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    [[Image:Welcome_to_the_NHK.jpg|right|Misaki, Sato and Yamazaki (l-to-r)]]
    '''''Welcome to the NHK''''' (''NHK ni Youkoso!'') is a comedy/drama [[anime]] series based on the novel and manga series created by Tatsuhiko Takimoto.

    Twenty-four episodes of the series were produced by studio [[Gonzo]] and debuted on Japanese television from July 9 to December 17, 2006. It was dubbed into English by [[ADV Films]] and is licensed in North America by [[FUNimation Entertainment]].

    Tatsuhiro Sato, a 22-year-old college dropout, is a ''hikikomori'' (a Japanese term for someone with acute social withdrawal). He is unemployed, rarely sets foot outside of his rented apartment and relies on his parents for money and support. Over the course of his seclusion, he has become convinced that his ''hikikomori'' life is part of a conspiracy established by the NHK (''Nippon Hikikomori Kyokai'', or "Japanese Hikikomori Association"), a secret organization whose goal is to turn normal people into ''hikikomori''. He wants nothing more than to break free from the NHK's grasp, but cannot find the courage to do it. Luckily, one day, a girl named Misaki comes into his life and decides to use Sato for her "project", in which through nightly meetings and psychoanalysis she can cure him of his ''hikikomori'' lifestyle.

    '''Tatsuhiro Satou'''
    : ''voiced by:'' Yutaka Koizumi (JP), Chris Patton (US)
    Entering his third year as a ''hikikomori'', Sato can barely even work up the courage to do his late-night shopping. He rarely sets foot outside of his rented apartment and lives on a regular allowance from his parents. Currently he is convinced that his lifestyle is part of the NHK's conspiracy, which only makes him more paranoid.

    '''Misaki Nakahara'''
    : ''voiced by:'' Yui Makino (JP), Stephanie Wittels (US)
    Misaki makes Sato her "test subject" in a special project which she promises will help him break his ''hikikomori'' habits. Sato is bound by a contract she sets up to attend nightly meetings, though he cannot help but think her motives are a little suspicious.

    '''Kaoru Yamazaki'''
    : ''voiced by:'' Daisuke Sakaguchi (JP), Greg Ayres (US)
    Back in high school, Sato stood up for Yamazaki when he was being bullied in middle school, and since then he looked up to Sato. Now he is his next door neighbor and a student at a local game design school. He recruits Sato to help him on his upcoming adult video game project.

    {| width="100%"
    | Original Story<br>'''Tatsuhiko Takimoto'''

    Director<br>'''Yusuke Yamamoto'''

    Planning<br>'''Shinichiro Inoue<br>Koji Kajita<br>Naohisa Yamashita'''

    Series Composition<br>'''Saturo Nishizono'''

    Character Design<br>'''Masashi Ishihama<br>Takahiko Yoshida'''
    | Color Design<br>'''Yumi Uchibayashi'''

    Art Direction<br>'''Hiroshi Igaki'''

    Director of Photography<br>'''Naoki Kitamura'''

    Music<br>'''Pearl Brothers'''

    Music Production<br>'''Victor Entertainment'''
    |Animation Production<br>'''Gonzo'''

    Production<br>'''NHK ni Youkozo! Production Team'''
    | U.S. Licensor<br>'''FUNimation Entertainment'''

    ADR Production<br>'''ADV Studios'''

    ADR Direction<br>'''John Swasey'''

    ADR Script<br>'''Clint Bickham'''

    '''Opening Themes'''
    # ''Episodes 1-12:'' "Puzzle" by ROUND TABLE featuring Nino
    # ''Episodes 13-23:'' "Puzzle -extra hot mix" by ROUND TABLE featuring Nino

    '''Ending Themes'''
    # ''Episodes 1-12:'' "Odorou Akachan Ningen" by Kenji Ohtsuki and Fumihiko Kitsutaka
    # ''Episodes 13-22, 24:'' "Modokashii Sekai no Ue de" by Yui Makino

    ==Episode guide==
    : ''See under [[List of Welcome to the NHK episodes]]''.

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