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    This is that next chapter, the one I promised would be shocking. The pacing is slow, yet really fast in another respect, so there's not much I can say without spoiling it. I like how the ending of this chapter came out, and from your point of view, you're going to hate me if I don't resolve the cliff hanger soon.:evil:

    By the way, the quotes used are from the film Fight Club. I don't take credit, ect., ect. Just wanted to make that clear. . .along with a thanks to Matt for introducing said film to me. Right. . .so. . .Enjoy.:raven:

    Chapter Three
    ‘Crystal clear.’

    The short, portly man glanced at the little brown clipboard like it was in some other language. All the different medications that graced the little page attached to the board were enough to make a horse forget where they were, much less a human being. Stroking the tip of his beard, he simply shook his head, wondering why it would be a good idea to enter the room in front of him. Of course, the doctor had heard the horror story of why such a girl wound up in this hell hole of an asylum, and simply put, that place was hell. One wondered why such a hardcore case of schizophrenia was taken to a mere teaching hospital.

    A shattered, broken girl being dealt with on a daily basis by twenty somethings that didn’t even know how to deal with multiple personality disorder, much less someone that transformed into some sort of monstrosity when she got bent out of shape. Of course, she wasn’t the only hardcore case in the sanitarium because after all, this was Jump City, but she was far and above the worst case in the hospital. That’s why veterans like him were called upon every once in a while by ‘old friends’. What had those ‘old friends’ gotten him into.

    He sighed as the orderly in front of him grabbed a key and twisted the door to her room open. The portly doctor nodded his head, “Thank you.” With a nervous pace in each step he made into the room, it was made even more nerve racking by the sound of the door being slammed shut behind him, the face of the orderly appearing through the small window in the door. Ignoring the cowardly display of the coworker, the doctor simply glanced at the bed.

    In the bed lay a young girl, no more than just a twenty something herself, staring up at the ceiling through glazed eyes, those standard white blankets draped on her clear to the base of her neck. God. . .it’s a wonder she’s even awake. He glanced to the corner a cold, hard, metal chair propped up, cob webs stretching from wall to chair. The doctor wiped the webs away, opening the chair up and placing near the bed. Setting down, he changed the page on the clip board, a pen almost materializing from no where.


    There was silence.

    “Rachel. . .”

    It was followed by a reply from the girl, but it was only incoherent mumbling. There was something uniform about it, like she was actually trying to form words, but nothing would come out.

    “M-Maybe. . .we’ll talk some other time Rachel.” He got up from the chair, and set it back in its rightful corner. No wonder it was draped with cobwebs and a layer of dust. The doctor knocked on the door, the door almost opening instantly.

    Another orderly stood at the door with a tray full of small, plastic cups, all filled to the brim with different assortments of pills. “Couldn’t get her to talk, could ya?”

    “Um-No. . .Of course with all of the medications that she receives on a daily basis-”

    “Yeah, yeah, I know. She’d be easier to talk to and all that.” The orderly smirked,
    “I’ve heard this before.”

    “I assumed as much. . .Have any of her family stopped in at all? A girl like that shouldn’t be devoid of all contacts from her past.”

    The orderly paused, a blank stare targeting the visiting doctor. After a moment or two of awkward silence, the orderly shook his head, “You’re definitely from out of town.” He sighed, still trying to keep all the little cups of pills tilted on the small tray resting on his hands like a waiter, “She really doesn’t have any family, man. . .I’m sure you’ve heard about the whole incident at that hospital a couple months back, who didn’t.” The man shook his head, “I don’t think any of what she considered ‘family’ is coming.”
    * * * *
    It was a white ceiling.

    In fact, it was always white.

    It was white, had a crack in the corner, but almost as smooth as a sheet of metal.

    The cobwebs and the crack seemed so out of place in the clean confines of Raven’s room. She had basically memorized each and every detail of her room, only to forget them the next day to begin anew. That perfect environment was interrupted when the door opened up, revealing a tall, muscular man holding a tray with seven little, clear plastic cups lined up in nearly perfect rows.

    “Mmmmmmmmm. . .” Raven used what little strength she had, attempting to sit up in her bed to greet the orderly. It often occurred to him that she might actually be trying to ask for help, or answers, or some sort of contact with the outside world.

    “Hey, Rachel, how’s my girl hanging today?” Over the months, a bond had formed between the two, of course. Two dopey, sleepy eyes tried to gaze at him through soft strands of hair dangling over her face. Only one thing ruined Raven’s perfect, almost porcelain like skin; a scar now resided over her eye, thought it was barely noticeable from a distance. The orderly just smiled at her, setting the tray of meds on a stand beside Raven’s bed. “Maybe tomorrow. . .”

    “Ssssstttaaaa. . . .”

    He began the normal, daily routine for Raven, grabbing a cup filled with dozens of circular, purple pills. With the greatest of ease, he gave each pill to her one by one, carefully watching her so she didn’t choke or gag. This day, though, by the second pill, a static sound escaped from the communicator on his belt.

    “We have a situation down here!”

    Grabbing the device quickly, he quickly talked into it, confusion taking precedence on Raven’s face. “Man, I’m giving a patient their dosage for today, and-”

    “I don’t care, just-just come down here!”

    He ran to the door in a panic, glancing back at Raven to give her one last little smirk, as if to say everything would be okay. The door closed and her environment was comfortable once again.


    Sleep wasn’t far behind the man’s departure from the room.
    * * * *
    Being jarred awake is never the best way to start a day, especially when you set up in bed at a pace that’s reminiscent of stepping on the wrong end of a rake. Blood played a small sound track in her mind as it raced back down to the lower portions of her body, muscles seemingly relaxing with recurring flow of blood. Slowly relaxing again, quick breathing changing over to a slower pace, she laid back into the soft confines of her mattress. Drenched in sunlight from the window, along with it a film of sweat, Raven allowed the world to stop spinning long enough for her to get some semblance of a grip back onto the ground.

    “That’s one way of starting your day. . .wait. . .”

    She repeated the same motion once more, the covers draped over her almost making forcing themselves over the front of the bed. I-I can actually talk. . .and. . .

    “Hello.” The raspy voice sounded almost familiar in nature, but oddly different from what she remembered. A pause followed in her own thoughts as she even realized that things were clear, and she actually could remember things. Like her name.

    I’m Raven. “I am Raven.”

    Wow. . .I-I feel awake.

    A surge of happiness came over her, followed by the fear that she might do something terrible again if her emotions became too overwhelming. Control, I have to always be in control. . .wait, nothing’s happening. Maybe. . .she gained back the control she had over her powers all those years before. Maybe. . .

    Her legs shifted over the side of the bed, her emotions dying down rather easily. In moments, her small feet were on the ground, after a slight jump. Wow. It took a couple of seconds to gain her balance, but Raven found herself walking from one end of the room to the other with little or no problems, aside from a little stumbling.

    Wow. . .I wish I could stop saying wow.

    The thoughts racing through her mind quickly stopped as the door opened up, a man in a lab coat standing in the door way.

    Now, I hold my breath. . .

    “Excited about your big day, hhm?” He smiled at her, a warm, father-like smile, “You most certainly deserve to be after all your hard work.”

    Hard work? “Ummm. . .”

    Hard work?

    “I brought you some things that you might enjoy having back. . .I-I’ll leave you alone for now. Knock on the door when you’re done.” The doctor sat a large, plastic bag on the bed, containing clothing, abruptly leaving after doing so.

    Raven stared at the door for a moment, wishing at least to have a couple of her questions answered, and why the man talked like he was from an old comic book. She quickly turned her attention to the plastic bag, unraveling it quickly to find something truly odd; folded nice and neatly was a blue cloak, along with her black leotard bottomed outfit, and matching shoes.

    What the hell is going on? Where did he get these clothes? I bet I can’t even fit into them. . .but. . .well. . .

    A few minutes passed while she attempted to put those iconic garments back on, only to come to the realization that the clothes did fit, perfectly. Raven made her way to the door, knocking on it like the doctor had instructed. It came open quickly, Raven staring face to face with the doctor himself.

    “I finished the paperwork on you already, so you can just go down to the lobby and wait for your ride. I don’t want you flying just yet.”

    At that point, her mouth was gaping open in utter confusion. “Okay.” She simply followed him through the many corridors of the hospital, down a stairwell, finally reaching the lobby, mind racing quicker than ever before.

    The receptionist at the desk glanced over at Raven, smiling ear from ear, “Great to hear you’re finally getting out of here, and stuff.” She was a blonde girl, definitely coming off of a high of some sort. Setting leaned back in the chair, one hand grasped an energy drink of some sort while the other held a controller; she was watching some strange movie on the television.

    “Just let me know if you’ve seen Tyler.” The girl blushes when she realizes how loud she kept the volume, pressing the pause button.

    “Eh-Sorry about that. . .I just need something to pass the time.” She smiles, that self-conscious smile that someone gives when they know that they’re around a crazy person. Raven felt herself wanting to leave the situation at hand.

    “I’m sorry that I can’t see you off, but I have some other patients to attend to. . .so. . .” The old doctor held out a hand.

    What is going on? She shook his hand nervously. The doctor simply turned away from her and went back down the hallway on his merry way. Raven made eye contact with the receptionist again, the girl simply turning back to her movie as quick as humanly possible, the volume blaring once again.

    Raven walked over to the uncomfortable, plastic chair in a row with a dozen others, holding her knees nervously awaiting that ‘car ride’ the doctor said would come.

    Why was I even released? I-I did something-

    The two glass doors opened up, a gust of warm air blowing in strongly.

    -really terrible and I don’t even-

    She glanced up at the two figures that were stepping through.

    -know what. . .

    A teen age girl walked through with a boy that was considerably shorter than her, both of them staring directly over at Raven. The girl let out a childish chuckle, hovering up from the ground, flying directly to Raven, picking her up in a monstrous bear hug.

    “Friend!” Purple mini skirt, red hair, orange skin, green eyes. . .

    “It is great to see you once more!” The overpowering hug. . .

    “I missed you so very much!” The child like aura you can feel a mile away. . .

    Well, if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck. . .

    “S-Star. . .Starfire?” Air seemed to vanish into nothingness.

    The blaring volume of the television cut through Raven’s thoughts just perfectly, “We have just lost cabin pressure.”
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    Even as an avid follower of Fight Club, that chapter was deeply, deeply confusing. I think it's a given that everything after Raven waking up wasn't real, but was it just a dream, or something more sinister? Given the references, I'd say the latter: I have a few ideas on the exact situation, but I'll keep them to myself for now.

    Either way, the chapter was very cool. One thing you are very good at is describing the frailties of the human mind, and though it didn't quite match the prologue (like it was going to), the depiction of Raven's illness was simply brillant. Her inability to do anything at all was quite frightening, creating a great deal of pity - usually hard for me - which made her dream/hallcination an even more eerie sequence: even before I twigged it wasn't real, the sheer oddness of it was compelling. And when Starfire appeared...well, that was just unsettling. I suppose part of what helped was that, even in the hallucinatory bit, none of the staff really gave a toss: a chilling sense of just how low Raven has sunk.

    So, like I said, a cool one. And yes, I'd like a resolution to that cliffhanger ASAP.;)

    -Matt A-
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    Its really odd because when I started to read this my media player started playing Medicating by Boys Night Out :

    When you wake up to white walls and endless halls
    There's an emptiness that echoes through it all
    So sit back in your bed, with your mind medicated
    And your senses stuck on the sick scent of the dead

    Freaky. But freaky is good. ;)

    Once again another absolutely great chapter. I agree with Matt A, you are really really REALLY good a describing in general the soft more emotional parts of the mind. I like it. Its good :) The whole Starfire ordeal, i also thought "dream" or "MEDS" :p But then again that could be the idea for us to think that... Or it couldnt! We shall have to find out...write it up :)


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    I've been gone for a bit(Canada. . .which is about an eight hour drive for me, and yes I live in America), so I haven't had time to write or read. Though, I plan on reading as much as I can today.
    It's good to hear that you got the exact response I wanted to this chapter. I thought that it had a lot of that feeling of Fight Club, but still completely screwed up in it's very own right. As to your question as to whether this was a dream or not. . .well. . .I can't say either way right now. It's a little early in the story to divulge that secret. All I can say is that it is going to get very, very, very confusing, but it will all make sense in the grand scheme of things. A little hint for you; this is not set up in chronological order. Make of that what you will.

    Thanks for saying that it was cool, and I'm glad my descriptions of Raven's mental state haven't gotten old. I thought Starfire showing up would be pretty cool, and have a big impact. I was chuckling in an evil fashion the entire time I wrote the chapter. The cliffhanger will be resolved in a very drawn out fashion. . .and hopefully it's totally worth it. Thank you once again Matt.
    Well. . .Ninja, that kind of is creepy. Sounds like my type of music as well.;) Yes, freaky is very, very good. Thanks; I like describing the general disturbances with the mind. As for your theories on the Starfire thing. . .well, you never know, you might be right, and you might be wrong. Either way, I'm hoping you'll enjoy the ride. I will try and write it as soon as I possibly can. Thanks!
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    Holy poo. I live in Canada! Did you see me?!?!! Probably! Cause you know Canada is so small...and...uh...freezing.

    I listen to good music...:)

    I think you should write this chapter:p
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    I, like matt, have seen the movie fight club, and i gotta say, i was completely confused as to what to perceive as reality or not in that update. Pretty nice trick there hehe, the reader is just as confused as raven as she flashes through these visions. That last line just totally confused the heck out of me, so ill have to wait and see what the next update is about.

    Man, bringing in starfire at the end was even more chilling, i;d never thought id see the day when Starfire's friendly lines scared me. Haha, but leave that to Death XD

    Once again, i applaud your portrayal of the psychological state Raven is going through. Whether its insanity, depression or some other medical term i dont know, you can just emphasize with what shes going through. I'm always amazed at how you can make us cringe so much from the psychology alone, then later, you manage to find even more ways to make us shiver. Just amazing.
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    I certainly have to go back and reread your first two stories. I think it will be definitely worth my time. :)

    First, I will reemphasize some of the other's comments. Your writing has certainly improved by a grand measure. You seem to have completely integrated active diction into your style. By that I mean the verbs work on the subjects, and not the objects. Of course, I may have harped on that sometime forever ago, but anyway...

    Since you have received so much praise on most every aspect of your writing, I won't go into length about what I liked, since most of it has been said already. However, I do have one concern, and it is rather broad in nature.

    Reading your story, I have been interested in - yet not totally surprised by - the evolution of the perspective of your story. You began in the prologue with a display of narrator-perspective in third person. Combined with strong imagery, this was good. Interestingly however, the beginning of your first chapter began with first-person perspective in third person language. To be clear, I'm not including or referring to Raven's thoughts, but rather the narration, as usual. I didn't see this as problematic, since the prologue and chapters proper often serve different purposes. However, the second section of the first chapter suddenly reverts to second-person, and then reverts back to 'first-person-in-third-person' without a break. I may just be reading the wrong books, but I have never read a third-person book that addresses the reader directly, especially mid-stream as you have done. This throws off the flow of the perspective and, in a sense, cracks the 'frame' of perspective that exists in every story. Given the style of your story, Raven does not have any sense of an audience, nor does the 'narrator.' Similarly, it's why you don't see a first-person story talk about things that the storyteller could not know or see, or, even more simply, not narrating in third-person at all.

    Boiled down, that section muddies the image that Raven is telling that chapter, and not some faceless narrator. A good story needs that image in order to really draw it's reader more thoroughly.

    Chapter two is nearly perfect as far as this particular subject is concerned. The narrations of Raven and Nightwing are practically first-person with only slight slip-ups in certain details that can hardly be held against you. The first section with the guard is slightly odd in this regard, as it starts out with heavy guard-perspective and moves to narrator-perspective, but I figure this was convenient for you, and the pace is good, so I can't really complain much about it.

    The first section of Chapter three was perhaps the most glaring example of my point. That section was very detached from the characters. It's best shown by your first words, "The short, portly man..." That's the perspective of a nameless observer. The man himself wouldn't narrate like that, even if he was using third-person. If the rest of your story was written like this, there would be no problem, but you have put great effort into making much of your prose as first-person and personal as possible, even while using third-person language. Sentences like those and others that begin with 'outside-observational' words like "At this point..." jar the reader and, for a moment, suspend him above the scene. I doubt this is what you want.

    Consistency of perspective is what I'm asking for here. For the most part, you are sticking to this strength. But, in my humble estimation, the detractions I mention need to be prevented from showing in future chapter. Given your personality and your considerable improvment in many areas of writing, I have no doubt that you will give consideration to my thoughts and see if they have merit.
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    I liked Canada a lot, actually. Of course when I was there, it was really, really warm, contrary to your freezing comments. It was really clean too. . .As for your next chapter wishes, look below all this.;)
    Well. . .Yeah, I thought you would find Star's return a bit unnerving. As for the reality and visions question, you'll be surprised to learn just what that's all about. Raven is going through something rather. . .strange. I promise, though, pieces will begin to come together in this chapter only to fall apart in the end. Thanks so much for the psychological comments!:D I try really hard on that. . .Thanks for commenting this! It's always appreciated!
    If you would like to, that would be cool. It would also fill in a lot of details.
    Yeah, but I'm glad to know you think I've gotten better.
    I see what you mean by that. . .Personally, I did it just to throw off my readers. What I'm going for is a very, very confused feeling in that chapter, which means a slight deviation from what is considered normal in most pieces of writing. I want you to realize that I want to try something new here, something that isn't exactly what you see everyday. . .which is exactly what you got from it. At that moment, I wanted the reader to feel detatched from the scene at hand because Raven was becoming detatched from the entire situation at hand. I hope that makes sense.:sweat:
    Thank you. I wanted you to kind of sympathize with the guard, so I took the easy way out; I made it in his point of view right up until he died. It's a cheap trick, though.:sweat:
    There you have me. I would chalk it up to changing perspectives, but really it's just kind of some sloppy writing to be honest. Plus, I got overly enthusiastic with that chapter, which meant editing was not exactly top notch. Hehe. . .
    I actually gave your words quite a bit of thought when writing this next one. Unfortunately, I needed to switch in and out of perspectives for this one as well. They're subtle, but needed for pacing reasons. I tried to stick with what you were saying, though, for the most part. So if you keep in mind that I'm attempting some new things for myself writing wise, you may enjoy this next chapter a lot more. Thanks for the comments, though. Very, very appreciated.:anime:

    So. . .now that I've gotten that out of the way, what next? A new chapter after about a month! It's not nearly worth the wait! Things have gotten too happy around here without me and I can't have that. This chapter was interchangeable with something else that could have been written here(which will now be chapter five). Also, I highly, highly stress the Joker Rating here. This chapter will shock you in many, many ways. . .um. . .maybe. You guys know me, though, so maybe not.

    Chapter Four
    ‘Let me jar you awake. . .’


    The sound still managed to be there, among the pattering of the glass rain against cold concrete. Unconsciously, a sigh escaped her lips, the past couple minutes swinging by her at such a speed that none of it seemed real. She opened one of her eyes, a warm sensation creeping down her cheek. In the center of the building was a broken window, the fragmented edges of it finally ending their trip onto the earth. Gazing toward the sky, she saw how very cloudless it was, and still utterly white, almost blinding. She tried to lift an arm up, strength completely sapped, but it awkwardly managed to remain in mid air. In fact, her legs were dangling in mid air as well almost like she had been caught by something.

    She took one more glance, those past couple minutes allowing themselves to flood back into her mind. With a slightly higher raise of her head, she realized why she was floating. Eye lid closing again, she rested her head back into the very nothingness she had been worrying about.
    * * * *

    “What Beast Boy?”

    “Um-Nothing. . .”

    “You always do this to me, just-just. . .What is it?”

    There was a childish pitter patter of feet across the room behind Terra, like an excited boy waiting to show his mother a new trick he had learned. With quick perfection, her hands grasped the bulky wheels of her wheel chair, spinning them in just the correct way to do a complete turn around. As always, there was Beast Boy right there waiting to show something new, very much like that little boy with a new trick learned. It was odd to see him revert to his old self over all those months since the incident with Starfire. Terra had assumed it was something about being around her, or perhaps a survival technique. Either way it was far better than the shot gun toting psycho he had turned into.

    Of course it had only taken mere seconds for BB to make it across the small confines of the apartment. The apartment itself was nothing really that special, a beautiful view of the Metropolis skyline being the only thing setting it apart from a normal apartment. Tan carpet, yellowish walls, a white ceiling, and a kitchen just small enough to make sure Terra couldn’t get into it with her wheel chair. Cooking food was impossible for her then, which she always silently laughed about. Beast Boy was surprisingly good at cooking, though.

    The headline of a news paper flashed into Terra’s field of vision, “Look!”

    “Um. . .Nightwing saves a bus full of children.” She paused for a moment, raising an eye brow as her gaze went back above the paper with a single finger pressing down on it. “He always does something to get into the paper, and it’s never anything more spectacular then what we used to do.”

    Pulling the paper back like he had been burned, Beast Boy smirked slightly, “I know. . .it just. . .you know, it just makes me think back. . .”

    “To when you used to be in the paper, with all your friends. . .your family.” Her blue eyes always had a way of softening up in just the right way to make you spill the secrets of the world into them. Terra leaned forward in her wheel chair, extending her arms. Leaning down to her, Beast Boy hugged her tightly for a couple of moments, causing the world to stop if only for a few seconds.

    He leaned up smiling widely at her, his eyes locked with hers for only a couple moments. In a strange fashion, they seemed to leap up toward the window, shock etching its way into every corner of his face.

    “What?” Turning slowly in her wheel chair, she glanced at the window drenching down light behind her. For a moment or two it was silent, the only sounds echoing out from Beast Boy’s feet. He moved the curtain aside for a moment, his eye line darting around the out side. His face lit up for a second like a camera had flashed.

    “I-I thought I saw something. . .like something big just flew by. . .person big. . .and a bright light.” Sighing, his posture relaxed itself as he began to turn, and he shrugged, “I guess it was nothing but. . .” Every muscle in his body instantly tightened up once again, his stomach churning as adrenaline began to take him over.

    “Famous last words.”

    Beast Boy’s body smashed against the wall, immediately sliding down in it a rag doll fashion upon impact. Terra glanced down at his body for only a few moments, then back at the figure in front of her. Things quickly went black, winter bursting in all around her, wind seemingly circling like a tornado. As quick as her world had gone black, light shined again, the tips of black wings punctuated in detail from the ambience of the window.

    Terra’s head shot backwards as she felt a hand grasp her hair in large chunks. She screamed, “Please. . .don’t. . .”

    Heat from someone’s breath entered Terra’s ear, the words spoken low, almost to a whisper, “Remember. . .you deserve every single bit of this.”

    The wheel chair tipped over backwards onto the ground, Terra flying out of it as the intruder continued their grasp on her hair. Her body continued to go through the air until the hair lost all slack, going completely stiff, causing her body to stop its quest through the air and rather down onto the coffee table set up in the middle of the living room. Splitting into glass shards instantly under the weight of a human being, Terra found herself cut all over, one shard finding its way into her eye.

    “Sadly, I meant for that to happen.” Pain stopped coursing to Terra’s hair as it was gently let go of. “I think I might have some ‘unresolved issues’.”

    That voice was echoing above Terra. She tried to stop the shaking that seemed to have control of her body; it wouldn’t stop. In the blurry echoes of her vision, a boot came into view, causing a little recoil as she expected it to smash her in the face. One boot, then another, went by somewhere behind her. The floor vanished from beneath her and the window stumbled back into view, the next couple events already playing through the shattered pieces of her mind. Terra was spun around to stare her attacker straight in the eyes, who simply gave a quick smile.

    Those moments in front of the window went fast, so fast that Terra had barely even felt the explosion of her body bursting out from the window. Plummeting all three stories went just as quickly, an old chain link fence waiting directly below her.


    The sound still managed to be there, among the pattering of the glass rain against cold concrete. Rusted portions of the fence went splintering off, the pole smashing hard into her back. Unconsciously, a sigh escaped her lips, the past couple minutes swinging by her at such a speed that none of it seemed real. She opened one of her eyes, blood escaping down from her mouth, a slight trickling sound coming from the ground. Her eye glanced toward the broken window just as two black wings made themselves apparent in the building’s wound, and after a few moments of contemplation, gazed at the large metal pole sticking out just below her rib cage.

    It was so odd to see the massive streams of blood on the tip of the pole with the realization that it was her essence. A trickling sound began to patter against the ground beneath. Her head leaned back gently, thoughts, worries, and pain leaving her.
    * * * *

    That thought had exploded into his mind as soon as consciousness did. Beast Boy stood up from the wall, glancing at the shards encapsulating the ground with utter despair, especially those tainted with blood. He stumbled over to the center of the living room; blonde hair lay there in a pile. With a gust of wind, his gaze fell onto the broken window, sending him promptly to it. Beast Boy shot his gaze to the street below to find the horrible discovery.

    “No. . .no, no, no. . .please, no. . .”

    Jumping out the window, his posture heroic as he flew through the air, only to change into that of a bird until one small foot touched the ground, and he was a man again. In front of him was Terra, blonde hair drenched red, so much red on the ground that he was already stepping in it from a couple feet away. Zombie like in his movements, his gaze fell upon her face, peace across it. One eye was bloodied shut but the other was closed normally, just like she had been sleeping.

    “I-I. . .I can’t. . .I can’t take this. .” Tears violently came out as his entire body wretched with each sob, his walk away from her ending in a stumbling vomit.

    “You have to admit there’s a bit of irony here, so in a way this entire situation is funny.” The winged figure put an arm around Beast Boy’s shoulders, “You just have to put this in a positive light.”

    He smashed the creature across the face, sending it recoiling backwards a couple feet. “Y-You son of a. . .I knew I should have. . .”


    The winged creature flew so quickly, it was more of a black blur than an actual flight. A hand grasped his neck, blood veins moving and popping with each intensifying squeeze of this hand. Beast Boy gagged as he kept punching the arm leading up to it; he couldn’t concentrate enough to even change into an animal. The other hand darted toward his rib cage, fingers ripping through his skin and in between the ribs. In seconds, he felt his ribs become twisted both ways, cracking sounds escaping at absurd rates. When the hand around his neck finally let go, he fell forward onto his knees face first into the concrete ground.

    “After all you’ve been through I thought your death would’ve been far more. . .epic.” A booted foot turned him over slowly, “I guess everything can’t be like the television though.” The creature lifted a hand, black energy pooling up into a sphere.

    It took so long for the energy to quite building up, almost like the person doing it was craving the moments before hand. The black ball shot forward, Beast Boy’s world turning into a whitish, black mess for a couple seconds, followed by absolute darkness. His body lay in the middle of the street, the upper portion of it nothing more than a smoking remnant, completely charred. A feather dropped to the ground beside of his body, a fallen feather for a fallen hero.

    The creature walked to the end of the street, smiling at a person who stood froze on the street corner like they had been paused. It raised its hand quickly, a barrier of energy growing smaller and smaller until it reached the creature’s fist, the person gaining all abilities to move once again. Just as quickly as it had appeared, the demon vanished. He froze as he witnessed the two bodies in the street, which had seemingly appeared from nowhere.
    * * * *
    It was odd how he was never in the white house, like any normal president should be. He just didn’t feel safe there, somehow, like the entire world could go crashing around his ears and he didn’t have fifteen different safety nets. Of course the irony of all that is that it was true. In the Luthorcorp building, high above the lives of average humans, the president of the United States sat in his massive office going over some sort of paper work. The suave office allowed a beautiful view of Metropolis, with an aquarium at the edges of the large window behind his desk. Lex Luthor, of all animals, surrounded himself with sharks all day.

    Lex took a moment to lean back in his chair, a hand gracing across his oddly hairless head. It was swiftly interrupted by the ringing of a phone, his eyes going down to it in anger.

    After a quick glance at the caller ID, he finally grasped the small device after a couple rings, his tone wavering, “This had better be important.”

    This is a secure line, right?

    Lex paused for a moment, wondering if the man on the other end of the line was serious. After waiting a couple seconds, he finally answered, “Yes, of course it is.”

    You always want to be updated on important information, so I thought-

    “Get to the point, I don’t have all day.”

    Two of the Teen Titans have been eliminated sir.

    “Hhhm. . .Good.” He quickly put the phone back down on the receiver, recalling his ordeal with the Teen Titans in Jump City those couple months back. Lex leaned back into the soft, leather confines of his chair, smiling.
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    :eek:, :eek: and :eek:. And even :eek:.

    I get the feeling this story is going to be your Masterpiece. Seriously, every single chapter thus far has been a work of utter genius, and this one was damn near the best of the best of the lot: a superlative piece of reader manipulation.

    The brief opening segment seemed like it was from Raven's POV, just after Nightwing floored her at the hospital (I'm not sure why, but there you go), which made me feel a little surprised when the action suddenly cut to Terra and Beast Boy. Then again, that kicked off as a cute little domestic scene, a nice way to see what has become of these two Titans since Remnants: for once, they seemed to been handed a nice life, which made me feel all warm inside.:anime:

    And then it changed. There was the moment of :eek: as the intruder beat up a disabled woman; there was :eek: as said woman got it in the eye; then :eek: as she was murdered, with further :eek: as I realised that the opening segment was a flash-forward of this moment; and a final :eek: and :ack: as Beast Boy got eviscerated by black energy. Oh yes, and not to mention :eek: at you having the stones to kill off two lead characters in the very same scene in which you introduced them: brave stunts are your forte, but you surpassed yourself with that one.;):anime:

    As for Luthor...well, that's an interesting move. What was a blackly amusing cameo in Remnants (Supes' nemesis as US President!:anime::evil:) has now seemingly turned into a far bigger and darker plot point: I'm 90% certain that he wasn't as big a motivator behind this chapter's events as he seems to be, but I've learnt the hard way to reserve judgements on your stories. Either way, we still have the prospect of a demonic Raven going crazy and massacring all her former friends (this one I am willing to state), which is going to be very highly awesome.:anime::evil:

    So, to sum up: a 5* chapter in a 5* story. Be proud.;)

    -Matt A-
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    Oh my God what is this?! This story is ****ing insane!

    With the killing and the badass nemesis and the mental hospitals and crazy Raven and argh... crazyness!!! Write more! For the love of all that is good in this world, I command you to write!

    On a more serious note, this simply has to be the most twisted masterpieces I have ever read, anywhere. Your descriptions and vivid imagery are just amazing!

    So write!

    Cheers, Dimster, a very amazed Delta Member One
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    :eek: :eek: :eek: :D :D :D :) :) :) ;) ;)

    Ive already told you how much i love your story so let me just say this then : ......I FRIGGIN LOVE YOUR STORY!

    That was my favorite. I just like it...alot. GOOD! Well im speechless and its like 2 in the morning here and Canada:p So...ummm i promise a more descriptive reply next chapter


    P.S: Remember how i said Canada is cold? Well on Thursday it snowed. Yup...it snowed on October 12th.
    Im secretly an eskimo by the way.....
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    The new chapter is below. If you wish, skip all this, and jump right in.
    Yes, that last chapter was definitely my favorite that I've written so far. Including this next one, unfortunately.
    Yeah. . .they were happy. I just had to ruin that, though, or else it wouldn't be my fic.
    I didn't think I would get away with killing the two at once. . .but I want my readers to know that no one is safe in this fic. No one. Also, that paragraph simply makes writing this an absolute joy. That's exactly the response I want.
    Well. . .Luthor isn't done yet. I have something interesting in mind for him. As for your ideas on a demonic Raven. . .well. . .this next chapter is really going to mess with you then.
    Coming from a writer of your caliber, I'm definitely proud.
    After a spell of massive. . .writer's block, I will do as you wish.
    Thanks. That means quite a bit, actually. Especially considering the descriptions in your own fics. . .
    Um. . .Wow. That is awesome. I'm easily swayed by a review like that, oddly enough.
    Well, as long as yours speechless, I've done my job. Thanks for replying, though. . .as for the part that I didn't quote about the snow. . .wow. I've really needed to update this.

    So yes, if some of you are still left, I'm back. I'm a bit rusty, though, so if this next chapter seems a little off, I apologize. Still, give me a chapter or two and I'll be back into the swing of things. This chapter is really odd, which I figured was a good note to start off on again. After, and I've counted, at least 7 rewrites(all of which didn't really do anything at all)I came to this. I like this chapter, but it is no where near the chapter before it, at least in my opinion.

    Chapter Five
    “Ghosts and dreams.”

    It goes without saying that it’s such an odd feeling to have your insides explode into a toilet bowl for no reason other than a stress related ‘attack’ of sorts. After that, the world keeps on spinning, making that awkward decision as to whether or not it is going to make you faint. Oddly, that causes one extra problem; are you going to smash your head into the toilet seat, causing massive bleeding if you hit it just with the right amount of force? These aren’t really normal problems that people usually face. Although, to be fair, having your friend surgically transformed into a robot bent on killing you isn’t really a normal problem.

    Thankfully, at that moment, Raven didn’t have to deal with a robot. Her vision blurred badly as she felt the force of one of those stress related vomiting sessions. Shaking legs finally collapsed underneath her after a couple seconds, and she fell to the ground with a force that kind of came out of no where.

    “Ugh. . .ugh. . .ugh. . .

    The tremors that violently coursed through her body only moments before finally stopped, which was a plus. She was also fairly sure that she didn’t get her cloak completely covered in vomit.

    “Raven. . .are you okay?” A voice shot out from beside of her, at least she thought. It seemed so far away.

    What? Raven paused for a moment, allowing the voice to register in her mind. She gave her own voice a quick test. “W-What?” It still seemed distant. In fact, it didn’t even seem like her own.

    “I said are you okay?” Someone had apparently turned the volume up in her little world of confusion. Raven slowly arched her head over to the source and stared for a moment. It was Robin.

    “Does it. . .Does it really look like I’m. . .I’m okay to you?” There was a strange pause, and for a moment, the bathroom of Titans tower seemed to get just a bit smaller than it already was. Of course, she should not have even been in Titans tower at that moment. Raven should have been in her bed, in the sanitarium, drooling the day away. This was not that, so to speak.
    * * * *
    -An hour or so before. . .-

    The blaring volume of the television cut through Raven’s thoughts just perfectly, “We have just lost cabin pressure.” The secretary in the lobby could have at least had the courtesy to turn the television down at that moment or at least have picked something that didn’t match Raven’s thoughts in such a scary way.

    Starfire released Raven from the absolutely overpowering hug that had a great chance of causing some internal injuries of some sort.

    What. . .the. . .hell?

    “Friend. . .I am overjoyed to see you once again!”

    What. . .the hell?

    “D-Do you not recognize me?”

    Starfire is dead. . .I held her. I held her in my arms as she went.

    “Star. . .give Raven some room for a moment.”

    That’s not Nightwing. . .that’s Robin. As in ‘Teen Titans’ Robin. What the hell?

    Raven simply tilted her head at the two ghosts standing before her. Her already dreadfully pale skin began to turn more so, along with this strange floating, cold feeling that floated into her head. In fact, her entire body had begun to change into a colder version of itself colliding with the heat exploding through the open doorway of the lobby.

    “Um. . .let’s get you back to the tower Raven.”

    The walk to the T-car was an overall numb experience. Just as walking back into the tower had been, staring at ghosts that couldn’t possibly exist in the here and now. In fact, when they had got back to the tower, the other Titans were waiting with a sign that read ‘Welcome Back Raven!’ Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Terra stood at the massive doors wearing wide grins. Raven ignored them as she simply walked by them. Their voices of welcome were all far away, muffled by some unseen force. Perhaps it was that vomit had been fighting its way to an explosive ending the entire time she even set eyes on any of the old members.
    * * * *

    “I don’t. . .I don’t understand what’s going on. . .” Raven used the edge of the toilet to balance herself as the two small legs beneath her fought to get some sort of footing. “Leave me alone. . .I just want to be alone.” Her breath was starting to become labored as emotion oddly flooded the tone of her voice.

    Robin stood absolutely shocked at the inflection he had never heard before. “Um-Yeah. . .are you sure you’re okay Raven?”

    “Just. . .go.”

    For a long moment, Robin just kept his glance on her. His eyes were dissecting her at that moment, trying to weigh the entire situation out. It was that same damn look he gave all those super villains right before the battle started.

    I’m. . .losing my mind, but this a** still seems the same.

    “Okay. . .but. . .this is Titans tower.” A smirk crept onto his face, “You aren’t going to be alone for long. You should know that better than anyone.”

    Robin closed the door behind him swiftly, replacing his figure with of Raven herself. The reflection from the mirror on the back of the door caught her off guard. She was staring at a sixteen year old girl that had long since been gone. In other words, she was a ghost, just like the others seemed to be. Raven watched as the figure on the mirror gently tried to stand up straight, messy hair drenching across her face in random strands, a gem glinting elegantly through the indigo chaos.

    Ghost. I’m a ghost.

    The figure staring back couldn’t be her. If she isn’t even real herself, how can anything else be? A world plagued of ghosts and dreams. She walked closer to the mirror, rubbing her had down across it, right on the girl’s face that stared back. With a slight movement, Raven took it off of the mirror and placed it on her face. It was cold, pale, and lifeless. As always, she was like a walking corpse.

    Her gentle hand quickly went into a ball. With a swift movement, she had smashed the large mirror in front of her, blood pouring out of her as if a bucket of it had been dropped to the floor. With a quick glance at the blood seeping from her hand and the massive blotch on the cracked mirror, her head once again swam. The cracked pieces on the mirror seemed to push back out, with the blood remaining. Almost as quickly as the mirror had righted itself, the blood fell down it, giving her reflection red wings.

    The wings quickly shifted to a pitch black color. With the same subtlety, the figure in the mirror grew taller, its skin became paler, and its hair changed color. It rushed at its own boundary of glass, launching the mirror off of the door and toward Raven. She collided with the mirror as it made its way through the air, fragmented pieces creating a storm. This had all occurred so quickly that her mind had not yet registered what happened. In fact, she stood for a minute or two afterward simply staring at where the mirror had been.

    With a sudden burst of life, if it could even be called a burst, she glanced down in an almost drone like state at the cuts now draped across her entire body. All the small cuts were blazing in pain, but there was a smile that found its way across her face.

    I’m real.
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    You know, it's kinda ironic. I've been waiting six months to see a new chapter, not entirely patiently, and now that you've finally gone and posted something, it takes me four days to review it. I've been busy, sure, but not as busy as usual, so I don't really have an excuse this time.

    Still, I'm here now, so I suppose it doesn't matter.:shrug: And on that note, to the review.

    Was this as good as your previous? Not entirely. It was very, very good, I admit, but still not quite up there. Then again, at the risk of extreme sycophancy, "merely average" for this story is about the same as "extreme brilliance" for most others, so I suppose the above don't tell us a great deal.;)

    But this chapter, even by your standards, wasn't just merely average. In a way I can't quite put my finger on, it lacked the X-factor of previous highlights (chapters three and four being notable examples), but even then, it was still, as I said, very, very good. It maintained that odd mixture of grimness, confusion and almost poetic beauty that has been flowing strongly thus far, and perhaps makes the story so powerful, not to mention also ramping up the other key ingredient here: a sense of nameless menace, that something we can't see has just gone horribly, horribly wrong in a way we can't understand. X-factor or no, this kind of cocktail is most compelling.:D

    However, important though the above paragraph may be, it isn't entirely what I want to say. As you probably know by now, whilst I consider style to be key, I'm still far more interested in content...and it's here that the real enjoyment of this chapter lies. We finally get a continuation of the "Fight Club" plot element (for lack of a better term), working with a cliffhanger that has been bugging us all for eight months: there aren't any answers here, sadly, but the new questions at least direct our ponderings. In particular, there is the following mystery: the "Fight Club" half of the plot and the "post-Remnants homicidal rampage" part of the plot, based on comments in this chapter, seem to be based in different realities. Unless there's some kind of inter-dimensional weirdness going on here (wouldn't put it past you, but still unlikely), one of these two realities has to be imaginary...but which one, and in whose mind? It's tempting to come down on the Fight Club side at the moment, but with you, nothing's ever quite that simple.;)

    Hence the brilliance of the mystery. The story is simple to follow, but at the same time, we're left with that "what the hell is going on?" feeling that drives all narrative interest. It's a good thing.:D

    And that's not all. Raven's state of mind here was almost perfectly encapsulated: a profound existential terror, utterly incapable, as we are, of figuring out what is real and what is not. The way in which she decides, using her powers to cut herself with mirror shards, is signature you: grotesque, bizarre, absurdist and haunting, plus one or two other things I can't quite put a handle on. Throughout the whole chapter, even in this "real" moment (frankly, her "experiment" is still mostly inconclusive), her sense of disconnection is all-encapsulating, a deathly silence that goes beyond the page and into your own head. I think this might be more of a style thing than a content thing, but you know, who really cares? The results are startling either way.:D

    On a similar note, here's how I first figured out that this chapter was cool. Simply put, when you start with a description of someone throwing up, you know you're onto a winner.:p:D

    There's a few more things I can say here, but I've already spent at least two hours on this. More to the point, it's ten to one in the morning, and I need to sleep. So I'll just end off with my usual summary: as I said before, not as entirely outstanding as previous chapters, but in every sense that can be readily measured, still bloody brilliant. Another one to be proud of.:D

    -Matt A-
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    Wow. Death, Just wow. After such a long absence you return with a great update :D

    FIrst of all, i'll reply to the first post, since i never really got around to it. I never expected that you would have had Beast Boy and Terra Murdered just like that. Two characters that were pivotal in the last two stories gone like that, it was something i never expected. The brutality of their deaths also made me cringe. As if i thought they hadn't suffered enough. Somehow, I think their nemesis has something to do with Raven's unbalanced state. But yes, it seems as though all the tragic elements that have been building up in the first two stories are finally starting to reach their climax with these characters. I can only wonder what will happen next :eek: btw, great lex cameo :D

    On another note, the mental imagery with Raven is once again spot on, and very chilling to read. From her hallucinations of her titans tower team to her perceived happiness of feeling pain, it was just chilling. With all those thoughts and false dreams going through her head, she had no idea what she was anymore, so she needed pain in order to feel SOMETHING, to make her realize she was a person. That alone makes it very scary :eek:

    Well Death, its good to see you posting again :) i should get back to mine too haha.
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    Good story. This last chapter was great. I got a little lost in the order of events in the story though, but it was good nonetheless. Can't wait to see how the story develops.
  16. SecretNinja

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    Guess who i saw yesterday YEP. MCR. They were pretty awesome ;)

    But anyways im glad you posted the next chapter. I really hope you post more cause this story deserves to be finished.
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    I think first of all, I owe an exceptionally long apology to those that read my fan fiction. The only thing I'm going to say is that life seemingly imitates art occasionally. In my case, that's a bad thing. These are things that aren't necessary to be brought out here, though.

    Thanks for the exceptional comments on the last one. . .I'm going to reply to them as soon as possible. For now, though, I'm just going to repay them with an update to this. The story will conclude in the next month, so never fear.

    Chapter Six

    Nightwing had always somehow enjoyed the absolutely frost bitten feeling he’d gotten anytime he stepped into a morgue. The darkness, the dank smell, and the knowledge that the people around him weren’t going to mess in his life any time soon all made for an oddly comforting feeling. In this particular morgue, though, the feeling wasn’t as comforting.

    One of the ceiling tiles dropped down to the ground with almost no sound against the cement floor. There was a moment or two of waiting, just to see if there was anyone left in the room at the moment. After no scream, or any sound of alarm, he allowed his body to drop to the ground with less sound than the ceiling tile had made. It was the perfect spot.

    Directly in front of him was a silver wall, lined with small doors that went from side to side in a perfect geometric pattern. Inside each door was another cold, lifeless shell, each one ironically able to tell more of a story than most living people. Nightwing needed the story of two of them. With one more look at the dimly lit room behind him, noticing that his only companions were a couple of lumps under white sheets, his eyes darted to each small door.

    The first door he opened was the worst. There was a blast of cold air and then a lingering smell of rotten meat. Even though he had seen worse, smelled worse, one can never really prepare for it other than diving right in, so to speak. The first visible portion on the corpse’s body was the small tag strapped onto the large toe, giving a name. He glanced at it for a moment. It read, ‘John Doe’.

    How original.

    Nightwing closed the door as quietly as he could, and continued his search for a bit, opening door after door, a surprise waiting inside each compartment. Some bodies were absolutely fine while others were mutilated in absolutely horrifying ways. His prize finally came when one door introduced a name tag he had been waiting for.

    He couldn’t help whispering, “Terra. . .”

    With more force than he would have imagined necessary, he pulled the tray out to reveal her entire figure, a momentary pang of emotion building up in the back of his throat. Terra looked as though someone had put gray make up on her entire body, black rings even accentuated under her eyes. A gaping hole was in her chest, made worse by the small bits of her ribs sticking out from the sides of it. The only solace he could take in the entire situation was that. . .her face looked peaceful, despite the large gash where her eye was supposed to be.

    Something smacked against the floor behind him, “What’s going on here?”

    Nightwing glanced back to see a man in a white coat dropping a bag of doughnuts. In a matter of seconds, the already limited amount of light in the room went dead. Nightwing was out of there in a matter of moments, leaving at befuddled lab guy with his oh so quiet friends.

    The entire night time Metropolis skyline came back into view as he set foot on the roof top of the hospital, each wave of wind providing a new definition of the word cold. He cursed under his breath as he stepped toward the edge of the roof, glancing at the people walking slowly in the winter like air that twirled around them. Light snow danced on the edge of each gust of wind, biting the inhabitants of the night with a cold clasp. Overall, if it hadn’t been for the snow, this feeling would have been much like the morgue below, cold and dark.

    As always, his thoughts were punctuated by some sort of sound in the distance. It was some sort of explosion, crash, or something. This was most likely an overzealous villain plotting to take over the local coffee store while sporting a costume that resembled a melted box of crayons. On reflex, Nightwing was already flying through the air on a grappling hook, swinging from building to building until the sounds became almost deafening. When his feet hit the pavement of the street, the scene in front of him looked like something out of one of his own nightmares.

    Cars had been tossed everywhere, water from shattered pipes blasted twenty feet in the air, people were stupidly running in all directions, and at the head of all this was a mammoth of a man clutching something-or someone in his hands in a delicate fashion. Nightwing only needed a couple of steps to see exactly who stood in the middle of the chaos. The ambient light of the city doused Cyborg in a heroic lighting, which would have been made better had it not been for the fact that he was holding a very dead Blackfire in his hands. She had been severed in half right at her hips.


    There was no response from the sobbing giant. Nightwing took a couple of steps closer, gently trying to close the distance.


    All movement stopped as Cyborg finally glanced up from frozen face of Blackfire. Even the sobbing had come to a halt as the two of them stared at each other for a couple of seconds.

    He simply held Blackfire closer, “H-He took her from me. . .”

    Nightwing began to move again, each step calculated, “Who took her from you?”

    A blast of energy escaped from someplace up above straight into Cyborg’s chest, sending the titan into the ground with an eruption of concrete, topped off with what was left of Blackfire being sent into the air and right back to the ground.

    The chaos surrounding the area had stopped. . .

    The screams went silent. . .

    The sirens were no where to be found. . .

    It seemed as if the people dropped off the face of the earth.

    There was just a loud thumping sound. . .

    Thump. . .

    Wait. . .

    Thump. . .

    It was his heart. Nightwing could feel his heart trying to make his ribs shatter into a thousand fragmented pieces. He knew what had just happened, why everything had went silent to him. He knew that when the cloud of smoke cleared. . .this sick feeling in his stomach was only going to get worse.

    It. . .It can’t be just like that.

    The smoke rolled around into the air in a strange fashion, like a snake curling up to the moon above. At the bottom of the smoke pit lay a charred body. There was no goodbye, no final team up against whoever had done this. Cyborg was gone.

    All that remained was some sort of mechanized thing that seemed fused into the crater that it lay in. The skin of his face looked like it had been boiled, like a vampire doused in the rays of a morning sun.

    No. . .

    Face down, only feet from him, was the upper portion of Blackfire’s body. Her hair lay tattered over her face, green blood seemingly drenched completely over her body. Just like that, they were gone.

    Just gone. . .

    “It’s quite a shame really, how you all came to this city to see your two fallen comrades, like maggots to a rotting corpse. . .”

    The curtain was opening up, and from above, the final player of the performance was revealed. Nightwing simply glared up at the source of the voice, fighting back the shock that had built up in every single one of his limbs.

    “You missed most of the show already, Robin.” A tall figure was gently gliding to the ground, two large black wings helping his journey to the ground. Its feet hit the ground with a certain amount of poise and beauty.

    “Oh my god. . .” He was going to vomit in a moment.

    The figure that was standing in front of him was a ghost. It was an undead creature that had been disposed of long ago.

    “I’m sorry. . .you go by the name of Nightwing now, don’t you?”

    Nightwing grabbed for the staff that was on his back, flipping it out with the same form he had always used. “Slade.” He said it as though he knew that this day would come. Somewhere deep down inside Nightwing, he had always thought that Slade was an evil that didn’t just die.

    “As much as I would love to be your angel of death at the moment, I must bid you goodnight.” Slade simply chuckled at him, kicking the charred body of Cyborg into even smaller pieces. “You serve a much greater purpose-”

    In seconds, the distance between Nightwing and Slade had closed. His feet were off the ground. Soaring through the air, the staff was darting straight at Slade’s head only to stop as if someone had hit a pause button on reality itself. Nightwing was literally frozen in the air.

    Slade simply stood there holding a single hand up. “It’s time to come home, Nightwing, and if you don’t know what I mean, just watch the news in the next couple days.” With that, his large wings began to flap, and he elegantly ascended up toward the sky. When he was out of distance, nothing more than an ambiguous dot in the night, Nightwing fell to the ground. In seconds, he was bathed in some sort of bright white light which followed Slade. It was as though a barrier had been placed over the area around them.

    The Teen Titans really were a rotting corpse. . .

    All that remained was himself and a crazy girl in an asylum.

    The odds were being stacked.
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    I have vowed to finish this thing, and I really must. This is a chapter that I've had in my head for nearly a year. Unfortunately, I left a distinct detail out of chapter five that makes this one feel a bit put together. I fixed it the best I could, but over entusiasm gets the best of us sometimes. I hope you guys enjoy it. Respond please if anyone is still out there that used to read this...

    I wish the old regulars were still here.*sigh*

    Chapter Seven
    ‘Ashes, ashes, we all fall…’

    This feels familiar, but I can’t place it…

    “What were you even thinking?” There was a pause as Robin simply stared at the girl on the couch. There really was no true safe answer for the question, so she simply decided to remain silent about the subject. What was she supposed to say?

    I was attempting to feel real, Robin.

    The thought itself almost made Raven chuckle, if it hadn’t been for the fact that the boy wonder was standing in front of her at least attempting to piece together the mystery that even she couldn’t figure out. She knew that he wasn’t going to answer until she did.

    Covered in cuts from head to toe, she said the only thing that could possibly come to mind in a situation where the other party really shouldn’t know more than the face value of it all. “I don’t know. . .” There was a shattered mirror and enough blood to say other wise. Hopefully Robin was going to have a very stupid day at being a super hero.

    “Raven. . .I’m your friend.” He was breaking into the same old speech again. “Friends trust each other and look out for each other. . .” The harsh tone the teen had started out with was quickly fading to that of a worried one. “If you’re still having problems, let me know, I can help.”

    He set down beside of her on the couch, gently putting an arm around her. Raven fought back the momentary urge to rip the arm off of her shoulder in a complete rage. Whilst she didn’t do that, the rage still had built up in her.

    “Robin. . .just stop asking questions, I don’t need your help.”

    With that simple comment, Robin threw his hand off of her and headed out of the room without a single word.

    Without a single word?

    It was far too easy. Usually there would have been some sort of epilogue to the conversation that he would have gotten in right before he left the room, something to let her know that he was upset and worried.

    Robin just left the room?

    Raven stood up from the couch, clutching the hood over her head. It’s not like it would help much for the obviously noticeable cuts all over her body, but it would provide momentary passage back through the tower so she could clean up the mess in her room and bathroom. Through shadow drenched corridors, Raven was once again in her room. Like chrome snow, the glass lay across the carpet of her room in a strange almost powder like pattern, leading straight into the pitch black bathroom, with shards here and there flickering crimson in the low light.

    She took a breath and attempted to clean up the shards with her powers which, of course, worked only in her imagination. The room in front of her remained without action, like the lost thoughts of a Star Wars fan using ‘the force’ to move things. She turned quickly to get a broom and a scoop to clean up the mess but managed to come eye to eye with the ocean toned eyes of Terra.

    “Raven-what happened here?” Terra glanced at the battlefield on the ground, the gashes that seemed to bleed profusely all over Raven. “Did you do this to yourself?” The tone was far too accusing for the situation.

    Accusations coming from a one time traitor; yes, I can sense the irony. “Why, do you believe that I am still ‘sick’?” The tone met perfectly with Terra’s tone, but it had a much harsher edge to it. Anger began to well up somewhere within Raven and she immediately picked up one of the glass shards from the ground, a memory from where ever it happened to come from smashing into the forefront of her mind.

    Terra’s eyes widened in shock for a moment as the glass shard scraped across her bare stomach then she let out a gagged scream. Starfire kept a malicious smile across her face, an almost inaudible chuckle escaping from her lips as the muscle in her hand fought the urge to plunge it straight into Terra’s forehead. The crimson mark began to grow as droplets arced over Terra’s stomach.

    The shard in Raven’s hand fell to the ground immediately as Starfire barged into the room. She glanced at Terra, who stood dumbfounded at what had just transpired in Raven’s head. Slowly, Raven draped her hood over her head, allowing only the darkness of her face to be shown to the outside world.

    “Do you need my assistance friends?” Silence had become another member in the room, standing in the middle of the three girls that filled Raven’s old bed room.

    We’re all ghosts here…

    “Raven, are you really okay?” Terra put a hand on her shoulder.

    They’re like cardboard cut outs of the people I knew…

    “Yes dear friend, are you fine?” Starfire put a hand on her other shoulder.

    This feels so stiff, so unnatural.

    Like always, Starfire contorted her expression to that of a worried one, “Raven?”

    Glass shard, plus being in the loony bin, plus screwed up memories equals. . .

    Terra widened her eyes in absolute disbelief as her entire body jolted backward only slightly, blood droplets covering her face in little specks. Extending out from the center of Terra’s chest was a glass shard which Raven had her hand wrapped around. Like a waterfall, the blood poured from the center of her chest to the ground in rhythm with her heart beat. In gurgled reply, Terra tried to speak, tears pouring down her face and blood raining out from her mouth.

    Starfire recoiled at the sudden death strike against Terra. The plunged shard made its way out of the center of Terra’s chest and edged its way across Starfire’s throat, green mist exploding out into the air and spattering the wall, the Tamaranean quickly falling against the wall in rag doll fashion. That was too easy. Though her legs were beginning to shake, Terra still stood in shock at the river of blood coming from her chest. Raven finished the girl by smashing the glass shard so hard into her neck, through the wind pipe, that there was a crack as bone from her spinal cord snapped. Leaving the shard in the wound, Raven nonchalantly put out a hand and pushed Terra from her forehead to the ground.

    What’s next?

    The front door to her room bubbled outward slightly as soon as the thought struck her. Starfire began to slide back up the wall, blood still draining from the wound in her neck, followed by Terra. Both of them moved like zombies toward Raven, stopping only a foot away.

    In unison, the two began to speak, “You really have lost it, dear Raven.”

    “Who are you-what the hell is going on?” Raven simply stood her ground, keeping defensive against the two girls that she had already killed.

    “Soon enough, things will begin to come together, I promise you.” The two dead girls patted each of Raven’s shoulders, their heads shifting around in disgusting ways. “You are merely a siphon of power that I am using.” The girls laughed in a monotone fashion. “You could have stayed here as long as you wanted, in this universe, and you would never have known the difference.”

    “I knew the difference, I’ve felt it before, when I died before-a moment or two when everything seemed just fine, is the same feeling I have here, like a dream.” The door that had been bubbling behind the two girls finally exploded, black energy escaping from it. A strange room became visible through the gaping doorway.

    Terra and Starfire turned to her, pleading, “I am offering you happiness. The world beyond this threshold is the one you don’t want to go back to.”

    Her feet moved forward, numb to the ground beneath her. The voices behind her still tried to plead, beg even. Raven stepped through the threshold, collapsing to the ground immediately afterward, the voices dying away. Cold air struck her immediately as nothing but a hospital gown seemed to be draped around her once more. The ground seemed to be made of glass, her reflection peering back at her. Once again, Raven was older. As her eyes shifted past her own reflection, the top of the Jump City skyline came into focus. From far above, she was staring at the rooftops of some of the tallest buildings in the city. In fact, she could see the entire stretch of the city if she moved around the room.

    It seemed as though she was standing on a checker board layout of windows that looked down upon the city. Attempted to stand up, stumbling a bit; the door she had come through now seemed like large gothic doors you’d see on the entrance to some ancient fortress. Directly across the room were doors exactly like it. The room was large and circular, the ceiling dome shaped, the center of it housing some kind of energy source that glowed a strange green.

    The other set of large doors began to open up, a figure stepping through intense white light. It paused for a moment in the open doorway, “You!?”
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    So close to the end...

    Chapter Eight

    Watching the news had led to this.

    As if he didn’t know what the bread crumb was that Slade let out.

    Nightwing stood at the edge of the city, what city there might be left. He could only get as close as a corn field to what would normally be the outskirts of Jump City. The skies were glowing as helicopters and planes swarmed the air like fire flies, launching bombs at the city. In the distance, the explosions crackled like thunder, the clouds above lighting up every once in a while. Of course, they weren’t really hitting the city because each bombing run was another attack against the black energy dome over all of Jump City. The texture of the dome pulsated like silver liquid, almost as though it were alive.

    The stalks of corn were at least eight feet tall, and going through them was like maneuvering through a thick forest. Light from his motorcycle lined the way to the edge of the dome. He walked toward it slowly, the shadows playing mean tricks on his eyes. Each shadow caught his attention, his entire body tensing up progressively as he took each step toward the dome.

    How did Slade manage all of this?

    Nightwing was now only a foot away from the dome. Stretching out an arm, he touched the liquid like surface with his hand. The surface of the dome strayed away from his hand like he was a polar opposite magnet.

    He’s rolling out the carpet for me.

    Nightwing pushed forward, a pit growing out of the dome, allowing him access into it. Slowly, he waded through the liquid entrance which gave access to a door just large enough for him to enter. It didn’t take any effort at all for his staff to come out, pure instinct readying him for whatever was to happen next. There were no grand effects or traps waiting for him. Instead, the doorway simply opened up. He etched toward it, doing a swat dive as he came through the door, his back pressed against the wall.

    It was a small pod. The ceiling of the pod lit up with a white light similar to a subway car. The trail behind him closed off as the dome healed the gaping wound, then the doors to the pod closed. Nightwing immediately snapped on the door as though he were being locked into a prison cell. He pounded the metallic doors which didn’t yield to any of his attacks. A rumbling noise followed as the pod shook unnervingly.

    The front wall of the pod melted away, creating a window. Corn stalks blocked the view of the city. He got close to the window, trying desperately to see anything. Behind him, black tentacles shot out, clasping him to the wall for a perfect view of nothing but the window of the pod.

    Struggling made no difference, as the tentacles budged for absolutely nothing, his hands clenched above his head far away from the utility belt. The pod rumbled once more and took flight from the ground. The corn stalks faded from view quickly, and the Jump City skyline popped directly into view. The city itself seemed fine from a distance, but the pod was taking him with the arc of the dome. With velocity dragging him like a rocket, he found himself looking directly at the ground as the pod arced toward the top of the energy dome.

    Corn fields.

    The bridge.

    Titans Tower.

    The top of the tallest buildings in the city.

    As it came to the heart of the city, the pod evened out revealing a base of sorts in the sky. It slowed as it came to a platform on the outside of the base, which seemed to be the power source of the dome itself. Stopping at the tip of a platform jetting out of the strange structure, Nightwing was gently plucked out of the pod by the same black tentacles which had trapped him into it, and he landed safely onto the platform. The tentacles released their grip, and the pod simply liquefied itself into the wall of the dome.

    He ran to the edge of the platform, glancing down at the city. It was actually perfectly peaceful. The night time traffic was moving through the streets below in a sea of red brake lights. Nightwing looked up from the city and over at the large gothic doors which gave entrance to the heart of all of this. Slowly he walked to them, and as he came near they opened slowly, a blinding white light showering him until the interior came into view.


    The room was massive in size. The floor itself resembled that of a huge chess board, windows filling the squares. Below lay the Jump City skyline. Across the room was someone else, coming through a set of doors similar to what he had.

    It can’t be.


    Raven stood directly across from him, in full cloak garb. She stared at Nightwing for a moment, the two taking each other in.

    “Robin, what-what’s going on here?”

    Nightwing began to walk across the room, killing the distance between them as though he were getting ready to attack her, “Raven, what about you?”

    She felt dazed, like she had just woke from a dream that had kept her prisoner for years. Raven glanced around the room slowly, then at Nightwing, “I honestly don’t understand any of this.”

    He grabbed her by the shoulders, almost yelling, “Did you have anything to do with this!”

    “No, I didn’t.” The two stared at each other, as he kept her locked in a death grip. The anger slowly faded as he searched for the truth in her eyes, which was inevitably that she indeed had nothing to do with the current situation. He released her slowly. “I was in Titans Tower and then I was here.”

    “This is a trap and we fell for it. . .” Stepping away from her in frustration, he put his head in his hands, “Just like the rest.”


    He jetted around at her, his words hitting her like bullets, “They’re dead, Raven, all of them!”


    “The other Titans. . .our friends. . .our family…they’re dead and we’re probably next.”

    “Wha-No, no that’s. . .that’s not true.”

    “Yes, Raven.”

    “Oh God. . .no, no, no, no, no. . .” She collapsed the ground, tears flowing out as her body wretched with each sob, “That’s not true. . .it can’t be. . .” Raven screamed as her fist impacted the floor, a rumble almost occurring with it.

    Nightwing knelt down to her, placing an arm around her, “I’m sorry, Raven, but we need to find a way out of here.” He paused, trying stop his own emotions. “I know it hurts, but we need to go, we need to survive.”

    “O-Okay…” Nightwing slowly helped her broken figure from the ground, another rumble shaking the entire room as they stood. “Robin?”

    This rumble had put him on full alarm, his center of attention darting all over the room, “Yeah?”

    “I-I think we’re already too late.”

    Another rumble occurred, punctuated by a hissing sound which came from the top of the room. Steam released from the strange glowing green diamond in the center of the room, each side opening up slowly and mechanically as it turned into what looked like an origami flower. Through the steam, a figure laden in green energy slowly floated to the floor of the room, its enormous black wings wrapping it as though it were in a protective cocoon. The wings opened up, the span of them breath taking, only to reveal what Nightwing already knew.

    “Finally, my audience has arrived.” Slade slowly cracked his neck to one side, the vertebrae making a sickening symphony from bottom to top. “Both of you came far sooner than expected.”

    Nightwing held onto Raven as tight as he could, his thoughts racing as to how they were even going to survive what was to come.
    I don’t know what to do-I-I don’t know what I should. . .

    “Your silence is certainly deafening, ‘Nightwing’.” Slade slowly walked toward them, each metal clang against the floor reverberating through each and every fiber inside Nightwing. “Where’s your threat, where’s your taunting now, hmm?”

    Nightwing shoved Raven behind him quickly, acting like a shield for her, “I won’t let you hurt her!” He twirled out his staff, glaring at him, “This is between you and me, like always.”

    Slade stopped dead in his tracks, a taunting laugh echoing around the chamber. “On the contrary, you’re both involved in this.” With a wave of his hands, black tentacles came from every direction to wrap them in what seemed to be a web. “Now that I have your attention, do forgive the appearance, I’m still under some construction.”

    Slowly, Slade’s mask melted away to the ground like the silver liquid of the dome. Long red hair flowed out from behind the mask, glowing green eyes piercing directly through Nightwing’s soul. Starfire stood before them, her skin only covering half of her face. The other side of her face still had a glowing green eye, but it was bone which was still trying to build itself slowly. The skin around the gaping hole in her face inched slowly, the edges of it the same as the dome texture.

    “I thought the mask was a smart touch.”

    Neither Nightwing nor Raven had any words for what had just transpired before them. They simply gazed in awe at Starfire.

    “It provided me with a perfect red herring for you to follow, Nightwing, as well as the fact that it concealed my incomplete body.” She giggled in a sickly happy way, “I thought you would be impressed at my ingenuity.” She strolled happily toward them, “I suppose my slaughter of the other Titans has much more gravity on this situation.”

    Tears began to stream down Raven’s face at the mere thought of the others dying, “Starfire. . .why?”

    “I suppose to answer that question I would have to start with my resurrection.” A green aura slowly made its way down her body, revealing the trademark purple suit that Starfire had always worn in the day of the Teen Titans, other than her skin which was malformed like her face. With a skip or two, she made her way to Raven, rubbing a hand warmly on her face. “It actually started with the day that you killed an entire hospital wing full of innocent people.” Starfire turned away quickly, walking across the checkerboard on the line as though she were on a tight rope, “The bloodshed that night gave birth to something in you that had been lying dormant since your own resurrection.” She paused on her imaginary tight rope, “That dormant side was released hours before when you tried to kill yourself.”

    Raven stared to the ground. A slide show was playing her mind.

    “All of that emotion had pent up to that pivotal moment.” Pounding her fist in her hand, Starfire made an explosion sound like a child would make, “Jumping in front of that car turned out to be release of all those emotions rather than a release from your earthly bonds.” Her eyes began to glow a faint green, as her body attempted to fight with rising rage, “So of course, they locked you up in the asylum, like they did with me.” She stared at Raven with reverence, “With the amount of drugs you were on for so long, I’m actually surprised you can still remain as coherent as you are.” She turned back around and continued her invisible tight rope, “However, those drugs killed your emotions quite superbly, I must say. There was absolutely no chance for your powers to ever come out again under that regiment.”

    Raven’s stare came up from the ground in a dazed fashion, the memories torturing her like small demons prodding the newest entry to the fire pit. His struggling ceasing, Nightwing felt nothing but his heart beating in his chest.

    “A careless mistake by an orderly when some other super powered patients got out of control led to a slight chance for your powers to get out.” Starfire turned as the black tentacles slowly placed Raven to the floor. As lovingly as possible, Starfire hugged her, “I was reborn, Raven, all thanks to you.”

    As Raven was released from Starfire’s grasp, she fell to the ground, nausea fighting its way up from her stomach. “Gahhh….guuh…”

    Starfire knelt down by her friend, placing a hand on her back, “You were the last to hold me in my dying moments, and my psychic resonance was left on you when I died; my thoughts, memories, feelings, everything that was me.”

    Raven met face to face with Starfire, trying to grasp at anything that was left in her eyes that was like the old Starfire. The same, happy, cheery disposition filled itself in the Tamaranean’s eyes. Starfire was still there, completely guilt free of the situation. In fact, she seemed warm and content with everything that was happening.

    “Don’t you see my return was truly not a coincidence?” Starfire smiled brightly at Raven, “You sent me on my mission to kill the Titans, actually.” She helped Raven slowly to her feet, a red couch forming out of the ground and catching Raven as she fell backward. “For leaving you behind, you wanted them all to die.” Dancing around in circles, Starfire was nearly yelling in jubilee, “I fulfilled your wishes gratefully.”

    It didn’t take long for Raven to actually get sick. Her entire body wretched violently over to explode vomit onto the floor. Trying desperately to rebalance herself, she stared up through tears, shaking her head slowly, “I didn’t want this. . .any of this.”

    “Nonsense, friend, I spent enough time inside your mind to know all of your thoughts and feelings.” Starfire waved a hand, cleaning up the mess in front of the couch, “After taking care of Cyborg and Blackfire, you were still rotting alone in that hospital.” Her glare could have burned holes through Nightwing, “The massacre I unleashed upon the asylum workers was my most violent work to date.” Starfire looked at the nighttime traffic in the city below, “It didn’t take long for the full breadth of your powers to unleash itself on an unsuspecting Jump City.”

    Raven sat frozen in her seat. Every single muscle in her body was tense enough to burst.

    “You created the next thing you wanted most; your old life back.” Around the couch, forming out of the ground in the same black and silver pattern as everything else, the old Starfire, Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Terra came to life before her. Starfire floated from the ground, her fist charging up a star bolt. In seconds, Terra was blown in half, her legs and torso falling to the ground in a bloody, smoking mess. “Your powers literally recreated everything in Jump City to the way it was when the Teen Titans were still formed together.”

    Raven slowly wiped the crimson drips from her face.

    “I must admit, you’re far more powerful than anyone ever gave you credit for Raven.” Starfire slowly floated back to the ground, “To create all of this is simply amazing.” She twirled around, her wings enclosing her as she did, “It’s even giving me the ability to come back in solid, organic form, rather than a simple energy form.” On “energy form”, the Teen Titans of the past evaporated into nothing, along with the blood droplets on Raven’s face. “So you see, Raven, you did all of this.”

    “No, no, I didn’t do any of this. . .I. . .I couldn’t. . .” Raven felt her entire body shaking.

    “Friend, we should be proud!” Starfire was closing the distance between herself and Raven very slowly. “The others got to live their lives so happily, while they locked you away to die, like they did with me.” She was finally directly in front of Raven, and she knelt down slowly, looking her directly in the eyes. “We’re free now Raven.” Starfire grabbed Raven’s hands, “Isn’t it glorious?”
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    Chapter Nine
    58 Fallen Angels”

    Lex Luthor stood at a far distance from the dome which encapsulated Jump City. Security teams swarmed thickly around him, ready to shoot the next life form that had the unfortunate impulse to move. The helicopter behind him sat idling, the blades still whipping around just in case there needed to be a quick pull out of President Luthor. He was ignoring everything around him other than to focus on the large dome.

    It’s beautiful.

    The thought struck him out of no where, and it was not exactly what he was thinking on any sort of conscious level. He had personally come to over see the destruction of this energy dome and like any good general, which he often considered himself as, he stood bravely on the battle field dispatching orders to the many armed forces that surrounded Jump City. All of the counties around the city were filled to the brim with hundreds of thousands of troops. Tanks roared, helicopters idled in the air, planes made bombing runs. None of them had any effect on the integrity of the dome.

    “Mr. President?”

    Luthor’s gaze at the dome was snapped, “Yes, what is it?”

    “Nothing is getting through the barrier, sir.” The soldier cleared his throat nervously, “All we can really do at the moment is establish a perimeter.”

    “Fine.” Lex sighed for a moment as the next few moves were played out in his head. “Get any civilians within a fifty mile radius of this thing out of here.” He rubbed his chin, adding, “Make sure none of the super powered brand gets through as I’m more than sure it was caused by one of those freaks.”

    “What about the-uh-Justice League sir?”

    “If they offer assistance, then it is only to clear out civilians, but I do not want them touching the barrier, got it?” The soldier simply nodded at Lex and proceeded through the sea of security around him. The recent deaths of some of the former Teen Titans make this situation seem more than likely caused by the remaining few considering it is Jump City.

    Lex began to stare at the dome thoughtfully once again, something immediately catching his attention. Something was spinning around in flames slightly above the barrier. In seconds, it collided with the surface of the dome exploding immediately upon impact. One of the security guards began talking quickly into a communication link in his ear.

    Edges of panic began to filter through the axons of Lex’s mind, “What is it?”

    The guard cursed for a moment, his attention moving directly to Lex, “One of our helicopters went down.” He shook his head, “They say it was some sort of creature that came out of the top of the dome.”

    “What?” Lex glanced up toward the top of the dome, the remnants of the helicopter nothing more than smoldering ashes smoking into the sky.

    The guard began to listen intently to his ear piece. After a moment, he glanced up at the dome as well, “Sir, there’s now more than one creature in the sky.”

    A black fog started to seep from the top of the barrier, but as it began to reach out into the sky, the fog broke up into little figures flying around all of the air crafts. Relentlessly, the air crafts were swatted out of the air on by one, explosions so close together that it began to sound like a twisted fire works show. Lex simply stared on in disbelief.

    “Alright, men, we’ve got to get the president out of here.” Almost as if on cue, the man in front of Lex evaporated in a black energy.

    Gun fire rained down upon the creature, which simply seemed to take shot after shot. Lex turned around to see a girl with long black hair and black wings floating angelically in the air above him. Her skin was almost completely white, purple veins punctuating the sides of her face. The girl smiled at him, her eyes glowing white. In a moment, she began to warm up a white beam aimed at Lex himself. He stared at her for a moment, his eyes growing cold and dead, as though he were in another business meeting preparing to buy out another company.

    “Brave human.” The girl giggled, launching the white hot beam toward him.

    He simply pressed a button on the face of his watch, the beam bouncing off of him and back at the winged creature. The girl let out a high pitched scream as the beam began charring her skin off layer by layer. Lex let go of the button as soon as her brains became visible from the blast, and with that she collapsed to the ground, dead.

    His guards all glanced at him awkwardly, the shots in the immediate area dying completely. Lex grabbed one of them by the collar, “I want you to get a heat signature on all of those things in the air right now!” In fury, he snagged a machine gun from one of the guards, and began to ventilate the corpse of the creature on the ground. The bullets tore through the charred flesh as though it were paper.

    In mere moments, the guard came up with an answer for Lex, “There are fifty eight of them in the air right now, sir, and they’re cutting our forces down quickly.”

    * * * *
    -About five minutes before-

    “Isn’t it glorious?”

    Raven took her hands out from Starfire’s, desperately clinging to the strands of sanity that kept her planted in the real world. I did this?

    “Raven, what’s wrong?”

    I never wanted this, any of this.
    Her legs managed to carry her up from the couch past Starfire to the center of the room. Locked in her mind, Raven panicked as she began to take in every detail of the room.

    Thud, thud.

    I never wanted to be a hero in the first place.

    Thud, thud.

    “Friend. . .”

    Raven glared over at the Starfire. Shut the hell up you crazy b*tch! The room pulsated in her vision.

    Thud, thud.

    I just wanted to be left alone because I knew it would come to this. Her vision became delayed as she attempted to stay on her feet, her legs beginning to shake. All of this for me? Really?

    Thud, thud.

    “Raven, you must tell me what you are thinking because I’m here for you.” Starfire had a hand on Raven’s shoulder, trying everything in her Tamaranean brain to calm the girl. Focused completely on the ground, thoughts racing like a lightning storm, Raven said nothing. “Please?”

    Thud, thud.

    “You’re right.” A smirk crept onto the side of Raven’s mouth. “I should tell you what I’m thinking.”

    Starfire’s partially built face lit up in relief, “What is it?”

    “Azirath. . .Metrion. . .”

    Starfire’s eyes widened in fear, “Friend, no-”


    In an explosion of energy, Starfire was picked up into the air and thrown to the other side of the room sending shards of stone into the air like shattered glass. Her eyes glowing with a black energy, Raven quickly turned to Nightwing, releasing him from the black tentacle webs.

    “Raven!” The rubble gave way, the black wings appearing first like two large hands grasping toward Raven and Nightwing.

    Raven scooped Nightwing from the ground quickly, holding onto him tightly, “Let’s go!” With that, in a ball of black energy which surrounded the both of them, the ground beneath them shattered and the two of them were flying through the air.

    The rest of the rubble blew out into the remainder of the room, Starfire air borne, entangled in a green aura. “We were. . .supposed to kill him together, Raven. . .Don’t you see?” A rumble from above her, followed by bits of stone and dust paused the inevitable pursuit. Raven’s deluded state must be affecting the integrity of the barrier.

    Starfire waved a hand, and in front of her a holographic screen showing what was occurring outside of the barrier appeared before her. If the barrier is beginning to wear, then the explosions will get through. In moments, fifty eight pods dropped down from the top of the room. Defensive measures will have to be taken. Each pod began to burst open, white clones of Starfire dropping down to the floor of the chamber, their eyes flashing white as they came to life, their veins slowly forming at the top of their skin. Even though their production came as a halt to my own body formation, these weaker versions will hold off any human attacks with little to no effort.

    “All of you know what to do.” Each one nodded in agreement as the door way to the surface formed from a wall in the chamber. They flew off into opening as Starfire diverted her attention away from armada of clones to the street below. Raven, you must understand why I did this. You must.

    * * * *
    Lex Luthor was already off of the ground inside of his helicopter, attempting an escape from the war that was raging behind him. The Justice League had already made their appearance at the barrier, fending off the onslaught of these angelic looking creatures. It was more than unfortunate that the League had to be the ones to save him, but seeing as he didn’t have a massive version of the technology that his watch had, there really was no other choice than to rely on them for a resolution to the battle.

    “Hold on!” Lex’s order to the pilot set the helicopter idling in the air, much to the dismay of the pilot. In the miles of land he could see below, the explosions made it seem like day light outside, with faint blurs and swoops of what could only be assumed to be the League waging war against them. He waved toward the pilot once more, “Alright, get us out of here.”

    Enthusiastically, the pilot replied sticking his thumb up, “You got it.”

    * * * *
    The shards of what looked like glass fell around them like rain as Raven and Nightwing exploded from the top chamber of the dome as they began their descent on the city below.

    I can’t. . .keep. . .focused!

    Each of the roof tops of the sky scrapers in Jump City shot into close up as Raven tried to fly the both of them as far away from Starfire as she could get. Panic began to set in as she started to soar through the buildings, onlookers glancing at the speeding pair as they rushed toward the ground at meteor like velocity.

    “Raven, we need to slow down!” Nightwing had always had a knack for saying the most obvious things.

    “I know, I’m just having trouble evening out, it’s been a while since I used my powers!”

    Raven clinched her teeth as the ground started to come into view, the black aura around them long since dissipated. Like any cliché super hero near death moment, black aura shot around them at the last minute and they began to rise again.

    Wow. The moment, didn’t go completely like any cliché super hero moment, however, as the aura vanished once again. Sh*t!

    The two former Titans collided with the window in one of the business buildings, tearing through glass, steel, and desks as they impacted. It was over as quickly as it started. Raven attempted to stand from the floor, only to lean onto a desk. The side of her leg was a gaping wound, blood trickling from it like a leaky faucet. Even the side of her head bled with the diamond in the center of her forehead cracked.

    “R-Robin. . .”

    “Over here!”

    His voice was muffled under tons of debris which littered the room. It was going to be difficult to locate him in the darkness of the large room. At least until one of the desks flew up into the air, Nightwing letting out a blood curdling growl in exertion.

    Raven immediately limped toward the area the desk flew from, “Are you okay?”

    “For the most part, yeah.” He stood up from the rubble slowly, stretching out his aching muscles, “Your body actually took the brunt of the hit.”

    “I can feel it.” Raven glanced around the room for an exit. It didn’t take a genius to realize that Starfire was going to be behind them shortly, and they needed to get out of the small, enclosed location where there was no place to run. Of course, inside the dome, there wasn't anywhere to hide.
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