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    Of the handful of movies that were based on Marvel Comics prior to the renaissance starting with Blade (1998), Fox's X-Men (2000) and Sony's Spider-Man (2002) which ones do you like, dislike, have something to say about? For expediency's sake, here's a full list:

    1. Captain America (1944, movie serial)
    2. Amazing Spider-Man (1977-79, TV show)
    3. Incredible Hulk (1977-1982, TV show)
    4. Doctor Strange (1978 TV movie)
    5. Spider-Man (1978, TV show, Japan)
    6. Captain America (1979 TV movie)
    7. Captain America II (1979 TV movie)
    8. Howard the Duck (1986)
    9. Incredible Hulk Returns (1988, TV movie)
    10. Trial of the Incredible Hulk (1989, TV movie)
    11. Punisher (1989)
    12. Captain America (1990)
    13. Death of the Incredible Hulk (1990, TV movie)
    14. Power Pack (1991, TV show pilot)
    15. Fantastic Four (1994)
    16. Generation X (1996, TV movie)
    17. Nick Fury (1998, TV movie)
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    The Incredible Hulk series was the only thing that I guess could be considered a hit out of the bunch, and I still occasionally give it a watch if I see it on TV (MeTV, El Rey, etc). I remember as a kid watching reruns, I'd just be waiting for the moment when they pushed David to the edge, and Lou Ferrigno would get to destroy some clothes and some property. It's not an adaptation with a big comic feel, and due to the premise and era, it could be viewed as sometimes being repetitive and slow, but I love what it added to the pop culture idea of the Hulk (The Lonely Man theme and white eyed, clothes bursting transformation sequences and "You won't like me when I'm angry", etc). I remember liking the sequel movies as a kid but thinking they were so hokey when I revisited them years later. All things considered, I'm still a little fond of Trial for what I felt introduced me to Daredevil in a good way. Maybe DD could have been the Marvel property to have a successful 80s live-action adaptation, if someone actually tried after the movie. Either way, I'm grateful for Netflix.

    The last episodes of Amazing Spider-Man packaged as the movie The Chinese Web was one of my first big intros to Spider-Man fandom. I had comics and storybooks, the 80s cartoons and The Chinese Web to really instill a love of the character in me before I got into the 94 cartoon. I still think of it fondly and think the series might have fared better if it were more like those episodes and featured Peter in more exciting situations but that's probably just my nostalgic bias. I feel like I could comment about most of this stuff but I think I'll hold off on that at the moment before I end up with an unreadable wall of text during a time I should be asleep.

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    The Hulk show was the most successful of the bunch

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