What if it were One Piece that got the Golden treatment and Naruto a hack job?

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May 20, 2007
I figured that this could be a fun thread. A combination of predictions and imagination I suppose.

Pretty much, remember back in 2003/early2004 when no one knew who owned One Piece and Naruto? Rumors had it that 4Kids would end up getting Naruto since it had a bigger online following in the US, and FUNimation would get One Piece and try to craft it into (the recently ended in America) DBZ successor like it was in Japan.

Now what if that were true? Do you think things would be different? Do you think things would be about the same? You decide!

Note: I didn't know whether this belonged here or in the anime section since this is no longer a Toonami forum. But I stuck it here because I figured it fit in with the whole "What if?" stuff Jeff had on The X Bridge.


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Jan 29, 2005
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I think this would be very interesting. For one thing, I think One Piece would have definitely been more mainstream compared to the way it is now, since it would have gotten proper treatment from the beginning instead of being rescued years later. Naruto, though, I'm not sure how that would have ended. We all know 4kids would have hacked it down to bits, but the bigger question is how well would the show have done and would 4kids still have it today?

Raidon Makoto

Long Live The Heroes
Mar 1, 2006
If One Piece came on right after DBZ ended and replaced it, Toonami probably wouldn't be dead now.

And then if we had gotten uncut Naruto Shippuden around the time we got uncut One Piece, that would have been even better.


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Sep 13, 2004
I tend to agree with Cartoonoverlord.

For the fans it could have been good, but I don't think CN would have changed their course.

They seemed intent to chase Nick regardless of what Toonami was doing numbers wise for demographics they dont care about.

It may have helped to stream line things a bit better and give us better Toonami years, but the fate probably would have been the same.

Light Lucario

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May 11, 2007
In a Dream World
I think we would most likely be in the same boat that we are in right now. Though, personally, I would probably still be watching One Piece and enjoying it, unlike Naruto.
I agree. I doubt that having One Piece practically uncut from the start would have changed how Toonami ended. Even though Naruto had what has been called the golden treatment and was still able to pull in some good ratings, CN still decided to end the block.

One Piece might have had more popularity than it does now if it was with FUNimation from the start. It might not be as popular as DBZ here, but I could see it being a bit more mainstream as well. I'm not sure how things would have turned out for Naruto, but I kind of think that it might have been about the same as it is right now, in terms of popularity. I'm not sure how to describe it, but there would still be the people who watch Naruto, dub or sub, and enjoy it and then there would be those who stopped enjoying it long ago.
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