What should robot chicken parody next?

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Apr 13, 2018
With 120 episodes and counting, there is almost nothing RC hasn't parodied. Of course, we can hope our favorite shows will be parodied. Let's hear your ideas.

I've been anxious to see RC parody Shining Time Station--this was my flagship show growing up in the early 90's--RC has already done Thomas the Tank Engine so why not STS? Perhaps Schemer can take over the station or something.
Mar 22, 2018
Ed, Edd 'n Eddy for sure. Also Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and The Loud House; those shows have such fanbases for RC to parody them.

Also I think they should do an overall parody of how Cartoon Network "went downhill" in 2004 and got taken over by shows like MGPAM, Squirrel Boy, Out of Jimmy's Head etc. I've been thinking of them doing something like that ever since 2006. Maybe showing the old Cartoon Cartoon characters getting killed by the post-2004 characters, or some kid watching Cartoon Network and mocking the shows like "What the **** is this ****??? A monkey obsessed with his a**?? A kid seeing cartoons through smoking crack?? A little boy hanging around a rabies-giving rodent??? What the **** happened to you Cartoon Network???"

I'm surprised they haven't done something like that yet, considering the network's infamous criticism.