Shaman King

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    Shaman King is a fantasy adventure anime series based on the [wiki]Shonen Jump[/wiki] manga series by [wiki]Hiroyuki Takei[/wiki].
    The series was produced by [wiki]Xebec[/wiki] and ran on Japan's [wiki]TV Tokyo[/wiki] from July 4, 2001 to September 25, 2003 with 64 episodes. It was licensed in North America by [wiki]4Kids Entertainment[/wiki]. It ran on [wiki]4Kids TV[/wiki] in the US, and [wiki]YTV[/wiki] in Canada. [wiki]FUNimation[/wiki] gave it a DVD release, but it was cancled after only a few volumes were released.
    The manga version ran in [wiki]Weekly Shonen Jump[/wiki] from 1998 to 2004 with 32 volumes. In North America, the manga is being published by [wiki]Viz Media[/wiki].

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