Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

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May 17, 2006
New Jersey
Who else is getting it? What do you think is the best console to buy it for? I was gonna buy it for Switch since I only have Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild, but I don't even think I'll ever get to play the Super Street Fighter II 8 man tournament unless Gamespot or some place hosts events for it, so I'm thinking getting the PS4 version might be better, all things considered l, plus I feel that most of the people who play it on Switch will be little kids.

Classic Speedy

Staff member
May 13, 2003
590 2
I'll be getting it for PS4, mainly because I already own the games on many other consoles:

PS2 = Capcom Classics Collection 2, Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
PS3 = SFA 1-3 (PS1 Classics), Super Turbo HD Remix
SNES = Turbo
Wii U = SNES VC release of SF2, Turbo, Super; Turbo Grafx 16 VC release of Champion Edition ; GBA VC release of Turbo Revival
XBox = Capcom Classics Collection 1, Street Fighter Anniversary
XBox 360 = SF III: Third Strike, Turbo
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