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    Join Ash and Pikachu as they make new friend and explore the Alola region.

    Ash meets Gladion.
    Ash learns about the next set of trials after seeing Gladion's Z-Move.
    Lillie bonds with Pikachu and is able to touch it.
    Ash and his friends meet Olivia and take a trip to Akala Island.
    Lana finds a rock and Olivia decides to make her a Z-Ring out of it.
    Lana defeats a Totem Wishiwashi and gets a Waterium Z-Crystal.
    Lana gets a Z-Ring.
    Kiawe catches an Alolan Marowak.
    Ash defeated the Totem Pokemon Lurantis and received a Grassium Z-Crystal.
    Ash defeats Olivia in his second Grand Trial.
    Ash earns the Rockium Z-Crystal.
    Ash learns that his Rockruff is close to evolving.

    Last Time:

    "Trials and Determinations!"
    Saturday October 21st, 9AM
    Ash is about to face off against Kahuna Olivia for his Grand Trial. However, Olivia says that their match will be a Double Battle. Ash chooses Rowlet and Rockruff to go up against Oliva's Lycanroc and Probopass. Will Ash be able to defeat Olivia and pass his second Grand Trial?​

    This Time:
    "Rising from the Ruins!"
    Saturday October 28th, 9AM
    Ash's Rockruff still feels guilty over attacking Rowlet during the Grand Trial. It sneaks off during the night only to find Tapu Lele. They have a battle, but Rockruff is injured and runs off into the forest. Will Ash and his friends be able to find Rockruff in time?

    The 20th season of Pokemon is here to promote the seventh generation.
    Disney XD is the new home for the Pokemon anime series.
    The first season of Pokemon in HD is available for digital purchase and rental.
    Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon will be released on November 17th.
    Pokemon Gold and Silver are available on the 3DS eShop.
    Pokken Tournament DX is available for the Nintendo Switch.
    There is a main series Pokemon game in development for the Switch system.
    The episodes are available on both Disney XD's website and On Demand section.
    Please avoid using detailed spoilers here. Thank you.
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    I thought that this episode was pretty good. I liked how Rockruff was still feeling guilty over how it acted during the previous episode. It looked genuinely shocked over what it did to Rowlet. It would want to take out some of that tension by training, but then it ran into Tapu Lele. I thought that Tapu Lele was joining into battle for fun, but it didn't seem to recognize how much damage Rockruff was taking. Ash of course went after Rockruff the moment Pikachu told him about it and he was worried about it when they found it injured. It was still too angry to recognize its behavior and Rockruff ended up biting Ash just like it did with Rowlet.

    I like how everyone was looking around for Ash and Professor Kuki continued to act like the father Ash never had when he finally did show up. Rockruff leaving their trainers before evolving is typical, as that what happened with Oliva's Lycanroc, but they all jumped to continue the search once they learned that Rockruff was injured. Those are the kind of moments that makes me like the group as a whole. While there are some characters that I think are boring individually, such as Sophocles and Mallow, I think the group chemistry with Ash and his new friends is pretty good. There are moments that makes them feel like friends and that they genuinely like each other. Genuine friendship moments can go a long way in terms of group chemistry.

    I wasn't expecting Gladion to show up, but he was surprisingly calm with his Lycanroc leaving all of a sudden. They also showed that he does have Type Null in the anime, which was pretty neat. Considering that Lillie doesn't have Cosmog like she does in the games, it wasn't clear if Gladion would have Type Null either. It does make me wonder how the show will tackle the Aether Foundation storyline even more.

    Both Olivia and Gladion's Lycanroc were looking for Ash's Rockruff, who was already even more injured from walking through the wilderness. Bringing it to Tapu Lele to heal its injuries made sense, but it was too eager to play around and upset when its powers weren't working to heal Rockruff. Olivia explaining how Tapu Lele doesn't realize it hurts Pokemon during its playtime made sense. Apparently, she said in the original version that it could unintentionally kill its opponents, which caused Ash to panic even more to find Rockruff. Saying that it could just get really hurt does weaken the intensity of the situation, but I can see why they did that and it's still a serious situation regardless.

    I like how both Lycanroc tried to protect Rockruff and Ash jumped right in to save Rockruff too. At least their energies were able to finally heal Rockruff and seeing it lick Ash awake was pretty cute. Rockruff's evolution sequence was pretty cool. The two forms of Lycanroc right by its side while it evolved into a new form was pretty cool. The Dusk Lycanroc form was revealed awhile ago, so I knew that Ash would get it. I kind of wish that he got the Midday form, but this works too. While I still feel that they could have done a bit more with the design to make it stand out more, Dusk Lycanroc has grown on me since it was revealed. It helps that it looks better in both the anime and the official artwork than in the games. That and I just love the Rockruff line as it is. Ash getting Dusk Lycanroc is for US/UM promotion and the timing kind of works better for the U.S. than when it first aired in Japan just because the games are going to be released in a couple of weeks.

    It was cute to see everyone hugging Lycanroc after it evolved. I thought that they'd just change that there were more than two Lycanroc forms, but I'm glad that they didn't just retcon that bit of information. It made a bit more sense and it does make me wonder if they'll address why or at least how Rockruff could obtain that form. Everyone leaving Akala Island afterwards was pretty nice. Granted, the focus was much more on Lycanroc than on their adventures on the island, but everyone was happy that Rockruff evolved and Ash wanted to come back to the place where Lycanroc evolved too.

    Overall, it was a pretty good episode. I think that they handled Rockruff's evolution pretty well and it had some pretty good buildup. While I enjoyed the Akala Island arc in general, it still really makes me wonder what the main goal of the series is. Despite the gap between Ash's first and second Grand Trials, they went through all of the trials, aside from the Fire Trial because they skipped it, within five episodes. I've seen people compare this arc to those summer camp arcs that DP and XY had. It doesn't quite feel like a summer camp arc to me, but I can definitely see the comparison when their trip to Akala Island was a field trip. It makes me wonder if they'll just brush through the other islands in a similar manner, although part of that depends on what new content US/UM adds and what the anime will include from it. I still enjoy the series, but I am also still confused over what the main goal of the series is.

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