The Jetsons and The Laugh Tracks

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Steve Carras

Mar 11, 2002
The good ol' USA
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Back in 1962 when Jetsons aired, it did, but in 1984-85 when the new series was readied and recorded (it debuted on September 17,1985), laugh tracks had pretty muchn (EXCEPT parody reasons!) gone outta style in to fit in per se, no lkaugh tracks SAVE the hilariouus FLYING SUIT
(BTW just the THOUGHT of the mxi up of rationale for Space and Jetson flying..pills when it was Elroy's flying SUIT all along, is hilarious).

Hnna-barbera's 1970s shows sometimes such as SCOOBY,JOSIE,ROMAN HOLIDAYS,HAIR BEAR BUNCH and HONG KONG PHOOEY are other examples. One Screen gems Sitcom (SG was HB's siter cpomany through Columbia Pictures thru the sixties) was FLYING NUn and posibly a few serious eps of GIDGET..Fox's MASH didn't have one in reruns, and on of
Paramount TV's HAPPY DAYS didn't either nor did ABC/CBS producer Don Fedderson's MY 3 SONS or FAMILY AFFIAR when they went somber..And the ABC, Black and white, pre-Technicolor[ahem!], William Bub Frawley, Capital-Sam Fox scored, Tim Mike Considine costarring MY THREE SONS did not have laugh tracks either! [In most episodes
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Jan 18, 2005
Various places
I never saw a The Jetsons episode with laugh tracks, but I do remember a lot of The Flintstones ones that had them. Personally, I think it was enormously lame as the jokes were pretty stale. The only time any foreign laughing in a show is good is when it's filmed/ animated in front of live studio audience. I just hope they don't rid of laugh tracks completely from live action tv sitcoms, like on that crap "The Office".
Jun 27, 2018
Riverside, Alabama
The 1962 eps are now restored with the laugh tracks.
Some of said episodes available on iTunes are sourced from the 1980's syndicated reprints, which don't have laugh tracks (with one aforementioned exception) and are edited down to 22 minutes, others are the remastered late 1990's prints, which does have a laugh track and are in their unedited 25-minute form, but strangely retain the episode title cards (with Orbitty) from the 1980's reprints. Lastly, two episodes, "The Space Car" and "The Coming of Astro," have their original cold openings, and references to original distributor Screen Gems during the end credits, restored.