What Are Some Things You Think Cartoon Network As A Whole Needs to Bring Back Or Add?

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I.R. Shokew

DISGRACED and Rooting ONLY for Underdogs
Sep 26, 2011
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Who wants to find me that badly anymore?
Just give me a schedule with more variety, plus air some old shows at non-peak / prime-time hours and we'll be on the right track again for this channel getting itself together, IMHO.

Also, get more action / drama fare greenlit someday and don't deathslot it, either - that'll definitely put CN a leg up on their competition.

Too bad they're not going to listen to people like us, lovely as it would be if they did, too - specifically for ideas of improving the schedule, of course.
I would love them to make 22-minute shows again, preferrably of the action genre. I like most of their current programming lineup but I think they should diversify the types of shows they produce.
In fact, I would love to see that too. This 11-minute format is starting to get way out of hand.

Hard to believe that I was raised on so many 22-minute shows.