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    **2nd draft, damn computer erased the first!**

    Batman turned to look at Terry, the kid was in shock.

    "McGennis!" he snapped, placing his hands on Terry's shoulders, he shook him. "Snap out of it, your in too deep to lose it now!"

    Terry's pupils shrank back to their normal size, "Huh?" he asked as if he was waking up from a deep sleep.

    Terry looked around the room, "It's you, your,..."

    "Yeah." Dick said flatly, "Look, I wouldn't still be here if I didn't need to be okay? Let's just get that straight."

    "Then why are you here?" Terry asked.

    Dick stared at him, he had really liked Jason as a little kid.

    Spoiled him rotten whenever he was around, which wasn't often.

    "A little boy I knew would really appreciate me having his back, that's all." He was talking about both Tim and Jason now.

    Batman glanced down at the floor, letting the sting of Tim's death come and go.

    "So what about her?" Terry asked looking at Selina asleep on the bed.

    "What about her?" Dick asked sounding annoyed.
    gotta go

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