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    So this is my first thread. Hope you guys aren't too brutal, haha. I've been rewatching Breaking Bad for about the tenth time now and I've caught something that gave me an idea. Has anyone else noticed the way that Gale looks at Walt, and not only that, but the way that Gus bows down in respect towards Walter, almost in "submission"? I think an unexplored region that Vince Gilligan hinted at was the love triangle that was happening behind the scenes during seasons 3 and 4. I wrote a fanfic about it which I've been writing for the past two years. It's my first time, so be gentle :frylock:


    "Breaking So Bad It's Good" by Michael "Heisenberg" Stanley

    Walt was running late. He and Gale had agreed to meet up at 9 AM daily. He liked it that way. It felt the closest to his usual school schedule and wasn't much of a deviation for him. Despite the fact that he had his own apartment, Skylar felt she could just burst in at any given moment and demand the truth from him. She wasn't ready for the full truth, he thought. He needed a little more time to stay heroic in the eyes of Walt Jr.... or Flynn. He shuddered. This time, she was even angrier. Walt tried to kiss her and she rejected it. He was feeling a bit more gentle that day and it was rejected by Skyler.

    Gale smiled and lit up when Walt walked into the lab. It was comforting on a day such as that. Gale and Walt had an unspoken agreement where they could change into their lab clothes with no contest from the other. Walt felt eyes on him this time, which wasn't completely out of the ordinary, but he usually explained it away.

    He saw Gale scribbling away at his labnotes, and bubbling with excitement at what he had done so far that day. Walt drowned out Gale's blabbering and softened his gaze as he noticed that Gale had smooth features--almost those of the mythical Adonis. The creases in his eyes, the innocent smile, his stunning intelligence. He had found his intellectual and ethical equal; he was in front of him this whole time. Gale noticed his gaze and blushed slightly. Walt, wanting to look professional, looked down to his shoes and brought the conversation back to where it was. He noticed scribblings in his notebook that looked familiar.

    His thoughts were brought back to when he and Gretchen were figuring out the composition of the human body, and espied that Gale had arrived to the same conclusion--the missing percentage.

    "The composition of the human body, eh? Was figuring it out myself a good while ago," Walt chuckled.

    "Oh... yes, Mr. White. I have been busting my head trying to figure this out. I haven't been able to. Do you have any input, sir?"

    Walt edged in closer and put his hands on the table on either side of Gale. Gale giggled nervously. Walt's face almost met Gale's and whispered softly, yet resolutely, "it's the soul, Gale." He paused and with a wry smile, added, "and call me Walt."

    Gale's excitement flared as Walt remembered the events of this morning. He needed to have affection, even if it was in the giggling adoration of Gale. In the strong arms of Gale. The idea became more solid as he fixated on it. It became a good idea. The best idea. It was the idea of Breaking even more Bad than before.

    Suddenly their hips met and before the men knew it, they were engaged in a hug. But more than a hug. This was the embrace of affection both Walt and Gale had been craving for so long. Gale looked up and said, "is it really true?"

    Walt placed his hand on Gale's head and smoothed his curly, hoary locks. "Yes. It is."

    The warmth of Gale's lips parted the cracked, thin, lined, and experienced lips of Walter White. This was the day he truly became a man.


    The emergency phone rang. Walt jumped up. He looked down at Gale playing the part of his inner spoon. He realized it. They consummated their relationship as two equals. Walt struggled to put his labsuit back on before answering the phone, and struggled even more to walk; it was a new sensation. Gale was still asleep. The feeling he felt in his heart was also a new sensation. He smiled and his shoulder knocked into the phone and off of the hook.

    "Hello Mr. White," was the familiar, Latin voice on the other end. "I would like you to meet me in my office as soon as possible," it added.



    So what do you guys think? :bubbles:

    :>: M"H"S :

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