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Discussion in 'Story Board Workshops' started by Krepta, May 6, 2006.

  1. Krepta

    Krepta Guest

    This isn't something I plan to post here really...but I would like some feed back. It's a plot for one of my roleplays, on my own site. Anyhow, onto the plot before I confused myself.

    Alright, the current plot.

    Long ago there was a great war in a different realm, the realm humans know as Faerie. This war was between all of Faerie and a dark, twisted tyrant called Shadeslayer. He was a dark mage with unimaginable power, power over shadows and darkness, and the power to bring forth terrible beasts from these shadows, known as Shadowcreepers. He not only wished to take over the realm, but to tourchure and finnaly kill it's inhabitants, for he fed off chaos and dispair. After he was through, he would set his sights on earth's realm. As it was, he was defeated and imprisoned in the Ghost zone after years of fear and war, by the beast's own brother, Draco, and some of his comrads. Faerie rejoyced and at last knew peace.

    This was not to last however, for only a thousand years later, he somehow got free, and was released into this world. He took up residence in Gotham city, dwelling in the sewers and steadily growing stronger from the dark city's evils. Strange things began to happen above ground, terrible creatures suddenly appeared where ever there was a death, then they started to attack, picking off humans here and there. His brother, who had been banished to the realm of the humans after the war, found out, and sent out the alarm. Now he must be stopped again, and it's up to the heroes of earth.

    Yep, so, tell me what you think. There's a bit more to it, but it wouldn't make sense unless you knew the actual roleplay. Like I said before, feedback and suggestions would be awsome. Heh, heh.
  2. Agent S7

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    Nov 18, 2004
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    A nice plot! Of course, I have a big thing for "ancient evil coming from the dark abyss to destroy all humanity" type of story. Suggestions:

    "Shadeslayer" is also a title given to Eragon in the book by Christopher Paolini. Just a suggestion, so people don't become too confused.

    Also, you need just a little work on grammar and spelling. "Torchure"=torture. Finnaly=Finally. It's=its. (<-THAT one's annoying to figure out. :sweat: )

    Anyway, good luck with your new story and...

    :nurse: :harley::brak: WELCOME TO TOONZONE!!!!!:zim: :gir: :wakko:

  3. Krepta

    Krepta Guest

    Ugh, I know, normally I spell check it and all, but I was half asleep when I wrote it. As for the Shadeslayer thing, I came up with the name before I read the book, but it suited him, so I never changed it. I suppose I'll have to find a different name, hmmm....

    ^_^ And thanks for the welcome.
  4. percguy89

    percguy89 Things Change

    Feb 21, 2005
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    i love the plot, as long as you mix things up a little id be willing to check it out.

    by the way.

    AWESOME AVATAR! thought i was the only runaways fan on the board.

    peace out
  5. Krepta

    Krepta Guest

    Of course, already we have a rampaging shapeshifter and a robbery by a couple of demons. I'm pretty sure the link's on my look-up if you're interested.

    And thanks, heh, heh. I made it myself, well...I copied and pasted the image then added the words...but you know what I mean. Pft. Yes, I'm not a big Marvel fan, mostly X-men if anything Marvel. I'm a Justice League and Batman fan, but Runaways has become a favorite.

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