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    I have a project.
    It's a live-action theatrical movie called "Fantastic Four: Elite Squad" for 2018.
    It revolves around Loki somehow ending up in the world the Fantastic Four live in. Then he finds the Fantastic Four. Then they fight. At the end, it shows a scene where someone happens to do something to Loki's mother in an old scene from
    2000. Then they go their separate ways. Finally, at the end, they both realize it was The Thing and it shows them about to fight each other, but the screen turns black and the credits start, signaling a sequel.
    Yes, "Fantastic Four: No Jokes Here" for 2020.

    Also, I'm thinking of another live-action theatrical movie called "Loki: A New Saga" for 2019.
    It's about Loki and focuses around him trying to become a good guy. He tried and tried, he even tried out for the X-Men! But then he goes back to his ways of being a bad guy in the end.
    Rating: R
    Length: 141 minutes
    A sequel, "Loki: Revenge", would be released in 2020, in which Loki stopped trying to become good and tries to kill everybody in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This R-Rated, Marvel crossover event will be very long too, taking 197 minutes!
    The final movie, "Loki: The Greatest Times", will focus around Loki, retired from being a villain, and his life troubles.
    Rating: R
    Runtime: 119 minutes
    Year: 2023
    Other projects:
    An animated series called "X-Men Adventures", focusing around the X-Men and whatever the heck happens in their life, set to premiere in 2018 on Teletoon in Canada and Disney XD everywhere.
    A theatrical movie about Venom, set to release in 2019.
    A Deadpool series on The CW.
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    I don't see Marvel putting up R-rated movies anytime soon.
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    As I mentioned earlier, I'm an aspiring media creator whose main strength is dark, gritty action cartoons. Here's the idea I talked about in my last thread.

    My project is a universe of animated shows featuring Spider-Man, the Avengers, the X-Men, and the New Warriors. The X-Men would get a show if an MCU movie comes out or if Marvel partners with Fox for it like their other TV projects, and New Warriors would come with the MCU movie. The titles would be Web of Spider-Man, Avengers Initiative, X-Men: Children of the Atom, and New Warriors.

    The shared tone of the universe is a dark, Young Justice-like tone with TV-PG shows made with teens and fans in mind. Each show is inspired by key comics and movies in the characters' history, but have more to do with the comics than the movies. Web of Spider-Man is based on the Ultimate Spider-Man comics and Amazing Spider-Man movies and games, Avengers Initiative is based on the first New Avengers comic and movies, X-Men: COTA is based on the 80s Chris Claremont comics and Fox movies, and New Warriors would be based on the 90s comic and movie.

    The art for each show would be not too stylized, and in terms of the art style would take cues from the specific comics they're based on. Powerhouse Animation would animate all the shows, but they'd all have different art styles.

    Some of the more defining ways the universe is dark and edgy include, but are not limited to the following:

    . Captain America is the most dangerous, savvy, unpredictable badass in this than any animated version of him ever. He's right up there with Kevin Conroy's Batman and strongly influenced by his EMH characterization.

    . Villains who were complete monsters in the comics are even worse in the shows (though modified to fit a TV-PG audience). Some other villains like Magneto and Dr. Octopus are also written to be monsters.

    . There are faster-paced, more dynamic fight scenes with more destruction and violence. There are many collateral damages in the fights, and sometimes casualties.

    . Tyr is a major character in Thor's arc because Tyr disappeared in battle long ago and was presumed dead. Thus, Thor tries to protect Loki at all costs to make sure he still has a brother. This is difficult since Loki's a dangerous psychotic villain, so he tries to save Loki from the dark side.

    In Avengers Initiative, Tyr is revived and brainwashed by Surtur to serve him by getting the Norn Stones for him. The first season finale shows demons invading all the Nine Realms and ends with Tyr's soul going with Hela in Captain America's place (since he had a similar deal with her as that in EMH).

    . The public doesn't trust superhumans in general, and the superhumans get more mistrust and mistreatment than in other animated shows. Mutants get the worst of it, and there is a constant panic about how superhumans would roam and act in the world.

    Maria Hill is an especially big supporter of regulating them. The Battle of New York results in the Avengers becoming controversial figures rather than heroes (though they get that status later in the first season), and Maria's parents are killed in the battle. This creates her grudge against the Avengers, which shows when she points a gun at them along with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Hulkbusters.

    . Maria Hill's characterization depicts her as an unapologetic-but-benevolent sociopath with the aforementioned extremist belief of regulating superhumans. This is the most cruel animated version of Maria Hill ever, and this is a character with quite a history for being unlikeable and mean.

    . Magneto is ruler of Genosha, and operates from there as his main headquarters. He only cares for his children and other mutants and has absolutely no regard or empathy for other sapient lives. His plan is to make a post-apocalyptic mutant utopia where Genosha spreads throughout the whole world, killing all other lives than mutants. When the Guardians of the Galaxy come to Earth and he finds out about the people in space, he decides to spread his empire throughout the universe.

    . The Inhumans gain respect after their initial exposure to the world when they help the Avengers save Earth from Thanos (in the season 2 finale's adaptation of Infinity). This causes nasty conflict between mutants and Inhumans. Not only does Magneto want to kill the Inhumans, but Maximus also wants to wipe out the mutants out of bigotry for them.

    . The Civil War arc in season 3's finale involves Maria showing Tony that Winter Soldier killed his parents. This infuriates Tony and he tries to kill Cap in the final battle. Cap is able to turn the tide with Bucky's help and almost kills Tony, but Crossbones apparently blows up Cap with a rocket launcher. The anti-registration heroes are all arrested and America's superhumans become weapons to the government.

    Season 4's first story involves Tony and the registered Avengers finding out Maria has been manipulated by the Fold (from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2). The Fold was created by S.H.I.E.L.D. with nanite technology used to control super villains, but it quickly developed a mind of it's own at the end of season 2 and secretly assimilated Maria. It did it by boosting her desires for superhuman regulation enough so she let it take her over and started working in conjunction with it.

    The registered Avengers find out that she plans to help the Fold assimilate the entire planet, and they escape and reunite with the anti-registration Avengers. From there, they assemble America's superhumans to stop Maria. This eventually leads to a big battle in an adaptation of Siege involving S.H.I.E.L.D. teaming up with Loki to invade Asgard (which is part of the Fold's plan to start assimilating other worlds in the universe).
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    I've seen other pitches of girl-aimed Marvel shows throughout this thread and thought "why not?"

    Marvel Her-Oes

    Carol Danvers was an ordinary girl who liked to bike in the woods. Then she had a spaceship crash down on her head. Go figure, right?

    The alien man inside the spaceship reveals himself to be none other than Captain Mahr-Vell, and he saved Carol from almost certain death, but at a price: superhuman abilities quickly emerge, terrifying Carol and a resigned Mahr-Vell. Before they can talk further, however, SHIELD shows up and separates the two.

    There, Carol discovers she isn't the only person with superpowers in the world: that the school's greatest female nerd, Janet Van Dyne, has them too. SHIELD hopes that Carol can get Janet out of her introverted shell, but before things can progress, the school's soccer star, Jennifer Walters, is kidnapped by the terrorist technology company: Advanced Idea Mechanics. Despite SHIELD asking Carol to stay out, Carol can't resist the urge to help, and drags Janet along for the ride.

    Jennifer discovers that her blood relation to Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk, motivated this kidnapping. MODOK believes that Jennifer's DNA has similar properties to Bruce's, and he aims to have a Hulk to do his own bidding. However, he is betrayed by his disrespected and brilliant subordinate, Monica Rappuccini, who ensures Jennifer retains her mind. The result is an incredibly angry She-Hulk, and MODOK is smashed while Monica escapes to rebuild AIM in her infinitely more dangerous image. After a fight, Carol calms Jennifer down and promises to be Jennifer's friend, causing a reversion back into Jennifer.

    Together, the three of them shall form Bayville Hugh's first superhero team, under the watchful eyes of SHIELD and of opposing AIM, which aims to capture and turn all three of the girls. This is why navigating high school and discovering they're not the only ones with powers, such as frenemy Aquaria, Janet's rival nerd and secret crush Harold Pym, freshman soccer wunderkind Laura Kinney, and others. But this conflict may soon become small potatoes: a secret invasion is underway...

    Carol/Ms. Marvel: Caitlin Glass
    Janet/Wasp: Erica Mendez
    Jennifer/She-Hulk: Veronica Taylor
    Aquaria Nautica Neptunia/Namora: Tara Strong
    Laura Kinney/X-23: Stephanie Sheh
    Harold Pym/Ant-Man: Josh Keaton
    Maria Hill: Cindy Robinson
    Nick Fury: Beau Billingsea
    Betty Ross (the girls overseer, disguised as school nurse): Kari Wahlgren
    Wolverine: Steve Blum
    Monica Rappuccini: Grey DeLisle-Griffin
    Moonstone: Erin Fitzgerald
    Enchantress: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
    Wanda Wilson/Deadpool: Kate Higgins
    Mary McPherron/Titania: Amanda C Miller
    Captain Mahr-Vell: Brian Bloom
    All other voices default to recent entries in Marvel Animation.
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    Again, Frontier already posted that idea, but it's a nice variation all the same. ;)

    Actually, I would love the heck to watch an animated Captain Marvel movie. Something based on her recent series like her 2012 series. I'd love for Jennifer Hale to reprise, but if alternatively, I can see Kari Wahlgren or Janet Varney being good alternatives.
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    1. I'm thinking a 75 minute Black Widow movie. The movie would be about her life and how she eventually came to be Black Widow and join the Avengers. It's basically an origin story. The movie would be rated PG so that a general audience would watch it. It would be written by Marsha Griffin & Mairghread Scott and directed by Alex Soto. Laura Bailey would reprise the role.

    2. I'm thinking a team up movie with Captain America and Wolverine. The movie would cover their conflicting ideologies and contrasting personalities while also throwing in a conspiracy set up by Hydra. The movie would be written by Kevin Burke & Chris Doc Wyatt and directed by Shaunt Nigoghossian. The same length and ratings apply. Roger Craig Smith and Steve Blum would reprise their roles.

    3. I'm thinking a mini series (11 minute episodes) with Iron Man and Pepper Potts as the main characters. Each episode would have them teaming up with various Marvel heroes taking down Marvel villains. The themes of the show would involve trust, courage, and humility. The head writers would be Tom Ruegger & Sherri Stoner while Ethan Spaulding would direct. Greg Cipes and Ashley Johnson would voice the main characters.

    4. I'm thinking an Avengers musical (length is 30 minutes). Basically, Loki would try to take over the world through different means, but the device he uses malfunctions and causes everyone in the world to sing. The special would also serve as an origin story for the Avengers and how they come together to form the team. Todd Casey would write the special while Ciro Nieli would direct.
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    How do you like my Avengers Initiative idea? I actually plan to make this into an animated show with Marvel, make it critically and commercially successful with toys and a console tie in game, and have my own Marvel Animated Universe in this vein. I wanna have some feedback for my ideas for once, though I know ideas mean nothing without great execution.
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    I would like to see a animated version of The Runaways that's directly connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a similar vein to how Vixen is connected to CWs DC Universe. The show would focus mainly on the Runaways with the odd cameo or mention of other characters in the shared universe. Have the show follow the story line from the comics with some subtle changes, like make Molly & Klara Inhumans appose to Mutants(because mutants don't exist in this universe) and Victor was created/born during the events of Age of Ultron. It'd be nice to to have a 12 episode season consisting of 22 minute episodes with a single story arc per season that plays out like a movie. Season 1 would focus primarily on the Original 6 members(Alex, Chase, Gert, Karolina, Molly & Nico) discovering there parents are Villains(The Pride), stealing resources from them(Futuristic Gauntlets, Old Lace, Mystical Staff, ect), then removing their parents from their criminal hold of LA. Later seasons could introduce other members Victor, Xavin & Klara.

    Looks like Hulu is doing a Runaways Live Action series. Kinda funny hearing the news a few days after I wrote this post. I honestly couldn't be more excited, Id prefer Live-Action over animated as long as it has the same quality as the Netflix Shows.
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    Okay, I know this is likely not gonna happen, at least not anytime soon, but I would love to see Marvel's answer to Justice League Action. A series of 11 minute continuous episodes building on the mythos of the Marvel universe with more styled character animation.
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    X Force cartoon done like sort of like Avengers Assemble mixed with Young Justice. I want a Marvel show with a bit more character development and that uses more characters from the Marvel log and updates them.

    Under the current embargo this is really isn’t a possibility but I’m bored at work and want to have some fun.

    Season 1 Plot: Someone is kidnapping mutants around the world and augmenting them, turning them into viscious monsters. The X-Men are no more after a cataclysmic event that killed over 1/6th of the Earth’s population and Mutants are either on the run to Genosha or are under threat in their home countries. The X-Force set up by Cyclops but led by Wolverine works behind the scenes to protect Mutant kind and humanity in this increasingly authoritarian new world.

    Members (Season 1):

    - Wolverine (Joins episode 4)

    · The gruff, cynical and bitter leader of the X-Force.

    -Colossus (Until episode 14, goes insane and is augmented).

    · The heroic one of the bunch. Colossus always tries to do what’s right and genuinely likes being a hero. He’s friends with Deadpool.

    - Cyclops

    · Impulsive, cynical and deeply bitter that Wolverine was voted the leader of the team despite him founding it. He begins a dark path of going alone or manipulating other members into doing increasingly daring missions in order to find Jean Grey.

    - Deadpool

    · The Jokster and heart of the team. Deadpool is fun, tries to get to know his teammates and flirts with Psylocke. Ultimately he just wants to be taken seriously and be seen as the hero he is trying to be. Friends with Colossus.

    - Psylocke

    · A stoic and ruthless warrior who is going through some personal things. She’s also addicted to violence. She’s told by Professor X to increase her psychic abilities as she is part of a trinity that will decide the fate of the universe.


    1. “Meeting the team” – After Cyclops steals an X-Jet with Angel and Psylocke along with mercenary Deadpool to a base in South America to stop a weapons trade between Stryfe and the Reavers. However, they find out that they’re stumbling on a plot that threatens all life on Earth. (Introducing: Stryfe, Reavers, Super Skrull)

    2. “Captured” – Super Skrull has captured the X-Force, is torturing them and will finish his army of X-Men Super Skrulls that will help him conquer Earth. (Introducing: Warpath)

    3. “Fin”- Super Skrull launches his attack on Earth and it’s up the X-Force to stop it. (Introducing: Avengers – Hulk, Captain America, Iron-Man, Vision and Black Widow)

    4. “Consequences” – After a fight, the X-Force are captured by Wolverine and his team of X-Men and brought back to the X Mansion and are interrogated. Professor X is working hard to mitigate the damage done to Mutant kind after Super Skrull’s attack while Magneto calls for migration to Genosha and a defensive war against humanity. (Introducing: Wolverine, Magma, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Emma Watson and Kitty Pryde)

    5. “The X-Force” – An unknown and high tech army assaults the X-Mansion. The X-Men fight valiantly to defend their home while Cyclops tries to find Jean in the X-Mansion.

    6. “Escape”- During the escape from the X-Mansion the team’s X-Jet is shot down over Western China by Harness and AIM. The X-Force must survive the elements, learn to trust each other, stop Harness from building a super weapon. Meanwhile Magneto defends Genosha from an attack by Squadron Supreme who are determined to end the Mutant threat to humanity permanently. (Introducing: Harness | Nighthawk, Speed Demon, Princess Zarda, Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum)

    7. “Home” The X-Force build their new home in Tibet out of the old AIM base and make Wolverine their leader despite Cyclops founding the team. Wolverine starts to train Warpath with Colossus while the rest of the team deals with a giant and mutated Avalanche that is attacking a nearby village. (Introducing: Avalanche).

    8. “Revenge"- Someone is taking out the X-Force one by one and it's up to Psylocke to stop it and save her teammate's minds. (Introducing: Shadow King)

    9. “Detention”- Cyclops contacts Magneto for information about Jean Grey and the kidnapped mutants only to be informed about a plot by Queen Leaper, X-Cutioner and their militia. They have taken the New York Mutant orphanae hostage and are threatening to kill everyone inside. It’s up to the X-Force to take them out quietly. While inside Wolverine meets someone from his past that will bring up bad memories. (Introducing: Queen Leaper, X-Cutioner, Daken)

    10. “X”- Psylocke gets a vision from Professor X about the Phoenix Force and goes off with Cyclops and Deadpool to a hospital in England to find her. Only to be attacked by the Hellfire Club’s Marauders. Wolverine grapples with his injuries from the orphanage. (Introducing: Sabertooh, Blockbuster, Avalanche and Vertigo),

    11. “Frozen conflict” – Wolverine and Cyclops meet up with Iceman in Montana and try to recruit them but their personal issues get in the way. Meanwhile the rest of the X-Force deal with Post who is causing havoc in the town.

    12. “Serious”- Manipulating Deadpool’s desire to be taken seriously and be a hero, Cyclops brings him and Colossus on a top secret mission against an evil organization on the behest of Magneto. Meanwhile Psylocke comes to face with an unknown enemy in her dreams. (Introducing: SHIELD, Nick Fury, Texas Twister, Spider-man, Cloak and Dagger | Shadow King)

    13. “Codes”- The X-Force travels to Chicago to stop Eightball, Protocide and Bullseye from releasing and augmenting Nitro.

    14. “Codes – Part 2". An augmented Nitro helped by an augmented Colossus is going to destroy 1/3 of Chicago. The X-Force must stop him and the Marauders.

    15. “Reality TV” – Mesmero traps the X-Force in the X-Base and keeps on spawning in villains with the reality stone until they die. (Introducing: Mesmero, Abomination, Taskmaster, Crimson Dynamo, Whiplash, Maverick, Modred the Mystic)

    16. “Rogue”- The Team travels to find Rogue in Chicago as they team could use another heavy hitter. She gets her chance to shine after Absorbing Man absorbs Wolverine’s Adamantium and tries to go after Juggernaut. (Introducing: Rogue, Absorbing Man, Juggernaut)
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    A kind'a, sort'a sequel to my previous idea for an animated, Spider-Man/Daredevil crossover. The Kingpin breaks out Zebediah Killgrave, The Purple Man from The Big House; the two form some kind of partnership but with Killgrave plotting his own scheme behind Kingpin's back, much to his recognition.

    With The Purple Man now out and about, Both Daredevil and Spider-Man get help from some surprise guests, the Heroes for Fire: Iron Fist, Power Man, and Jewel; to take down both Purple Man and Kingpin, and his henchmen, Atlas and Black Mamba.


    Max Mittleton - Peter Parker/Spider-Man
    Roger Craig Smith - Matt Murdock/Daredevil
    Richard Epcar - Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, Police Officer
    David Tennant - Zebediah Killgrave/Purple Man
    Khary Payton - Luke Cage/Power Man
    Jamnes Arnold Taylore - Danny Rand/Iron Fist
    Tara Strong - Jessica Jones/Jewel, Newsreporter
    Patrick Seitz - Atlas, Hired Thugs
    Fryda Wolff - Black Mamba, Female Civilian
    Sumalee Montano - Female Thug, Female Cop
    John Dimaggio - George Stacey, Judge, Thug Gang Leader
    Seth Green - Foggy Nelson, Male Civilian
    Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - May Parker, Police
    Dee Bradley Baker - Shocker (cameo), Hired Thugs, Police, Civilians
    Imari Williams - Robbie Robertson, Police, Civilians,

    I think this would be a film that unlike, Where Monsters Dwell, definitely warrants a PG rating for it's more heavy nature, somewhat similar in context to the Superman/Batman crossover, World's Finest. Heck, Killgrave and Fisk in particular would basically lead the same roles as Joker and Lex Luthor.
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    I'm thinking a movie that focuses on Miss Marvel learning to be a leader and assembling a team of more obscure heroes to take down brainwashed versions of The Avengers (who were brainwashed by Doctor Octopus, who i reimagined as a technical genius here). I'm thinking of having it being written by her major voice actors (Grey DeLisle Griffin & Jennifer Hale) and directed by Michael Goguen.
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    That would be fun. Bring in Leopard Girl for some real obscurity.
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    Incredible Hulk : Gamma Wars

    Showrunner: Greg Johnson & Craig Kyle
    Screenplay: Joshua Fine & Christopher Yost

    The show would be in the art style of Ed McGuinness

    The show would focus on Bruce Banner struggling to keep the Hulk’s gamma power under control while hiding from the law, but at the same time trying to stop a three corner conflict between the U.S. Army, the Leader’s forces, and the Enclave who want to use the Hulk’s gamma power for their own destructive purposes.

    Voice Cast:

    Nolan North - Bruce Banner
    Fred Tatasciore - Hulk
    Jennifer Hale - Betty Ross
    Cam Clarke - Doc Samson
    Yuri Lowenthal - Rick Jones
    Tom Kane - General Ross
    TBA - Leader
    Mark Hamill - Gargoyle
    Ron Perlman - Abomination
    Jim Cummings - Absorbing Man
    Crispin Freeman - Zzzax
    Frank Welker - Wendigo
    Keith David - Madman
    Steve Blum - Half-Life
    Clancy Brown - General Ryker
    Brian Bloom - Major Talbot
    Scott McNeil - Flux
    Diedrich Bader - Agent Pratt
    Gary Anthony Williams - General Rigby/Big Hands
    Jonathan Frakes - Vector
    TBA - Vaper
    Benjamin Diskin - X-ray
    TBA - Ironclad
    Grey DeLisle - Mercy
    Kevin Michael Richardson - Bi-Beast
    Michael Dorn - Mecha-Hulk
    TBA - Red Hulk
    TBA - Ravage
    John DiMaggio - Juggernaut
    Brad Garrett - Rhino
    Tom Kenny - M.O.D.O.K
    TBA - Doctor Doom
    Dee Bradley Baker - Hulk-Killer

    NOTE: TBA stands for To Be Announced.
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    This idea for Thor animated series has been processing in my head for a while and now I must share it, even though it will never become reality.

    Thor: Brotherhood

    Showrunner: Greg Weisman
    Executive Producer: J. Michael Straczynski
    Creative Consultant: Walter Simonson

    Development & Premise:
    Kind of like Babylon 5 or some other story-heavy shows, the basic story beats and character development of the whole show are mapped out from the very beginning with a clear ending in sight. The story-arcs would naturally be extremely continuity-heavy as result.

    The story would follow Thor’s development from arrogant warrior to wise ruler, while also following Loki’s downfall to the darkness and eventual redemption. In other words, the show would have dual protagonists.

    The tone would be mature, but the show wouldn’t be inappropriate for children. Think something along the lines of The Gargoyles or the revised Thundercats.

    The animation and character designs would emulate Walter Simonson’s artwork, with some minor tweaks to make the movements as fluid as possible.

    Note! Below I’m going through only the major story-arcs of each season. There still would be smaller filler episodes and the like (God knows there’s enough material that I would like to see adapted from Walter Simonson’s run alone).

    Season 1 – The Rise and Fall of a Prince

    This season would combine elements from the early days of Stan Lee/Jack Kirby – run and the first Live-Action movie, and mainly focus on Thor’s Earth based supporting characters and villains.

    The opening two-parter would be a loose adaptation of Journey Into Mystery #83. Dr. Donald Blake is having a vacation in a small Norwegian town with his girlfriend Jane Foster, when the town is attacked by troll raiding party lead by Ulik. While hiding in a cave, Blake comes across a wooden cane and discovers that it has the power to transform into the magical hammer Mjolnir and turn him into Thor the God of Thunder. With his newfound powers, Thor vanquishes trolls and saves the town. At the end of the second episode, Odin appears to Thor as a vision, and explains to him how years ago his arrogance lead to relighting of the war between Asgard and Jotunheim, so to teach him humility, Odin trapped Thor in human body and hid his hammer. Thor now has been given his identity and powers back, but Odin tells him that his test isn’t over yet and that he must remain on Earth until he has proven to be more humble and mature.

    The main storyline of the season would be Thor learning to respect humans both by protecting them from supervillains and by interacting with them as Donald Blake, and growing as a person. As a new twist on the story, Jane Foster knows that Blake and Thor are the same person from the outset and the drama comes from her not knowing if she can have a future with him, since she fell in love with Blake, who essentially is just magical creation, and Thor is an immortal God.

    The secondary story takes place in Asgard and is about Loki slowly investigating his origin and finding out his true inheritance as the son of Laufey, king of the Jotunheim who was slayed by Odin at the end of war between Asgard and Jotunheim. This leads to Loki disowning his adopted family and swearing that he will become the ruler of Asgard.

    The season finale would borrow a lot from the movie’s third act. With his magic, Loki hides Mjolnir to other dimension, trapping Thor to Donald Blake’s form, and sends The Destroyer Armor to kill him. Throughout the season, Erik Selvig has studied interdimensional travel with help from Thor and tries to retrieve Mjolnir with his invention, but as The Destroyer keeps wreaking havoc and putting lives at risk, Donald Blake steps out to confront it and almost gets killed. At the last minute, Mjolnir flies back to him and Thor defeats The Destroyer. This act of selflessness and heroism earns Thor right to return to Asgard, where he comes face to face with Loki. After a battle between the brothers, Loki is imprisoned to the Isle of Silence for his treachery by Odin.

    The season ends with Odin erasing Donald Blake-enchantment from Mjolnir, which leads to both Jane and Thor being uncertain about what to do with their relationship and deciding to take some distance to think about their feelings. The final cliffhanger is Loki being visited by The Enchantress and Skurge the Executioner, telling him that they share a mutual hatred of Odin.

    Season 2 – The Asgardian Civil War

    I have made no secret in a past that I find the Enchantress (or at least her motives) pretty lame, so I’m going to reinvent her a lot. Here, she is the leader of group of rogue Asgardians who believe that Asgard should rule over mortals, not protect them. Enchantress offers her alliance to Loki, promising him the throne of Asgard, if he helps them to overthrow Odin and Thor. During the course of the season, Loki acts as a liaison between Enchantress and Ymir, the new ruler of Jotunheim, helping them to form an alliance against Asgard.

    Since the last season mostly focused on Thor on Earth, this time we see a lot more action and adventures in all of the Nine Realms. We also get properly introduced to Thor’s Asgardian supporting characters, like The Warriors Three, Lady Sif and Balder. We do return to Earth every now and then to deal with a crisis and/or having Thor talk with Jane Foster.

    The season comes to a close with Loki putting his final plan to action. With her magic, Enchantress makes Thor fall in love with her and orders him to help Loki to take over the Asgard. As the new ruler of Asgard, Loki opens the borders for the Frost Giants and starts preparing his troops for the invasion of Earth. With the help from Jane Foster (I’m admittedly not 100% sure what she would do exactly, but I want her to have more active role than just pine over Thor), Thor’s friends free him from Enchantress’ spell and the battle for Asgard begins. The final battle of the season would be huge Thor and his friends vs. Loki, Enchantress, The Executioner and Ymir. During Thor’s one-on-battle with Ymir, Loki uses the chaos to his advantage and escapes.

    The season ends with Odin reclaiming his throne and Thor coming to an agreement with Jane that they should end their relationship, since even though Thor will always love her and Earth, they simply can’t have future as a couple.

    Season 3 – The Coming of Galactus

    This would be the huge cosmic season.

    The opening two-parter would be a loose adaptation of Fantastic Four #48 - #50. Galactus and his herald Silver Surfer have come to Earth with with the intention of consuming it to temporarily satisfy his endless hunger. Thor barely defeats Silver Surfer after a vigorous battle, but Galactus himself proves to be too much for him even when the other heroes of Earth come to his aid. Jane Foster (taking the role of Alicia Masters from the original storyline) convinces Silver Surfer to turn against his master, who tells them that the only weapon that can hurt Galactus, Ultimate Nullifier, is in his gigantic spaceship. With the help from the Surfer, Thor retrieves Ultimate Nullifier which scares Galactus off. The two-parter ends with Odin, who observed the battle, realizing that Galactus could eventually pose a threat to Asgard.

    This puts the main storyline of the season to the motion, which is a loose adaptation of The Mighty Thor #160, #161 & #167 - #169. Odin sends Thor and Lady Sif, with the help from Silver Surfer, to hunt down Galactus in order to find a way to destroy him once and for all. Throughout the season, the trio travels across the Universe, meeting classic Cosmic Marvel characters like Skrulls, Kree, Nova Corps, Shi’ar Empire, Adam Warlock, Beta Ray Bill, Guardians of the Galaxy and Uatu the Watcher. All the people and races they meet have their own opinions and beliefs about Galactus. Some of them lost their homes and loved one because of him, some worship him as a God, some have only heard about him in legends, some believe that he should be destroyed and some believe that he has his own role to play in the order of the Universe.

    The secondary storyline is The Warriors Three and Balder at the request of Thor going to the Earth and protecting it. Their story would mostly bring levity to the season, with them having fish-out-of-the-water comedy and using unorthodox methods to deal with the supervillains. A dark shadow would still gloom over them in a form of Loki observing everything and coming to a conclusion that even if he takes down Thor, the brave and noble Balder could still be a potential threat to his plans.

    The season finale would be a huge three-parter. Thor, Sif and Surfer would finally find Galactus, but after hearing so many conflicting stories about him, Thor doesn’t directly attack him, but rather goes to talk with him. Feeling that Thor is possibly the only person who could understand him in the whole Universe, Galactus tells his origin. Before the Big Bang that created our Universe, there was another Universe with thousands of advanced civilizations. Then the Big Bang came, which destroyed all the traces of the original Universe. Galan, one of the residents of the original Universe, mysteriously survived, morphed into Galactus and found himself with insatiable hunger. Before Thor has enough time to fully process the story, Galactus feels something that could finally satisfy his hunger once and for all, but also rivals his cosmic power. That thing is Ego the Living Planet! The battle between the two cosmic entities is huge and rather than getting between them, Thor, Sif and Surfer do their best to protect the inhabitants of nearby planets, who are feeling the effects of the battle.

    Meanwhile, Loki starts his plan to get rid of Balder. Loki tricks Balder going to the Hel, the realm of the dead ruled by Hela the Goddess of Death, where no living soul has ever escaped.

    In the season finale, Ego and Galactus battle to a stalemate. Galactus is close to death, but Ego is too weakened to finish him off and flees. Feeling a hint of sympathy for Galactus, Thor combines energy from his hammer with Silver Surfer’s power cosmic in order to save Galactus. As a sign of gratitude, Galactus promises that he will never threat the Earth or Asgard. Convinced that this will satisfy Odin, Thor and his friends start the journey home. Meanwhile in Hel, Balder manages to escape, but for a great price. He has to fight his way through the souls of everyone he has killed in battle, who torment him with their screams of agony and pleads for mercy.

    The season ends with Thor and Sif starting a relationship (which would have been foreshadowed and developed throughout the season), while traumatized Balder swears to never touch a sword again.

    As a cliffhanger, we see shadowy figure forging a giant sword.

    Season 4 – Ragnarok

    This season would be a very faithful adaptation of Walter Simonson’s Surtur Saga. It would also be divided to two major arcs.

    Arc 1 – Malekith

    Erik Selvig is attacked by the dark elves, because he is in the possession of the Casket of Ancient Winters, which has been passed on in his family for generations. The casket is magically sealed shut, but if one would find a way to open it, they would unleash the eternal winter. The dark elves are led by Malekith, a religious fanatic who wants to release the fire demon Surtur and bring forth Ragnarok, and his right-hand man Algrim, who gets turned into Kurse by Malekith's magic to battle Thor.

    Thor and Erik, who has studied myths about the Casket, travel to the realm of the dark elves to stop their ritual that would open the casket and release the eternal winter, which would weaken Odin’s magical seals that are preventing anything getting out of Muspelheim (Surtur’s realm).

    Meanwhile, Balder finds that no one in Asgard can understand his new pacifistic way of life, since Asgardians are a warrior-race, so he goes on a walkabout in the hopes of finding peace. During his travel, he comes to the kingdom of Karnilla the Norn Queen and two fall in love.

    The arc comes to a dramatic conclusion when Thor has his final battle with Malekith and Kurse, but despite of all his efforts, he is too late to stop the ritual. The eternal winter is released and Surtur is set free with his army of fire demons.

    Arc 2 – Surtur

    The arc would begin with a flashback episode, which tells the story of teenage Odin travelling across the Nine Realms with his two older brothers, Vili and Vé. When they come to Muspelheim, they find out that Surtur has forged The Twilight Sword which has the power to kill all of the Gods and destroy all the Nine Realms, once he engulfs it to the flames of Muspelheim. The three bothers attack Surtur, destroy The Twilight Sword and steal the flames of Muspelheim, but Vili and Vé have to sacrifice themselves in order to give Odin enough time to escape and create magical seals preventing anyone leaving Muspelheim.

    In present day, with no time to waste, Odin calls forth all the forces and allies of Asgard and Thor, in turn, gathers all the superheroes he has met during the course of the series. Even some of the villains (like Enchantress and her rogue Asgardians) offer their support in order to defeat Surtur and prevent Ragnarok.

    Before the battle begins, Thor visits Balder and manages convince him to help them in the battle. Thor also goes to see Loki, who balks at the idea of helping Thor or their father and even implies that he may side with the Surtur.

    While Odin stays in Asgard to protect the flames of Muspelheim, Thor leads the forces of Asgard to the battle against Surtur and his army.

    The final three-parter of the season is nothing, but the final fight against Surtur and his forces. During the first episode, Surtur sends his troops to Earth, tricking everyone going there to face them, while he himself sneaks into Asgard and destroys the Bifrost Bridge behind him, trapping his forces and the good guys on Earth. The second episode starts with Thor using Mjolnir to travel to Asgard in order to help Odin fight Surtur, while everyone else stays behind to protect the Earth. Meanwhile, Erik Selvig gets in contact with Doctor Strange and together they reverse Malekith’s ritual, ending the eternal winter and weakening the fire demons. Unfortunately, that does little to help Thor and Odin, who are knocked out by Surtur, who is just about to engulf The Twilight Sword in the flames of Muspelheim when Loki shows-up the last minute to save them and joins the battle. The final episode of the season is Thor, Odin and Loki joining their forces to stop Surtur, while the heroes of Earth banish the fire demons to other dimension by combining Beta Ray Bill’s hammers powers with Doctor Strange’s magic. Unfortunately, the battle comes to a bittersweet end, when Odin has to sacrifice himself to take Surtur down.

    Season 5 – Throne of Asgard

    This would be the final season and the main focus would not be trying one up the ante or scale of the previous seasons, but rather tie up the loose ends.

    This season’s storylines would heavily borrow elements from The Mighty Thor #354 - #380 (i.e. Walter Simonson’s post-Surtur Saga stories), without being direct adaptations of any of them.

    The season would start with Thor being in denial about Odin’s death and swearing to find a way to revive him. After helping all the Asgardians to get home, Thor enlists Balder’s help to visit Hel, since he believes that he can find Odin’s soul there. Skurge the Executioner also offers his help and goes to Hel with them. The trio immediately gets into trouble, thanks to Thor reverting back to his arrogant behavior because of his grief and antagonizing Hela. Thor and Balder narrowly escape, while Skurge stays behind to hold off Hela’s forces and dies in battle. This leads to Thor realizing that he still isn’t mature enough to inherit the throne of Asgard.

    Loki, on the other hand, firmly believes that Thor is going pursue the kingship of Asgard and feels that this is his final chance to finally get rid of him, if he himself wants the throne. This leads to Loki finding an ancient prophecy, which says that Thor is destined to either kill or be killed by the Midgard Serpent, so he stars to search a way to wake it from its slumber.

    I won’t go into great detail (since this season wouldn’t be as story-arc heavy as the previous seasons), but while settling unresolved plot threads, Thor comes to the realization that Balder is only one who is worthy to inherit the throne of Asgard. Balder himself is at first unsure about that, but is eventually persuaded by Thor.

    The series finale would start at the Balder’s coronation, when Loki attacks the Earth with Midgard Serpent. Thor goes to battle the monster and the two seem to be evenly matched, but the Serpent starts to slowly gain the upper hand. At the same time, Balder confronts Loki. Balder admits to Loki that Odin’s motives behind adopting Loki were dubious, but Thor always loved him like a real brother would and Loki can only blame himself for their current enmity. This gets Loki to feel unsure about his plan and after some soul-searching, he sacrifices himself to buy Thor time to give the Serpent the killing blow. Loki’s last words are “I’m sorry, brother”, before dying in Thor’s arms.

    The series ends with Balder crowned the king of Asgard, while Thor has private funeral for Loki (it is heavily implied that Loki’s final act of altruism earned him place in Valhalla). The final shot of the series is Thor flying to have more adventures.

    Sorry for writing this huge essay, but this idea has seriously been in my head for a long time and I couldn’t help, but to finally write it down :sweat:
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    I'd like to see a new X-Men TV show but this time focusing on the New Mutants.

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