Peabody's Improbable History: Noah's Ark (rated G, maybe PG)

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    “Hello, friends. I am Mr. Peabody, and this is my pet boy, Sherman.”

    “Where are we going to today, Mr. Peabody?”

    “Today we’re going to biblical times to meet the maker of the ark, Noah.”

    Sherman sets the wabac machine and the two go back in time.

    “In no time at all we met Noah.”

    “I’m sorry”, said Noah, “but we’ve already got two dogs.”

    “No, no, we’re not here to be saved”, said Mr. Peabody, “we’re here to help you.”

    “Well, I’ve got everything that I need”, said Noah, “except for one animal.”

    “What’s that?”, asked Mr. Peabody.

    “We’re one rhino short”, said Noah, “and those are hard to find around here.”

    “We’ve got to try, right, Mr. Peabody?”, asked Sherman.

    “Indeed we must”, said Mr. Peabody, “otherwise there’ll be extinct in our time.”

    So Mr. Peabody and Sherman went looking for a rhino.

    “I sure hope we can find a rhino in time”, said Mr. Peabody.

    “But we are in time”, said Sherman, “way back in time!”

    Mr. Peabody groaned.

    "By the way, Mr. Peabody, it seems like every time we travel back in time, the people we meet only accomplish what we know they accomplished because we had traveled back in time and helped them. Would history be different if we hadn't traveled back in..."

    "Sherman, look!", interrupted Peabody.

    They saw a rhino.

    “There’s a rhino!”, said Sherman.

    The rhino then charged at Peabody and Sherman.

    “Run!”, said Mr. Peabody.

    The two ran from the rhino as it was chasing them.

    “Let’s head towards the ark”, said Mr. Peabody.

    “Good idea, Mr. Peabody”, said Sherman.

    They soon made it back to the ark.

    “Noah! Noah!”, shouted Sherman, “we found one!”

    “One what?”, said Noah.

    “A rhino!”, said Mr. Peabody.

    “A what?”, said Noah.

    “Rhino! Rhino!”, said Mr. Peabody.

    “I know, I know”, said Noah.

    The rhino then ran right into the ark, making a hole.

    “Oh no!”, cried Noah, “the ark has broken, and it’s going to rain soon.”

    “Quick”, said Mr. Peabody, “we’ll help fix it!”

    “But do you have enough wood for a story?”, said Noah.

    “A story?”, said Sherman.

    “Yes, a story arc”, said Noah.

    “Ignoring that dreadful joke”, narrarated Mr. Peabody, “we got the arc fixed just in time.”

    “Well, thanks for fixing the arc and finding another rhino, Mr. Peabody”, said Noah, as it started to rain.

    “We’d better get back to our time before it floods too badly”, said Sherman.

    Back in their home…

    “That was an exciting adventure”, said Sherman.

    “Yes, and it led to one of the greatest sagas of all time”, said Mr. Peabody.

    “I didn’t know Noah’s Ark inspired a saga”, said Sherman.

    “Oh?”, said Mr. Peabody, “you’ve never heard of the saga Genesis?”
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    The ending was great.
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    Thanks. I thought up the ending line first and then thought it'd make for a great Mr. Peabody pun. So I checked the bible to see what all was in the book of genesis. I actually had this idea for a few months, had trouble thinking of too many ideas, and in my opinion the finished story isn't exactly the best. I've often wondered if the shows writers had trouble coming up with ending puns to go along with the episode plots (maybe they did what I did and thought up puns before coming up with who they visited).

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