What Shorts would you choose for the next Looney Tunes DVD?

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  1. Uncle Scrooge

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    Mar 7, 2016
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    If I were given a choice to pick 16 shorts that are not on DVD yet I'd go for....

    1. A Lad in his lamp
    2. Hare lift
    3. Pikers Peak
    4. Along came Daffy
    5. Beep Prepared
    6. the Goofy Gophers
    7. Beanstalk Bunny
    8. Zoom at the top
    9. Hare Breadth Hurry
    10. I Gopher You
    11. It's nice to have a Mouse about the House
    12. Rabbit's Feat
    13. Go Away Stowaway
    14. Tease for Two
    15. Compressed Hare
    16. Fair Hared Hare.

    They're just my choice of my faves I guess if I had a 17th choice (as the pepe disc shows 17 on a disc is fine) I'd probably put a Tweety cartoon on there.
  2. ToonReel

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    Oct 24, 2013
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    Daffy Doodles needs to be released already. It's one of the best, and it was sparsely released on even VHS.

    From what I know a lot of Art Davis' stuff hasn't been released yet either.
  3. DVDLooney

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    Feb 3, 2014
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    The Warner Bros. shorts I'd like to be on DVD that aren't:

    Any shorts that were on Laserdisc:

    1. Sport Chumpions
    2. Dog Tired
    3. Of Thee I Sting
    4. Ain't That Ducky, to name some.

    Also, shorts such as, Dog Tales, Piker's Peak and Beanstalk Bunny, too, would be nice for DVDs.
  4. A-Cecil

    A-Cecil Banned

    Mar 16, 2016
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    Almost what ever not released on DVD. If Warner had no more money to do anymore restoration work on Looney Tunes shorts they could appear in unrestored form.

    These are some shorts that deserve a DVD release, restored if possible. If Warner lacked money to restore them, unrestored transfers may be used. All cartoons, if unrestored, use the unrestored original negatives except for a few exceptions. B&W cartoons shall be in their original B&W form, NOT colorized in any form.

    The DVD released must have all cartoons COMPLETELY UNCUT AND UNCENSORED.

    (*) - If unrestored, the Dubbed 1995 version would be used.
    (#) - If unrestored, the 1997/1998 Dubbed version would be used.

    1. From Hand To Mouse (*)
    2. Hiss And Make Up (*)
    3. Fresh Hare (*)
    4. Jack Wabbit & The Beanstalk (*) - if using Dubbed 1995 version, the ending music could be corrected
    5. What's Cookin' Doc (*)
    6. Ain't That Ducky (*)
    7. Peck Up Your Troubles (*)
    8. Fair & Worm-Er
    9. Racketeer Rabbit (*)
    10. Brother Brat (*)
    11. Along Came Daffy (*) - if using Dubbed 1995 version, the ending music could be corrected
    12. The Goofy Gophers (*) - if using Dubbed 1995 version,make sure it has the 1946-1955 LT ending music like the original
    13. Doggone Cats (*)
    14. Catch As Cats Can (*)
    15. Two Gophers From Texas (*)
    16. What's Brewin Bruin (*)
    17. A Feather In His Hare (*)
    18. I Taw A Putty Tat
    19. Hot Cross Bunny
    20. Hare Splitter
    21. A-Lad-In His Lamp (#)
    22. Holiday For Drumsticks (#)
    23. Daffy Doodles (*)
    24. Hare Lift
    25. Beanstalk Bunny
    26. Zoom At The Top
    27. I Gopher You (#)
    28. Rabbit's Feat
    29. Compressed Hare
    30. Fair Hared Hare
    31. The Bee-Deviled Bruin
    32. Henhouse Henery
    33. Knights Must Fall
    34. Each Dawn I Crow
    35. His Bitter Half
    36. The Leghorn Blows At Midnight
    37. Stooge For A Mouse (#)
    38. A Mouse Divided (#)
    39. Catty Cornered (#)
    40. A Fractured Leghorn (#)
    41. Leghorn Swoggled
    42. Two's A Crowd
    43. A Fox In A Fix
    44. Rabbit Every Monday
    45. A Bone For A Bone
    46. Pests For Guests
    47. A Hound For Trouble
    48. Sock-A-Doodle-Doo
    49. Cracked Quack
    50. Muscle Tussel
    51. Piker's Peak
    52. The Egg-Cited Rooster
    53. Terrier Stricken
    54. Upswept Hare
    55. Fowl Weather
    56. Muzzle Tough (#)
    57. A Street Cat Named Sylvester (#)
    58. Of Rice And Hen
    59. Captain Hareblower
    60. No Parking Hare
    61. Dr Jerkyl's Hide
    62. Hyde And Go Tweet
    63. Sheep Ahoy
    64. Double Or Mutton
    65. Ready, Woolen & Able
    66. Lickety-Splat
    67. Zip N Snort
    68. Fastest With The Mostest
    69. Hod Rod & Reel!
    70. Hopalong Casualty
    71. Quack Shot
    72. Pappy's Puppy
    73. Feather Dusted
    74. Hare Brush
    75. Tweety's Circus (#)
    76. Tweet Zoo (#)
    77. Tweet & Sour
    78. A Kiddies' Kitty
    79. Rabbitson Crusoe
    80. Tugboat Granny
    81. Half-Fare Hare
    82. Boston Quackie
    83. China Jones
    84. Bugsy & Mugsy
    85. The Unmentionables (#)
    86. Greedy For Tweety (#)
    87. Don't Axe Me
    88. Hare-Less Wolf
    89. Backwoods Bunny
    90. The Dixie Fryer
    91. A Pizza-Tweety Pie
    92. Feather Bluster
    93. Trip For Tat
    94. Now Hare This
    95. To Itch His Own
    96. Mouse On The 57th Street
    97. Dog Tales
    98. Sports Chumpions (*)
    99. Stage Fright (*)
    100. The Curious Puppy (*)
    101. Snowtime For Comedy (*)
    102. Dog Tired
    103. Good Night Elmer (*)
    104. Wacky Worm (*)
    105. Greetings Bait (*)
    106. Fin N Catty (*)
    107. The Cat's Tale (*) - if using Dubbed 1995 version, the ending music could be corrected
    108. The Cagey Canary (*)
    109. Aloha Hooey (*)
    110. Fox Pop (*)
    111. Trick Or Tweet
    112. Hare-Abian Knights
    113. Tweet Dreams
    114. Tweet And Lovely
    115. Wild And Wooly Hare
    116. PreHysterical Hare
    117. Dog Tales
    118. Bonanza Bunny (#)
    119. Wet Hare
    120. D' Fightin Ones
    121. Rebel Without Claws
    122. Prince Violent (NOTE: Use the original 1960s theatrical version, NOT the re-titled version)
    123. Mexican Joyride (*)
    124. What's My Lion
    125. Woolen Under Where
    126. A Sheep In The Deep
    127. Quackodile Tears
    128. Zoom At The Top
    129. The Slick Chick
    130. Wars And Pieces
    131. Hawaiian Aye Aye
    132. The Jet Cage
    133. Dumb Patrol (1964)
    134. Mexican Cat Dance
    135. Road To Andalay
    136. Cats & Bruises
    137. Fast Buck Duck
    138. The Hardship Of Miles Standish (*)
    139. Ceiling Hero (*)
    140. Wacky Wildlife (*)
    141. Aviation Vacation
    142. Holiday Highlights (*)
    143. The Timid Toredor
    144. The Crackpot Quail (*)
    145. Of Fox & Hounds (*)
    146. Cross Country Detours (*)
    147. Detouring America (*)
    148. Land Of The Midnight Fun (*)
    149. Hop, Skip, & A Chump
    150. Daffy's Southern Exposure
    151. The Impatient Patient
    152. Nutty News
    153. Hold The Lion, Please (*)
    154. Double Chaser (*)
    155. The Squawkin Hawk (*)
    156. Dangerous Dan McFoo (*)
    157. Plop Goes The Weasel
    158. Flop Goes The Weasel (*)
    159. The Sheepish Wolf (*)
    160. Ding Dog Daddy (*)
    161. The Bird Came COD (*)
    162. Meatless Flyday
    163. Slightly Daffy (*)
    164. Behind The Meatball (*)
    165. A Feud There Was (*)
    166. Tale Of Two Mice (*)
    167. The Mouse-Merized Cat
    168. Quentin Quail (*)
    169. Believe It Or Else
    170. Eager Beaver
    171. Gay Anties (*)
    172. Hobo Bobo (*)
    173. Little Orphan Airedale
    174. A Hick, A Slick, & A Chick (*)
    175. The Rattled Rooster (*)
    176. The Shell-Shocked Egg (*)
    177. Porky & Daffy
    178. Porky's Last Stand
    179. Nothing But The Tooth (*)
    180. Bone Sweet Bone (*)
    181. Screwball Football (*)
    182. Porky The Giant Killer
    183. Fresh Fish (*)
    184. A Day At The Zoo (*)
    185. Hamateur Night (*)
    186. Tease For Two
    187. Mouse Warming
    188. Robot Rabbit (#)
    189. Shishkabugs (#)
    190. Tom Tom Tomcat
    191. Horse Hare
    192. Daffy's Rhapsody

    Pretty much all cartoons that have been issued on VHS and/or Laserdisc prior to 2003, plus rare cartoons that never made their home video debuts such as Quack Shot, The Bee-Deviled Bruin, etc.
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  5. A-Cecil

    A-Cecil Banned

    Mar 16, 2016
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    Warner should also re-issue some post-1954 Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck cartoons on the first two Super Stars sets in their original fullscreen formats too
  6. A-Cecil

    A-Cecil Banned

    Mar 16, 2016
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    Note that for some pre-48 shorts if they would appear unrestored on DVD dubbed 1995 versions are not recommended and instead should use the original negatives; because some dubbed versions look really bad (e.g. Hop, Skip, & A Chump, Dog Tired) and some already have cuts in the prints (in such cartoons, no uncut copies of these dubbed 1995 versions exist, e.g. I Taw A Putty Tat, Believe It Or Else, Aviation Vacation)
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  7. S. Crow

    S. Crow New Member

    Nov 10, 2015
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    Hair-Breadth Hurry
    Circus Today
    Believe It or Else!
    The Hardship of Miles Standish
    Dangerous Dan McFoo
    The Bird Came COD
  8. Uncle Scrooge

    Uncle Scrooge Member

    Mar 7, 2016
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    Yay another vote for Hair-Breadth Hurry.
    In Jerry Beck's google lecture he doesn't rate it highly, I wonder if that is why it never turned up on a DVD so far.
  9. A-Cecil

    A-Cecil Banned

    Mar 16, 2016
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    And just wondering, how are Looney Tunes shorts randomly selected by Warner Home Video for DVD releases?
  10. Ducktales Fan

    Ducktales Fan Classic Television Fan Here

    Oct 2, 2005
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    1. Hare Lift (1952) (Bugs & Yosemite Sam)

    2. Shishkabugs (1962) (Bugs & Yosemite Sam)

    3. Robot Rabbit (1953) (Bugs & Elmer Fudd)

    4. Beanstalk Bunny (1955) (Bugs, Daffy & Elmer Fudd)

    5. Don’t Axe Me (1958) (Daffy & Elmer Fudd)

    6. Good Noose (1962) (Daffy)

    7. Stooge For a Mouse (1950) (Sylvester)

    8. D' Fightin' Ones (1960) (Sylvester)

    9. Tweet Zoo (1957) (Tweety & Sylvester)

    10. Hyde and Go Tweet [1960) (Tweety & Sylvester)

    11. Moby Duck (1965) (Speedy & Daffy)

    12. Assault and Peppered (1965) (Speedy & Daffy)

    13. Well Worn Daffy (1965) (Speedy & Daffy)

    14. Daffy’s Diner (1967) (Speedy & Daffy)

    15. Mother Was a Rooster (1962) (Foghorn Leghorn)

    16. Tease for Two (1965) (Goofy Gophers with Daffy)

    17. Compressed Hare (1961) (Bugs & Wilie Coyote)

    18. Hare-Breadth Hurry (1963) (Bugs & Wilie Coyote)
  11. Kevin Mo

    Kevin Mo @Bugssponge

    Jun 11, 2016
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    Daffy doodles needs to be relaxed with the original blue ribbon rings I'm sick of seeing that damaged a.a.p. Print
  12. Kevin Mo

    Kevin Mo @Bugssponge

    Jun 11, 2016
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    Detouring America has an uncensored dubbed version. It's really good, the colors are nice and the opening rings look like they were released on DVD. Not bad for a dubbed version.
  13. MTGM

    MTGM Member

    Aug 14, 2016
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    I'm not sure how, but for Volume Six: Disk Four of the Golden Collection, they ran a poll on Facebook.
  14. Kevin Mo

    Kevin Mo @Bugssponge

    Jun 11, 2016
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    I want a platinum collection dedicated to one-shot merrie melodies cartoons from 1931-33 and 1936-48.
  15. MTGM

    MTGM Member

    Aug 14, 2016
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    I've compiled several lists, a total of 20, of how Warner Bros. could release more cartoons in a new home video series (A successor to the GC/PC). One of the lists is full of 1930s Merrie Melodies and is as follows (Please note that some Harman and Ising MMs are on some of my other lists):

    Main Cartoons:

    "Pagan Moon"
    "Goopy Geer"
    "It's Got Me Again!" (Restored this time)
    "The Queen Was in the Parlor"
    "I Love a Parade" (Restored this time)
    "Three's a Crowd"
    "One Step Ahead of My Shadow" (If they're ballsy enough)
    "Young and Healthy"
    "Wake Up the Gypsy in Me"
    "I Like Mountain Music" (Restored this time)
    "Sittin' On a Backyard Fence" (Restored this time)
    "Pettin' in the Park"
    "Honeymoon Hotel"
    "Beauty and the Beast"
    "Rhythm in the Bow"
    "Those Beautiful Dames"
    "Pop Goes Your Heart"
    "My Green Fedora"

    The Early Workings on Friz Freleng (Bonus cartoons)

    "Why Do I Dream Those Dreams"
    "The Girl at the Ironing Board"
    "The Miller's Daughter"
    "Shake Your Powder Puff"
    "Mr. and Mrs. is the Name" (Restored)
  16. Kevin Mo

    Kevin Mo @Bugssponge

    Jun 11, 2016
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    Problem is idk if anyone will buy it. They all have to be restored anyway, I don't want to see crappy quality on an official DVD release. even bonus features should be restored.
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  17. MTGM

    MTGM Member

    Aug 14, 2016
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    That's just an idea for one disk in a volume of four. The main cartoons will be restored as always, I only put the brackets next to the ones that were put on previous collections without restoration. The bonus cartoons, on the other hand, will only be restored based on three things: time allowed, quality of the cartoon, and restoration budget. I would also like for all the bonuses to be restored, but remember, it costs thousands of dollars to restore these things, and it takes a lot of sold copies to fill the budget back up for more restorations.
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  18. A-Cecil

    A-Cecil Banned

    Mar 16, 2016
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    Suggestion of name for new Looney Tunes DVD/Blu-Rays: Looney Tunes Diamond Collection

    I think WB should really go back to restoring the cartoons carefully and with love just like what they did for the Looney Tunes Golden Collection, the Academy Awards Animation Collection DVDs and the I Love Tweety Japanese DVDs, rather than restoring the cartoons aggressively and forcefully to the point that they have been restored to death just like what happened to the cartoons on the Platinum Collection Vol. 2 and 3 Blu-Rays.

    No altered fade-outs, no dark colors, no abused grain removal, no DVNR. 100% perfectly flawless restorations are what its supposed to be.

    Here's how to start off this new DVD/Blu-Ray series with the first volume:

    Looney Tunes Diamond Collection Vol 1.
    Disc 1: Best Of Bugs Bunny
    1. Fresh Hare
    2. The Unruly Hare
    3. Jack-Wabbit & The Beanstalk
    4. Racketeer Rabbit
    5. What's Cookin' Doc
    6. Elmer's Pet Rabbit
    7. The Goofy Gophers
    8. Hare Splitter
    9. Hot Cross Bunny
    10. A Feather In His Hare
    11. A-Lad-In His Lamp
    12. Knights Must Fall

    Disc 2: Best Of Daffy & Porky
    1. Porky's Baseball Broadcast (B&W)
    2. Notes To You (B&W)
    3. Daffy Duck & Egghead (with the correct original ending music cue, not the altered dubbed ending cue)
    4. Ain't That Ducky
    5. Daffy Doodles
    6. Brother Brat
    7. One Meat Brawl (restored)
    8. Slightly Daffy
    9. Along Came Daffy
    10. Little Orphan Airedale
    11. Mexican Joyride
    12. Nothing But The Tooth

    Disc 3: Best Of Tweety & Sylvester
    (All the following shorts here are reissued from the I Love Tweety Japanese DVDs)
    1. Muzzle Tough
    2. A Street Cat Named Sylvester
    3. Greedy For Tweety
    4. Tweety's Circus
    5. Fowl Weather
    6. Tweet and Lovely
    7. The Rebel Without Claws
    8. Tweet Zoo
    9. A Pizza Tweety Pie
    10. Tree Cornered Tweety
    11. A Bird In A Bonnett
    12. Catty Cornered

    Disc 4: Road Runner Classics
    1. Hip Hip Hurry
    2. Zip N Snort
    3. Hopalong Casualty
    4. Fast & Furry-ous (restored without DVNR and with a new remastered soundtrack)
    5. Zoom At The Top
    6. Hot Rod & Reel
    7. Fastest With The Mostest
    8. Wild About Hurry
    9. Lickety Splat
    10. War and Pieces
    11. Beep Prepared (new restoration, rather than using the dark restoration as for LTPC Vol 3)
    12. Hare-Breadth Hurry

    Bonus shorts:
    1. Run, Run, Sweet Road Runner (THIS VERSION 1997 WB dubbed version)
    2. Tweet Dreams
    3. Daffy's Rhapsody (CGI)
    4. I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat (CGI)
    5. Flash In The Pain (CGI)
    6. His Hare-Raising Tale (complete version)
  19. Kevin Mo

    Kevin Mo @Bugssponge

    Jun 11, 2016
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    Don't they waste more money restoring it the Platinum way? I love the Golden Collection way the best, and i prefer the 1998 dubbed version to the PC way. PC is good, but i dont like the altered fade out.

    I think overall bonus toons should be restored, if they cant be restored, they can use 1995 dubbed version. However, i would wish for the bonus cartoons to be ones that were NEVER issued on DVD ever.
  20. A-Cecil

    A-Cecil Banned

    Mar 16, 2016
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    Yes, the Platinum Collection restorations are more costly. That is why I mentioned WB should go back to restoring the Golden Collection way.

    Sometimes, cartoons that were originally issued unrestored/as dubbed versions as bonus cartoons on DVD were later presented restored on another DVD. For example, Hippety Hopper (1949) was presented as the unrestored Blue Ribbon print on Golden Collection Volume 6, is later presented restored on the Sylvester & Hippety Hopper DVD.
    Lets put this example in the planned Looney Tunes Diamond Collection DVD for example; "Tweet Dreams" presented as an unrestored bonus cartoon on Vol 1, appears restored on later volumes of this set.

    If you look at the contents for the "bonus cartoons" section of the planned LTDC Vol 1, Run, Run, Sweet Road Runner, Tweet Dreams, Daffy's Rhapsody and Flash In The Pain were not released on DVD before. His Hare-Raising Tale was previously released as a bonus feature of Bugs Bunny's Easter Funnies DVD, but is without the opening and closing rings. LTPC's version of the short as a bonus feature will have the cartoon's Blue Ribbon opening and closing rings intact.

    I haven't included any 1998 dubbed versions in Diamond Collection yet because while Disc 1 focuses entirely on new-to-DVD Bugs Bunny cartoons of the 1940s (7 from the a.a.p. package, 5 from the post-48 WB package), Disc 2 focuses majorly on Daffy Duck/Porky Pig cartoons from the pre-1948 package plus 2 B&W Porky Pig cartoons of the 1940s, Disc 3 has almost all the Tweety/Sylvester cartoons restored for the Japanese DVDs which were not yet released on any USA DVDs, and Disc 4 has all the Chuck Jones Road Runner cartoons not yet restored plus two Road Runner cartoons by Chuck Jones previously released on DVD and one Bugs Bunny/Wile E. Coyote cartoon "Hare-Breadth Hurry" as filler. To sum this up, all but 3 cartoons are new to DVD (excluding the bonus shorts). These three shorts which are double-dipped (albeit with slight differences from previous restorations) are Daffy Duck and Egghead, Fast and Furry-Ous and Beep Prepared. Meanwhile What's Cookin' Doc, Fresh Hare, Racketeer Rabbit, Hare Splitter, Hot Cross Bunny, Brother Brat, Daffy Doodles, One Meat Brawl and War and Pieces were previously released on DVD, but on LTDC Vol 1 they will be presented restored and remastered unlike their previous DVD releases which presents them unrestored/as 1995 dubbed versions.

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