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    '''''SD Gundam''''' ''(Super Deformed Gundam)'' is a primarily comedy focussed spin off of the long running [[Gundam]] franchise.

    The concept of SD Gundam was created by Japanese fan [[Koji Yokoi]] in [[fan art]] he submitted to the ''Model News'' magazine ran by [[Bandai]] in the 1980s. These drawings depicted the familiar '''''Gundam''''' [[mecha]] designs in a comedy style, with squat bodies and oversized heads. The popularity of these drawings led to Yokoi being comissioned to produce SD Gundam [[4-koma]] comics for the magazine.

    As the concept continued to grow in popularity, Bandai expanded it to new areas beyond the existing 'space opera' Gundam setting. The first of these was 1988's ''SD Gundam Warring States'', more commonly referred to as 'Musha Gundam'. This [[manga]] and related model kit series depicted SD versions of the '''''Gundam''''' mecha designs as sentient characters in a world styled after feudal Japan. The series grew in relation to the existing Gundam series, with designs from said series made into successive generations of Musha Gundams.
    The next SD series was a spin-off of Musha Gundam, ''SD Gundam Sidestory''. Focussing on a seperate contient which mirrored medieval Europe, this series focussed on magic wielding Knight Gundams. Unlike Musha Gundam, human characters also appeared and served in roles such as royalty, wizards and fellow knights.


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