Wanted: Lettering a Short Script!

Discussion in 'Artists Wanted' started by Alpha Flight, Aug 7, 2006.

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    Letter Short Script!

    We need someone to letter, everything else is in place. Letter 8 pages or stay with us and letter more. Get accreditation with *JL/X-Men: The Importance of Sidekicks." We have a professional artist and a talented team with some experience in the comic industry. Colorists, pencilers, editors, and a writer/webmaster make up our team! We have worked with Toon Zone which receives about 332,000 visitors and 51 million hits a month. If we reach high quality the comic will be posted on Onlinecomics.net and Toon Zone!

    If you would like to stay with us here's what you get:

    • Accreditation for your work on our site, you can use whatever name you want.

    • A web page customized for you. (most likely)

    • The ability to vote in our decisions, a lot of our decisions are decided by vote.

    • The opportunity to take part in the editing, only if you want to.

    Please send comments of interest and examples of your work to alphaflight14@yahoo.com. If you just need more information please feel free to e-mail me as well!

    I was the founder of the former, “World’s Finest,” affiliated, site; Sidekick Street. We will do whatever we can so that this comic gets noticed at the very least it will be posted on the Treasure Toons web site!

    Thank you truly for taking the time to read this post!

    A Fellow Toon ZoneWe Member;

    Alpha Flight

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