The Talented Mr. Lindley

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    Born and bred the truest of God’s sons

    From day one basking under sun far different than anyone

    He rests, invested on the pike of destiny

    His body adorned in life’s essence glistening in promise

    Road paved in talent and gold

    Aura magnetic and bold

    From just his fits of laughter, a beacon of warmth

    Heart possessing past the vastness of the ocean

    Shine on my brother, shine on

    Smile to pull you in, such an easy soul to befriend

    King Poetic with his fingers

    From which the most beautiful pictures come hither his music

    Supreme sculptor of imagination

    This superb maestro he is, through one sense—affecting all five

    You hear the soul, see the dream, feel the passion, taste the grace, smell the freshness

    Mind a grand institution of indoctrination

    He is of same fortitude akin to the stone columns of the Pantheon

    Atlas under the heavy burden of reality

    The elite personifier of strength, wisdom and impetuous diligence

    Your ambition over adversity became the motto

    Eternal you are, you are permanent within those you influenced

    While I cry, you are forever, memories engraved

    Your shine radiates through forever, for now you light up the Heavens

    My Brother

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