TALKBACK - We Bare Bears - "I Am Ice Bear" - [2/9]

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Apr 24, 2016
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Hmm, how do I think about the episode, It’s was more like low mid tier, you would’ve thought that seeing Ice Bear turned to a whole different person would benefit well with Grizz and Panda, but it didn’t, they realize that it gotten so annoying and obnoxious that wanted his old self back, as he becomes just as worse as Nom Nom, good thing for the tree to fall on him, just get him back to old self.

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Sep 26, 2011
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...And here's hoping Ice Jerk doesn't come back anytime soon; Ice Bear's my favorite character on this whole show, so this wasn't all that fun / engaging to watch for me, honestly. That and, I'm not a fan of this cliche, either (Amnesia is a real pain in the behind.).

I'll consider this Mid Tier, only because it's far from the worst execution of this cliche, but still one I'm not too fond of.