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    Episode 86
    Fridays at 7:30p/6:30c!

    Charlie's Halloween Thing
    (Online) MONDAY 10/2
    (TV) FRIDAY 10/27 at 7:30 PM

    This week...
    Charlie hosts an evening of scary stories starring the Bears.​
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    Charlie's Halloween Thing (Mid High Tier)
    I gotta be honest: what we were presented with here (Killer Doll versions of the Bears; Chloe gets turned into a were-bear) definitely seem like awesome enough material for scary stories (e.g.: a Halloween special). I won't lie about that for a second - while BOTH described they have been done before, that does not mean it still can't be done well more than one way.

    Here's my problem with all of this, however: this should have been 22 minutes, with 11 minutes dedicated to BOTH segments, instead of the measly 11 forced upon us, IMHO. As a result of both stories barely even clocking in at 5 minutes, everything presented here feels rushed and somewhat lacking in oomph (despite being decently written enough to not fall on their asses.), if I must be honest with what's put in front of me.

    I don't blame Charlie for this - just the material he's working with. With a little more time, these stories could have been much more awesome, with how tried and true they are throughout folklore history, but also despite how tired they unfortunately are and always in need of a good shaking up which they do attempt to get here (at least IMHO, anyway.).

    I'll elaborate: The first story, although short and rather tame (seriously, I don't think they would have gotten away with blood acting as the essence to make the story move forward...), is a pretty good for something tackling that of the killer doll folklore - in theory, as it really needed more time put into it to really build up and bring out the horror elements of this a bit more, instead of rushing to what's put in front of us, instead.

    The second story also suffers from the same issue of being short, IMHO. Don't get me wrong; Chloe's fate of regressing too far with were-bear thing and having no real cure for it in a worst case scenario is perfectly reminiscent of something you'd see in proper horror - in short, a good final outcome! What annoys me here (and convinces me this needed more time and thought put into it) is how certain characters in this setup just feel written stupidly to make things work (e.g.: Chloe's classmates.); last time I checked, people respected Chloe, despite her prodigal age - it just feels jarring to see otherwise on this show - felt like I was watching NuPPG (and knowing how much I personally hate that show? That's not a good thing, honestly.).

    TL;DR? These are good ideas, oldies but classics. Unfortunately, this special just needed to be 22 minutes to flesh both of these stories out much more, IMHO. Not a bad effort, however; I'm just still getting off the high that Icy Nights II just recently gave us and expecting more, admittedly.
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    I love these Halloween story episodes. Shame these weren't longer.
    The first story reminded me of that killer vooddo doll story, minus the characters getting possessed after destroying the dolls. It was funny how Ranger Tabes had her own at the end.
    The second story involved Chloe being turned into a WereBear. It was hilarious that Chloe's teacher knew about being a "Were", but was useless when her specialty was only with WereWolves.
    Charlie being the host was perfect since he's free to run around in public on Halloween without anyone suspecting. Well...almost, since the kids that he was telling the stories to knew he wasn't in a costume.
    I hope they do more of these every year.

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