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Discussion in 'Artists Wanted' started by ToonEGuy, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Aug 1, 2011
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    Hello. I'm a new member and I have my own independent project on DeviantART that I'm running called Maniac Mouse, which is my own idea for a comic series.


    I'm looking for someone who is capable of not just making backgrounds for characters but actually painting them, and I mean someone who's really good at it. See, this project of mine is something that I've been putting a lot of time and care into because I have very ambitious ideas for it. I've been wanting to literally try to re-create the look of a classic cel animated cartoon, and while I've always had a knack for designing characters, backgrounds have unfortunately never been my strong suit, and thus progress on any story ideas for my project is constantly being delayed.

    I would recommend using this blog on animation backgrounds as a good resource (particularly backgrounds for classic Looney Tunes and Disney shorts):


    And even if asking for painted backgrounds is too much, the least that I ask for is any kind that are really good enough to capture that same kind of look and feeling. If anyone is interested, feel free to reply and we'll discuss it further.

    Thank you.

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