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Apr 20, 2001
Yonkers, NY
Yes folks, it's back. The last time you saw the Warner Bros. Club it was merely an acronym in front of the General Animation board. The name itself hasn't meant very much for years now, but when I started assembling the Toon Zone Timeline, and writing about the original WBC from 1994 and it's glory days from 1998-2001, I became nostalgic for the WBC of old. There hasn't been much discussion of shows like Animaniacs, Pinky & The Brain, Taz-Mania and Freakazoid around here lately, and there hasn't been a place where Toon Zone "old-timers" could go and feel at home. Since the Tiny Toons board was only lightly active, it made sense to me to convert this board to a new WBC, and resurrect a part of TZ that had been lost.

WBC founder Eileen "Harley" Delgadillo designed the new logo (notice the "Harley was here" message), and we're using a really old school background from 1998. We've even got a somewhat old school mod lineup, though Harley is unable to mod right now. If there are any features from the old WBC you'd liek to see brought back, post about them and we'll see what we can do. I know I still have a "Mystery Screen Shot" archive here somewhere... :)

So, old-timers and newbies alike, welcome back to the Warner Bros. Club!

James Harvey

The World's Finest
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Apr 23, 2001
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Wow! It's great to see this board really return after so many years! I can still remember my first conversation here. It was with "Gookie" (Craig Crumpton) and the subject was Animaniacs, I believe. It went on for countless posts, was engaging, and really enjoyable! I've been hooked ever since!

While I'm not one of the original WBCers, I popped in around here on 1997 and found myself instantly drawn into the crowd! A great bunch of people with a host of fun conversations! I'm glad to see the majority of those people are still around today, and the coversations are just as great! I'm looking forward to participating in this board!

And the "Mystery Screen Shot?" Oh man! Bring it on! If I recall, I think I was doing pretty good in that little game!


Embarassment Ninja
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Apr 20, 2001
New York, New York
Enjoy! Treat this forum well... or we'll sing whiney protest songs from the 60's! BWA HA HA HA. No, really. Enjoy!

It was a fantastic time for animated comedy. So good, that I could and have watched episodes (A! and F!) recently and laughed my behind off just as much as I did way back when.

So, grab your popcorn and fries, gather 'round and let's all watch the Wheel of Morality turn, turn, turn...

:yakko: :wakko: :dot:

I provide this link because it took me three evenings to do this logo! One to redraw and then make the WBC shield and text shiny. One to search through some very old drawings of mine, find those old animaniacs video game manuals that I remembered having line art in them and scan them in. And the final evening to color them all in and place 'em around. Hello Nurse and Pinky & the Brain are from the old game manuals. The others are mostly pics I did for Linda eons ago.


:harley: SROTW


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Oct 8, 2002
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United States
It's great to see you went with the idea of turning the Tiny Toons board into a Silver Age board. I also like the new background, it's much better then the old background (which I always found to be too plain).


Staff member
Apr 30, 2001
Acme Labs, Illinois
Brian Cruz said:
...and there hasn't been a place where Toon Zone "old-timers" could go and feel at home.
Egad, Brain!
...er, Brian, NARF! :)

Zounds! It feels like I have stepped back nearly....4 years?..(EGAD I guess I really am an "old-timer" ;)) Anyway, poit...here, it feels like day one when I first discovered TZ( :yakko: :wakko: :dot: )...when it had a grand total of *2* boards then. ZORT! ;):)

Nice work!

And thanks, narf.:)


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May 1, 2001
Note to above: I'd wager the Duck Dodgers series probably wouldn't fall under this board's jurisdiction (probably the Termite Terrace or General Animation boards, by my thinking)...

My definition of "Silver Age" WB humor-based shows would probably be:
Pinky and the Brain
Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain
The Big Cartoonie Show (I'll think of more amusing "pun"-ny names later...)

And any other humor-related shows that ran in this era (Detention, Earthworm Jim, etc.), I suppose (unless the mods say otherwise).

At any rate, ah, the good old days... back when "Heavy Duty Dubbas" was derided as the action shows' lineup name, the ill-fated "Big Kids Go First" that helped get F! canned, the TTA eps that shoved environmentalism down our throats until it hurt, the dreaded Recycled Stock Footage™ promos showing the Warners singing and dancing in place to "boy bands" music, the... aaahhh, OK, so the "good old days" *weren't* always so great. Still fun, though. :)



The toon world's protector!
Mar 11, 2002
I love this place!!!! This is like the only board I will probably be posting non-stop I love all those cartoons! I could talk on and on about each one of them *sees people stare at her* erm....what can I say? I like to talk like Yakko! Maybe thats why I love him so much :sweat:
erm yeah back on topic.
Anyways, great place you got here. So ill start posting stuff.. Hehe
Apr 20, 2001
Yonkers, NY
Let me try and answer some of the questions that have popped up...

Duck Dodgers is a toughie. I suppose it depends on whether we want the WBC to be more about the "silver age" or more about "WB animated comedies". Considering that some of the original WBA folks like Tom Minton and Paul Dini are working on it, discussing it wouldn't be totally out of place... but we also might be opening a can of worms that makes "What's New Scooby Doo?" on-topic.

As for the WBC site... other than FanFics it hasn't been updated for about 4 years. There were plans in 2001 to revive it, but that ended up becoming Animated Diversions instead. So I don't know, there'd need to be definite plan on what to do with it, and team of people who'd volunteer to keep it updated. It would take quite a bit of effort to pull of.

Hmm, I don't think these were very useful answers at all! Sorry. :eek:

Dante Bunny

May 2, 2001
Wow! Just like old times, but better. :) Of course I'm in to Yu-Gi-Oh and Digimon right now, but who is going to stop me from loving Animaniacs, Taz-Mania, Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid, Histeria, and Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries. Thanks for the revival, Brian! :D

Captain Caps

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Apr 28, 2001
In Electric Dreams
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Aaah, yes, that suggestion I wanted to make...

How about making another Story Board, but this time, it's a WBC sub-forum based exclusively on the Silver Age WB Toons? It's been a long time since I've worked on a chain-link (and I don't think "Mauve Thunder" counts, either).

No matter...Happy days are here again, and if anybody mentions anime, I'm cracking skulls! (J/K :p ;) )


John "Captain Caps" Kilduff


I'll Never Forget You Two!
Mar 16, 2002
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I'm very glad to see this site up and running. :) It does look like a great place to discuss the Kids WB shows that we used to enjoy almost 10 years ago. (I can't believe I just said that, now I feel older. :sweat: )

Anyway, hopefully we can discuss some eps that we like from each series. I mean about different eps from TTA, A!, & P&tB. And if anyone can remember them: Earthworm Jim, Freakazoid, and Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries.

Even though most of the posts right now are still old, hopefully soon we'll have new stuff to discuss.

Once more, I'm glad to see the WBC is back after so long. (I didn't become a member of TZ until last year, but I have heard of it. I used to check it out mainly for the schedules to find out what new eps were gonna be shown. :) ) Oh, and I'm happy to see you included Hello Nurse in the logo. She's my #1 favorite Animaniacs character. ;)

BTW, welcome back, PennyCat! :) It's been a long time since the last time I saw you post. Good to have you back! :D

--Erik aka Viper

Roman Legion

Let's Make a Deal
Staff member
Apr 22, 2001
Ancient Times
Captain Caps said:
Aaah, yes, that suggestion I wanted to make...

How about making another Story Board, but this time, it's a WBC sub-forum based exclusively on the Silver Age WB Toons? It's been a long time since I've worked on a chain-link (and I don't think "Mauve Thunder" counts, either).
Yeah, the current Story Board is in a rather sad state. I wasn't sure what to do with it, myself, but now that the WBC is back in a form true to the original, maybe I can leap from there.

Perhaps the Silver Age element of the current Story Board could be split off into the original "WBC Story Board" and be moved into a sub-forum of the renovated WBC, much like you suggest... where it once was, ages ago. The remaining fan fics could then, perhaps, be moved to the Fun & Games board or to a sub-forum thereof. I actually rather like that idea... I think I'll look into it. :D

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