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Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by The_NewCatwoman, May 7, 2001.

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    May 2, 2001
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    **Disclaimer, nobody owns anybody, so there.**

    **You would have no idea how frustrating it could be, that after writing a pretty good part, the whole thing gets erased. Oh well, here we go again,...**

    Where we last left Son of Batman, Jason had just found out Mr. Smiley-Face was his father Andrew Eric Tyler.:

    Jason's knees gave out, and he sank to the floor.

    "What's the matter son, your looking a bit pale." Andrew said smiling.

    Jason's mind screened out the noise, refusing to hear anymore. Bram's Lullaby played slowly through deaf ears, echoing throughout Jason's head, consuming him.

    Blood dripped out of Jason's ears and nose as if he was having one of his flashes, his rage consumed him.

    Neither of them noticed Smiley walking into the mirror room behind them.

    Jason reached up, and into his shirt pulling out the gun.

    "What the hell are you going to do with that?" Andrew asked smartly.

    Jason threw it across the floor towards the doorway.

    He still couldn't look at him, he would have really killed him then, if he could see the face of the devil's son, smiling with glee.

    "You killed my mother,..." Jason started.

    "That was a complete misunderstanding, she said I'd have to kill her before she left, it was for her own safety."

    Jason closed his eyes, "What happened to 'No excuses boy, you have to except what you did like a man?' huh, what happened to that."

    "You think your some kind of smart-ass don't you?" Andrew asked.

    "Atleast my hands are clean! You killed people, you let him kill that innocent little boy for Christ sakes!"

    "Your hands are just as dirty Jason, you come here talking to me like your some kind of hero. Did you tell Wayne what you did to get kicked out of your old school,.. no, of course not! But I guess that just got forgotten along with everything I ever did for you!"

    "You never did anything for me, and to state the facts I didn't kill my own mother, that was all you, and you alone Andrew!"

    Andrew fired his gun into the air, "I told you, never ever call me by my first name, you don't have the right to call me 'Andrew'!"

    Andrew paused, "Wait, what the hell do you mean, killed my mother,my mum died of heart faliure. You must be buggered!"

    "You obviously are mistaken." Jason said flatly.

    "Joker! What the hell is he talking about?! Joker come out here!"


    Joker smiled evily(sp? infact, is that a word?) into Caitlin's face.

    "Why your quite a cute one aren't you, well what do you expect when your parents were supermodels out of the womb and all."

    Caitlin didn't answer, instead she just sat onto the floor, ignoring the tears sliding down her cheeks.

    "Awww what's the matter kiddo, your tummy hurt, is the pill giving you a hard time?" Joker asked with a smile, leaning down close.

    Caitlin smiled before spitting a lougee(sp?) into Joker's face.

    Joker slapped her hard, then smiled as he wiped it off of his face. "Quite a live one, eh?"

    "What do you get out of this, torturing us like this?" Caitlin asked flatly.

    "Did the Joker ask you to speak?" a girl's voice asked from the other side of the room.

    "Ahhh, Smiley Pie, do see that Caitlin's taken care of why don't you."

    Smiley smiled widely, her blue eyes sparkling.

    "Joker, what the hell is he talking about?! Joker come out here!"

    "Oh, what's this, oh please excuse me, I have a call in the next room." The Joker said excusing himself into the next room.

    Caitlin looked up at Smiley with disgust. "Can't you see, your nothing to him but a little ***** he got to do his dirty-work. You mean nothing more to him then Harley did."

    "Ha! I mean wayyyyy more to him then that foul-up." Smiley said confidently, Joker told me himself."

    "I'm sure." Caitlin said smartly.

    "*****!" Smiley said, slapping Caitlin across the face, giggling as the blood etched from her lips, mixing with the slowly-drying blood that was already smeared across her lips. "If only 'Daddy-Dearest could see you now."


    "Joker, what is he talking about, Mum died of heart failure right?" Andrew asked, sounding like a little boy.

    "Yeah, her heart failed when I shot her clean through." Joker said half-kidding, half-serious.

    Jason shuddered, struggling not to blow yet, he couldn't hurt anybody right now, you couldn't get answers from a dead body.

    Andrew's eyebrows raised in shock, "No, you don't mean that do you?"

    "Why wouldn't I son?" Joker asked, dead-serious this time.

    Andrew stared in horror, raising his hand over his mouth to supress whatever emotion could have stirred in his heart at that moment.

    "Andrew Eric Tyler," Jason started, "You have been found guilty of being a criminally immoral fool by the state of New Jersey, and the city of Gotham. Your sentence is,..."

    The minstrel and his puppets, fooling the world with it's clever mix of brains and false sense of security.
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    May 2, 2001
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    It's got to suck that Andrew didn't know Joker killed Harley...but how dumb is this guy!!?? It's the Joker, for gosh sakes! No offense to you. Sometimes characters take over, I know. But talking about Andrew and Joker, Devil & Son Incorporated, got me thinking. If Joker and Harley had a kid, would it be all pasty and deformed like Joker? Or, like some people say, would Joker's core, normal DNA take over, therefore their offspring appearing usual? I have this theory that the acids Joker fell into on that fateful night had DNA fusing capabilities, so that when he was destroyed in the accident, his new, clown-like physical features were imprinted on his DNA. I just say that because without that theory, the ROTJ plotline is screwed.

    Sorry I got to rambling. I know what it's like to try and post a story a billion times, but it never actually gets posted. It's infuriating. I'm on Attempt #3 for Sjhadows of Angels, part 15. Tell me what you think when I churn it out.
  3. The_NewCatwoman

    The_NewCatwoman Oh you've got to be kidding me

    May 2, 2001
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    :(Wow, I never thought about that, but the reason I had him like that is for the sake of his fate. He's not going to die actually, it will be much worse. As for him looking like Joker, in my story I always associated the heritage thing with the eyes, and character traits. As you can tell, Jason has an explosive temper, much like the Joker, but he also has his mother's powers. Andrew, I haven't shed much light on, given that, I think I'll elaborate more on that when I write my next part. Also: Today I'll write Perfect Dark pt. 4!!!!! It'll take place a day or so after the last part for the sake of the fact that I have such a poor memory.:D

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