"The Spectacular Spider-Man" News & Discussion Thread, Part 10 (Spoilers)

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Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
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Framingham, MA
Is that the one with GregXB as the host? (Not Weisman but one of his hardcore fans whose last name starts with a "B".) Not a fan.

Mainly because I've seen him and one of his buddies be condescending towards fans of Ultimate on several occasions; including them agreeing in the idea that those fans' taste are trash and anyone who prefers Ultimate over Spectacular is objectively wrong. Dead. Serious.
That guy is a hoser and has personally bullied me to suicidal thoughts more than once. I have a hard time taking Weisman seriously as the gatekeeper for the alienated Gargoyles within all of us when his spokesman is Margot.
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