The Cat Came Back (1936) - Final Scene Edited?

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    Regarding the 1936 short The Cat Came Back, is there any proof that the final scene involving a new feud between the kitties and mice and their respective mothers (which started after the mother cat revisits her memory of the mother mouse poking her, and thus doing so in return) was edited in the 1954 Blue Ribbon print so that the closing theme (just a stock music rendition of "Ain't We Got Fun") merely finishes out over the static "That's All, Folks!" end title without any mention of the jester saying the above printed spiel?

    In 1944, the year this short was initially issued as a Blue Ribbon, these scenes were unedited.

  2. Steve Carras

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    Mar 11, 2002
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    I haven't seen the 1940s reissue myself..a stock music cue of "Ain't we got fun"? I've seen the 1955 issue (exclusively) MANY times,though...
  3. Kevin Mo

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    It's uncut on CN. Also, check out the Golden Age of Looney Tunes Volume 5, the dubbed version is on it just like CN. The static that's all folks is part of the 1954 BR closing, minahteca airs an AAP print of it i saw it.

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