"Stars of Space Jam" Coming to DVD

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Classic Speedy

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May 13, 2003
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Kinda surprised there hasn't been a thread for this yet, but remember those old "Looney Tunes: Stars of Space Jam" VHS tapes released back when Space Jam was new? For some reason, WB is re-releasing those tapes on DVD, albeit with minor program changes on a couple volumes.

More details here.

Each volume (except the Taz one) contains a cartoon or two not previously released on DVD/Blu-ray, so for the completist (or if you want to replace your VHS copies of "Stars of Space Jam"), these would be worth getting.

Looney Turtles

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May 11, 2014
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Yeah, I remember them. I never bought any of them though.

I'm tempted to get the Daffy Duck one just for "Fool Coverage" (I love this short, but I don't have the Hilarious Ham DVD) and "Person to Bunny" (a good copy of this short isn't available anywhere else).
Jul 14, 2010
I had the Bugs and Taz ones, as well as the Europe-only Space Tunes which came in a special offer with the film itself. Think I eventually got the Daffy one too. At the time they were pretty good budget range purchases (IIRC they retailed at £5.99 full price when the standard price for a VHS tape was £9.99-£12.99); the Bugs tape featured some lesser-known cartoons I hadn't seen before and the Taz tape gave you an opportunity to get all of the original Taz cartoons in one go.

I cannot, however, fathom the reason for releasing them on DVD in the year 2018. That said, as someone who never picked up any post-Golden Collection releases I may conceivably pick up the Taz one if I can get it cheap enough, but as I would have to get it on import that would be a while.