September, 2018--What Did You Buy This Month

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Mar 16, 2002
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Here's what we have for this month:


Armed Girl's Machiavellism: Complete Collection (Limited Edition Blu-Ray)
Bungo Stray Dogs: Season 2 (Combo)
Death Parade: Complete Series (Anime Classics) (Blu-Ray)
Frame Arms Girl: Season 1 (Blu-Ray)
The Future Diary: Complete TV & OVA Collection (Anime Classics) (Blu-Ray)
Glass Mask: Complete Collection (Blu-Ray)
High School DxD New: Complete Series (Anime Classics) (Blu-Ray)
Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Special Edition (DVD & Blu-Ray)
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer (DVD & Blu-Ray)
New Game!!: Complete Series (Combo)


Action Heroine Cheer Fruits: Complete Collection (Blu-Ray)
Blue-: Complete Series (Blu-Ray)
ReLife: Season 1 (Anime Classics) (Blu-Ray)
Tokyo Ghoul: Season 1 (Anime Classics)(Blu-Ray)
Yona of the Dawn: Complete Series (Blu-Ray)


Alderamin on the Sky: Complete Series (Anime Essentials) (Combo)
Assassination Classroom: Complete Season 2 (Blu-Ray)
GoSick: Complete Series (Blu-Ray)
Gunparade March: Complete Series
Negima!: Complete Series (Blu-Ray)
Saga of Tanya the Evil: Season 1 (Combo)
Servamp: Season 1 (Anime Essentials) (Blu-Ray)
Twin Star Exorcists Part 2 (Combo)


Angel Cop: Complete OVA Series
Brave Witches: Complete Series (Combo)
Bubblegum Crisis: High Definition Disctopia--Complete OVA Collection (Blu-Ray)
Devilman: Complete OVA Series
Gintama: Series 3, Part 2 (Combo)
High School DxD BorN: Complete Series (Anime Classics) (Blu-Ray)
Marmalade Boy: Complete TV & Movie Collection (Blu-Ray)
Monkey Magic: Complete Collection
One Piece Collection 22
Princess Principal: Complete TV Collection (Blu-Ray)
Reborn!: Seasons 1-4 (Blu-Ray)
Scum's Wish: Complete Collection (Blu-Ray)
Shimoneta: Complete Series (Anime Essentials) (Blu-Ray)
Stellvia: Complete Collection (Blu-Ray)
Tetsujin 28: Complete Collection (Blu-Ray)
Tokyo Ghoul: Season 2 (Anime Classics) (Blu-Ray)
WorldEnd: What are you Doing at the End? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us?--Complete Series (Combo)

So, what's everyone gonna get this month?

Gold Guy

Ride On
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Dec 14, 2008
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Anime wise, I got the 31st boxset of Naruto Shippuden, and the season 3, part 1 DVD for D.Gray-Man.

Manga wise, I bought volume 4 of Boruto, volume 14 of Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, and some of the RWBY Anthology manga.