Toonami Fantasy Schedules: The Thread

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12 - 6 cloud?
Apr 11, 2009
Ah, I see. It was in the UK..

Revised schedule.

7:00PM: Star Wars The Clone Wars
7:30PM: Secret Saturdays
8:00PM: Batman The Brave and the Bold
8:30PM: Bionicle*
9:00PM: Code Lyoko
9:30PM: Megas XLR
10:00PM: Oban Star-Racers**
10:30PM: Samurai Jack
11:00PM: Naruto
11:30PM: Bleach***
12:00AM: Ghost in the Shell***
12:30AM: Dragonball
1:00AM: One Piece
1:30AM: Some other anime
2:00AM: Some other anime
2:30AM: Some other anime

*I know, this show does not exist, but a show based off of the LEGO Bionicle figures could do well. And if anything, it'd be best on Toonami.

**As said before, Toonami would be a nice new home for OSR.

***From Adult Swim.


12 - 6 cloud?
Apr 11, 2009
7:00PM Star Wars The Clone Wars
7:30PM Powerpuff Girls Z
8:00PM Sailor Moon
8:30PM Samurai Jack
9:00PM One Piece
9:30PM Oban Star-Racers
10:00PM Dragonball
10:30PM Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
11:00PM Naruto
11:30PM Pokemon
12:00AM Code Lyoko
12:30AM Megas XLR
1:00AM Ghost in the Shell
1:30AM Fullmetal Alchemist
2:00AM Bleach
2:30AM Cowboy Bebop
3:30AM Inuyasha
4:00AM Code Geass
4:30AM Bleach

Ultimate Midnight Run on Saturday Nights/Sunday Mornings. 7PM-5AM.

7:00PM Star Wars The Clone Wars
7:30PM Samurai Jack
8:00PM Oban Star-Racers
8:30PM Megas XLR
9:00PM Code Lyoko
9:30PM Naruto
10:00PM One Piece
10:30PM Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
11:00PM Dragonball
11:30PM Sailor Moon

Normal Toonami, 7PM- Midnight.

Basically, Midnight Run would have some anime from Adult Swim in the later hours. Maybe extend it by an hour and add in a couple anime I'm not aware of.

A Toonami block with new episodes would air after the Fridays block. (Yes, I'd revive it, probably in the style of Cartoon Cartoon Fridays. But that's for another topic)
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Just a Guy
Jan 26, 2007
Here is a little schedule that I came up with a while ago. I think it's pretty realistic and honestly I'd like to see CN try something like this, toonami branded or not.

Toonami: Late Run
Mon-Wed; 9.0-11.0p

9.0: Pretty Cure
9.5: Secret Saturdays
10.0: Naruto ( last new episodes)
10.5: Ben 10 Alien Force

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