"Voltron: Legendary Defender" Talkback Thread (Spoilers)

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    Saw all 7 episodes my thoughs.

    First of all I am sorry I don't know Team Lotar's names just yet, so I am just going to go by description and in the case of one of them, history with Keith.

    So Keith is the Allura of this season, making mistakes after mistakes, and going to be the one to learn a lesson at the end, it seems. He fell right into Lotar's trap and Lotar originally trying to set a trap.

    Well Piege and Hunk they are the only one's to retain their Lions, everyone we got a big switch.

    I am shocked Shiro is back so soon, I thought we would not see him until the season finale, the real season finale, I don't consider these 7 episodes a whole season. Though I am very wary of trusting of Shiro, the way they said his escape was the next step, I am thinking he might be a sleeper spy.

    And when Lotar and Hagar talk, they purposes don't address by name, especially Lotar he never refers to Hagar by name, so maybe she is his mother, and don't confirm that yet. Though by episode 7 the point is moot.

    The one blue haired girl from Team Lotar who was the person that Keith had a run in with back in season 2, she very hesitant to carry out Lotar's orders to fire, I think that was because that was the first time Lotar ever order his subordinates to kill someone, he sold them a bill of goods of "we don't kill" and sudden change his tune, interesting. We will see where that leads.

    And episode 7 all the history, they did throw me off with Nerva or whatever her name is voiced by someone other than Cree Summer, so Hagar has a split personality. And weird to see Zoltron acting like a normal dude and not be obsessed with the black lion.
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    I finished watching the season earlier last weekend, but I didn't get the time to talk about them:

    It started off really strong with seeing the group struggle to gain allies and deal with the loss of Shiro, especially for Keith. It also reminded me just how nonsensical it was to claim that defeated Zarkon would mean that Voltron isn't needed at the end of last season. The Galra empire has lasted for thousands of years and Voltron existed before the takeover happened too. Defeating its leader wouldn't automatically mean that their work was done. It was just the first large step in an already long and hard battle. It was nice to see that Keith was the most upset over losing Shiro and finding a new pilot for the Black Lion. He was arguably the closest to Shiro among the rest of the case and the previous season had a lot of moments that showed off their bond. Everyone cared about Shiro and missed him, but it would hit Keith the hardest.

    I also liked the first look into Lotar. He was formidable in combat and clearly manipulative. He was talking about gathering allies to make them think that they were still free even within their control and then sent off one of the soldiers off to the worst stations in the galaxy. He was smart, cunning and honestly had more personality than his father did prior to the flashback episode. Zarkron comes off as intimidating and threatening, but always felt kind of dull personality-wise to me. Lotar feels like an improvement and having some unique soldiers in his ranks helped a bit too, although I couldn't really remember any of their names. I just remembered their powers and designs more than anything else.

    It was nice that everyone helped Keith accept that they needed to find a new Black Lion pilot. Even Lance was the first one to help him through it, which was a nice way to start off their developing relationship during the series. Seeing all of the pilots try to become the pilot was interesting. Pidge not even reaching the controls was funny. Keith saying how he couldn't lead them like Shiro and then saying please no after it started to respond to him was rather nice. It showed that he still had doubts in himself, but the Black Lion still responded to him. It did pose a problem with the Red Lion.

    I thought that Allura would have just jumped right into the Red Lion, but Lance getting it instead was a nice surprise. It was fitting with how Lance was the first one to accept Keith as the new leader and how he kept trying to keep him in check throughout the season. Allura becoming the Blue Lion pilot was a great choice too. It meant that most of the characters had different lions, so their teamwork was off completely. If it was just Keith and Allura getting new lions, it might have focused too much on their own problems when it was primarily just a lack of teamwork and getting used to their new dynamics. It did take them awhile to get to form Voltron, but once they did, they were starting to make it work. I liked the explanation behind Allura having the pink armor. Obviously, an alien culture would have different meanings to colors, but I liked that pink had an unexpected meaning for her people than what pink often has for us. It was sad to see Lance lose the Blue Lion since he seemed to genuinely care about it, but he was happy that Allura could become a pilot too. Allura being the leader would honestly be more fitting in a way, but Keith being a more flawed leader would give him more room to grow.

    Speaking of which, he just jumped right into chasing after Lotar despite how none of them had really gotten used to their lions yet. That's basically what he did in the first season finale with jumping at the chance to potentially end the Galra Empire. Keith has always been a bit of a hothead to say the least and I'm sure that part of the reason for making him the leader was to give him more chances to grow, but that just annoyed me. He was being so reckless with endangering his team, never thinking for a second to turn back even when his teammates kept telling him otherwise. He did eventually realize how much of a huge mistake he made, but it took him awhile for him to realize that. Allura trying to act like Lance to get the Blue Lion to work was pretty funny though. I liked that asking for help finally made the Blue Lion work for her. She is royal, so she is used to commanding people and weapons, especially with using the castle as a weapon, so she wouldn't think of just asking for help right awhile. They were able to show a bit more teamwork once everyone was safe. While Keith was being way too reckless with endangering his friends, it did basically serve as a means to train the team to work together, so that was good.

    I wasn't expecting a distress signal to lead the group into an alternate reality were the Alteans defeated the Galra. It certainly makes Slav talking about alternate realities from the previous season much less random considering that and the origin of Voltron. For a moment, I thought that they had just traveled back in time given how Sven looked at first. Even though the twist was painfully obvious when they met Sven, it was touching to see how much this reality meant to Allura at first. She is one of the few remaining Alteans in the universe with her homeland destroyed. Just the thought of going back home and seeing her people would be too much for her to even dream of. That's why she instantly turned on the castle. Even with Keith showing reasonable concern, it was too much for her to pass up on, even though these Alteans didn't really carry the same values that Allura and her people would. Seeing them trying to justify slavery and altering other creatures minds was rather creepy.

    Even Svens taking a hit for Lance, along with that space hospital line, made me think it was a nod to how his character died in the original Voltron dub. At least they got the crystal out of the worm hole before the evil Alteans could get it, but they just played into Lotar's hands and he got it instead.

    I wasn't expecting Shiro to show up in this season. I thought that they would wait until after Keith became more used to being the leader before he showed up again. Although, the more I think about it, the more I wonder if that really is Shiro. His hair was ridiculously long and I'm not sure if he's been separated from the group for that long. Not to mention the way he escaped seemed to be a bit different than how he tried to escape before. It was pretty intense to see him struggle in the wilderness of this frozen planet, especially when he tried to fix his injury. The two aliens wouldn't believe him until he decided to show mercy towards them. They still didn't fully believe him, but they were willing to help him to get him off the planet.

    Seeing Shiro being so close to Voltron only to lose them was pretty sad. The fact that he was floating in space for a week was so brutal. He wouldn't have any food, water, air or really anything to do other than sit in that seat for days. The flashbacks were brief, but still showed how much he cared about his friends. It was fortunate that the Black Lion finally picked up on Shiro before he died. I liked Keith's smile and just the way the Black Lion was starring at Shiro's ship, but I really wish we got a group reunion so that everyone could hug Shiro. He was gone for at least a couple of weeks and I wanted to see a more touching reunion.

    That does tie in a bit more with why this might not be the real Shiro. If this was really him, I think that they would have made a bigger deal about his return. There's also the issue of how he ended up back on a Galra ship. Keith suggested that it could have been Zarkron, but his control was already broken by the time Shiro disappeared and the Black Lion wouldn't have teleported Shiro into a dangerous place like that. A huge part of the last season was Shiro becoming closer with the Black Lion. They also went out of their way to give Shiro a different outfit and haircut, which wouldn't stand out too much if everyone got the same treatment. I've seen some theories about this Shiro being a clone, which would make sense. He did mention having a bad headache and it seemed like his escape was part of a plan from the Galra. It seemed a bit too suspicious and they'll probably address it in the next season.

    I liked Keith and Lance's moment together. Lance recognized that Shiro would be a better choice than he was and was instantly willing to give up his spot on the team. It tied in nicely with how he felt like a third wheel on the team in the previous season too. It also gave Lance a much needed character moment beyond being the comedy relief. It showed that he recognized the seriousness of the moment and was willing to step down to help out the team. But Keith was also willing to reassure him like Lance has done for him. It was one of the moments that showed that Keith does have good leadership qualities in him. They just can be buried down in his reckless charge right in demeanor, but they are there. It was a good moment to show that the two of them are friends. They still like to banter and tease each other, but I don't think that they have the same kind of rivalry kind of relationship as they did in the first season. They have more trust and understanding in each other.

    I figured that we'd get some two leaders in the group moments, although I feel like that would work a bit better if Keith had more time to be the leader on his own. He would automatically give over leadership to someone he thought was more suited for the job, but the Black Lion wouldn't listen to him anymore. It was pretty cool to see the group fighting together. Allura already unlocked her weapon, although I wish we had seen that on-screen, and there was a good amount of teamwork. Shiro was trying to help out by giving suggestions up until the end, his suggestions were spot on. A part of me thinks that Shiro wouldn't quite act like that though. He really believed in Keith and had faith that he'd be a good leader. He said that later in that same episode too, but it almost came off as backseat leadership if that makes any sense. It was also to show that Shiro's suggestion was wrong and Keith ended up saving the day, but it was a bit strange in a way.

    I liked how Shiro was trying to reassure Keith afterwards. Shiro clearly believes in Keith and he does have the makings of a leader inside. It would just take time and experience to let those kind of qualities shine out.

    I wasn't expecting an origin episode on Voltron as the season finale, but it worked, especially after finding out that Lotar managed to make a ship from that crystal. I don't know how long that would take to make. I was thrown off by how the Lions just always had rusty paint jobs. I just assumed that was from all of their years of battle, but even when they were first shown, they had those same paint jobs. They didn't even seem aware of what the lions could do despite creating them, but that does make them more mysterious in a way.

    It was certainly interesting to see how the original Voltron pilots came to be. Even Zarkron was more human, for lack of a better term, in the past. He seemed to always have a bit of reckless streak himself, but he showed more emotions and seemed to care about his friends. He even loved his wife and went as far as to basically die in order to save her. She did seem to change a lot due to her experiments, but he still loved her all the same. I actually felt kind of bad for them in a way because at one point, they were in love and Hagar spent thousands of years without any memories of who Zarkron really was to her. It obviously doesn't make up for anything they have done, but it was a lot more tragic than I was expecting and it gave Zarkron some much needed personality too. It also explained why Hagar is Altean and why there were part Altean Galra with Lotor. I was imagining something like some survivors of Altea were brought over to the Galra and eventually blended in, but this makes more sense.

    Overall, it was a pretty solid season or rather just half of one. I think I felt kind of similar about the first season, but this patch of episodes really feel like half of a season. They set up things only for not much to really go anywhere in this patch of episodes like Keith's developing leadership and Shiro possibly not being the real deal. Despite that, it was still engaging, there were some pretty solid character moments/development within these episodes, particularly for Keith, Lance and Allura, and it does end on a pretty interesting note. I'm still annoyed with how Keith being part Galra didn't play into anything yet. I honestly even forgot that was revealed because of how it was never brought up here, as well as how they handled the reveal in the previous season. I'm sure it will come up and it might have been one reason why the Black Lion chose him, but it still bothered me. I'm not sure where I'd rank this season just yet, but I do think that this batch of episodes had some better characterization than season two did, especially for Lance and Hulk. Their characterizations felt off in the last season and making them a bit too comedy relief without any serious moments to balance it out, but they were back to form with this season. The length is still a major problem, I did enjoy some of the Keith and Shiro moments from the previous season quite a bit and the action was great. It would probably be more fair to judge this and the next batch of episode as one whole season instead since that's basically what they are. I kind of wish that they would have provided all of the episodes at once, but at the same time, waiting two months for the next set of episodes is easier than waiting six months, so there's an advantage to this format too.
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    I didn't realize there were only 7 episodes in this batch until I was halfway through episode 4. I had planned to watch 6 and save the rest for later originally. With the way things went so far, I'm not in suspense the way I was at the end of S1 and S2 but I'm still anticipating what happens next.

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    I guarantee you at least one of the members of Prince Lotar's team will be a love interest for one of our main characters.
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    I know it will never be canon just Klance will never be canon, but I ship Acsa and Ezor, one is super serious, the other is a goof ball, the Keith and Lance of Team Lotor.
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    So you ship Azula and Ty Lee

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    Then who would that be?

    Actually, I would have Ezor and Zethrid being a couple instead. I like Acxa but I don't see her ending up with Ezor.

    Anyway, given that season 4 will air this Friday on Netflix, here's some of the news for the upcoming season.

    September 1: Joaquim dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery on the show in an interview with Den of Geek

    September 19: New trailer for season four:

    October 7: NYCC panel

    October 8: New clip for season 4

    October 9: Another new clip for season 4

    October 11: More details from NYCC on season 4 and yet another clip for season 4

    October 12: The clips are have been made online on YouTube

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