Ultimate Spider-Man - Special Movies?!!

Discussion in 'The Marvel Animation Forum' started by Roxas_Sora, Jan 30, 2017.

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    Apr 5, 2007
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    Guys, I have some potential news for all fans of "Ultimate Spider-Man"!! This series might not be over as most of you might think. I have this suspiction thanks to taking a closer look to previous answers from Stephen Wacker to fans. Check these:

    1º) <<Okay, Mr Wacker, please explain this to me: WHY IS THERE A NEW "SPIDER-MAN" COMING OUT AND REPLACING "ULTIMATE sPIDER-MAN"?! What the heck?! I can't believe this! This is a HUGE step backwards to everything USM has accomplished! One of the reasons why I love USM is because of its novelty! It wasn't just recycling the same old, boring storylines from the comics and created its own twists and turns! Making another Spidey cartoon starting back when Spidey started his career just seem so redundant!

    After years of hearing 40 years old complain about the opposite, this is great to hear!

    USM still has a ways to go, so hang in there. Ater that I hope you'll decide to give the new show a shot.>>

    2º) <<Mr Wacker, I love your work in "Ultimate Spider-Man" since the very beginning, and the fact that each season is better than the previous one. I have been imagining about which characters could debut in the series considering the story. I'm thinking about Reptil, Silver Sable and Black cat. Any chance for them or any of them to debut in the series?

    Not in season 4, but all 3 have been discussed for later.>>

    3º) <<Mr Wacker, I want to thank you for "The Symbiote Saga". That was awesome Overload!!! I can't wait for "Return to the Spider-verse". I have to say, I recognized "Maximum Carnage" through most of it, but the last part had some references to Spider-Island. I hope this won't be the only time, because I believe now there's enough material for a whole Spider-Island saga. The Carnage Queen could "evolve" into a Spider-Queen in the future (without MJ as a host, of course).

    You have no idea...>>

    4º) <<Mr Wacker, I know Anti-Venom was used to free New York from the Carnage's infection in the Symbiote Saga, but we have seen in the past how symbiotes are so difficult to destroy. When you think they are gone, they unexpectedly return. So, is it possible that Anti-Venom will return again in the future?

    It's very possible>>.

    So, considering this, and the recent news about Spider-Island adapted to animation and other stuffs, I suspect something. I believe that before the new series starts, "Ultimate Spider-Man" will have one (or maybe two) special movies at the same style that previous special movies with the Avengers and Hulk ("Frost Fight" and "Where Monsters Dwell"). With a little luck, these specials could come up before the debut of the new series in Summer. Using Spider-Island in the new series, where Spidey is starting from zero, would be a stupidity because Peter would clearly need a "web" of allies and resources to win this battle. Using it as a special and a prolongation of "Ultimate Spider-Man" would be more logical. This is what I see in these potential specials:

    1º) "Spider-Island":
    + The Carnage Queen will return, evolving into "Spider-Queen".
    + As hechmen, the Queen could restore Kaine and the Spider-Slayers.
    + MJ could lost her Carnage symbiote, but then get a stable infection in Spider-Island and turn into a more friendly Spider-Woman.
    + Harry could turn into Anti-Venom again and being the key to stop the infection. In the end, he could keep the symbiote and become another spider, looking like Future Foundation Spidey.
    + The big "brain" here could be either an slaved Doc Ock or the Jackal (considering previous hints and comments from Mr Wacker).
    + Just like in "Hulk - Where Monsters Dwell", where we saw Benito Serrano becoming el Toro, in this special we could see some characters gaining spider powers without turning into Men-Spiders. Amadeus Cho (as Iron Spider) could be one, as well as Steel Spider, somehow. Other candidates include Anya Corazon and, potentially, the Slingers (Prodigy, Hornet, Dusk and Ricochet).
    + Old Spidey's allies could return, we could see in action the new recruits of SHIELD (between them, the cured Rhino and Vulture), and the debut of new ones (potentially, Silver Sable).
    + Hydra Island could return, but taken over by the Queen and become "Spider-Island".
    + Kaine could be another key element in a special like this. Even more, we could see more "clones". The Queen could be introduced here as another synthezoid of Ock and Zola, based on Charlotte Winter (the evil Spider-Woman). And we could have the debut of an animated Ultimate Jessica Drew, the female clone of Peter Parker.
    + Replacing Doc Ock's microbots used to spread the cure in the comics, here we could see the return of Swarm, somehow, to stop the infection.
    + I'm not sure about this one, but with so many Spiders in the same place, we could also see the return of Wolf Spider. the evil Peter Parker from another dimension.

    2º) "Superior Spider-Man": Honestly, this is an arc that I would really prefer not to see animated because I deeply hate it. However, I have the suspiction that the story could actually happen in a quite different way as another prolongation of "Ultimate Spider-Man". After so many "brain switcheroos" in the series, to adapt Superior Spider-Junk in this series has no sense. Besides, Doc Ock's main reason to do it was because he was dying in his own body. But in "Ultimate Spider-Man", after his last "upgrade" using nanotech to turn into a healthy Doc Ock, it would be absurd for him to do such thing now. However, I think we saw a clue about it in "Agent Web" thanks to the Web of Reality, where we saw a reality where Doc Ock was covering the place of Spider-Man. Why?, well, I have a few suspictions. Let's see:
    + This special could actually have elements from "Superior Spider-Man" and "Spider-Verse".
    + The bad guy would be a Doc Ock from an alternative dimension where he made the brain switcheroo with Spider-Man to escape from his sick body, leaving Peter Parker trapped inside Ock's sick body. (The same reality we saw in the Web of Reality in "Agent Web").
    + This Superior Spider-Man could be putting the Web of Reality in danger just like in the comics, when Spider-Ock tried to destroy the web and the end of Spider-Verse.
    + The Superior Spider-Man could also have recruited evil spiders from other dimensions, just like he did in the comics to make his "Superior Spider-Army".
    + There's a chance that Wolf Spider, the evil Peter Parker, could return somehow in a story like this one. He would match alongside other evil Spiders.

    A "Superior Spider-Man" story like this one is something that I could accept. Well, what do you think of all this? Maybe I'm right? (I truly hope so).
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    Dec 30, 2013
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    It's possible we could see a TV special I suppose, but not an actual movie since Sony still as the film rights to Spider-Man, both live-action and animation as Spider-Man Homecoming and the 2018 Miles Morales movie make that clear.

    Otherwise, I think some of these hints were for the upcoming Spider-Man show without confirming Ultimate Spider-Man was ending. In that way, Wacker could still give us some hints about the next Spider-Man show without spoiling that it wasn't Ultimate Spider-Man. For example, Spider-Island has now been confirmed for Marvel's Spider-Man and Wacker mentioned an interest in seeing Superior Spider-Man adapted in the new show as well.

    It's possible Spider-Man could show up in Avengers: Secret Wars, especially since Wacker confirmed he wouldn't be in the Civil War storyline from Avengers: Ultron Revolution.
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    Are the haters perpetually 40 in their eyes? Anyway, I'm always for more Marvel movies and specials. Heck, I was dreaming about Spider-Man and Captain America animated movies (done by Disney), since my days in single digits. It's something I especially hoped for with the end of EMH and SSM but time has long passed for that.

    USM just had the longest run of any Marvel series ever, and it pretty much tied up all loose ends, so I'd be perfectly okay with seeing that chapter closed but I do think they did a pretty good job with the holiday episodes so it would be cool to see an annual or seasonal adventure from the team behind it. With the constant focus on synergy and trying not to confuse young viewers, it's a bit hard to believe they'd continue the USM adventures when a new show is kicking off but it would be interesting to see what they do. When it all comes down to it, I'd be happy to see them trying Spider-Man tv movies/specials (or any of their other characters really), if they can actually do those without violating the Sony deal.
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    I don't know if these will happen but I would actually like to see them doing something like this. It would be nice if they adapted these stories into the USM continuity instead of trying to make them fit into Spidey's early days of crime-fighting on the new show.
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  5. Roxas_Sora

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    Yes, this is exactly what I'm suggesting!! USM's continuity is currently perfect to adapt the Spider-Island's arc at its full glory!! It has already all the elements needed for creating a Spider-Island. Using it for the new series, where we will surely start from square one again is a waist of time and opportunity. Think about it:

    + The Carnage Queen can return (as symbiotes are really difficult to destroy) as an independent character (no host with MJ), and evolve into the Spider-Queen.
    + We have Mary Jane Watson with Spider-Powers. Although, personally, I would prefer MJ losing the Carnage symbiote (it's too creepy) and get a stable spider-infection instead.
    + We have Kaine in his Scarlet Spider's role, even although his name is Ben Reilly. He could temporally gain his "Tarantula" identity.
    + We have a Julia Carpenter acting as Madame Web.
    + We have Flash Thompson in his role as Agent Venom.
    + We had Anti-Venom previously thanks to Harry Osborn, and considering how difficult is to erradicate a symbiote, it wouldn't be a surprise if he unexpectedly returns when less expected. Just like the original Venom returned unexpectedly back in Season 1's finale.
    + We have a mad scientist that have experimented with Spider-Man's DNA: Arnim Zola. We actually have two if we count Doc Ock, but Zola is way more similar to the Jackal.
    + Stephen Wacker said that Swarm was out for the moment, but they could bring him back if they need him. Well, bringing him back would suit perfectly to take the place of Doc Ock's microbots, which Spider-Man used to cure Manhattan from the Spider-Virus.

    + Wolf-Spider could return in this Spider-Island, just like Baron Mordo did after he was broken into pieces like this evil Peter Parker. He could take the role of Steve Rogers as "Spider King".
    + Even if Horizon Labs is not here to help Peter, he still have access to the labs of SHIELD at the Triskellion and several other things.
    + Iron Fist, Power Man, Cloak, Dagger and Gravity are all characters who were present in the comics during Spider-Island and they can appear in the animated version too. (OK, Gravity didn't make an official debut, but he made a few cameos).
    + Kaine and the Spider-Slayers (Bone Spider, Goliath Spider and Ghost Spider) could return somehow as the Spider-Queen's hechmen. (How?, I don't know, but I believe synthezoids can be regenerated in a similar way that symbiotes).
    + Speaking of the Spider-Slayers, who says they were the onlye Spider-Clones created by Zola and Ock. We could see a few more. The Spider-Queen could be one of them, with traces of Charlotte Winter and assimilating the Carnage Queen. We could also see an "Ultimate Tarantula", six-armed Spider-Man in a black suit.
    + And like I said before, the Tricarrier could suffer another change. After being Hydra Island and Octopus Island, now he only needs to be "Spider-Island".

    Well, what do you think? Don't tell me USM isn't in the best condition for an animated "Spider-Island"!!!

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