Survivor: Immunity Challenge 4!

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    Good evening everyone!

    Oceanic Tribe, welcome back. Let's welcome the new Dharma Tribe... with Dekacloud being voted out at the last Tribal Council.

    Jave, I'm going to need to take back immunity.

    *Colin accepts the Immunity Idols from Jave*

    Immunity is once again up for grabs. In this week's challenge we test your cognitive faculties. Your challenge is to just correctly answer the questions below.

    Don't forget, you have until 11:59pm Wednesday evening to submit to me your answers. As always, First Submission is all that gets counted, additional submissions are thrown into the fire like fresh kindling.

    The first tribe to complete the challenge, or the tribe with the most correct at the end of the time period will win immunity, and get to stay in our game for another week.

    Survivors Ready?!
      1. A clock gains half a minute ever day. Another clock doesn’t work. Which one will show the correct time more often? (the broken clock)
      2. A clock takes five second when striking 6. How long will it take when striking 12? (11 seconds)
      3. A doctor has a brother who is an attorney in Alabama, but the attorney in Alabama does not have a brother who is a doctor. How can this be? (the doctor is a woman)
      4. A dog is tied to a 15-foot long leash. How can the dog reach a bone that is 20 feet away? (by walking and dragging the rope with it)
      5. A farmer has twenty sheep, ten pigs and ten cows. If we call the pigs cows, how many cows will he have? (10 cows)
      6. A friend was telling me, “I have eight sons and each has one sister.” In total, how many children does my friend have? (9 children)
      7. A man says, “I am going to drink water because I don’t have water. If I had it, I would drink wine.” What does he do for a living? (He is a farmer, needs plenty of water so if he lacks water he has no income)
      8. A man took his wife to the emergency room. The doctor decided to operate on her immediate. He told the husband that whether the wife died during the operation or survived, he would charge $1000. The woman did not survive the operation. The husband did not pay anything. Why not? (she died before the operation)
      9. A man was sleeping in a hotel room. In the middle of the night, he woke up and could not get back to sleep. He picked up the phone and called someone. As soon as he hung up, he fell asleep. He did not know the person he was calling. Why did he call that person? (The neighbor was snoring. When he made the call, the person woke up and stopped making the noise)
      10. A mother has six children and five potatoes? How can she feed each an equal amount of potatoes? (by serving Mashed Potatoes)
      11. A railway line has a double track, except in a tunnel where there was no room for a double track. A train goes into the tunnel in one direction, and another one enters in the opposite direction. Both trains are traveling fast, however, they do not crash. Why? (they enter the tunnel at two different times)
      12. A School teacher uses a five-hour hourglass to keep track of class time. One day, he sets the hourglass at 9am, and while he is teaching his class, a student inadvertently inverts the hourglass. Another student, who notices this, sets the hourglass to its initial position at 11:30am. In this way, the class ends at 3pm. At what time did the first student invert the hourglass? (11am)
      13. A woman has five children and half of them are male. Is this possible? (Yes, as long as the other half are male. She has 5 sons)
      14. An Air France plane crashes along the border of Portugal and Spain. Rescue teams from both countries are called to the site of the crash to help the victims. In which country do you think the survivors will be buried? (neither country because they are survivors)
      15. Ann is looking at the portrait of a gentleman. “He is not my father, but his moter was my mother’s mother-in-law,” she says. Who is this gentleman? (The man is Ann’s Uncle)
      16. Ann’s brother has one more brother than sisters. How many more brothers than sisters does Ann have? (three more brothers than sisters)
      17. Can someone marry his brother’s wife’s mother-in-law? (No, because it would be his mother)
      18. How can you explain that one lady works alone as a bartender, yet there is a couple that works behind the counter? (the girls’ name is Anne Couple)
      19. How can you make 30 cents with only two coins if one of the coins is not a nickel? (one quarter and one nickel)
      20. How many cookies can you eat on an empty stomach? (one)
      21. I have a book where the foreward comes after the epilogue, the end is in the first half of the book and the index comes before the introduction. What book is it? (the dictionary)
      22. I have as many brothers as sisters, but my brothers have twice the number of sisters as brothers. How many of us are there? (Seven)
      23. I went into a store and found out that it cost $3 for 400, which meant that each part cost $1. What did I want to buy? (the number 400, to hang on a house)
      24. If a clock takes two seconds to strike 2, how long will it take to strike 3? (four seconds)
      25. If Albert’s peacock jumps over the fence onto Edward’s property and lays and egg there, whose egg is it? (Pea***** don’t lay eggs, peahens do)
      26. If the date of the last Saturday of last month and the first Sunday of this Month do not add up to 33, what month are we in? (December)
      27. If yesterday had been Wednesday’s tomorrow and tomorrow is Sunday’s yesterday, what day would today be? (Friday)
      28. If you can speak properly, you will be able to answer the following question. Which is correct, “The yolk of an egg is white” or “The yolk of an egg are white”? (Neither, the yolk of an egg is yellow)
      29. If your uncle’s sister is related to you, but is not your aunt, what is the relation? (Mom!)
      30. Imagine you are a taxi driver and you are driving a 1978 yellow cab. Your passengers are an older couple, and they want to travel 6 miles. You are driving at 40 miles per hour with the tank at one-third full, when, 2 miles into the trip, the tank is down to one-quarter full. Ten minutes later, the trip is over. What is the name and age of the cab driver? (YOUR name and age)
      31. In a conventional clock, how many times does the minute hand pass the hour hand between noon and midnight? (10 times)
      32. Is the sentence “This statement is false” true or false? (Neither, It’s a pardox!)
      33. It occurs once in a minute, twice in a week and once in a year. What is it? (the letter E)
      34. It sings and has ten feet. What is it? (A quintet)
      35. John wonders, “If Raymond’s son is my son’s father, how am I related to Raymond?” (John is Raymond’s son)
      36. Last Friday I flew to San Diego. It was a scary flight. About an hour after getting onto the plane, I saw a very thick fog and then the engines stopped due to lack of fuel. Why didn’t we die? (the plane had not taken off yet)
      37. Last Thursday, my aunt Martha forgot her driver’s license at home. She was traveling down a one way street in the wrong direction and did not stop at an intersection to let pedestrians go. A policeman was watching her, but did not give her a ticket. Why? (Aunt Martha was also a pedestrian)
      38. Last week, my uncle Peter was able to turn his bedroom light off and get into bed before the room was dark. The light switch and the bed are ten feet apart. How did he accomplish this. (it was daytime, the room was light)
      39. Mary married John two years ago. She did not bring any money into the marriage and did not work during these two years, but she made her husband a millionaire. How did she do it? (When he got married, he was a billionaire. Because of his wife’s spending habits, he became a millionaire)
      40. My brother Mark says he is able to place a bottle in the middle of a room and by crawling on the floor, he can slide into it. How can this be? (he goes to the next room and by crawling toward the bottle, he slides into the room)
      41. My cousin Edward got soaked while he was walking on the street yesterday. He did not have an umbrella or a hat, so when he got home, his clothese were completely wet. However, not a hair on his head got wet. Why? (Edward is bald)
      42. My cousin Henry can predict the future when he pets his black poodle. Is that possible (Yes, but it may not be right!)
      43. My cousin Herbert told me this morning, “I can easily bite my good eye.” How can he do this? (He can take out his dentures and bite his good eye with them)
      44. My cousin Herbert told me yesterday, “I can easily bite my eye.” How can this be? (He has a glass eye)
      45. My cousin Mary dropped an earring in her coffee, but the earring did not get wet. How could this be? (she dropped her earring into her coffee beans)
      46. My sister Sophie lives on the 28th floor of a 32-story building. When my aunt Emily visits her, she takes the elevator to the 25th floor and then walks up the stairs. On her way down, she takes the elevator at the 28th floor all the way down to the ground floor. Why does she do this? (Sophie is short, the button for the 25th floor is at the highest point she can reach)
      47. My son was telling me yesterday, “Four days ago, my school’s soccer team won a game 4 to 1, although none of the boys on my school’s team scored any goals. Also, the other team didn’t score against itself accidentally.” How can this be? (it was the girls’ team)
      48. My uncle Raphael bought a coin in the flea market for $10. The coin has the head of Emperor Augustus and is dated 27BC. The other side is illegible. It is a fake, however. What proves that it is not a true ancient Roman coin? (it would not have BC on it)
      49. One night, when my uncle Emil was reading a book in the living room, his wife turned off the light and the living room became completely dark. However, my uncle continued reading. How is this possible? (Emil is blind; reading Braille)
      50. Paris starts with a “P” and ends with an “E.” Is this true? (Yes)
      51. The brothers Albert, Ben, Carl and Don wear shirt sizes 37, 38, 39, and 40, respectively. Their mother bought one blue shirt for each one of them and embroidered their first initials on the left side. She placed three initials correctly. How many different ways can this happen? (1)
      52. The director of a large company asks the security guard working the night shift to call him a cab, because he needs to take a red-eye flight to New York. The guard tells him not to board the plane because he just had a dream that the director would have an accident. To be safe, the director decides to wait until the next morning. During the trip, he reads in the paper that the red-eye flight has crashed. When he returns from his trip, he thanks the guard and gives him a bonus. Then he fires him. Why did he fire him? (What the director actually needed was a real night shift guard that did not sleep at work, even if he could predict the future in his dreams)
      53. The giraffe and its offspring are walking in a field. The little giraffe tells a friend, “I am the daughter of this giraffe, although this giraffe is not my mother.” How can you explain this? (It is a male giraffe)
      54. The only barber in my town like foreigners to go into his shop. Last week, he was telling me, “The truth is that I’d rather give two foreigners haircuts than to give a haircut to one person in town.” What was the logic behind this? (because he earns double by giving a haircut to two foreigners instead of to only one person in town)
      55. Three mature and hefty women were walking in San Francisco under one regular size umbrella. Why don’t they get wet? (because it wasn’t raining)
      56. What 11-letter word is pronounced incorrectly by more than 99% of Ivy League graduates? (Incorrectly)
      57. What 7-letter word becomes longer when the third letter is removed? (lounger)
      58. What can a pitcher be filled with so it is lighter than when it is filled with air? (holes)
      59. What can elephants make that no other animal can? (baby elephants)
      60. What can you always find in the middle of a taxicab? (the letter I)
      61. What can you have in an empty pocket? (apart from air, of course) (a hole)
      62. What is the opposite of “I AM NOT LEAVING?” (I am leaving)
      63. What is there in the middle of a cigar? (letter “G”)
      64. What occurs once in June and twice in August, but never in October? (the letter “U”)
      65. What was the biggest ocean in the world before Balboa discovered the Pacific Ocean? (the Pacific Ocean)
      66. When he goes to the bathroom, a man does not know if the hot water faucet is the one on the left or on the right. What does he need to do to be sure that he does not turn on the cold water before he turns on the hot water? (turn on both faucets at the same time)
      67. When I gave Albert a ride home, I noticed that the clock in the living room took 7 seconds to strike 8. I immediately asked him, “How long do I have to wait to hear it strike 12?” (4 hours)
      68. Where must a referee be to blow the whistle? (behind the whistle)
      69. While eating out, my brother-in-law Paul found a fly in his coffee. After taking the cup away, the waiter came back with a different cup of coffee. My brother-in-law got upset and returned it, saying that the coffee in the second cup was the same as in the first one. How did he know? (He had already put sugar in his coffee)
      70. You find shelter in a mountain lodge on a windy night. When you go in, you only find a match, a candle, a sheet of newspaper and a torch. You need to light the fireplace. What would you light first? (the match)
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    Colin Oh... this is not good.
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    And the challenge is Closed!!

    The judges have reviewed all the answers and have come to a final decision!

    Oceanic tribe... you correctly answered 49 questions correctly. Good Job!

    Dharma tribe... you correctly answered 54 questions correctly! You have won immunity! Congratulations!!!

    Oceanic Tribe, I'll see you at tribal council!

    Everyone have a good night! :)

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