Teen Titans Fan Fiction Teen Titans: The Lost Season, Part Two

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    This thread is the designated Part 2 of DeathscytheVII's ongoing Teen Titans series. Part 1 can be found here

    Enjoy yourselves!
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    Sweeet ;) I get a Part II!

    Hehe, oh well, this is actually a good place to cut off. The remainder of my lost season is when all the original characters from this board make their cameos ;)

    Look forward to some very familiar faces XD

    OH and my update will come soon, its just that i got tied up drawing my movie poster for this episode....which btw, is coming along very nicely.


    Episode 8 - Showdown
    It isn't easy being a thief, especially when you have assassins, robot commandos, and one persistant boy wonder all wanting a piece of you.

    Episode 9 - Trial
    Starfire and Val Yor are held on trial in an intergalactic court, accused of wiping out a race. While that is happening, a conspiracy threatens the galaxy.

    Episode 10 - Game Over (Formerly Titled: Revenge of the Freak)
    He couldn't defeat the titans in real life, or in the TV. So Control Freak decides to take it to the next level, by defeating the Titans in his very own Video Game World.

    Episode 11 - Integration Part 1 ('Season' finale)
    An old enemy of Cyborg's returns for some payback..

    Episode 12 - Integration Part 2 ('Season' finale)
    The Titans take part in one of their toughest fights yet, and Cyborg is forced to make a difficult choice: Save the city, or save his friend.

    Episode 13- A Teen Titan, A True Friend (The Tournament of Heroines Epilogue)
    What really happened after 'Winner take all'? Beast Boy begins to have doubts about the team making sure that Terra was ever coming back, Raven drops in and comforts him, she tells him a story, filling Beast Boy in on what happened during that time Terra, Starfire and Raven were stranded by the master of games.
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    Glad to hear you're happy with this new situation. :) However, this is going to be delayed a little bit because we have a massive hole to dig ourselves out of right now. Please sit tight; we're trying to fix what we have to right now.

    EDIT: OPEN SEASON FOLKS! Have at it!
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    Act 1

    The two combatants glared at each other. Circling around like two lions stalking its opponents. Sooner or later, one of them would move.

    X curled his arms then in a split second, produced two more blades in each hand, folding them out as seamlessly as a seasoned poker player would when he folds out his cards.

    Then Red X gave a smug laugh.

    “So the bird can learn, but the question is, can he catch the thief?” X said tauntingly.

    “We’ll just find out won’t we?” Robin said in a dead serious voice, no less confident.

    The talk was over, and X was the first to move. Six ninja stars flew straight at Robin and the Boy Wonder seamlessly rolled to his side, throwing his one bird-a-rang at his assailant.

    Red X was equally fast, crossing his arms and wrist blades together, deflecting the bird-a-rang to a nearby wall, where it impaled itself into the concrete.

    The thief turned to see Robin already charging him with two tonfas in his hands, but the Boy Wonder, instead of attacking with his weapon of choice, jumped in the air and began the assault with a savage kick.

    X grunted as he blocked the kick with his arm, doing a back flip to avoid a swipe kick at his feet as Robin landed back on the ground. The two moves were done quickly, professionally, each movement having an artful flow to them.

    The kid was obviously getting lessons from someone.

    Before X could even around to look at Robin, a metal tonfa had hit him straight across the face, knocking him down in surprise.

    Robin moved in for the kill, but before that could happen, X vanished right before the Boy Wonder’s eyes. Robin checked his advance.

    “Too Slow.” A sickening mechanical whir resounded through the room as X’s wrist blades doubled in size and began spinning like a buzz saw. Robin held up his Tonfa in defense, which was quickly cut in two, just less than an inch away from his arm.

    X swiped down two more times, each one forcing Robin back one step.

    Robin parried each of X’s blade swipes, with each parry resulting in a piece of metal being cut from his tonfas. Soon, his weapons were reduced to nothing but a small metal stick he held in his hand.

    X smirked, Robin was out of weapons and out of luck, he charged.

    Just as Robin reached into his belt for his bo staff. The boy wonder grinned as he quickly extended it out, and thrusted it towards X, who suddenly disappeared again.

    “Boo.” A voice came from behind Robin’s head and he turned just in time to receive a boot in the gut. Robin reeled back as a rush of air and saliva excited his mouth, X teleported again, this time above him, and a foot slammed right into his back, driving him down onto the ground.

    “Thanks for the workout kid, now to get my prize.” X saluted the fallen Robin, then quickly ran to the floating chip and grabbed it in his hand.

    Only to have it dissolve upon touching it. The microchip broke down into thousands of smaller pieces, until finally, nothing was left but dust.

    “A fake.” Red X exclaimed.

    “I guess its back to square one.” Robin smirked as he got back up, already in a combat stance with the bo staff.

    “Sorry, I don’t plan on staying.”

    "I thought you lost your belt." Robin said with a genuine curiousity, yet the hostility was still in his voice

    "A good thief always steals a backup copy of the blue prints." Red X replied back. Assembling the belt was another matter, but it pays to have friends. X was sure the kid wanted to know more about that, but that was all he was going to get.

    X rushed Robin with his blades now, he jumped up to avoid a barrage of explosive discs thrown by the titan, lifting his arms up to strike his opponent with his blades.

    Robin was just as quick, leaning backwards to avoid the swipe, and throwing his bo staff up to lock blades with X while he was still in mid air.

    X quickly made the best of the platform giving to him, and pushing down on Robin’s bo staff, jumped off and completed a backflip that landed him right behind the Boy Wonder, and next to the exit.

    Before Robin could even turn around, X was gone, using his short range teleporter to escape.


    X ran straight for the empty warehouse, where all the unconscious guards had lain. That didn’t matter now, all he needed was his motorcycle, then he was home free.

    A few more guards had entered the facility just after he crashed in, but they were quickly taken care of by a few well placed electroshock X’s on their bodies.

    He quickly ran back to his bike, taking care to dislodge it from the rubble, and the two unconscious guards who the bike pinned to the wall.

    Nothing like the perfect getaway.

    He revved up the bike now, its engines roar echoing throughout the facility. Just as he was about to accelerate however, a very persistent person jumped right in front of the bike’s path.

    “Give it up kid, you think you can take me down all by your little lonesome?”

    “Normally yes, but this time I’ll make an exception.” Robin reached into his communicator. “Titans! Go!”

    A black veil suddenly emerged from the ground in the form of a claw, wrapping itself around the sleek black motorcycle halting it in its tracks.

    As X tried to accelerate, he found that the black energy was taking components out of his ride, eventually taking it apart.

    He jumped ship right before that happened, only to jump right into a bright blue light that seemed to light up the whole chamber.

    A small explosion erupted in the air as X was pegged by a sonic blast, followed by a barrage of green sonic blasts behind him. The thief, though hurt, knew the smoke over the field would be to his advantage and so, just as he landed, he prepared to move, only to have a green ram crash right into his ribs, throwing him against the wall.

    X groaned, then looked up and saw that the four other titans. The cutie and the sorceress were flying above the group, while the robot man, the green dude stood next to Robin.

    “Give it up X, the mask comes off today.” Robin said firmly.

    “Sorry to disappoint, but I’ve got plans of my own.” Red X reached into his belt, and to Robin’s surprise, pulled out his own communicator.

    “Winters, I need back up.” Red X said smugly.

    Seconds later, the entire section of wall behind Red X exploded in several places, revealing at least half a dozen human-sized holes in the wall. The smoke obscured most of that section of the room, and when the dust cleared, Red X was gone.

    In his place, were at least three dozen Slade bots, each one armed with a laser rifle.

    “Er…time out dude…is X working for Slade now?” Beast Boy asked in confusion.

    “I don’t know,” Robin said “but we still gotta catch him.”

    The boy wonder turned to Cyborg. “Think you can handle these guys without me?”

    “We’re all over it.” Cyborg said with a smirk, his sonic cannon already charged up.

    “Titans,” The mechanical titan stepped forward. “Go!”

    The four titans charged at the Robots, and soon the entire room dissolved into a cascade of laser fire and explosions.


    Meanwhile, on the warehouse roof, Red X watched in amusement as the two sides battled it out on the warehouse floor, but someone was missing...

    He got his answer as the glass in the skylight exploded into a million fragments, and Robin appeared, jumping out of the opening and landing just feet from X.

    “This is getting old really fast.” X said, slightly annoyed.

    “I’m taking you in.” Robin said seriously.

    “Come on, why do such a thing like that? It’s not like the people of this city did anything for you.”

    “And I’m assuming your new boss has?”

    X shrugged. “Boss? More like Partner. Since our last tangle, I became freelance. You know, work where I want, when I want.”

    “For Slade?” Robin said fiercely. “That’s low, even for you. That guy is psychotic.”

    Red X gave a bemused look, then pointed at Robin. “This coming from the kid who prances around rooftops at night dressed as a bird. Nothing personal, but I’ll take my chances with the Psycho, he pays better at least and he has a better fashion sense.”

    Robin gave out a death glare.
    X backed off slowly to the edge of the roof now, with Robin warily taking out his bo staff, preparing for any sudden moves. But X didn’t look like he was going to do anything.

    "Ok, ok, maybe that was a little too harsh, but you get my point.”

    X chuckled.

    “You should know by now Robin, guys like us, we don’t have to answer to any rules. Because at the end of the day, we can just slip off our masks and become someone else, and no one’s the wiser.”

    Robin said coldly, nor did he let his guard down, but X was being unexpectedly genuine, calling him ‘robin’ for the first time.

    “Be my partner kid, together, we can make it big. We’ll be untouchable.” He extended his hand out.

    “Come on Robin, I know you enjoy the thrill.” X said smugly.

    “That’s not the reason I wear this mask. I'm nothing like you, I don’t steal, I help people." Robin, his allegiance reaffirmed, took out a bird-a-rang to prove his point, aiming it at Red X.

    X sighed, then turned around, but before doing so, he gave Robin a salute.

    "Whatever helps you sleep at night kid."

    He jumped, and Robin wasted no time chasing him, preparing to wrap a grappling hook around the thief just as he fell, but when he went to the ledge, no one was there.

    X was gone.


    The battle in the warehouse was over, and Cyborg looked over the battlefield. Dozens of Robots lay battered and broken, lying on the smoldering ruins of the warehouse wall, while the four titans stood quietly in the center of it all, taking a breather from their battle.

    Robin joined in just seconds later.

    “Oh Robin!” Starfire shouted with glee. “It is great to see that you are not injured!”

    “And we kicked butt.” Beast Boy smirked.

    “Some of us got it more the other way around.” Raven said dryly, to the annoyance of Beast Boy.

    Robin said nothing, instead he looked down at a piece of a slade bot that had landed at his feet. Picking up the metal, he examined it with a keen eye.

    That would wait another day. Robin thought, as he put a scrap of the metal into his belt.

    “X got away.”

    Everyone became quiet again, but it was Cyborg who broke the silence.

    “Happens to the best of us man. Now let’s go and return the chip to where it belongs.”

    Robin nodded, taking out the computer chip from his cape that X had wanted so badly, the one he had replaced with the fake one before the battle. The one he had to break in to replace….


    X ran along the rooftops now, the wet rain soaking every square inch of him. In the black night, he was completely invisible, save for the occasional flash of lightning that revealed his running silhouette on the rooftops.

    “You have failed in your objective” The headset in X’s mask turned on, revealing a distorted, deep, computerized voice.

    “It was a fake anyway, I guess your intel was faulty Winters.” X casually brushed off his partner.

    “My intel was flawless, i expected better field work from my operatives" X hated when he used that word.

    "In any case, the chip was of secondary importance. It is time we take you to the source, and this time, you will not fail.”

    “I’ll take that as my next target.” X smirked, casually ignoring the threat, that guy wasn't the boss of him!

    He jumped over another rooftop, disappearing somewhere within the jump city skyline.


    Meanwhile, a building away, a mysterious figure watched the curious shape disappear from the rooftop. The figure stood quietly on a rain swept rooftop as well. Even in the pouring black rain, it was still possible to see the white reflective flash of the figure’s two Japanese katanas, which made a sickening flash as it reflected the light from the lightning.…..

    Without a word, the figure jumped off the rooftop, and disappeared into the streets.
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    :eek: Red X wanted Robin to join him? That sounds plain weird. But still, two thieves are better than one. Until one chooses to betray the other, since there's no honor among thieves, in which case it's the honest ones you can't trust. Capt. Jack Sparrow said so, and he is a dishonest thief, and therefore trustworthy.:confused: :D

    But seriously, I loved the fight scenes. Now I must discover: who is Winters, and who was watching Red X? Something to do with Cheshire, perhaps? At least X still has the mystery. Knowing you, I doubt you'll unmask him Deathscythe. Then again, you're too honest to trust.:p

    (Sorry, I watched just saw Pirates of the Carribean. Again. Never will stop loving the confusing dialogue.)
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    Yay, another stunning chapter with Red X. Although, I gotta say, I agree with Arrakhat in the fact that it's really, really, weird that X seems to want to team up with Robin. I mean, I know Robin wouldn't do it under any circumstances whatsoever, his quest to be a hero never really ending. . .that always seemed to be his main goal, didn't it? Oh well. Anyway, the fight scene between Robin and X was simply awesome, especially the moment when Robin said, "Normally, yes, but this time I'll make an exception." in reference to fighting him one on one. Then you blew us away with the Slade bots jumping in to help X. I absolutely loved that twist!;) This Winters sounds very interesting. . .and the cliffhanger ending to this update with someone standing with two katanas(on a side note, the description on those were great)really makes me eager for the next part. . .
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    Awsome, as always! Like the others said, the fight scenes were great, and Winters is interesting. I doubt that he/she/it/they/whatever is Slade, though. Too obvious. It's probably someone else that stole the Sladebot blueprints. But I may be wrong.

    My favorite part.:)
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    Allow me to explain the reasoning behind my madness ;) or at least, what went on in my head as I wrote that section.

    You see, like Slade. Robin and Red X are similar on some levels. They both wear masks as a way to hide their identity, so that it is an easier way of working around the law, whether for good or bad purposes. Men in masks don't have to be afraid of rules, because at the end of the day, they can just assume another identity and slip away. So its all carefree X sees that on one level or another, Robin bends the rules to suit his needs, just like how X does it. I dunno, i was making X see some connection between them, and how close RObin was to that blurred line. Of course.....Robin would refuse, we all know that ;) but i nevertheless find it interesting how supposed heroes work around the very laws they try to uphold.

    Maybe i will unmask him ;) maybe i will....:D. And thanks! I love X fights, they allow for particularly fluid and quick matrix style moves that i wish we see more in TT.

    Yes, the katanas have something to do with Chesire ;) as you will see in my next update.

    As for Winters...well....i'm surprised no one caught see the allusion ;)

    Interesting theory there JAG ;) we shall have to find out shall we? And yes lol, i've always wanted someone to say that to Robin, i guess that's what fanfiction is for ;) but seriously, if you look at it in that perspective, don't you think its odd people dress in tights and spandex and assume double identities? Sounds crazy by today's standards no?


    The next act will be partciularly long, but look forward to several things: Infiltration, Explosions, Swords, ninjas and Cameos :D
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    Your explanation for X and Robin's exchange in dialogue is satisfying. But I forbid you to unmask Red X. There's no good identity for him to have. It's like he said:

    “You should know by now Robin, guys like us, we don’t have to answer to any rules. Because at the end of the day, we can just slip off our masks and become someone else, and no one’s the wiser.”

    I'd rather not be wiser. I love the mystery. Things I am looking forward to in the next part: Explosions:D, Cheshire and ninja fights, cameos (hurray for pointless cameos! Like the Locrix and the Space Monster in "Go."). But your cameos always make sense.

    What is the Winters allusion? Is it something outside of the TT universe, 'cause I'm not the brightest bulb in the box. Give me a hint. Please? Or is it to do with this guy:


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    I think that's who he's referring to. Makes sense, and would be pretty damn cool.

    I have to admit, I did very much like that update. As everyone said, you kept Red X cool, amusing and even a little sympathetic (I found myself rooting for him, at any rate), without losing the air of mystery that is, in fact, most of what makes him so damned cool. And the unveiling of the Slade-bots was just jaw-droppingly awesome, mostly because it caught me completely by surprise. A good move, that one, though I was expecting Robin to a little more berserx at it than he did. But that's a minor niggle.

    So this begs some interesting questions. What's "Winters" up to? How does Cheshire fit into this? How does Slade fit into it, if he does at all? And most importantly of all, at what point is this grand scheme going to go spectacularly wrong?:evil:

    Good work, as always.:anime:

    -Matt A-
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    Arrakhat HAHA true for Red X ;) but hey, he can be unmasked and still be a mystery. don't you think? ;) I think so. XD

    Glad everyone just loved the Slade bots :D it's been so long since Masks and I really added that tid bit in becuse i miss that feeling of suspense and mystery in TT. As For Robin's lack of "OMG I"M GOING BESERK!" reaction, its been four seasons since his encounter with Slade, i think he's slowly evolving from an outmatched wannabe opponent to a more cool, collected opponent like batman. He's learned to not take things super obssessively i would think, from eps like "The Quest".

    Besides, he regards X as a thief yes, but not an evil bad guy, he and X might be similar on some levels ;) and Robin might not want him to be used by Slade.

    OOO i love answering these! But that will come with the update ;)

    For now, ill give you my movie poster for this episode. Drawn by moi :D and photoshopped too lol./

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    WOW. Red X, Cheshire, Slade, crazy looking sword blades.....dang I love that poster. You've not given me any clues yet as to Winters' identity... dangling it out there I see.:D By the by, could you let me kow the best way to put pictures I draw on the computer? Either in this thread or by pm (since Guitar Slayer probably doesn't want to deal with my spam:sweat:)? 'Cause I've got my JL cartoony guys and a couple other pictures I'm working on right now that you might be interested in.
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    Hehe thanks! As for pics on the computer..well, the only way i can think of is getting a scanner. That's all i know about getting drawn pics on comp =/ hope you figure out a way! because i would love to see your drawings!


    ACT 2

    The rain increased as the night went on, drowning Jump City in what seemed like an endless downpour of water. Tonight, the streets were empty, as walking outside was equivalent to being under a waterfall. Yet, in all the darkness, the bright metropolis skyline still stood out, illuminating the city in a beauty that shone in the pale, ugly rainstorm.

    The storm roared again, as flashes of white thunder growled in the sky.

    The conditions outside however, were the least of the worries for the city dignitaries who stood comfortably inside a grand hall, partying the night away.

    The ballroom was a magnificent sight, with hundreds of guests attending. The gala itself was gargantuan, a vast empty hall that seemed to stretch on forever. The walls were whitewashed with marble, and were ornated by Roman pillars and statues. most of the wall however, was covered by a red velvet curtain, which covered the spaces between the statues and columns. In the center of the ballroom, stood a small platform, which was decorated with a lush variety of flowers and exotic fauna, so that to the recent visitor, he would enter to see an island of vegetation amonst the sea of dresses and suits.

    All this splendour of course, was hosted by the mayor. Who celebrated his recent landslide victory against his inept opponent at the polls. Although it was a fair election, there was rumor that the mayor had….higher connections, but at this point, no one thought it wise to mention it, especially inside the mayor’s mansion.

    And now, the man of the hour, dressed in the finest Italian suit in the city, received and greeted his guests.

    “I want to thank you so much for setting up this event Mr. Mayor.” The Mayor turned now, to see Professor Chang, who had recently been released from prison. It was a very legitimate affair, with a full pardon from the mayor, and a pledge from the good doctor that he had turned away from his life of crime and reformed.

    “It is my pleasure Chang,” The mayor put on a political smile, “The least that I could do. You are after all, the other star of this party you know.”

    “Ah yes, I promise you sir, my invention can change the world as we know it.” Professor Chang said enthusiasically. Gone was his biosuit, which he had adopted as his trademark costume. Now, he wore his formal scientists robe, black and trenchcoat like, but still fine enough to be presented as formal.

    “I have no doubt.” The mayor smirked, cigar still fresh in his mouth.

    “I do hope, that it is safe here, It wasn’t easy convincing my superiors at S.T.A.R labs to put it here on display. It alone, is worth more than I can imagine.”

    “Ah yes professor.” The mayor replied smoothly. “Now, when can I see it?”

    “I’ve had it placed in your study, under armed guard of course Mr. Mayor.” Chang replied back.

    “Wonderful! Then let’s have a look shall we?” The Mayor waved off the other dignitaries, telling them to enjoy the party while he led Chang up a grand flight of stairs to the second story of the mansion.

    “Mayor Amp, I do have your reassurance that my work wil be safe in Jump City?” Chang asked nervously.

    Maxwell Amp gave a confident nod. “Absolutely. Take a look around.” He waved his arm as a gesture. Around them, were dozens of guards, security cameras, even mounted sentry turrets hidden in the roof. “Rest assured Professor, there are things in this house that are just as valuable as your invention. I’m not one to take any chances.”

    Amp continued on. “My security is state of the art. Nobody, and I mean, nobody, is getting in here without an invitation.”


    “I’m in.”

    X said slyly as he hid behind a bush on the outside of the estate.

    “Excellent.” Winters replied on his communicator. “I have the schematics of this mansion. There are pressure sensors littered around the perimeter outisde, so watch where you step.”

    “Don’t I always?” X said confidently, making his way towards one of the windows, ever so slowly, with almost catlike movements.

    Guards were patrolling the yard as X did this, and the thief took this time to activate his cloaking device, rendering him invisible to the men outside, each one carrying a rifle.

    “I’m hooking you up to their surveillance system now Winters.” X commented as he took an X shaped transmitter, and planting it right on a security box outside the building. “How’s the feed?”

    “I have the feed from the cameras now, looks like they’ve got a few more guards than usual, but it is expected. The problems are all inside. Laser tripwires, camera surveillance, double density guard patrols at random intervals…”

    “You never did tell me, why can’t we just wait for them to take it to a lab? Not when there’s every fat politican in the city here?” X asked.

    “Because at the lab, they will have it protected by an army, here at least, it is a smaller army.”

    “You’re making me feel so much better you know.” X said as he climbed one of the drain pipes along the walls of the mansion. As he reached the second floor, he opened one of the windows, and saw a gridline of laser trip wires that formed checkered pattern.

    Moving on his instincts, X grabbed the top of the window sill, then with acrobatic skill, he planted his feet against the window, then pushed back. Just as quickly, he placed his feet together, and used the outward momentum and swung right back in, like a person on a swing set.

    X made it right through the window, just through a small box in the laser gride that just fit him.

    He landed in an empty office.

    “Ok, what’s next.”

    You’re nearly there, use the equipment I gave you to check the corridor.”

    “On it.” X replied, turning on one of the new gadgets he received from Winters. With a click of his helmet, two lenses dropped down on his eyes, and suddenly, X was able to see through the walls.

    “There’s one guard approaching, looks like hes a regular.” X said, implying that this guard would have a predictable patrol pattern.

    “Move as soon as he is out of the way.”

    The guard was gone now, and X ran for the door, his own lock pick already at the door knob.

    “Four seconds before the next guard.” Winters cautioned





    The guard returned, and found nothing amiss, the door still locked.


    “Alright, the safe should be in this room.” X said as he walked through what looked like the Mayor’s study.

    Then something caught his eye.

    “Hey….what’s that?” X saw that one of the bookcases next to the wall was opened, and inside was another room, a secret room, full of computer monitors.

    “It’s a panic room.” Winters explained. “State of the art and bomb proof too. But that is not your objective, move on.”

    X found the safe within minutes, and already started to work on it.

    “It’s a new model, but it shouldn’t be a problem for someone of your skill.”

    “Aw Winters, you’re making me blush.” X said sarcastically as he turned the dial on the safe, waiting for the clicks and noises he needed.

    “Done.” X opened the safe now, and in there was…


    “It’s not here.”

    Checking Cameras…” Winters said. “Looks like Mayor Amp and Chang have left the party, they are your best bet.”

    “On my way.” X said, but just then one of the computer consoles inside the secret room started bleeping. The silent alarm.

    “What happened?” X whispered to Winters. “I didn’t do anything.”

    “Someone has tripped the pressure pads on the perimeter.”

    “Someone else crashing the party huh?”


    Outside, in the pouring rain, a guard lay on the cold ground, a poison needle lodged in his head just above the ear.

    “I’m in.” A girl, dressed in a Japanese kimono and wearing a cat-like mask, said smoothly.

    Good, find your target, then terminate.” The voice on the other end of her communicator said.


    “We’ve got an intruder on the grounds.” One of the guards inside the house said into his radio. “I’ll go check it out.”

    Within moments, the man was gone.

    “This should make my job much easier.” X said, jumping down from the ceiling, where he had hidden from the guard.


    The guard left the mansion now, and scanned the dark rain for any irregularities.

    He saw two guards lying at his feet.

    “Hello.” A feminine voice said behind him.

    “Wha-“ The guard turned, just in time to receive a full sword swipe across his chest. He dropped his rifle, and cringed down onto the ground, undergoing several spasms of pain.

    He looked up, and saw the green girl in the kimono, Chesire.

    “Feeling a little sick?” Chesire asked. “These are my Shinto Dragon blades, sharpened on a microscopic level, and poisoned.”

    The guard made a gurgled sound and he struggled to speak, but found that he had no voice.

    “The symptoms are simple. Paralysis will come to you soon, within less than a minute, your voluntary muscles: arms, legs, will be unable to move, paralyzed one by one. Then, you lose your conciousness, which should be right…about now.”

    The man collapsed.

    “Good night.” Chesire said casually as she walked through the open door.


    “Your next task should be to take out the cameras.” Winters advised.

    “Already on it.” Red X took out three X ninja stars, then with amazing speed, turned the corner, hitting three cameras right in their lenses, which quickly sizzled them in electricity.

    Then, X heard another sound in the hall, a blade swiping through the air, like a low whistle.

    The camera fell to pieces at least a few seconds after the blade had cut though, a testament to how fine the blade was.

    X snuck a peek around the corner, and saw that this impressive girl was carrying two blades that were way to big for a person her size, yet, she handled them like they were toys.

    X gave a low whistle. “This girl means business.”

    “She’s not your concern, stay focused.” Winters advised.

    “Can’t I at least turn around and say hi?” Red X joked.

    “She’s headed your way. Go to the mayor, quick.” Winters said.

    “Fine.” X quietly opened the door, where already too guards were standing outside the mayor’s personal office, where he and Chang were talking.

    “Uh oh.” X said quickly, teleporting out of the way just in time, and behind one of the pillars in the room, just out of sight.

    Just then, two sword swipes echoed through the hallway, and within less than a second, the doors into the room collapsed into four perfectly square pieces. Subtlety, X thought, wasn’t this girl’s strong point.

    “What was that?” One of the guard said.

    “Stay here,” The other one cocked his rifle. “I’ll go check it out.”

    Seconds later, he was gone.

    “Now’s my chance.” X took out one of his X stars, then teleported right behind the guard.

    The man only had a split second to react, but it wasn’t fast enough as X placed a Red X on the guard’s back. With a muffled scream, the guard was quickly shocked into unconsciousness.

    Meanwhile, outside the room, X thought he heard rifle fire, followed by a quick whistle of a blade.

    “You’ve got a few minutes before the guard comes around, I suggest you move now.” Winters said, just as X approached the office.


    “Mayor Amp, allow me to give you a demonstration of my new generation of nanotechnology.” Professor Chang said proudly as he took out a tube of glowing blue liquid.

    “Now, this may seem like liquid to you Mr. Amp, but this is actually billions of tiny Nanodrones, each one recipient to any commands I give them. They can create and convert matter at a nanoscopic level.”

    Chang tossed a rock onto the table, and then dipped a bit of the blue liquid onto it.

    “Now watch, as my nanodrones convert common rock, into something else.” Chang punched in a few keys into a laptop on the desk, and within moments, the rock began changing color, eventually becoming shiny, and yellowish.

    It had changed into gold. Solid Gold.

    The mayor picked it up in his hand, and was amazed, it was truly genuine.

    “Impressive Professor, this will certainly revolutionize several things.” Mayor Amp said.

    “Indeed, imagine, we can fight disease at a Microscopic level, perform delicate operations without even cutting open a patient.” Chang said enthusiastically.

    “I was thinking of more….practical applications.” The mayor smirked, and Chang sank into an uneasy silence.

    “It doesn’t take a genius to see the military application in this.” Amp said smugly. “It can take apart tank divisions, or create new ones from useless wreckage.”

    “Please Mr. Amp. That was not my intention.” Chang said sincerely.

    Mayor Amp smiled. “Now what happened to that old professor Chang I used to know? I didn’t think Prison would sap your imagination my good doctor. Besides, I have a client, a big client who is looking to move his operations into this city. This invention would be a nice way to show him just what we can offer.”

    Just then, a new voice cut through the air.

    “Enjoy it while you can Mayor. It will be the last thing you ever see.”


    “Crap.” X jumped up, just in time to avoid barrage of kunai that was thrown right through the door. He dodged the sharp blades as they went straight through the door, hiting a guard next to the mayor and knocking him down. Within a second, the door resembled a piece of Swiss cheese.

    He turned around now, and saw that catmask girl standing right there, both swords in her hands.

    “You know, I didn’t expect a chick to come here.” X commented.

    “Didn’t you know that two thirds of the world’s greatest assassins, are women?” Chesire took her blade out, and menacingly pointed it at X.

    “Maybe I should consider a carreer change then.” He chuckled.

    “You’re in my way.” She hissed.

    “Feel free to move me.” X took made a mock bow, then within seconds, produced two of his Wrist blades that quickly whirred to life like a buzz saw.

    The girl showed momentary surprise at this, but rushed forward with her blades.

    The two opponents met blades, and X widened his eyes in surprise as Chesire’s blade cut through his like a hot knife through butter. The pieces of the red blade shattered all across the floor.

    “Well…that didn’t go very well.” X said.

    He barely had time to dodge another one of Chesire’s thrusts, he leaned backwards, feeling a hot slap of air across his face as the blade narrowly missed.

    He didn’t however, have time to block the kick that was aimed straight for him.

    With a loud crash, X was sent flying into a mirror, shattering it into a million pieces. He groaned, to his surprise, that girl can kick!

    “You know…when I said move me, I was thinking you could just ask nicely.”

    Chesire ignored him, and instead, turned to her target.

    She made her way into the study, where the mayor and Chang had taken refuge behind his desk.

    “Mayor Maxwell Amp.” Chesire said coldly.

    “Really my dear, this is most improper.” Amp said, still shaken by the shock of the surprise, he was still however, conscious enough to press the silent alarm on his desk. “We haven’t been introduced.”

    “I have a message from my employer.” She took out three sharp kunai into her hands, to the mayor’s surprise.


    A tap came onto her shoulder.

    She turned, just in time to see X’s fist meet her own mask.

    With a grunt, Chesire found herself flying next to the mayor, landing right on his desk and knocking off all the computer on it.

    The Mayor and Chang made a run for it.

    “Let me help you with that.” X stopped in front of Chang, and focused on the bottle of blue liquid in his hand. His target.

    “No! I won’t let yo-“ Chang protested, just before a computer monitor was thrown right at his head from behind, knocking the poor professor out.

    X grabbed the vial of liquid, and starred at the person who threw the computer. That green robed girl with the catmask. Now she was carrying not only two swords, but also two sickening needles attached to her wrist by metal cuff.

    “Is that what you came for?” She asked impatiently.

    X nodded.

    “Then take it and get out of my face. My business is with the mayor, not you.” Chesire said, then walked out of the room, following the mayor. Chesire followed slowly, just like a cat stalking its pray.

    “You’re clear all the way back to the window. Move it!” Winters said impatiently over the comm link.

    X began to run, but for some reason, he didn’t feel like leaving. Maybe it was stupidity, but for some reason, the focus on the job wasn’t there. He was supposed to be the bad guy here, but…… now, that was hard to believe.

    “You’re running out of time X, this is the Police’s department, let them handle it.”

    X shook his head. “They won’t get here in time.”

    “This is Mayor Amp you’re talking about. He does not deserve charity, let alone mercy. Get out, nothing else matters. Don’t think you’re a hero here.”

    “Sorry Winters, didn’t catch that last one. Static, I’ll get back to you on that.” X said smugly, then turned his communicator off.


    “Fisher! Get your damn guards up here!” Mayor Amp shouted as he ran down the flight of stairs.

    Chesire took her time, arming a small bomb and tossing it down the stairs after Amp.

    Before the rest of the guards around the dining room could react, a large explosion engulfed the entire room. Guards were thrown back, while all the silverware and windows shattered. The floor itself shook violently.

    The blast itself, threw Mayor Amp helplessly onto the ground, his back scorched from the blast.

    “Goodbye.” Chesire took out her poisoned blades, walking slowly down the stairs.

    She then turned around, to parry one of X’s blades that he threw at her.

    “You’ve made a mistake coming back here.” She hissed through her mask.

    “I’ll get back to you on that.” X said smugly, crouching down to avoid two sword swipes that just missed his head, and performing a sweeping kick on Chesire’s legs. The assassin grunted, then slipped off the balcony as she fell backwards from the kick.

    X meanwhile went down the stairs to help Amp up, propping him on his shoulder. He remembered that panic room he saw some time ago…that was his best bet.

    As he made his way up the stairs, at least six guards were there waiting for him.

    “It’s the intruder! Fire!” They all leveled their rifles.

    Go for the girl with the five foot sword you idiots

    “You’ll have to excuse me Mr. Mayor.” Red X pushed Amp towards two of the guards, who quickly raised their guns to avoid hitting their boss. Then he turned around, and flung two Electric X’s at his two other opponents, shocking them as the X dug right through their suits.

    He then charged, doing a split kick that took two guards in their chins. The last guard back away, firing as he neared the edge.

    A girl reached up from the ledge, two poisoned needles in her hands. The guard gurgled in surprise as the girl grasped his throat from behind, burying the two needles on the bottom part of his mouth.

    The guard was pulled down, and as soon as that happened, Chesire jumped back up.

    “Stop them!” Two more guards appeared, and Chesire quickly leaped onto the shoulders of one of the guards, digging her poisoned claw into his back while leaping towards the next panicked guard with both swords flashing.

    “Man, you’re heavy.” X grunted as he propped the mayor on his shoulder, trodding towards the safe room in his study.

    Chesire saw where they were going, and a smirk went on behind her mask.

    “Your precious Panic room won’t save you now Amp.” Chesire took out a switch from her robe, and pressed it.


    X had made it to the room, and already placed the semi-conscious mayor down onto a chair inside. He gave a neat whistle as he looked around. The walls were all shiny, metallic, made from solid titanium. Nothing was getting in here.

    Just as he was about to close the door, a ‘beep’ came from behind him.

    There was a small, plastic object on the counter of the desk, that wasn’t there before when he first saw the room.

    There was a timer on it.




    “Note to self: Don't be a hero."
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  14. Arrakhat

    Arrakhat Trust me, I'm a doctor

    Apr 2, 2005
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    Well, that's why noble criminals don't last long. But X is resourceful. Anywho, the plot's getting a bit too complex for me. X is working for some mysterious Winters and Cheshire has appeared, working for a mysterious benefactor for reasons unknown. And apparently the Titans are too lazy to keep tabs on a super thief, an evil criminal genius, and a corrupt mayor. No good kids are probably out eating pizza or throwing Cinderblock into buildings. This line bothered me though:
    "Even when you steal for a living, it’s easy to forget you’re the bad guy."

    Red X doesn't think he's a bad guy, remember? He's just looking out for number one. His line in "X" regarding that was great, so whence came this change in his views on his thefts? Ah well, great action and cut scenes make it all work anyway. I'll see what I can do about my pictures, I might have a scanner I can use.
  15. Death58

    Death58 WFWC Vet.

    Jul 20, 2005
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    I think that my jaw dropped progressively more and more as I read this chapter. . .The corrupt mayor didn't strike up in my mind until you blatantly called him by the name Amp, even though you did give a slight nod to his origins when you spoke of rumors of a little higher help in his 'record landslide'. Seriously though, you have definitely made my week. You spoke of a reference to Remnants before, but I didn't expect this. You also set into motion a certain way for Luthor to bring his business into Jump City, which I really enjoyed. Then this Chesire, whom I admit I know very little about. . .of course the twin blades make her a much more interesting character, along with the poison in them, and she's extraordinarily evil which I always like. I wonder who she's working for though? There are probably a lot of people who would like to see Amp dead. . .Then we get to the part of Red X, who tried to steal the nanodrone substance, which was explained nicely by Chang. That also comes back to Winters; why would he need the nanodrones and. . .who is he? Also, is Amp going to survive this insurgence? There are lots of events set into motion with this update, leaving the main question to all this; how is X going to make it out of this alive? Great update as always, and a brilliant way to implement Amp's cameo.:D
  16. Anime

    Anime Member

    Mar 3, 2005
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    Um, I'm betting that you drew the Red X (left-hand pinky-finger gave it away) but the others are taken from the show. You might have added a touch-up or two to the scary-lookin broad, but I recognize her from Homecoming, and Slade of course... is Slade.:p

    That's a pretty good Red X. You're a better artist than I am. That's for sure!;)

    I hope you have more (of these "Lost Season" title images). I really wish I could draw/do that.:D
  17. Matt A

    Matt A Smile. Or Else.

    Oct 15, 2004
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    Well, that was a lot to take in at once. A genius cameo from Maxwell Amp (and, from what I could tell, bang on character), Chang going straight (yeah, right...), one of the best character intros I've seen for a while (man, Chesire is evil!), some great action, good-quality quips all-round, the most joyously twisty-turny plot I've seen from you so far...oh, and one fairly evil cliff-hanger. Lots to think about, and even more to appreciate.:anime:

    -Matt A-
  18. Arrakhat

    Arrakhat Trust me, I'm a doctor

    Apr 2, 2005
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    Actually, I'm pretty darn sure he drew the whole thing. I looked at Cheshire's picture in "Homecoming pt2" and there are differences between Deathscythe's and the actual. Still, these characters in the poster look so dang good.
  19. DeathscytheVII

    DeathscytheVII Farewell, Daughter of Trigon

    May 23, 2005
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    Ah yes, there aren't really enough noble criminals these days ;). As for the plot. well..i can only tell you this....this will be as far as it goes, ill be pulling it together from now on. The titans aren't there because X was stealthy enough to not trip any alarms this time around hehe ;)

    As for the line, i put that in because when you steal, you're the bad guy to the ppl you're stealing from. But i agree with your confusion hehe, so i took it out.

    My pleasure death ;) i didn't originally intend to use Amp as the mayor, i planned on just calling him 'mayor' but then i realized that he would make the perfect cameo for this role. I couldn't resist :D. Chesire is a comic book character, who specializes in poisons and assassinations, she didn't use blades in the comics, as to my knowledge, that was my addition. Because

    Swords + Girls = Ub3r

    Man, you're all going bonkers over this Winters thing...XD good lol.

    As for Amp...well, we'll see with the next update :D

    The Chesire is referenced from Homecoming, but i actually did make a skeleton of her and drew her. So...depends how you look at it i suppose hehe.

    Thanks though! As for more lost seasons title images, im considering some for the finale ;) my next project will be Malchior/Raven though hehe. See how long that takes me.

    Chesire's evolution:

    Thanks Mate! One of the hardest things about writing other ppl and their OCs, is their character hehe, glad to see i was able to pull a good Amp through.

    Chesire, i hope they make her really evil for the movie XD. Hehe.

    As for the twisty turny plot, i hope its not too confusing ;) of course, this will be as convoluted as it will get.
  20. Pun-3x

    Pun-3x Member

    Apr 17, 2005
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    Wow. That's how you do a cliffhanger. ;)

    Loved the stopping place, and I love how this touches on how X sometimes tends to do the right thing. You've done an excellent portrayal of him so far. (as you do with all the characters...and, as I've said dozens of times, I'm sure ;) )

    I know I've been slow in responding. I've sort of taken the holiday time to do other things, and have only popped in here a couple of times. And what spare computer time I've got is mostly going to rereading my own fic for parts I might want to address later.

    Good to see the stories have maintained their quality. It's gonna be fun to see how this turns out. :D

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