Photo of legendary cartoon voice-over artists with Arthur Rankin Jr. & Jules Bass

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    This is part of the cast of Rankin-Bass' 1977 movie, The Hobbit:

    The Hobbit!

    In this picture, along with Arthur Rankin Jr. and Jules Bass are legendary voice-over artists, namely Don Messick, John Stephenson and Paul Frees, along with Orson Bean, Hans Conried and Jack DeLeon. Of course, Orson, Don, John and Paul would be heard in 1980's Return of the King. For Don Messick and John Stephenson, this is one of those times in the 1970's, working with Paul Frees, especially since all three men worked together at Hanna-Barbera and DePatie-Freleng, before Rankin-Bass came calling(Don and John also worked with Hans Conried at H-B). As we know, R-B happened to be Robert McFadden's territory, since he was a staple at that studio. Good to see a photograph of legendary cartoon voice-over artists at any animation studio.
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    But isn't this in the wrong thread, because 1977 is not the classic era, sorry but this should be in the Hanna Barbera thread.

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