Survivor 3: Immunity Challenge #6

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    Dacia... Trajan... welcome back. I hope everyone enjoyed their week off from Tribal Council. I also hope everyone has taken advantage of the infusion of new life into both tribes.

    However, now it's back to business... Immunity is once again back up for grabs. We're testing your patience here, as well as stretching the ol' Grey Matter.

    As you may have noticed, there are flying brains through out the castle, both inside and on the grounds. For this challenge, we've delved into those brains and come up with 150... yes, that's One Hundred and Fifty mindboggling trivia questions. Far too much for one person to do, but both tribes are on equal footing with 5 members each, so it should be easy to share the love, as it were.

    Something else to be wary of... I hear these questions may or may not have been written with disappearing ink... so, you better get them all before they start to disappear... :evil:

    Survivors... are you ready for your toughest challenge to date? Put your minds together because... it's time for your immunity challenge...


    1. What is the lowest land in America?
    2. hundreds of years before the arrival of Columbus, the Anasazi, or Ancient Ones, established their own thriving culture in the Four Corners region of America's Southwest. What was the spectacular of these ancestral ?
    3. As of the 2000 US Census, what of households had two ?
    4. As of the 2 census, what are the five most ?
    5. How many presidents have names of 4 ?
    6. What were the Who they were the ?
    7. Which five attended Richard Nixon's on May 4, 1994?
    8. What is the fish?
    9. what is the land ?
    10. Who invented the -powered?
    11. The chrysler Corporation introduced the Plymouth in 1928 as an inexpensive car to attract entry-level customers. was the Plymouth made?
    12. What American-born man became Prime and President of ?
    13. What was the date of the launch of the first satellite?
    14. Bill once said he was lucky enough to "catch" twice. What two Wilder movies "caught" ?
    15. Audrey Hepburn's first starring role was in a film directed by . Name the , her occupation, her leading man, and the unusual thing that happened to the as a result of making the picture.
    16. How fast can lions ?
    17. was the Purchase?
    18. Joel Cairo, bridgit O'Shaughnessy, and a guy named are all key players in what 1940s ?
    19. Married first to william Powell and then to Clark Gable, this actress in a in 1942. What is her name?
    20. How long was The Garry Show on the air? What was the of its announcer?
    21. How long was the Lawrence Welk ?
    22. Who sang the theme song and also served as the on The Dukes of ?
    23. Who starred on Dragnet? What did he play?
    24. One famous poet was a West Cadet. Who was he and how did he fare?
    25. Which graduated from West Point?
    26. Identify the first states of the United States in order of .
    27. Six states do not have for their governors to live in. Which six states do supply the state's chief executive with ?
    28. Which lake is in America?
    29. Which of the Great Lakes does border on ?
    30. Where was the women's convention held?
    31. Who was the first woman in as a Court Justice?
    32. The Galapagos belong to what ?
    33. What is the name for oxide?
    34. When did Jackie Robinson become the black player in the modern major leagues?
    35. What is the of the Wright Brothers airplane flight?
    36. In this 1953 Western, Jack Palance plays a sinister hired gun named Wilson. He's "terminated" by the character whose name is the same as the . Name the and the actor/terminator.
    37. Where is the largest oil in the?
    38. Who was the on the television series The Untouchables
    39. In Singing in the Rain, Gene Kelly's character gets his first big break in the business by doing ?
    40. What percentage of the world's water is in the frozen ice mass of ?
    41. Dr. Richard Mudd, who died in 2002, spent 7 decades trying to clear his grandfather's name. Who was Dr. Samuel Mudd and for what was he
    42. When did the San Francisco strike?
    43. Who were the songwriters for many of records, including his first "Reet Petite"
    44. the River forms one of the borderlines of states on its voyage from its source in Minnesota down to the Gulf of Mexico. Name the states
    45. Is it possible to in the Sea?
    46. What was the birth name of Billy the ? Who him?
    47. Who else was during the assassination of President John on November 22, 1963?
    48. did Sears, Roebuck and Co. ?
    49. Which has the largest ?
    50. When was the first drive in?
    51. What was the difference between the actor playing Staff Sgt Shaw and his mother in The Candidate?
    52. Joey on Friends got a big break in his career when he was cast on a soap opera. What was he on? How did he ?
    53. Who was the " Mauler"?
    54. What was Cagney's first ?
    55. What was the last in which James Cagney ?
    56. Who fought in the Years War? How long did it last?
    57. What was the between Gladys Knight and the ?
    58. Where do birds ?
    59. for what movie did Humphrey Bogart win his Oscar?
    60: Which of the following is a member of the Professional Association Hall of Fame: Dave Ferraro; Carmen Salvino; Don Carter; Roy Buckley
    61. How is Niagra ?
    62. Where was the skyscraper ?
    63. "More than there are in the heavens" was a slogan of which studio?
    64. Where was Shakespeare ?
    65. Which dramatist narrowly the gallows for murder?
    66. Who were the combatants in the Wars?
    67. In what did The Hillbillies first rumble into Hollywood, California?
    68. On the long running series Bonanza there were three . Name the actors and the.
    69. Which president gave the address? How long was it?
    70. Which American leaders captured Ticonderoga?
    71. What Sinatra his ?
    72. What is the name of the beleaguered in the 1933 film Duck Soup? its President
    73. What featured the first pairing of and Bacall?
    74. In what round of the NFL draft was Joe Montana drafted by the ?
    75.Who is the holder of the records in the NHL?
    76. What is the southernmost in the States?
    77. What are the names of the people in Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?
    78. Who was Tom ?
    79. When did the United launch its satellite?
    80. Where is the lunar from the moon now?
    81. Who was in the Six Dollar Man (1974-1978)
    82. is the of Seychelles?
    83. Where is Gobi ?
    84. What is the of the meridian?
    85. During which Administration was plumbing installed in the House
    86. On June 2, , a event occurred at the White House. What was it?
    87. How many passed through Island?
    88. What Oscar winning actress played Roseanne (1988-1997)
    89. In what cities did the make their before they moved to Atlanta?
    90. When was the telecast of a major game?
    91. What were the aspects of William Henry Harrison's 1841 address that made it historic?
    92. Who said "My , right or wrong"?
    93. Name the first mother and daughter to receive nominations in the .
    94. What was the Road?
    95. When did the Great ?
    96. On Welcome Back Kotter (1975-1979), Mr. Kotter taught a group of teens. What was this group ?
    97. What was the name of the where Dick Van Dyke's character ?
    98. On , George died before the wedding . How did she die?
    99. What is the Chinook ?
    100. Who was the woman to serve as Prime Minister?
    101.Which is the oldest animal?
    102. When was the first championship held at ?
    103. Who was the first African American male to win a tennis title?
    104. Who discovered the of Jupiter?
    105. What is the name of Gilligan's Island?
    106. Who invented rubber?
    107. Who invented the pin?
    108. Who played the French Pirate Lafitte in the film The Buccaneer?
    109. In what year was the "Great Blackout" when the whole of the United States was without ?
    110. Who was the oldest t?
    111. What gossip columnist ended up hosting one of the most musical variety shows of all time?
    112. should you be concerned if your grandparent suddenly likes roll?
    113. What park has the most ?
    114. Who was the of the Sense?
    115. Who were the of the Papers?
    116. What future was the of the PT109 during the Second World War?
    117. How many were Roman ?
    118. What was the of Stevie Wonder's first hit, released by Motown when he was years old?
    119. Hattie was the first African American to win an Academy Award. How many years passed before another African American won an Oscar. Name the Oscar Winner and the movie
    120. Besides the , what is the name of the star to the Earth?
    121. In what year did the settle Virginia?
    122. In the film Casablanca, who and the song "As Time Goes By"?
    123. What nation in South has the population?
    124. What was the name of Cleaver's in Leave It To Beaver?
    125. In what year was Elvis into the Army?
    126. What is in apiaries?
    127. Which is the smallest west of the River?
    128. What novelist and short-story writer won the Nobel Prize for in 1982?
    129. What states are with only one ?
    130. Which states have a name of syllable?
    131. What is Wayne's name?
    132. Who played the of the in Look Who's Talking ?
    133.How old was Orson Welles when he , directed, and starred in Citizen ?
    134. What is the of the world's lake?
    135. Who played Peel on the ABC show, The Avengers?
    136. In what movie did Shirley make her screen debut in ?
    137. In what year did Mr. Peanut?
    138. Who played in the movie Che? Who played Fidel Castro?
    139. In the 2001 movie A Beautiful Mind, in what did Nash win a Prize?
    140. Which has the wingspan?
    141. In how many films did Rathbone as Holmes?
    142. Where is the largest library?
    143. In what did President Richard Nixon visit the Republic of ?
    144. Which has the longest ?
    145. What is the chemical of the ?
    146. What artist of the 1960s made a guest appearance on Love Boat in ?
    147. Caryn Johnson is the name of what famous ?
    148. Which Actress/film director first exposure as the baby?
    149. Morris the is the for what brand of food?
    150. TV Guide put out a list of the 50 Shows of All Time. What were the Top 5 shows on that list?
  2. Colin

    Colin Oh... this is not good.
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    Apr 22, 2001
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    Time is Up!!

    Our judges labored away all night, racking their brains over interpretive answers, fighting over questions, and there was even a little bit of name calling which ultimately ended up in everyone being forced to hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

    But after long deliberation, the results are in... and with 106 answers correct... DACIA wins immunity!!

    This, of course, means that Trajan, we shall be meeting shortly at Tribal Council, where someone else is going to be going home.

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