They need to add more Looney Tunes Shorts to Boomerang

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Jul 22, 2014
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Bucharest, Romania
It would be nice if they could add some Harmon-Ising shorts from the 30s because I'm getting tired of seeing late 40s to late 60s shorts. They should put some diversity in the shorts they're playing. My 100th Message!
Black and white shorts, on today's kids channels??

Dude, you sure have a lot of expectations


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Mar 20, 2015
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@Lock n' Stock Good thing you haven't then. Since 2015 they replaced all the shorts they had with heavily edited HD remasters. Pretty much all the shorts which haven't been remastered yet are not shown, any slightly politically incorrect short is not shown and anything else is chopped to pieces to take off all the gunshots, smoking and such.

That's why in fact I'm constantly hunting for pre 2015 recordings of Looney Tunes airings.

As for Boomerang Italy, they have a lot of old B&W shorts in their list but no one shots. They must have the tapes somewhere, considering how anything was dubbed into Italian.