Whatever Happened To...Robot Jones?

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    Robot jones was a short-lived cartoon cartoon about the life of a teenage Robot who atteneds Polyneux Junior High.It premired on August 11,2002.The show was greenlit in an online contest scoring 2nd behind The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy,premiring a year after Grim And Evil,Billy and mandys succesor,and ending before the premire of the actual Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy.It Was a unsuccesful show,many viewers lost intrest after Robot Jones' voice change from Macintalk Jr. to Bobby Block,and later dubbing the old episodes with Bobby Block's Voice.The show ultimatley ended on October 16,2003.

    The show didn't do so well on toonzone either;Some accounts(Red Arrow :D for example) have hated on the show.It Is Rarely refrenced on threads around the forums.

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