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    Have you missed something in the RPG or are just curious of the plots of the RPGs? Well this is the thread for you! Not all the RPG Summaries have been complied so the one you want may not be here.

    Please refrain from posting anything in this thread that is NOT a summary and you have NOT been given the go ahead to do a summary. (If you post I will come with a sword and kill any extraneous posts. :D)

    Batman RPG
    Batman Beyond RPG
    Green Lantern RPG
    Reality Check RPG
    Star Wars RPG
    Teen Titans RPG
    World's Finest RPG
    X-Men Evolution RPG
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    World's Finest RPG (Last updated 10/5/02)

    Note: Superman and Metallo have been magically advanced a day to match with the other plot line. For the summary to make sense, please read while half awake or while off in space.

    Monday - January 15th

    It starts out as a quiet night for Batman and Robin as they patrol the streets. That is until Gordon tells them that the Joker has escaped once more and Nightwing shows up with a clue of the Joker’s whereabouts. In Metropolis, Lex Luthor plots to use synthetic Kryptonite on Superman while Bane and Metallo begin to strike up a plan against the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel and head towards LexCorp to get revenge on Luthor.

    Back in Gotham, Ivy plots escape with the transferring of Livewire to Arkham. Our three heroes confront Catwoman, who had been trailing, and soon leave Robin in the dust to patrol by himself and bumps into Batgirl along the way. Joker is off dancing in the moonlight plotting to crash the Gotham Botanical Museum and waiting for Harley to finish rounding up the old gang. At Joker’s “meeting place,” Batman, Nightwing, and Catwoman barely escape the exploding building. Superman, in search of Metallo is flying over Gotham and saves Nightwing from being run over.

    Back in Metropolis, Bane and Metallo are confronting Luthor and waiting for Superman to come back so that they can kill them both. After Luthor tries to get Bane on his side and fails, Superman finally shows up and gives Bane some Venom problems. But he forgets about Metallo and is flung out the window. They tussle and fall into the sewers where their fight continues. Supergirl comes, but is unprotected from the Kryptonite that Metallo unleashes, so Superman grabs her and flees the scene with Metallo yelling at them to come back. Metallo then goes on a search to find Bane or Superman. After Superman tells Supergirl to get a protected suit he goes off to stop Metallo. Flash comes into town and tries to talk Metallo out of destroying cars. When Superman and Supergirl show up again, Metallo successfully defeats Supergirl and jumps through a manhole. Superman follows and the two tussle. In the end Superman rips the Kryptonite out of Metallo and both fall down, Superman unconscious and Metallo laying there unable to move.

    Batgirl and Robin land where Batman is and Nightwing gets whisked away to recover in the Batcave with Batgirl’s help. Catwoman sneaks off to find Ivy while they’re preoccupied with Nightwing. Once Nightwing has sufficiently recovered, the two head off to meet Batman and Robin at Ivy’s Greenhouse. The Joker emerges at the Kwik-E-Mart to terrorize the customers at that outrageously decorated place.

    Luthor sends Mercy out after Bane to give him a proposition. Bane concedes to meet Luthor and they strike up a deal for Bane to take out Superman with the help of some Kryptonite in return for a new and improved venom injection system.

    At Ivy's Greenhouse, Catwoman stocks up on some of Ivy's spices and waits for Eddie to show up. But to Catwoman's surprise, Clayface shows up. With him there, Batman and Batgirl go into the greenhouse. Batman lassos Clayface, which causes him to lash out. Catwoman takes Clayface on as he threatens Batman by taking Batgirl hostage. With Catwoman and Batgirl in danger, Batman sprays Clayface with a freezing chemical, grabs Catwoman and Batgirl, and heads towards the near by roof.

    After a brief stop at the Batcave to send Robin to sleep, the nightly patrol continues with the Bat signal shining in the sky once more. There they discover that Commissioner Gordon is missing.

    Tuesday - January 16th

    The heroes start the day the only way heroes can, taking a trip to Arkham to check up on all of their lovely friends. A quick stroll and Batman picks up a clue from the Scarecrow about the Joker and a plot including Jim Gordon. As they try to find more clues from the Batcave, the Joker comes on TV with lovely news that he has Gordon and Montoya and wants Batman to come down to the TV station.

    Luthor looks at his itinerary for the day and heads off towards Gotham to meet with OxyHorizons. At about the same time Catwoman reads that OxyHorizons has come back from the dead and makes plans to meet Luthor.

    Batman and Nightwing head down to the TV station while Batgirl and Robin learn some things from Bullock. There they find the Joker and Harley have Gordon and Montoya in a torture set. He then has them play on a game show for his own amusement.

    Catwoman poses as a clumsy secretary to get into OxyHorizons then changes into her Catwoman costume to chat with Luthor. Luthor tells her that he doesn’t plan on torturing animals anymore and after threatening to come after him if he does, Catwoman leaves.

    Back in Arkham, Ivy “accidentally” injures herself so that she has free reign to give Livewire an energy boost.

    Batgirl and Robin head towards where Batman and Nightwing are and discover that the entire place has been hooked up to bombs. They also catch the end of Joker’s game show and all four dive out of the place as it explodes. Once they get back to the Batcave, Batman heads back out to go after Catwoman, Batgirl and Nightwing go back to Ivy’s hide out, and Robin is left to patrol by himself once more, but this time with strict orders to call in every 10 minutes. Catwoman puts the potions she took from Ivy to good use on Batman when he pays her a visit. Robin breaks up the two from a heated kiss and points out a bolt of electricity in the clear sky.

    At Ivy’s Greenhouse, Batgirl and Nightwing witness Clayface being defrosted by Ivy and Livewire’s appearance. Batman and Robin arrive at the scene and Batman calls everyone back to the cave.

    On the way home, Luthor picks up Metallo and Superman. Superman sends out a help message via a tracker to Batman before being knocked out again. Batgirl, Nightwing, and Robin head off to Metropolis the moment they hear Superman is in danger.

    Batman catches Catwoman in the act of another robbery and she makes moves on him once again.

    Ivy tells Livewire to attack Gotham Diamond Factory at 10am the next morning. She divulges her real plan to attack EPM Pharmaceutical and take two rare plants from South Africa. While Ivy takes care of her plants, Clayface discovers the bat microphone and plays a little game on whoever is listening. Clayface is then taunted by Ivy and reminded to keep his eyes on his prize and nothing else.

    In a new hideout, Joker fumes over his last escapade and shouts at Harley. As he’s ranting he spots a commercial for the play Wizard of Oz and comes up with a new plan to terrorize. He then sends Harley off on a job to find information about the people involved with the play. Harley then goes with some of the boys to collect the list and a few other things they happen to find at the theater.

    Now in Metropolis, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Robin make their way to the Lexcorp building Superman is in. Robin finds the room Lex and Superman are in and kicks the kryptonite through a hole he made. He then calls the other two and fights the incoming guards. Superman comes around, and as the four escape they run into some guards and into Bane. Supergirl joins the party and tosses Bane around enough for them to escape. They then head to Superman’s apartment but Robin gets lost on the way there. Bane happens to find him and tries to dig out Superman’s location. Nightwing and Batgirl hear Robin’s transmission and come to save him. Once at Superman’s apartment, the Gothamites decide to stay the night and Batgirl goes off to spend the night at Supergirl’s place.

    In the Batcave, Batman contemplates his encounter with Catwoman and finds out what he got put into his system. He also listens to the conversation at Ivy’s Greenhouse and the suspicious static fade that ensues afterwards. At Ivy’s Greenhouse Batman discovers the drug that Catwoman administered and he ponders on how she got it. As he continues to look around a bright flash blinds him.

    Catwoman goes back to her apartment angry with herself. She’s overcome by a sudden calmness and goes back into the night after calling her secretary that she won’t be in the next day.

    Ivy’s plants tell her of the intruder and she has her plants capture him. As Ivy taunts Batman, Catwoman sneaks in and accidentally steps on Clayface. Ivy is about to kiss Batman when Catwoman steps in to stop her by smacking her on the lips with her whip. Vines wrap around Catwoman but Livewire singes them off in her attempt to injure Catwoman. The sprinklers go off and Catwoman makes her escape, dragging Batman along with her. Batman weakly agrees to crash at Catwoman’s apartment to recuperate

    Joker looks over the trinkets Harley brought back and realizes he needs a giant blender. He discovers that there may be a place in Gotham where he can get one and rushes over there.

    Wednesday – January 17th

    Joker arrives at Charles’s Giant Sized Appliances and beats Charles up as payment for a giant Barney blender he finds.

    The Batmobile gets to Catwoman’s apartment. There, Catwoman takes off some of Batman’s heavier accessories in attempts to bring down his temperature. After some delirium, Batman’s fever breaks and he eventually passes out on the couch. He awakens clear-headed and thanks Selina on the way out.

    In the morning, Batgirl and Robin discover Batman not answering their calls. Superman wakes up and offers to take them to Gotham pronto. Supergirl also tags along.

    In Gotham, Nightwing reaches Batman as the latter hops into the Batmobile. Batman inquires about Superman’s health and is told that Superman is in the cave.

    A giant flower leaps through the earth at Ivy’s greenhouse and signals her return from injury. After reminding Clayface and Livewire of their purpose for being here, Ivy reveals to them her plant soldiers. She reminds Livewire of what to do and Livewire jumps out for a last minute power surge. To Clayface, Ivy tells where they will be going after the heist where she will come up with a cure for him.

    On his way to the cave, Batman hears of a homicide on the police scanner. He spends three hours looking through the site of the crime before finally arriving at the cave. After speaking briefly with Superman, the Batcomputer alarm goes off and they all head towards the Gotham Diamond Factory warehouse where Livewire currently is. Batman heads out with Robin, Batgirl goes with Nightwing, and Superman and Supergirl fly over to the warehouse. There, the group discovers that Livewire is acting as a decoy and tells Superman, Supergirl, Nightwing, and Batgirl to tame Livewire. He and Robin then go to EPM Pharmaceutical to capture Ivy and Clayface.

    At EPM Pharmaceutical, Ivy, two of her soldiers, and Clayface barge in. They knock out the guards and head for the room with the plants. One of the soldiers goes to make sure the coast is clear but is soon squirted by a fluid. Ivy rummages in her trench coat for a weapon, and after discovering a see-through bra, pulls out a freeze gun. She freezes the security around the plants and places the plants into a box. Clayface makes a hole into the wall and escapes with Ivy who creates an ice blockade at the hole.

    Harley makes blueberry pancakes for Joker’s breakfast. Shortly after, Joker has Harley go and follow three of the actors. She goes out to follow Jerry McGibben and discovers that a sneak preview of the play will be showing on Saturday. She promptly heads back to the hideout and tells Joker the news. He then sends her to find people who are close to the three actors and to get the guest list for the play. The boys are sent with her to get the stage measurements and entryways for the blender.
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    Star Wars RPG (Last Updated 8/18/02)

    Written By Barb Gordon

    Well I finally sat down and wrote down the incredibly long summary of our Star Wars RPG as it has progressed thus far. Please excuse bad grammar, uninteresting sentences and misspelled words as my brain fried halfway through writing the summary. But anyway, here is the oh so long, but pretty cool, Star Wars summary:

    Day One:

    We begin our story with Dan, a Jedi that has just left the order two days ago due to his Master’s death. He is found by Master Erstad who implores him to return to the Jedi Tower with her. Meanwhile, an assassin by the name of Da Kun gets a drink in the bar, and scares the bartender out of expecting payment. Dan and Master Erstad talk for a while and then Master Erstad persuades Dan to head over to a local café for some food. As they enter the café a bounty hunter, Caraso, fires at them, but misses and then proceeds to run as the Jedi go after him. Da Kun hears the commotion and recognizes Caraso from long ago. He trips Master Erstad and rescues Caraso by way of a speeder bike. Dan, despite the warnings from Master Erstad, continues in pursuit by “borrowing” a speeder bike. He leads the two back towards the café, but is Force-pulled from the bike by Master Erstad, and Da Kun and Caraso get away. Dan and Master Erstad head immediately to the Jedi Tower to speak with the Council. They speak with the Council who allow Dan to remain a Jedi Knight, but also request that Master Erstad watch over him. Da Kun and Caraso are at Da Kun’s ship and discuss the Jedi Extermination plan before Caraso heads to his ship. Once Caraso is gone, Da Kun is contacted by young Boba Fett. Boba has a job for Da Kun: to kill Jedi Master Mace Windu. After meeting with the Council, Dan heads off to his room to get cleaned up and rested as Master Erstad heads off to find her Padawan, Xanko. She finds Xanko heading out of the Meditation room, and after scolding him about the important of meditation, he heads back in to finish his session. Caraso is back at his own ship, and through his partner Granko, finds that there is a bounty on Master Windu’s head. He also learns that Master Windu will be headed for Tatooine to try and bring back some runaway Jedi. In his chambers, Dan has a conversation with his fallen Master Rensa who informs him to head to Tatooine. Back at his ship, Da Kun finds out from an info droid about Master Windu’s travel plans and decides to go there, as well as look up some Sith aid. Dan finds Master Erstad and informs her of his plans to head to Tatooine. Without really saying so, she agrees to go along, letting him know that they’ll be taking regular transportation so as not to draw attention to themselves. On her way to her apartment to pack she telepathically contacts Xanko and informs him of the trip he’ll be taking with her and Dan. Everyone heads off to Tatooine.

    Day Two:

    As Dan, Xanko and Master Erstad land on Tatooine, Dan and Xanko share a few quarreling words before Dan is swallowed up by a sarlacc. Xanko disobeys Master Erstad’s orders and dashes off to help Dan, but gets in trouble himself until Master Erstad comes around and rescues both of them from the sarlacc. The three now head to Mos Espas, but as they enter the city, Dan grows ill and falls to the ground. Master Windu appears and states that Dan will live, but has, for the moment it seems, lost his Force abilities. He helps Master Erstad and Xanko get Dan to an out of the way hotel room. Da Kun arrives on Tatooine and finds a Sith that will take him to the Sith Lord, Tyranos. It turns out that Master Erstad and the rest were followed by the bounty hunter, Caraso. He nails Xanko, who was standing guard, with a tranquilizer dart. Masters Windu and Erstad sense the danger, but when they go to attack whosever behind the door, they find no one but a knocked out Xanko. They realize that it must have been a bounty hunter that was able to escape so fast, and it is then that Master Windu reveals the fact that he knows he’s got a bounty on his head. Master Erstad still senses the bounty hunter near and goes out to find him. She corners him and they fight. As she knocks him out, she pulls off his helmet and recognizes Caraso as a former Jedi that went missing years ago. Da Kun meets up with the Sith Tyranos, and realizes that he will now become one of them or die. Back in the hotel room, Xanko shakes off the effects of the dart as Dan begins to regain his strength, but not his Force powers. Master Windu joins Master Erstad and the knocked out Caraso, also recognizing him as the lost Padawan, and closest friend of Master Erstad. Master Windu urges Master Erstad to send Xanko back to Coruscant, and to deal with Dan before he gets to be too much to handle. Dan slips out of the hotel room and makes his way to a bar when he discovers some Sith. Caraso regains consciousness to find himself alone, until he sees Dan leave, and proceeds to follow. At the bar he sees Da Kun with the Sith, and also sees Dan trying to cut a deal with the Sith. Masters Windu and Erstad come back to the room to find Dan gone, and after telling Xanko to stay put, they split off in different directions and begin searching every bar in Mos Espas. Master Erstad locates the Sith and Dan first, slipping into the bar undetected. Meanwhile Dan and the Sith are discussing a plan for Dan to lead the Jedi to them. The deal finalized, Dan exits the bar without a fight, just barely, but hides in the shadows and overhears how the Sith want to kill him. He then proceeds to run out of town, making sure no one follows him. Da Kun exits, thinking he saw Caraso in a rooftop, but continues on. Master Erstad also exits and is attacked by Caraso. She quickly stops his attack but unsuccessfully tries to see if Caraso recognizes her. Dan saves a little girl from a group of Tusken Raiders, scaring them off, and falls head over heels for the little girl’s older sister. At the same time, Puck, a wanderer, enters the bar and after talking with the bartender, decides to become a bounty hunter of sorts to make some cash. Caraso was able to track Dan, but is spotted as Dan exits the house. The two prepare to fight. Meanwhile Xanko is still back at the hotel room, fighting with his emotions and thoughts on whether his anger will lead him to the dark side. A female Sith appears as Dan and Caraso are about to fight. Dan kills her by stabbing her in the heart with a knife he’d kept hidden. Her Force energy flows into Dan somehow, and he realizes that that is they key to him regaining his Force abilities…he then turns his sights back on Caraso. Master Erstad appears from the crowd, telling Dan to stop, and proceeds to stand directly between Dan and Caraso. The fight comes to a halt as memories awaken in Caraso’s mind of his life as a Jedi. He’s able to use the Force to pull Dan’s lightsaber into his hands, then proceeds to greet Master Erstad, whose nickname Caraso knows is Blitz. Master Erstad halts the reunion for a moment, asking Dan what’s going on with him. She and Caraso begin catching up on old times after She is unable to get the answers she would like from Dan. Master Erstad ends the conversation abruptly and tells Caraso that for his own safety he must leave, but that she will find him again. He does so, and Master Erstad turns back to Dan, telling him that they must speak with Master Windu and figure out what’s wrong with him. Just then Caraso is nicked in the shoulder by a bullet shot by Da Kun, who’s hiding off in the distance. Da Kun thinks back to a talk with Lord Tyranos, who told him how they had kidnapped Jedi and used the Force to erase the memories, and have them join the ranks of the Sith. Caraso ignites the lightsaber he took from Dan and heads off for Da Kun. He missed him and then proceeds to head back to the hotel room he’s staying at. Dan heads off in pursuit, Master Erstad in tow, and locates Carsao, demanding his lightsaber back. Caraso returns it, and the three of them then head off in search of Master Windu. They stop by the other hotel and pick up Xanko, Master Erstad proud that he actually stayed put, before going out again into the streets to find Master Windu. They locate Master Windu near Anakin Skywalker’s old living quarters, with about 15-20 Jedi. Dan tells Master Windu of the “deal” he struck with the Sith, hoping that Master Windu will agree that the Jedi must kill them when they arrive. Meanwhile, Puck goes on his way to meet with Darth Vader. Alone, Dan’s former Master appears before him. She tells him that is was she that “removed” his ability to his the Force, but that it was only in his mind, only a lesson that she needed to teach him. In order to balance himself, to balance the Sith energy that’s now in him, he cuts himself. As he nears death, the spirit energy of his master enters his body, balancing out the opposing Force energy, and making him a Shadow Jedi. The Jedi gather together as the ranks of Sith appear. Dan ignites his lightsabers and charges, starting of the battle between Sith and Jedi. Half of the Sith split off and begin burning and ruining the city while the other half attack the Jedi. Da Kun and Caraso fight, but another Jedi gets in the way of the killing stroke that was met for Caraso. Finding Caraso gone, Da Kun heads off in search of Mace Windu. Master Windu pairs up with Master Erstad and begin beating back the Sith that are burning down the city. Using a jet pack strapped to his back, Caraso finds Da Kun and proceeds to ram into him. He gains the upper hand before a small army of droids appears from the ground. Sensing a presence close to her, Master Erstad gathers all the Force energy she can to her, and she and the hidden person blast the collection of Force at the droids, knocking out most of the droid army, and even some Sith. The action causes Master Erstad to fall to the ground in exhaustion, and the mysterious stranger deflects a laser blast that would have killed him. The mysterious stranger turns out to be Obi-Wan Kenobi. It is then that Master Erstad realizes that now is the perfect time to take out Master Windu, so she rushes off to find and protect him. In the midst of the fight Xanko accidentally kills an innocent girl whom he thought was a Sith behind him. The city is crumbling into ruins as Caraso and Master Erstad meet up with Master Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Da Kun arrives but is knocked to the ground as mine bombs from under the ground explode, tearing the city apart. Meanwhile Dan locates Lord Tyranos, and the two begin to fight. Knowing that in a fight he would easily lose, Dan tricks Lord Tyranos into cutting his own side in order to get more Force energy. Instead, Dan sucks the energy from Lord Tyranos into the few remaining Jedi. The effort causes Lord Tyranos’ Force energy to literally explode forth in a tidal wave, sending Dan crashing out of a window. Tyranos survives. Da Kun, thinking Windu is injured, rushes forward to kill hi, only to realize too late that he’s been tricked, as Obi-Wan’s lightsaber connects with his side. Lord Tyranos appears, takes the injured Da Kun, and keep the Jedi from following by using Force lightening on them. Da Kun and Lord Tyranos then head off back to Darth Vader, and then, the Emperor. Master Erstad, sensing that something is wrong with Dan, heads off to find him, first stopping to locate her Padawan. She finds him, not needing him to speak in order to know what terrible event occurred, and leaves him with Obi-Wan so that she can find Dan. She and Master Windu find him, weak, but alive. Meeting back up with Obi-Wan and Xanko, Obi-Wan tells them that he’s arranged for a ship to get them back to Coruscant, which will be taking off in five minutes. Master Windu, Dan and Xanko head off for the ship, leaving Master Erstad and Obi-Wan alone. She vainly implores him to come with them, though she knows his duty is to stay and watch over the child. In not so many words the two express their love for each other before Master Erstad boards the ship and heads back to Coruscant. Puck, back in his ship, sends out a message warning the Jedi of Darth Vader’s plan to exterminate all Jedi. It turns out that Puck was a former Jedi who had dropped out. Back on the ship headed to Coruscant, Dan reveals that he knows of the feelings between Master Erstad and Obi-Wan, confessing his own feelings for a girl. Master Erstad warns Dan of his feelings, stating that she doesn’t have a crush, and that it’s none of his business. Meanwhile, Jedi Knight Cov is in Mois Eisley, tracking down his dead master’s lightsaber and killer. He locates the lightsaber and then heads back to his ship to continue the hunt for the killer. Da Kun and Lord Tyranos meet with Darth Vader who instructs them to head for Coruscant. On the way to his ship, Cov hears of the battle that just ended between the Sith and Jedi in Mos Espas. He then decides to halt the search for his master’s killer, and head instead to Coruscant. Master Erstad tells Dan that if times were different that Jedi may be allowed to love, but that the times are not different and that they must keep their feelings “dead”. It is then that she discovers a gift that Obi-Wan slipped into her cloak. It is a handguard for her lightsaber hilt, engraved and detailed with pictures. Da Kun’s wounds are healed by Sith doctors.

    Day Three:

    The Jedi arrive back on Coruscant and Cov meets up with Master Erstad, offering to help in whatever way possible. Master Erstad and Master Windu meet with the Council, Jedi Knights and Master, and tell them of what has transpired on Coruscant. They all finally agree that they need more Jedi Knights to help fight, and so Jedi Trials for all Padawan’s will begin immediately. All Jedi Master and Knights are to take a Padawan for the trials. Cov chooses a Tusken Padawan while Dan chooses an Asian girl named Lei. Dan begins working part of the trials with Lei immediately, and by the end the two confess their love for one another.

    Day Four:

    The Jedi Trials takes place, Lei, the Tusken, and Xanko being among the Padawan’s to succeed in becoming Jedi Knights. The Sith Council meanwhile decides that Coruscant will be the next city to fall, and that the Jedi shall be destroyed. Dan and Master Erstad meet in her room where she scolds Dan about Lei. She reminds him of the rules and that Lei must keep her feelings more to herself if they expect to remain Jedi. Dan receives a call from Master Windu that his next assignment is to protect the Supreme Chancellor…Master Erstad senses that something is wrong. The Supreme Chancellor/Emperor tricks Dan into thinking that the Jedi can love and that they can be married. Dan rushes off to tell Master Erstad the good news. Master Erstad, knowing that something is terribly wrong, meets up with Dan. It is then they find that Sith have infiltrated the Jedi Tower, and that the Jedi are under attack. Master Erstad meets with the Council who know what is occurring. They tell her that the time of the Jedi is over, for now, and that they must fight and then flee. Although not entirely wanting to accept the orders, she does, and heads off to find Dan. She finds Dan and Da Kun fighting, and in the scuffle she’s wounded while Da Kun takes off. Dan prepares to fight with his father…Darth Akura. It is then that Cov meets up with Master Erstad, and from a distance the both of them watch Dan finish off his father in a duel. Meanwhile Da Kun is on his way to set charges in the Jedi Control Room which will destroy the Jedi Tower. Master Windu meets up with the three of them, telling them that Sith have set detonators, and that the Tower has only 8 minutes. Instructed by Master Erstad, Dan and Cov set off to find Lei and Xanko and then to escape in a pod. Other Padawan, Jedi Knights and Master are doing the same. Only the strongest Jedi Masters have remained. They’ve positioned themselves outside and will use the Force to contain the explosion so that it will not destroy most of Coruscant. Master Erstad stays behind with Master Windu, despite his wishes, and the two head off to the control room to lock down the Jedi Tower. Now that all Jedi, save the two of them, have escaped, all that remain are Sith, whom they plan to trap in the Tower when it explodes. Master Windu completes the lockdown as Da Kun appears and grabs Master Erstad. It is at that moment that she realizes that Master Windu didn’t plan on escaping. Just then Master Windu uses the Force to thrust both her and Da Kun out of a window as the Tower explodes. The two of them land on a pod, which just happens to be the one Dan and the others are in. After a brief fight that end in Da Kun being knocked off onto a nearby building, Master Erstad enters the pod and they all head off for Corellia. Master Windu is dead, and the Jedi are no more as the Sith begin their hunt to kill off the escaped Jedi. Da Kun learns that the Jedi in the pod are headed for Corellia, so he takes of in pursuit, especially wanting to finish his fight with Blitz. The little pod containing the Jedi can’t make it on its own to Corellia. But a ship appears and they hail it down for help. Puck turns out to be the pilot of the ship, and he offers to tow them to Corellia. Puck is still undecided on whether he will help out Darth Vader or the Jedi as he and the five Jedi make their way to Corellia. Da Kun manages to lock on to their trail and follows them to the docking bay. Puck and the others land, only to be greeted by explosions as Da Kun begins to destroy the docking area. The Jedi and Puck managed to escape, and Puck leads them to an old friend that can help, Boone. Boone supplies them with new clothes, the Jedi taking on new and different appearances, and after being instructed by Master Erstad, new names. Meanwhile, after his ship was taken out by police, Da Kun finds himself in the woods and meets up with a gang of thieves. Together with the gang, Da Kun decides to torch the city in order to lure out the Jedi. Meanwhile Master Erstad, dressed as a pilot/mechanic and going by the name of Ben, tells Puck and Koji, Dan dressed as a martial arts master, that they have to go back to the ruined docking bay and destroy the ship and pod so that the Sith wont be able to track them. The three make their way back, Puck gathering up his belongings and “Ben” rummaging around the pod for anything of value. It is there she discovers a stowaway, her kitten, Ben, which she thought had perished in the Jedi Tower. Grabbing the kitten, “Ben”, “Koji” and Puck make a quick stop to grab speeder bikes before heading back to Boone’s place. On their way back, “Koji” senses something through the Force. He leaps of his speeder bike and discovers Da Kun. “Ben” after a while sees that “Koji” is no longer on his bike, and after giving Ben to Puck and instructing him to keep going, she turns back. “Ben” grabs “Koji” just as he and Da Kun were about to fight and takes off again. On the way though, “Koji” convinces “Ben” that he’s got a plan, so she stops the bike and Da Kun meets up with them again. “Koji” uses the Force to wipe out Da Kun’s memories, leaving the Sith in the dust as “Koji” and “Ben” once again head back to Boone’s place. But did it work…?
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    Batman RPG (Last Updated 10/06/02)

    Note: Some dates have been altered slightly from those posted in the RPG to allow for less confusion and slightly better story flow. This summary is read under the best conditions if one cares nothing for proper grammar and syntax.

    Wednesday, June 15
    Gotham City is having a typical evening with Batman patrolling the streets and Catwoman and Poison Ivy trying to rob the city in their respective ways. Mr. Freeze has plans of his own, as the city soon discovers when grapefruit-sized hail plummets from the sky courtesy of his new weather machine. Both Catwoman and Ivy are irritated by the massive change in climate and head back home. Ivy, we discover, has taken residence in one of Gotham’s many mansions, since the owners aren’t around. The Joker, gaining inspiration from the hail, concocts a plan to send various Gothamites grapefruit laced with his patented laughing gas—with Commissioner Gordon on the top of his list.

    The action heats up as Batman heads back to the Batcave. Catwoman makes her way to Gotham Natural History Museum to steal a set of lion statues she’s heard about; while Ivy paints the town red (green?) at one of the local bars—where she starts a huge bar fight before taking off. Freeze pays Joker a visit, offering him his weather machine, but Joker has his own plans and leaves Freeze with a flat no, en route to the Hanoi Hilton Hotel.

    Meanwhile, Robin and Batgirl have separately left Gotham University and are on their way to the city. Dick figures that Freeze is up to something and heads for Wayne Manor, while Barbara heads to the GCPD to check on her father. After running “errands” for Batman gathering information on Freeze, Robin heads to the museum to check on an alarm someone has tripped. As the museum is across the street from the GCPD, Batgirl also notices the disturbance and heads there, as well.

    Thursday, June 16
    The excitement is not dying down as daybreak hits. Batgirl and Robin meet each other at the museum; while Catwoman helps herself to various art treasures inside. Robin and Batgirl have their first ever encounter with HARDAC—whom they at first believe to be Batman himself, but later understand is some “evil twin.” After attacking the two, HARDAC takes off on Robin’s Batcycle, he later returns to the museum after he totals the bike

    In the meantime, Batman arrives at the Batcave and promptly takes off again to aid what he believes to be an endangered Robin. The two have a brief brawl outside of the museum, since Robin thinks Batman is his “evil twin”—and Batman sends Robin away after learning of the reemergence of HARDAC. Batgirl has again discovered a new enemy, this time inside the museum, when she is attacked by Skeleton Jack (custom character). He thinks she stole the lion statues that Catwoman has, but after a fight between the two, he goes off to find the “true” thief. Batman soon catches up with Batgirl and together they battle Skeleton Jack. The chase takes them to the roof, where HARDAC has now resurfaced. The five of them battle amongst themselves and in the end, Catwoman takes off with her lion statue, followed by Skeleton Jack—also in possession of one of the statues, who’s being trailed by HARDAC, who’s also being followed by Batgirl! HARDAC easily notices he’s being followed and confronts her. After sending her away, she plants a bat-tracer on him and goes off to find Batman.

    Elsewhere, Joker is infecting everyone at the Hanoi with his laughing gas, when Freeze shows up and attacks him, freezing the Joker in an ice block outside of the hotel. Batman and Batgirl regroup at the Hanoi. They fight their way through the hotel, administering anti-toxins to the laughing gas victims. Robin, after going to the Batcave and reading up on HARDAC’s Batcomputer file, finds the frozen Joker, leading to yet another fight, this time between Freeze and Robin. Robin’s soon joined by Batman and Batgirl, but Freeze manages to escape regardless.

    Meanwhile Ivy, heading home from her bar fight, finds a very dazed Harley in the middle of the street. She loads her in the car and the two of them, plus the hyenas, head to the mansion she’s overtaken. On the other side of town, Andrea Beaumont has arrived in Gotham, with her daughter Angela (custom character) to finalize the selling of their house in England. They have an uneventful few hours at their hotel. Meantime, much to Ivy’s disliking and Harley’s insistence, they pile Joker into the car as well. With Ivy’s help, Harley not only thaws out, but manages to revive Joker.

    Robin, in the process of dropping Batgirl off somewhere other than the Batcave, heads over to the GCPD to find it in chaos—luckily Gordon never received his laughing gas grapefruit, but numerous other police officers were infected with the toxin. Medics have already arrived and are busy treating the victims of Joker’s latest prank. After arriving back at the Batcave, Batman is confronted by HARDAC. The two reach an odd compromise, whereby HARDAC willingly decides he cannot be a duplicate Bruce Wayne/Batman and soon-after he leaves to work on creating a new identity. Thus leaving Batman to the huge task of reconfiguring the Batcomputer—which was shut down to stop HARDAC from hacking into it.

    En route to the Batcave, Robin discovers Firebird—Angela. They have a terse and brief conversation and she takes off back to her hotel room. While, unbeknownst to everyone, Bane has arrived in Gotham and is searching for Batman. Elsewhere, HARDAC uses the rest of the day to create his new identity—the Grey Ghost. And Batman and Robin continue researching Freeze’s motives, and then finally go to sleep.

    Friday, June 17
    HARDAC continues his transformation into the Grey Ghost by altering his appearance. Joker discovers that Andrea has arrived in town and decides to “pay her a visit.” While Bane plots how he’s going to kill Batman.

    The story picks up very much later that day—when Batman sees the Batsignal in the sky and heads off to find that Catwoman, not Gordon, threw the switch. They have a brief conversation, when Batman spots Firebird out wandering and follows her to her hotel. He recognizes Andrea and realizes that Angela is his daughter. Unfortunately for the Beaumonts, the realization that he’s a father scares him into running off, just as Joker shows up and kidnaps them. He arrives with his new hostages at Ivy’s mansion—much to her chagrin—and proceeds to brutally interrogate Andrea. In the meantime, Bane and Grey Ghost have a rather quick fight. The fight leaves Grey Ghost having to repair himself and Bane primed for his fight with Batman.

    Batman, having discovered that Andrea and Angela were kidnapped, knows Joker would be the only one after Andrea and it doesn’t take him long to discover where they are, thanks to his decorating Ivy’s house in green and purple paint. He barges in and searches the house for Andrea, randomly picking rooms. In one he finds Catwoman, looting through the owner’s jewelry. Before they can have it out, one of Joker’s thugs barges in on them and is promptly knocked out. While downstairs, Bane has made his appearance—in search of Batman—and killed the maid, whom Ivy had been holding bound and gagged in a closet. Ivy discovers the carnage only moments later and, in a fitful rage, attacks Bane with her wrist-bow. Bane shrugs off the toxin and storms upstairs to find Batman now fighting Catwoman. Upon seeing Bane, Catwoman takes off into a nearby room and ends up landing in a fight with Harley, though she easily subdues the clown girl and flees the building.

    Meanwhile, inside the room she is tied up in, Angela can hear the commotion going on outside in the hall. She’s managed to free herself of the bonds—and is waiting impatiently for someone to open the door so she can make her escape. Outside, Bane is giving Batman the fight of his life. After knocking Batman unconscious by all but throwing him through a window, Bane storms his way out of the house.

    Upon coming to in one of Ivy’s rosebushes, a very badly injured Batman re-enters the house, he quickly finds Angela and together the two head downstairs to find Andrea. But Joker ambushes Batman with a bat and easily knocks the injured hero to the ground. Without a moment’s hesitation, Angela jumps into the fray, and while she gets in some good hits, Joker soon knocks her unconscious.

    With a gleeful laugh, Joker announces that the place is set to blow up—and Batman places an urgent call to Robin. Nearby, Ivy has been busy dragging Harley out of the house and she hightails it only moments before the place explodes. Robin arrives in the nick of time and takes the unconscious Angela back to the Batcave; while, Andrea and Batman limp out of the house just as it blows to pieces.

    Saturday, June 18
    Batman, Andrea, Angela and Robin return to the Batcave, injuries not withstanding. Ever the vigilant butler, Alfred sees to everyone’s injuries—and Dr. Thompkins makes a visit to perform an emergency surgery on Andrea’s shattered knee.

    Robin upon realizing that Bruce has yet again shut him out of his personal life takes off on his Batcycle. He busies himself stopping some random crimes and perches himself on top of the bell tower. Through some odd quirk of fate, he falls asleep. He wakes to see the Batsignal—now altered to look like Batgirl’s insignia—and rushes off to the GCPD. Batgirl informs him that Two-Face is out to get Gordon and Bullock and they head to the hospital to protect them. After a very interesting confrontation, in which Two-Face manages to evade the police and escape, they succeed in their plan and Robin heads home.

    Back at the Batcave, Bruce has wakes up and immediately resumes his work at the Batcomputer. Angela soon stirs and the two have a discussion, in which Angela learns Bruce is her father. Before the reunion can go on for long, though the Grey Ghost arrives. He and Bruce hardly have time for a greeting when suddenly Wayne Manor’s security alarms go off and Bruce runs up the stairs with Angela not far behind. In the study, Skeleton Jack, still looking for the other lion statue, starts to attack Bruce, using his strobe-light. Alfred manages to knock him unconscious with a tray and the Grey Ghost dutifully carts Skeleton Jack off to the authorities and later informs Bruce of the lion statue, and its strange contents, that he recovered from the villain.

    In the meantime, the Joker starts the day by ransacking a cuscus shipment to the Gotham Zoo with plans to make “cuscus couscous” and force feed it to vegetarians. After which, he goes on a wild redecorating rampage through Gotham, using vanilla pudding. Harley wakes up to find everyone has left her and, after hearing a news report about him, heads out to find “her puddin’.”

    Joker leaves Batman a very obvious trail, but Batman misses him by mere minutes at each home. Just as he is about to give up, Harley noticeably arrives, having crashed into the Batmobile and he quickly chases after her. A small fight ensues and Harley manages to escape, by covering Batman in pudding, though not before he plants a bat-tracer on one of the hyenas. Slightly defeated, Batman heads home and on the way Alfred sends him the message that Andrea has left—and taken the Phantasm suit with her.

    Back at the manor, Dick receives a surprise visit from Barbara and Angela busies herself playing the piano. Last night gets the best of our three heroes, though and they soon all fall asleep! Waking separately, Robin and Batgirl change and meet each other to oversea Grace’s transfer out of the hospital. Bruce wakes soon after and discovers that Angela has taken off in search of her mother, and then promptly takes off himself in search of them both.

    The Joker unveils his cuscus couscous at a banquet filled with vegetarians, force-feeding them the wretched stuff, while Harley steals them blind. Unbeknownst to them, though Catwoman is in attendance—and she manages to make the ultimate steal, by swiping Harley of her bag of loot. As Catwoman makes her escape, Batman shows up, tracing both Angela and Harley to the banquet hall, and promptly knocks Selina unconscious. He finds Joker in the midst of a battle between Phantasm and Firebird in an alley, and watches in horror as the Joker “spatulates” (rough translation: death caused by a serrated spatula imbedded in chest of victim) Andrea. Harley, having discovered that her stolen goods have been stolen—and expertly pilfering them back from the prone Selina—arrives in the alley just as Batman descends on the Joker.”

    Robin and Batgirl, in the meantime, have been busy with Two-Face—and keeping him at bay while Grace is transferred to another hospital. Robin succeeds in subduing the foe, after an extremely intense car chase; while, Batgirl escorts Grace’s ambulance. The two arrive at the banquet just as Batman does—and Robin is immediately ordered to get Angela to safety. Batgirl, on the other hand, opts to fight Harley—and the two have a tussle of their own, with Batgirl eeking out a victory. As Andrea fights for her last few breaths, Batman viscously attacks Joker. Fighting against his rising thirst for vengeance, Batman stops just short of taking Joker’s life and instead leaves his broken body in the alley, along with an unconscious Harley.

    Across town, though the Scarecrow escapes from Arkham and plots his own attack against Gotham, testing his toxin on various hostages. And Batman heads back to the Batcave with the Andrea's body.

    Monday, June 20
    Days pass uneventfully, with our heroes mourning the loss of a dear friend and mother. Alfred sees to the preparations for Andrea’s funeral. Monday morning Bruce, Dick, and Angela attend the funeral and burial of Andrea. At her request, she is buried in a grave between the Waynes and her mother, Victoria. Bruce watches on stoically, as he contemplates the events both past and future.

    Tuesday, June 21
    Batman and Robin patrol Gotham, ending up at the newly opened Jolly Jack Candy Factory, where they have heard a drug deal will be going down. Together, they subdue the men, though Batman’s tactics seem more ruthless than normal. Afterwards, Robin stops a mugging, but the victim runs off in fear. Batman recognizes her before she runs off – and notes that she also knows him – but is unable to remember her clearly. Dick feels the need to talk with Bruce about Andrea’s funeral, but before he is able to, the Bat-signal goes off and they head to the GCPD. While, back at the manor Angela mourns her mother’s death – throwing most of Andrea’s possession in the trash.

    Later in the morning, the Scarecrow sends out various “gifts” – laced with his fear toxin – to Gotham’s elite, causing them to fear their investments so that he can take over their companies and amass a fortune. Elsewhere, Barbara peruses the newspaper, noting Andrea’s obituary. She gives Dick a call and the two plan a date at an early movie showing.

    At one of the more exclusive nightclubs in Gotham, Catwoman makes her moves. She seduces a man, who brings her back to his apartment. After rendering him unconscious, she takes her pick of his valuables – noting the location of the rest of his various treasures she desires.

    Bruce contemplates his decision to send Angela to boarding school; while she in turn paces the long halls of the manor. Unable to find the words to reassure his daughter – and also incapable of sleep – Bruce soon joins Angela and together they pace the hours away. Later, as Angela boards her plane, the Scarecrow relishes the success of his fear toxin, as businessmen across Gotham sell massive shares in their respective companies. While in the meantime, Two-Face plots his escape from Arkham.

    Dick and Barbara return from their date – and Barbara gushes to everyone about the great movie. Bruce receives a delivery and immediately reacts to the toxin from the attached letter. Trying to keep a low profile for Barbara’s sake, he tries to discreetly head to the Batcave, but Dick taunts him about his “love letter.” Alfred notices Bruce’s panicked face, but when he tries to inquire about it Bruce shouts at him and runs off to the Cave. Barbara soon leaves and Bruce explains his odd behavior to the others and schedules a board meeting for later in the day. Back at Arkham, Two-Face works on his plan to escape causing a huge raucous.
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    Batman Beyond RPG (Last Updated 10/5/02)

    This summary goes about midway into the third thread of the Batman Beyond RPG. Hopefully, I'll update it soon.

    The story began with a lot of fast paced action when Willie Watt and the Stalker both made appearances in Gotham at the same time. Watt led a merry chase, but was eventually subdued.

    It was right before the final battle with Stalker that Blight made his reappearance in Gotham. He had finally conquered his debilitating condition and seemed unstoppable. The battle was on when he kidnapped Max. Blight actually manages to discover Batman’s identity and blackmails him to fight him. Batman trashes Blight and saves Max.

    During this, a mysterious character appeared known simply as the Ninja. The descendent of the ninja from the original series, Kyodai Ken. He was sworn to avenge his ancestor’s honor by killing Bruce Wayne, and if he had to kill Batman to do it then so be it.

    Stalker and Batman then met for one epic battle. Though the battle was close, Batman edged out a poetic victory. Stalker was left a broken man. It was this broken man that was picked up by the NSA. Stalker was refitted with even more powerful prosthetics and is currently working to pay back the debt to Agent Bennet.

    Blight returns to Gotham after his defeat. Through a series of struggles, the Ninja and Batman make an alliance to end Blight’s reign of terror. Blight was subdued and the Ninja was forced to accept the truth about his ancestor. The Ninja had been duped by the Society of Assassins which was led by Ra’s Al Ghul. Conveniently, it was during all this that it was discovered that Ra’s al Ghul was still alive in Talia’s body.

    The story went to London to get Bruce medical aid, and the Ninja became the Samurai. The plot goes wild as Blight becomes the loose cannon that can tip either side. He temporarily sides with Ra’s and then Batman. The story jumps stateside quickly as, Ra’s gathered his Society of Assassins and pursued Batman into the Batcave. In the ensuing devastation, the original batcave was destroyed. Ra’s also finally died.

    Rest didn’t come like many had hoped. A new larger batcave was found underneath Wayne Manor and quickly adapted to their needs. The place still shined with new equipment when the Joker returned.

    The Clown Prince of Terror came back to strike one final blow into the heart of Batman. The maniac’s mad quest eventually brought Dick Grayson back into the fold. It was during this time that a young girl that had been stolen by the government from Bruce many years ago. She is physically incapable of feeling fear and that gift has also been her curse as she tends to be reckless and undisciplined. Katharina may have stumbled and fouled up along the way, but she desperately tried to help. Stalker was sent in to bring the Joker down by Bennet. Eventually, the Joker was located and in the battle was slaughtered. The Joker was dead once and for all though the NSA took his body.

    A new face arrived in Gotham after that. Ibn claimed to be Bruce Wayne’s long lost son with Talia. He played the enigmatic route. He even enlisted Dick Grayson’s one protégé who went awry. He had a ruthless, female Nightwing on his side. Ibn regained the dead body of Talia / Ra’s and brought the new and old Gotham knights to his towers to see his plan unfold. He managed to clone a young body for Ra’s and transferred Ra’s into it. He also managed to bring his mother back from the grave.

    During the course of Ibn’s coming to Gotham, Dick Grayson decided to take on a new student. Katharina has begun to train under Dick. The results haven’t been overly apparent yet, but it would seem that Katharina holds nothing but promise.
    Meanwhile, across town, Blight returned again. He kidnapped his son Paxton from prison and brought him to a secret laboratory. It was there that Blight regained a permanent skin that can only be burnt off a will. Derek Powers had returned and has already started to garner support for his official return to power. He is aided in this by the mysterious Spellbinder who has only recently returned to Gotham and offered his aid to Blight.

    There has also been one report of a new vigilante. A group of four Jokerz were found with a light pole wrapped around them. The only lead is one of the Jokerz kept saying, “Blue Dragon,” over and over again. Whether this new vigilante will get along with current defenders of Gotham has yet to be seen.

    We left off the last thread with Batman, Bruce, Dick, and Katharina retreating from Ibn’s corporate building to regroup and figure out there next move. It’s a shame that from the looks of it, they are about to be hit from all sides.

    The battle went well at first. Ra’s had been captured, but Bruce’s goal to save Talia was still out of reach. Ibn was not amused. A trade was arranged. Both sides tried to cheat the other. Batman may have lost Ra’s, but Ibn paid for his betrayal with his life. Ibn was more than just a business man. He had inherited more than his grandfather’s wealth. He was also the inheritor of the Society of Assassins and the power of the Lazarus Pits. The same Pits that he altered to bring back his grandfather and mother were used to bring him back. The leadership of the Society has been divided. Factions are warring for control claiming that Ibn’s death ended his reign. These factions wish to reinstate Ra’s as leader. Ibn is firmly against that.

    Elsewhere the Blue Dragon patrols again. In his second adventure out, he comes across a young woman and boy being harassed by Jokerz. Blue Dragon attacked brutally and tore through the young gang members. The news media quickly picked up the story and was a buzz with the new violent vigilante.

    Meanwhile, the mayor, Luke Sepher, was in the beginning phases of an operation he termed ‘Alpha’. He has based his entire career around discrediting the police though for what means still remains unclear.

    Dana begins to be pursued by a secret admirer as her and Terry shift farther and farther apart. Terry takes drastic action and calls off being Batman for the night to take her out.

    Bruce Wayne attends a meeting announcing Derek Powers’ return and falls under the sway of Spellbinder’s device. Bruce becomes enamoured with Powers and feels that he can do no wrong. The device was miscalculated and Wayne manages to break free of the hold by remembering his parents.

    Bruce steps into high speed as he feels everything happening at once. Sepher has issued an ultimatum to the police to uncover a Jokerz plot or he will take drastic measures. Powers has an unknown device to alter men’s minds. Ibn is still loose with Ra’s and Talia alive. Bruce focuses on what he can and brings Katharina into full duty to assist him.

    Across the city, Blue Dragon slips in and out of rational thought as he has another fight with his only friend. He seeks solace in fighting, but finds the streets empty. His mental turmoil still clinging to him, Blue Dragon sits and watches the city and prays for something to happen.

    Terry and Dana travel to one of the most elite restaurants in Gotham. Unknown to them they are being tailed by a ruthless assassin known as Jazium. He has been ordered to take out Dana and he takes his best shot but only wounds her in the shoulder. He tries to flee the scene, but the Blue Dragon has heard the commotion and is on the way.

    Terry chases Jazium and fights him without his Batman suit. Terry is outmatched until Blue Dragon steps in. The fight continues between the two while Terry races home to retrieve his suit. Soon, the three are tangled in a massive brawl as Jazium brings more of his considerable arsenal to bear against the duo.

    The fight ends as massive explosions rock Gotham. Sixty-five buildings blow up at exactly nine o’clock. One building exploded right in front of the fight. Above it all, Luke Sepher looks down with pleasure to see the first stage of ‘Alpha’ coming along so well.
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    Green Lantern RPG (Last Updated 3/17/03)

    Monday, January 21 Earth Time

    On the planet of Oa, the last Guardian of the Universe, Ganthet, dies but not before passing on five Green Lantern rings. The first ring, the ring that spawns the other four rings, goes to Val-Jamar, a smuggler, who crashes on Oa and finds Ganthet in his death throes. The second ring is found by Zan Velin who is running from the authorities on Tay 1. The third ring is found by Tel’ak Rent who became stuck on Oa due to unknown ship failure. The fourth ring is found by Rob Christenson while he is strolling down memory lane. The fifth ring is found by Suiji Yamato after saving a woman from being robbed.

    Velin, Christenson, and Yamato are flown to Oa and meet up with Jamar at a green citadel. There Jamar’s ring has told him about the Green Lantern Corps. As a group, they discuss their lives, with the exception of Velin, the rings, and the missing fifth Green Lantern. During their chat, a group of hostile birds appear. After the birds are defeated, the four go back to the citadel only to have the Fraeka Galaxy Peacekeeping Robots discover them. All four are knocked unconscious. Moments before falling, Yamato sent his ring away for safekeeping at Jamar’s suggestion and is now wearing a fake ring that Jamar has produced.

    All the while, the Dark Lantern begins to plot the annihilation of the new Green Lanterns.
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    Monday: Day 1, 6:00am-11:25am

    Most of the X-men crew are just waking up and training, while Epoch, an unfamiliar mutant, is beginning her day. Magneto has destroyed a dish that now enables him to invade all computer systems. Xavier gathers the X-men together to find Epoch. Meanwhile Colossus breaks into the Mansion. Nick Fury makes contact with Xavier about Magneto. The X-men, with Epoch in tow, arrive back at the Mansion and confront Colossus. After battling with Colossus, the X-men tend to the injured, including Xavier. Cyclops requests to resign from being leader of the group but Xavier tells him they'll deal with that later. Nick Fury arrives at the Mansion, he and Xavier discuss what Magento is up to, and why he took computer file called Oceanus. Cyclops is hit with a blast, sending him into a wall. Epoch takes off, for the moment declining the X-men's offer to stay with them. She comes across another female mutant - Mystique, who wants the disk Epoch took from Magento. Cyclops wakes up with Jean by his side, just in time for a visit from Magneto. Magneto brainwashes Cyclops and takes off with him. Epoch arrives back at the Mansion and attempts to stop them, but a blast from Cyclops allows him and Magneto to get away. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants launches an attack on the X-men. Epoch's powers have evolved, and she sets out to help the X-men in their fight. She learns that they're fighting to get her, and she goes with them to meet Magneto.
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    Reality Check

    Bob Smith and Greg Hinrich work the beat at a New York precinct. The latter is a rookie cop who doesn't have very many friends but understands what has to be done in order to make the city a safer place. He's in his late twenties, 6 feet tall, 220 lbs, red hair, green eyes. He lives in a cheap apartment with his best friend Arnold. Bob might be a good cop or a bad cop, but he’s definitely a fat cop.

    At the same precinct house we have Samantha “Sammy” McKay, an ace shot and one of the few female cops that have the courage to go out on the beat. She has an european background, grew up in England for about half her life (she's approx. 23 or so), then she and her family moved to America. She's an only child, and her dad was a police detective, and her mom was a champion equestrian rider. Both were killed in a car crash....let's just say it had something to do with a case her dad was working on, and he got a bit too close to solving it. She's known for having an eagle eye when it comes to shooting. She works alone, lives in a pretty nice apartment, and has a kitten. She's got a really cheerful personality, but get's really involved when it comes to her work, she's very serious about it. Her partner, Charles, can be a flirt, but he gets down to business at the drop of a hat.

    The City is being terrorized by two killers. One, the Photograph Killer. Once every three weeks, he rapes and murders his victims. Sometimes, he does it in a different order. After the victim has perished, he wears a black hood, sits on the bed with her and takes a picture of him point toward the next murder site. There have been 9 victims thus far. The last photo had him pointing with two fingers, indicating two victims. Now, there is a sicker demon on the streets. This one copies the Photograph Killer right down to the Polaroid snapshot, but he has a more demented tilt. He kills his victims by gutting them and leaving them and their entrails to rot.

    The city has its share of characters running about. One good soul is Michael Henry; however, the cops hunt for him. He came from a dysfunctional, suburban home, his father was an abusive drunk. He started learning karate at a young age. His sensai became a positive male role model, and father figure to him. One day he came home from school and his father was home early. His father struck his mother and she fell down a flight of stairs and died. He was so drunk he didn't even seem to care or notice what he'd done. Michael struck him in a rage, accidentally delivering a fatal blow. He ran away to the city. The police beleive he murdered both his parents and are looking for him. The rest is what I posted previosly. Now MH runs, living day to day, trying to survive and help others survive this hellhole. MH has some karate knowledge. He frequents squats around NY and doesn't rally talk to the other street kids, but when there's trouble he settles it and is known to perform random good deeds. He has a lousy temper and he doesn't put up with fooling around. Generally no one wants to bother him, and that's the way he likes it.

    Kyala Maxwell - She is 17 years old. One year before she made friends with a 21 year old guy named Alexander Maxwell (Alex). Soon they began spending a lot of time together and people started rumours that they were... urk.... ~whispers~ sleeping together. None of them were true though. Key's mother didn't believe her when she said they were untrue and sent her to military school. When she came back, she was still friends w/ Alex. Her mother decided that military school hadn't "straightened her out" and actually put her up for adoption. Alex was extremely unhappy that his friend was suddenly an 'orphan' and decided to do something about it. He adopted her. Now Kyala lives with Alex and his 20 year old roommate Ethan in a trailer.

    Name: Victor Douglas
    Age: 55
    Occupation: Leader of the New York Syndicate and President/CEO of Unitek, a provider of computer hardware/software for personal and professional use.

    Background: Victor Douglas was born into a low income, single parent household in Brooklyn, NY. His mother died during childbirth, and his father worked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Victor would spend his free time playing stickball with the neighborhood kids in Prospect Park, and had a strong relationship with his father. One night, after his father was laid off from his job, he got drunk and was killed in a bar fight. As the old story goes, Victor fell in with a bad crowd and got involved with petty theft. But even at the age of 12, Victor had a good sense for business, and took the money he made from crime and used it to get the best education possible. He graduated from NYU with a degree in business, but it was during his college years when he came in contact with the New York Syndicate, a major crime organization dating back to the 1920s. While crime wasn't something that he loved, it seemed quite appealing, and he needed the money to start his own business. He joined the syndicate, but wasn't able to quickly reap the rewards as he was drafted into the Vietnam War. After serving his time overseas, he returned to New York and threw himself into his syndicate work, quickly making his way up the ladder to the top spot as crime boss. Using the vast resources accumulated by the syndicate, Victor formed Unitech, a small computer company that really served as a front for syndicate functions. Much to his surprise, Unitech grew into a multinational corporation which became a favorite of many businesses and world governments. Today, Unitech (now Unitek) is one of the largest providers of computer hardware and software, and the New York Syndicate is the largest criminal organization on the East Coast, controlling pretty much anything that is illegal. Not bad for a semi-poor kid from Brooklyn.

    Cassidy and Sundance --- Jade Cassidy and James Sundance "Kid" (assumed stage names) are two street musicians in NYC. Cassidy, a former valedictorian, has roamed from the beaten path and followed her muse since her graduation five years ago. Cassidy is short, sleek, and one of the best pickpockets in NYC. She's why you put your wallet in your front pocket and attach it with a chain. She could be a Latina, could be Russian, could be a Greek...there's is something you can't place about her.

    She teamed up with Sundance at a bus stop in Leonardo, NJ. Sundance is older than Cassidy by about 5 years. He's not one to take advantage of his partner in crime, life, and love. Sundance is not 'handsome'; he is art. Beautiful by any standards, man or woman...thus, this poor guy is constantly hit on by both sexes. He prefers Cassidy over all. The two of them are semi-homeless, sometimes sleeping on the subway, other times in motels or tenements, but never in one place for too long. They do partake in various illicit substances, but they aren't hard core addicts; they aren't into smack or crack. Because they are performers, Cassidy and Sundance take care of their appearance; they don't look homeless. However, both don't exactly have money for hair cuts, so Sundance's is down past his collar and Jade's is a signficant length.

    The duo play a variety of instruments, whatever is portable. If there is a bandstand set up nearby with a piano, they'll use that until the cops come in and bust them. Even the cops are reluctant to break up the party...they do a lot of old tunes from the 1960s, peace, love, and rock.

    And that's everybody. Onto the summary.....


    The story begins quickly as MH and his acquaintance Chris discover a body near a dumpster. Chris yaks as the very sight of it, which attracts the attention of Greg and Bob. They investigate the scene and determine this is not the Photograph Killer. Rather, it a more gruesome copy cat. They are placed in charge of this case. At the same time, Alex, Key, and Ethan go out for a jog. Like the rest of the crowd, they are attracted to the spectacle. After they have cleaned up the area, the cops head to Moe’s diner.

    Sam is made supervisor over this case as well as the Photograph Killer’s case. She and Charles head out to the diner. There, we learn that one of the killers washes the dishes at this diner.

    MH, in the mean time, has stopped a mugger from robbing an old woman. When he attempts to pawn the gun for some cash, the pawnshop owner turns on him. MH escapes, but the owner calls the cops on him anyway. James Morgan checks out the situation and ends up arresting the owner when he threatens him.

    The ride back to the station is silent. There is some sort of tension between Bob and Samantha…Greg wonders if his partner is a bad cop.

    Victor Douglas becomes disgusted with the case as it stands. He gives his second in command Michael three days to get both of the killers out of his way. Something big will be going down soon.

    Greg meets up with a fellow cop at the coffee machine. Kevin has a ‘stack-o-porn’ two feet high in his desk. Bob interrupts the uncomfortable conversation with the news that the Copy Cat has struck again. This time, he killed a twenty-year-old man in public. Nobody cared enough to stop him and call the police until it was over. Meanwhile, Alex and Key wait anxiously at their home. Was it Ethan?

    Bob informs Greg that they might have figured out who one of the killers was. At 3 PM at a pawnshop, a criminal smashed several appliances and stole a camera. He had been committed because he would dig up bodies and put them up around the house. He had escaped from the asylum 12 years ago. His name is Melvin Walton. They reach the scene, as do Key, Alex, Sam, and Charles.

    MH realizes that he is fighting a losing battle. He cannot protect all of the street kids without some help. He reluctantly approaches LaSean, a dealer, who accepts the terms of the agreement. This also brings in part of LaSean’s gang.

    Once it is confirmed that Ethan was the man killed, Alex and Key breakdown. Sam, feeling sympathy for them (and something else for Alex), drives the two of them home. She leaves her number with them if they need her. Sam lets her defense down and stays and talks with Key and Alex. She learns that Alex is very wary of cops from past experience.

    We learn the master scheme of Victor Douglas: He wants to bring the Dodgers back to Brooklyn. He had so many happy memories of them…and now he has the money and power to do it.

    In the middle of a certain park somewhere, Jade Cassidy and James Sundance “Kid” finish off their performance for the night. They high tail it back to the horse stables where they spend the night.

    After Sam returns to Charles after making sure Key and Alex would be okay, he asks her to stop thinking about them unless it relates to the case. He shows his jealousy concerning Alex very clearly.
    At some point during the night and early morning hours, Bob stops the mugging of an elderly woman. He is shot, but MH and his buddy Chris find him again. MH gets the police’s attention and then bolts.


    The next morning, Sam wakes up and feels bored by the lack of work. She decides to take a jog through Central Park past the horse stables. Sundance bolts awake and listens as her footfalls pass. He and Cassidy get ready to face the day. As they talk and walk, they see a jogger being assaulted. They run to help, but she takes care of herself. She reveals herself to be Sam the cop. Cassidy, who has a phobia about cops, tries to bolt, but Sundance manages to get past the cop and act normal. Sam contemplates using herself as bait to get at least one of the killers. Sundance and Cassidy head toward the nearest train station and hop on a train toward the District.

    Greg wakes up at about the same time as the others (5 AM) and receives the phone call concerning Bob. Before work, he visits his partner in the hospital. Greg tells Bob that he is being paired with Mr. Stack-O-Porn, Kevin. Bob warns him not to do anything he doesn’t think is right.

    Cassidy and Sundance slip onto the train. They encounter stares from a woman and proceed to put on a show to satisfy her horrified expectations. They then calmly sit and ride the train up to the district.

    Victor Douglas meets with the mayor concerning the Dodgers. Bloomberg had said he would be relocating some funds for a special deal…and it might be for the Dodgers. The money would have to come from the police salaries. This would incur a strike….letting the vagrants and the murders and the dealers run free.

    Greg sees the morning paper. He notes the Dodgers story, but pays special attention the killers’ story. They mention his name, which puts his friend in danger. He runs home to make sure he’s all right.

    Sundance and Cassidy (while on a quest for a crossword puzzle) see the stories as well. Cassidy is worried, but Sundance reminds her of the good business. They set up shop on a street corner in sight of city hall.

    Around noon, MH sees a man on the roof with a rifle. The man shoots down at the departing Victor Douglas, but does not hit him. Both Cassidy and MH see the shooter. MH faints from the shock, while Sundance takes Cassidy away from the area. He vows to keep her safe. The police now can question MH as a witness. They will need to find Cassidy, the only other witness.

    Victor Douglas is understandably PO’ed and orders for the assassin’s head on a platter. He then goes to the police station to be questioned. MH has woken up and is being questioned by cops at 1 PM. Meanwhile, as Cassidy begins to fall down a slope of eventual addiction, Sundance realizes that the cop they saved that morning will likely be the one hunting them down.

    Key and Alex see the assassination attempt on TV as Alex readies to leave for some unknown destination. The Killer contemplates tonight’s activities: a double murder/rape. Greg falls ill and takes a swig of some green fluid in the medicine cabinet, assuming it to be say the least, he’s wrong. Victor Douglas makes one last phone call before flying out to LA to return his father’s favorite team to their rightful home and past glory, leaving his #2 Michael Cordtlandt in charge.

    After three hours of questioning, MH weasels his way out and goes on the run. The Killer leaves work at 4:55 and heads home to prepare. His current name is revealed as Doug. His grooming includes removing every hair from his body, a bloody affair in a cramped bathroom. Greg reawakens and finds he has gotten a lot worse before he passes out again.

    Sam and Charlie review the videotape from the crime scene. Cassidy catches Sam’s eye as a familiar face. What Sundance feared is now happening: there is a manhunt for two vagrants; they need Cassidy as a witness. Meanwhile, Michael Cordtlandt has received news of his boss’s getaway to LA and isn’t pleased. After dinner and a proposal by Sundance, he and Cassidy spend the night in an abandoned building. As a break from reality, Charlie and Sam have a Hagen Daas night and fill up her freezer with the stuff.

    MH meets up again with his posse and goes out patrol with Kenya. As the night grows colder and the streets scarier, the two march on. Greg finally wakes up from his stupor, but his senses are definitely altered. Arnie apologizes, but leaves him to get himself to the police station for his 8:00 pm shift. Walken, Mr. Stack-O-Porn, comes up to the car, Greg blacks out, and when he comes to, Walken is driving and making dirty jokes.

    The Photo Killer carries out his deed on two women living across from him at 8:22 PM.

    8 pm to 10 pm After having a mini-freak, Greg discovers from Walken that he likely ingested some sort of hallucinogen that Arnie had kept in a medicine bottle. While Walken goes off to take care of business with a local hooker, a call from the Amsterdam House comes in: two sets of screams from an apartment. He interrupts his “partner” and his cohort and is knocked out for his efforts. When he wakes up, he desperately tries to find the Amsterdam Houses. What he finds is a Freddy Krueger look alike. Sam and Charlie beat him and Walken to the scene of the crime, fortunately. After searching three floors, the cops find the ugly scene, camera tripod and all. In the middle of the search, Sam receives phone calls from Alex Li Sera, an old flame, and a distressed Key. Secret Agent Alex Sera arrives at JFK on the redeye flight. One of the Photograph Killer’s victims was an undercover agent, so this now falls in federal jurisdiction.

    1 AM to 2:30 AM Douglas calls Cortlandt at an ungodly hour to tell him that the Dodger deal didn’t go through; he’s after the Expos now. MH and Kenya begin to bond over a screaming pimp and his confused hookers. Somewhere out in the city, Jade Cassidy has a nightmare, which includes her past, her dreamy perfect life, her current hell, an unwanted(?) fate, and a dangerous foreboding. She bolts awake but is comforted by the serene sight of Sundance, out cold on the makeshift bed. He wakes up not long after and gathers information for a safe haven. They start moving down the 15 city blocks. They reach their destination, but don’t stay long; they get their food, but the stench of rotting flesh and a rattling door sends them fleeing. They meet up with Kenya and MH, and despite some rough introductions, they depart on amiable terms. Cassidy and Sundance escape the rain in the subway and dry off after the thunderstorm. They then ride the tourist train all night as they slumber.

    Key goes to Sam’s apartment and the latter consoles the young lady. Agent Sera deals with his family, whose power in the crime world is significant. Greg finally goes home, still freaking on acid. MH and Kenya find comfort in each other after a scary night and a rainstorm.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THURSDAY 6 AM~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Sam is bounced out of bed by a chipper Charlie while Sera deals with a rude little field director and still mentally fights with his family.

    Cassidy and Sundance are ousted by the polite train conductor and start walking through the Redlight District toward the Underground. Both reflect on children and what they entail. Cassidy insists upon passing through the Bizarre Bazaar while Sundance has a feeling he might lose her in the end regardless of what he does.

    MH also receives a rude awakening from Sean and his cronies. He learns that he isn’t exactly Kayla first relationship nor will he be the last. He goes out to air his head and scrubs himself off. He steals some clothes as he ponders his situation with Sean and Kayla and finally decides to stand up for her.

    After Sera has his boys analyze the blood and vomit found at the crime scene, it comes back negative for registered sex offenders. An interesting substance found within the samples is LSD. Sera shares this information with Sam and Charlie. The tape from the crime scene reveals the killer screaming over and over again, “Hinrich, Hinrich.” Charlie and Sam leave Sera temporarily in the dust as they make book toward Greg Hinrich’s apartment. They meet Greg at the door with his arms full of groceries. Upon opening the door, they are confronted with a gruesome scene: written in blood are the words “Don’t tell secrets, Greg.”

    Greg is immediately taken in for interrogation. Sera grows more and more frustrated with the situation while Sam and Charlie are stuck in the middle
  9. redDragon

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    Teen Titans RPG Summary (Last Updated 1/26/05)

    Day One

    Once again, Slade seeks the destruction of the Teen Titans. This time, he uses Terra, who seeks Slade’s trust once more, to bring Blackfire to him. But Slade is not the only one who seeks Blackfire’s aid. Jinx, a minion of Brother Blood, almost lures Blackfire away from Terra but is instead captured by Slade.

    Soon the four are within Slade’s hideout and Blackfire is presented with a tempting offer: in return for destroying the Teen Titans and becoming his apprentice, Slade will give her a gem that will imbue her with great power. Blackfire accepts, and for her first task, Slade orders her to kill Terra as upon being permanently dismissed from Slade’s presence, Terra fled for Titans Tower.

    With Blackfire, a mind-controlled Jinx, Sentinels, and himself, Slade unleashes an attack upon Titans Tower. The Teen Titans fight back, with the aid of Terra, who has decided to ally with the Titans once more, and Speedy, who has been having nightmares of Slade and has come to Jump City to resolve them. With the strength of the Titans thus, Slade eventually sees he will not win and beats a quick retreat, hauling an unconscious Beast Boy and Terra along with him. Jinx and Blackfire follow shortly. At the end of all this, Raven has somehow mysteriously disappeared.

    Day 2

    The day dawns and with it the remaining Titans head out to Slade’s headquarters to recover Beast Boy. Unfortunately for them, Blackfire spots them before they can attempt any sort of reconnaissance short of seeing Terra and Beast Boy, who Slade recently electrocuted.

    The Titans regroup and head back in, this time they successfully free Beast Boy and battle Slade and Blackfire. After Slade beats up Robin sufficiently, he quickly disappears with Blackfire and Terra in tow.

    Speedy, still mulling over the prediction of his death Raven gave him earlier, goes for a quiet walk around town to think things over only to encounter the Joker and Harley Quinn. Up against such odds he is soon on the ground and is saved by a robot of Slade’s. Once he has been captured, Slade him to get Robin to come to his hideout alone.

    Brother Blood, angry at the failure of Gizmo and Mammoth to find Jinx, orders Red X to pick up the mission. Red X successfully tracks down Jinx and is surprised into fighting her. Slade, with eyes in the back of his head apparently, hears of Red X’s arrival at Jinx’s holding cell and sends Blackfire to deal with him. There, after a short period of time, the three come to a consensus to work together, against Slade and head towards Titans Tower.

    Michael Spicer, assassin for hire, is on vacation when he gets a contract to take down Slade, for a very nice price. Against his usual stubbornness to refuse jobs while on vacation, Spicer decides to take on this job.

    Raven, who is trapped inside of H.I.V.E. academy succeeds in gaining an unexpected ally and is freed from the cell she had been thrown into shortly after relaying a message to Starfire of her whereabouts. Thus free, she is able to transport herself and the ally back to Titans Tower.

    Pacing in his cell, Speedy’s mind begins to deteriorate and he is susceptible to Slade’s wishes and becomes part of Slade’s team. Once he suits up, Speedy and Terra head over to the Titans’ tower and begins an assault.

    At the Tower, Speedy weaves in and out of consciousness as he attacks the Titans. Soon enough though he manages to snap out of it as Green Arrow appears and Speedy fires an arrow at Slade, hitting him in the knee.

    While the battle ensues, Jinx is able to sneak around Titans Tower and steals the xinothium belt for Red X. As soon as she grabs it and finds Red X, the two retreat.

    As Brother Blood has appeared and with Slade down, Terra attempts to flee with Slade but is temporarily stopped by Speedy, but Terra seeing Speedy has switched sides swiftly knocks him away before leaving the scene.

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