Should I be open minded to live action remakes?

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Feb 17, 2018
I've feared the popularity in fandom culture would get noticed by Hollywood. This is a long occurring ulcer inducing dread from way back when I would hear rumors of a DiCaprio produced Akira with interest in James Franco as the lead in a script altering location from neo Tokyo to neo new York. My prayers must have saved me from such a reality because so far such a thing hasn't panned out. Should I care? I don't have to see it.
I managed to get through my ire for the Ghost in the Shell tampering. And now I'm bracing for a Battle Angel movie which was something I've been expecting since James Cameron expressed interest way back around Titanic.
If you have nothing but fan loving professionals working feverishly on a project I might try showing interest. But ultimately these films are pieces of art that if done to such a brilliance why try duplicating it when it's just a thief making money on a forgery. Would they remake Goodfellas, or Full Metal Jacket, or Reservoir Dogs? Maybe, how should i know? Gus Van Sant remade Psycho and that wasn't appreciated but still made. If you missed my point it's this, should works of art (for this discussion anime) that are regarded as masterpieces suffer the possible indignity of a cheap imitation.
I would love some good arguments, such as the very medium of anime is often a concise retelling of a manga. I love Game of Thrones (show) and a Song of Fire and Ice (book) both albeit the books have more of my love.
Should there be an appropriate time that needs to be considered like telling a tragedy based joke?
I don't like finding myself pre biased to anything so help me find solace.