What was the best classic character debut cartoon?

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    With some characters, it took a while for the directors to figure out how to make them very entertaining. Most of the funniest Bugs Bunny cartoons, for example, were released a decade or more after he first appeared. That was not the case for the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. Their first short, Fast and Furry-ous, was one of their best and had all the features of later episodes, so that would be my choice for the best new character debut.
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    I enjoy the follwing:

    WALKY TALKY HAWKY - first Foghorn Leghorn cartoon. It establishes the relationship with Foghorn and Henry Hawk.

    STEAMBOAT WILLIE - The first Mickey cartoon (released anyway). Even though there were more great b&w Mickey cartoons to come, this was a classic.

    FOX AND GRAPES - The first appearance of the Fox and Crow at Columbia Studios. Many of the gags in this short inspired Chuck Jones' Wile Coyote/Roadrunner series.
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    I think early Bugs cartoons need more love, :bugs1: I also think the first Droopy cartoon, ¨Dumb Hounded¨, is one of his greatest shorts.

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