The greatest of challenges (H-B/DC crossover-fan-fiction)

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    Preamble: With the launch of DC's new Hanna-Barbera adventure title, Future Quest, I thought it might be a good idea to do something similar, but in a different context. We'll deal with Birdman, Space Ghost, et al another time, but watch what happens when the Super Friends encounter some other H-B heroes.......!

    All characters, save for new ones created for this story, are copyright Hanna-Barbera Productions/DC Comics/Warner Bros..

    Chapter 1:

    Setting: September 1979 (somewhere in between episodes of World's Greatest Super Friends).

    It seemed to start just so innocently.

    John & Joanna Fleming, the human alter-egos of Zan & Jayna, the Wonder Twins, were on their way home from the first day of classes at Gotham City High School. Abruptly, John could pick up the sounds of a commotion just a couple of blocks to the east, behind the boarding house of their guardian, Professor Carter Nichols.

    "There's something going on not far from here!", he exclaimed.

    "Where?", Joanna asked.

    "Not far. We'd better double-time it for home and see if we can do something!"

    But by the time the Twins reached the scene, an aborted bank robbery, the bank's manager, Phil Christopher, was in shock as he spoke to police.

    "It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen.", he said. "One minute, those crooks were on their way out the door, and next instant, they're down on the floor, as if struck by lightning or something."

    "Lightning?", an officer asked. "Not a cloud in the sky, sir."

    "Well, all I know was that it was small and fast."

    On the roof, the twins could pick up the conversation.

    "There's no way this is happening!", Zan exclaimed. "This is real life, not television!"

    "Whatever are you talking about, Zan?", Jayna asked, confused for a change.

    "I'll tell you when we get home."
    In Metropolis, Lenny "The Looter" Lester had stolen an elderly woman's purse, and was making a clean getaway. That is, until he ran into an unexpected roadblock.

    "N-n-no way! You can't be real!", Lenny stammered.

    "Oh, I'm real, alright, and I saw what happened!"

    Peter Potamus picked up Lenny by his shirt, and hurled him back down the block, where two police officers were waiting. Superman alighted on the scene at the same time, but by the time the Man of Steel headed back up the block, Potamus was gone.

    "Did anyone see what happened?", Superman inquired.

    "A purple hippo, walking on two legs, hurled that thief like he was nothing.", one child said. "Then he cut out like he thought he was wanted or something."

    "Weird.", Superman thought to himself.
    In Washington, a visiting dignitary was accosted by three local street gang members, demanding money and other valuables. Abruptly, the ambassador asked for security, and got it, in the form of three canine bodyguards, who came swinging out of a hotel window. The three converged, using the thugs as ground zero. The ambassador fainted, but by the time Wonder Woman arrived, the bodyguards were gone.

    Later that night, at the Hall of Justice, the Super Friends recounted what they had encountered. Zan quickly pieced everything together.

    "Believe it or not, friends, but it seems we're not alone in the crime fighting business anymore.", he said.

    "Oh? Three dogs.....", Wonder Woman began.

    "Yippee, Yappee, & Yahooee."

    "A purple hippo.", Superman put in.

    "Peter Potamus."

    "And what about that small, fast thing that took out those bank robbers before we did anything, brother dear?", Jayna asked.

    "Near as I can figure, that would be either Atom Ant or Ricochet Rabbit."

    "Sounds to me like you've gotten interested in old cartoons.", Robin put in.

    "Something to pass the time after homework.", Zan replied. "Found a reference book at the library that offers some background on them all."

    "Time? Funny you should mention time, young man."

    The Super Friends turned and found Peter Potamus, Atom Ant, Ricochet Rabbit, Deputy Droopalong, Yippee, Yappee, Yahooee, Touche Turtle, & his aide, Dum Dum, standing at the doorway.

    "We're lost in time.", Ricochet said, tipping his cap. "We thought you could help us."

    "Someone pinch me,", Robin said, "and tell me I'm not dreaming any of this."
    It's not a dream-----or is it? We've only just begun.
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    Chapter 2:

    Introductions were properly made, after which Peter took over as spokesman for his group of travelers.

    "I'm a time traveler, an explorer.", he began, tipping his cap to Jayna & Wonder Woman. "My associate, So-So, and I were in 19th century California, which is where we found Sheriff Ricochet and his deputy."

    "We go further back than that.", Yappee put in. "We come from the 14th Century, England in particular. We were on normal guard duty one afternoon, and we found a strange hole in the wall. At first, we thought we could repair it, but that hole sucked us right in."

    "A dimensional time rift.", Batman reasoned. He turned to Peter. "I take it the same thing happened to you?"

    "Yes, sir. I left So-So in the time machine, which is why he isn't with us."

    "Dum Dum, Touche, and I are all from the present.", Atom Ant added. "We had gotten an anonymous tip about a dimensional rift on our world, and, well, here we are."

    "Holy parallel worlds!", Robin exclaimed. "You guys all came from an earth similar to ours."

    "That's about the size of it.", Peter replied. "I think there might be more of us, but I'm not sure right now."
    Meanwhile, So-So, left in the time balloon, had found another rift, which brought him to present-day Earth. There, he found the International Sneaky Service's top agent, Secret Squirrel, and his aide, Morocco Mole, investigating. The trio compared notes, and, as So-So discovered, Secret knew about the other rifts.

    "Our boss sent us to investigate what he calls breaches.", Secret said. "They only last for a short time, it seems, and then they disappear."

    "Secret!", Morocco called. "The Chief calls us!"

    "Care to ride with us, So-So?", Secret asked.

    "Sure! Anything's better than remaining airborne alone."

    So-So took the air out of the balloon, and Secret stored it in the trunk of his car. Soon, the trio responded to a disturbance in Times Square in New York, where three boys had been captured running an illegal three card monte game. The catch? All three were minors, well under the age of 21.

    "There doesn't seem to be anything that requires our attention now.", Morocco observed.

    "Oh, no? Take a gander up on the roof!", So-So called.

    On the roof of a nearby building, an older man was engaged in battle with no less than Hong Kong Phooey.

    "To think I was on vacation and thought I could catch a break.", Phooey said as he subdued the leader of the three card monte gang. "But when will I learn that crime never takes a holiday!"

    As he took leave of the scene, after dropping off the suspect with the local cops, Phooey encountered Secret and Morocco, who were like old friends.

    "There's more of us than we ever imagined.", Morocco observed. "They come from another dimension, another earth like ours."

    "Where we interact with humans all the time, they don't.", Secret added, introducing So-So. "We have to find the other time-tossed strangers and try to bring them home."

    "I see what you mean.", Phooey replied. "I think I know someone who can help."
    Elsewhere in New York, Radley Crown, secretly the Blue Falcon, was on the phone with an old friend.

    "Bruce, I know neither one of us spends a lot of time on the banquet circuit, but this is one crazy tale."

    "I'm afraid it is true this time, Rad.", Bruce Wayne replied. "Three dogs who claim to be from 14th Century England, and a sharpshooting rabbit with super speed and a coyote for a deputy from 19th Century California, and all with the same amazing story. I was thinking maybe you could contact Blue Falcon and Dynomutt. I think our new friends could use Dyno's help."

    "I can do that.", Crown replied, aware that he & Bruce knew each other's secret identities. "I think, though, that this might be something that Dynomutt could do himself, since he can communicate with the dogs in any language."

    "Great! Arrangements will be made shortly."
    Meanwhile, back in Metropolis, Daily Planet reporter-photographer Jimmy Olsen was getting ready to leave for the day when he encountered a familiar, not all that friendly, face.

    "Mr. Mxyzptlk!", he exclaimed. "What brings you here?"

    "Normally, I'd say it'd be the usual fun and games with Superman, but even us imps have our limits. I need Superman's help this time."
    Does Mxyzptlk know about the dimensional rift? He'd have to, since it'd be an easy way for him to return to our world. But are his intentions sincere this time? We'll find out in chapter 3.
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    Chapter 3:

    "What you might not know, Olsen, is that I'm also a bit of a science nut in my spare time.", Mxyzptlk said. "I have a cousin who works in the trans-dimensional science center back on Zzrrff, my homeworld. I came by to help him out on a project as part of a work release program after the last time I was sent home by Superman, and, well, some circuits overloaded, opening the rifts that now exists on either side of the dimensional borders."

    "If you're telling the truth, and given your reputation, there's every reason to believe you're not, the one place we can go is STAR Labs, not the Hall of Justice.", Jimmy replied. "Let's go."

    "I could teleport us there, but I lost my powers."

    "Figured as much. You could use a rest."

    A short while later, Mxyzptlk was introduced to Dr. Jenet Klyburn, one of STAR's chief scientists, and a close friend of Superman's. Jimmy wasn't letting the imp out of his sight.

    "I don't trust him.", he thought to himself. "Something tells me he's got something to hide."
    Jimmy had enough reason to suspect something was amiss. Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice, Superman was monitoring the TroubleAlert with Peter and Droopalong, unaware that he was starting to fade away. So-So and Gleek happened to notice, and Gleek began chattering wildly.

    "Holy Hannah!", So-So exclaimed. "What can we do?"

    Gleek didn't say a word. He couldn't. Instead, he lurched over, and used his tail to pull Droopalong away. Once he got Droopalong across the room, Superman regained complete composure, just as Batman and the twins returned from a quick emergency. So-So filled them, along with Peter & Superman, in.

    "I don't get it.", Peter said. "Why would Droopalong do something like that?"

    "Think, Pete.", So-So replied. Droopalong, Ricochet, and Yippee and his friends come from a different dimension. You and I, along with Atom, Secret, & Morocco, are native to this Earth."

    "They're having trouble adjusting to a different vibrational pattern on this world.", Batman reasoned.

    "No, that's not it.", Zan countered. "Something tells me something else happened to those guys. Considering that Yippee, Yappee, & Yahooee would've had to have been transported some six centuries into the future just to get here....!"

    "I get it, brother.", Jayna replied. "Jimmy Olsen just checked in. He's got Mr. Mxyzptlk with him at STAR Labs."

    "Oh, I might've known that imp might have something to do with this.", Superman said.

    "Ah, but there's more.", Jayna said. "According to Jimmy, Mxyzptlk's supposedly lost his powers."

    "I'll believe it when I see it."

    Meanwhile, Ricochet had gotten himself into a match race with the Flash, and lost, badly. Trying to run at a quicker rate than he was accustomed to, the time tossed lawman faded into nothingness. Flash quickly filed a report to the Hall of Justice.
    A short time later, Superman, Batman, Flash, and the Twins arrived at STAR Labs.

    "We can confirm that there's a parallel dimension where the animal heroes came from.", Dr. Klyburn said. "Not only that, but the heroes who came over are all still there, and in their proper time frames."

    "We found that out the hard way.", Batman said, noting the dissolution of Ricochet's doppleganger, and that Touche, Dum Dum, Droopalong, Yippee, Yappee, & Yahooey also had faded out around the same time.

    "According to So-So, Superman began to fade when Droopalong stood beside him, almost as if he was supposed to be sent to the other dimension in exchange.", Peter reasoned. "That means the little dwarf is lying about losing his powers. He had to use them to create the dopplegangers of our friends."

    "Dwarf? I'm an imp! There's a difference!", Mxyzptlk snapped. "But, you're right. I did use my powers to create those duplicates. Once Supergoof and his friends disappeared, Dorkalong and his foolish pals would be here for good! Then I'd have an easier time of things whenever I come here."

    "Let me just play that back for you, Mxyzptlk.", Jimmy said, holding a tape recorder. As he rewound the tape, Jimmy picked up the sound of Mxyzptlk's name being said backwards----by the imp himself. Tricked again, the pint-size pest was sent back to the 5th Dimension.

    "How did you do that?", Jayna asked, flirting with Jimmy.

    "I turned my tape recorder on when Mxyzptlk arrived at the Daily Planet, and, unbeknownst to him, took it with me when we came here. I suspected from the first that his intentions weren't sincere."

    Later, after Peter, So-So, and the others departed, Batman found the Twins and Gleek watching television in the rec room.

    "So what are you watching?", he asked.

    "Just a rerun of Donny & Marie.", Zan said. "Something different."

    "Just one question, brother.", Jayna replied.

    "What's that?"

    "The Osmonds wouldn't happen to have the number of our hairstylist, would they?"

    "Hmmm, there is a slight resemblance, isn't there?"
    The end.
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