount of shows. It was fun to watch.

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May 18, 2006
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As I've said before in terms of the original programming and sheer quality of the cartoons that CN is specifically making this current era aka the Check It Era would be the best. Granted not everything from this time is the greatest but you could say that about any period and honestly the highest quality shows (Adventure Time, Steven Universe, even those on the cusp like we Bare Bears, Regular Show and Amazing World Of Gumball) that have been allowed to keep going and still producing high quality material with very few honest dips which feels like something we haven't gotten from any other era. Plus honestly there is more freedom in what a show in a sense can be... well granted we don't have 22 minute shows and there is still an emphasis on comedy over say action but it feels like a more interesting experimental and highly enjoyable time just for all the sheer shows.

However I'm going to have to say the Powerhouse era is my favorite in terms of just watching cartoon Network. Even if the shows weren't as great it was the enviornment, and the variety (as that was the era where you had originals vying for space equally with the classic shows) and the advertisments and interestials were all honestly at their best. It felt like CN had such a solid identity and community that no other network really ad and all those commericals you can still find on youtube and other places still really hold up. And honestly it also felt not only did all the shows in a sense connect more at least through their ads but it was a period where there was more a sense of giving each show equal billing unlike the "let's uber marathon the most popular show every single day without delay and just shove that down the audience throat." Older CN would marathon series sure but it wouldn't over blow one to the point of stgnation like newer CN has. Plus again there feels like so little connection between these shows which was defintley not the case for the powerhouse era. I guess not the City era as well but even the City era it was still just the original CN toons while Powerhouse it was everything which made things the most enjoyable at least IMHO.


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Jul 13, 2016
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City because it really was a big part of my childhood and because it really was the best one by far
Fall 2007 which had the nice calm feeling to it and then you had the one with the slot like machine right before the show started which would "randomly" pick a show, I can't remember the name of it tho so if anyone knows that would be great