R.I.P Ray Manzarek (1939-2013)

Discussion in 'The Musiquarium' started by stephane dumas, May 21, 2013.

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    Ray Manzarek, keyboardist and co-founder of The Doors with Jim Morrison, passed away at the age of 74. Ray Manzarek, of the Doors, Dead at 74 - Reason 24/7 : Reason.com

    Here a video interview with Ray Manzarek, filmed in 2012 from "Down the Rhodes" webepisode.
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    I have to be honest, this one didn't upset me as much as Clive Burr or Jeff Hanneman's deaths, partly since Ray was so much older than them, but also since The Doors' music just never spoke to me as well as Iron Maiden or Slayer's. But I'm definitely a fan, with the first album in particular being high among my playlist, so it definitely hurt to know that he's gone.

    But at least now he'll be with Jim. RIP

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